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UK Scally Lads presents – English lads in action


This was Kez’s first ever porn shoot, coming just a couple weeks after he had turned 18.  Although this straight scally lad from just outside Liverpool was nervous before the shoot (and had to have a fag at the train station to calm his nerves!) once we were ready to start filming he was pretty relaxed.  Indeed the shoot went really smoothly for a “first-timer”.
Kez is a really slim lad, smooth chested but quite hairy from behind!  He started off slowly playing with himself in his trackies and hoody jacket.  Before long though, items of clothing were being stripped off and Kez was jerking off and playing with his nipples and his arse-hole.  Despite being a straight lad Kez was willing to let his arse be abused by a dildo.  He admitted he had experimented with one before!
Kez slowly inserted this dick inside him and loosened his hole up.  Then as his hole became more stretched he let himself go and forced it deep inside him, moaning with pleasure as he did so.  Next we have to persuade him to take a real dick for his debut duo shoot!
Finally, after a little more wanking off, Kez could no longer contain himself and he spurted out a cum load over his stomach.


Jay has a real baby face and the most gorgeous [green] eyes you could wish to see.  This scally lad lives out in the sticks so he doesn’t get to hang out much with other chav boys, but sometimes he does head into the city to get some “action”!
This was his first proper porn shoot, although he had done a couple of “private” shoots before.  He was surprisingly relaxed and raring to go.  He wore white [Lonsdale] trainers, navy blue Reebok trackie bottoms, red England football top and white Lonsdale hoody. He started stripping off on a chair, and revealed a nice, tanned body and a 7-inch dick to die for.  He wasn’t inhibited as he stroked this impressive tool up and down, slowly to start but building up his rhythm, as he lubed it up with some spit.
Jay continued wanking off in different positions, including standing up.  Then he turned around so we could see his cute, sexy arse.  As Jay is a 100% top he doesn’t like things up his arse, but he did do a little bit of fingering just for your pleasure!  He also lit up a fag and smoked it whilst he continued jerking off – very horny!!  Next we went over to the staircase where this horny wank-fest continued, Jay’s raging hard-on remaining undiminished.
Finally Jay returned to the lounge and sat down on the floor against the wall as he then spurted his hot, creamy load all over his chest and stomach.  As a bonus Jay took some of his jizz juice in his fingers and put it into his mouth.  A fitting finale to a great debut shoot!


Although they can be a nightmare to organise, we know that our members enjoy group scenes so we are delighted to post another hot, horny 3-sum shoot involving three scally lads from Manchester – Nico, Kyle and Aaron.  This was Aaron’s first shoot for us, whilst Nico and Kyle made welcome returns.  The first thing the lads did was getting involved in a bit of playful “rough and tumble”, as scally boys love to do!  They grappled on the bed until the temptation to pull each other’s shiny trackie bottoms down became too irresistible!  Soon they were down to their underwear and tops, and then, one by one, rock hard examples of the finest British cock were revealed.    For the next few minutes these boys were lost in a frenzy of passionate kissing, nipple play and mutual cock sucking.  Nico was the most greedy, taking both the other lads dicks in his mouth at the same time.  These boys were having a fucking horny time, as they got in a circle and sucked each off whilst being sucked themselves.  In part 2 these horny boys get down to some serious ass play, involving rimming, fingering and fucking!


Danny E was involved in one of our earliest shoots, over a year ago now, and I know this straight scally lad is popular with loads of you.  After a few failed attempts, we finally managed set up a duo for him.  He came down from Nottingham to meet up with Brian from London, who has done a couple of recent shoots with us.  Now as a straight lad there were a few ground rules with Danny, as he doesn’t kiss or suck cock, however he doesn’t mind being sucked off and he can fuck ass hard!  So we started with the lads on the sofa just watching some straight porn and getting off on it.  There was some mutual wanking and then Brian got down on Danny and started sucking his hard 7” dick.  Danny was unfazed and just carried on drinking beer and smoking a fag!    Then Brian was ready to get his ass pummelled.  First he knelt over the armrest of the sofa and was taken hard from behind.  Then he lay on his side and was “spooned”.  Finally he stood up against the wall and was well and truly shafted from behind again.  He loved being fucked by this straight chav boy!   The lads returned to the sofa to wank off further whilst watching more porn.  Danny was the first to shoot, spurting all over Brian’s face and into his mouth as Brian lapped it up, with a large dollop of gooey cum resting just below his lip!  Soon after Brian also shot his load over his chest and groin.


This was Rob’s first proper porn shoot – he only turned 18 a few months ago – and we paired him up with Danny, a lad who has quite a bit of experience.  We needn’t have worried though as Rob showed no nerves and performed like a veteran!   Rob came up from London for the shoot, a long old trek, and he was keen to make up for lost time.  Once the lads had settled down on the sofa they were soon at it, getting hot and dirty in their trackies and trainers.  Slowly kit came off as the boys kissed and sucked hard scally lad cock.  Rob in particular loved getting his mouth round Danny’s perfect 8” cock and ramming it down to the back of his throat.  Then the lads lay on the floor for some well horny 69-ing action. Next Rob stuck his nice, cute, pert ass in the air and allowed Danny to lick and eat his shaved hole out for what seemed an age.  This meant that Rob’s hole was now nice and stretched, ready to take Danny’s rock hard dick.  Danny then ploughed porn virgin Rob’s ass hard from a number of positions, until the young lad could take no more.  Then the lads returned to the sofa to wank off further before they were ready to shoot their respective loads.  Fortunately both of these horny fuckers love taking it direct in the face and mouth and so they each shot their hot, sticky cum loads in each other’s mouth and they swallowed as much of it as they could.  A fitting climax to Rob’s first porn shoot.  I’m sure there will be more to follow!


Aaron is a slim chav lad from Manchester (yet another one!).  He has done quite a bit of porn over the years but he’s still a fit horny fucker who loves to get his kit off in front of the cameras.  He loved the thought of doing some of the shoot in front of the hotel window to give a free show to any lucky passers by (although we were six floors up!).  We started the shoot in the window arch, with Aaron in his navy blue trackies and white England footy top.  Soon he was feeling down his trackie bottoms in true scally style and it wasn’t long before his trackies were pulled down to reveal some matching England footy shorts.  It was evident that Aaron was rock hard already, and soon a big thick fat dick emerged, which Aaron played with and caressed lovingly for what seemed an age.  I did notice out of window a couple of people at ground level looking up at the window!  Next Aaron turned on to his front and played around with his nice, cute ass.  He pulled his cheeks apart and poked his finger in and around his hole.  Although Aaron is a top by nature, he didn’t mind a little bit of ass play.  After some more wanking and fingering standing up against an exposed brick wall, Aaron chilled out on the bed and knocked back a can of lager, before engaging in some hot horny trainer worship.  He rubbed his cock inside his trainers before taking a deep breath of those cock and feet smells!  Finally Aaron lubed up his cock with mixture of lube and spit before jerking off some more until his boy juices could no longer be contained and he spunked up all over his stomach and chest.


Whilst I was up in Manchester I decided to check out Max, one of our most popular lads, and see if he was up for a duo.  I had also been speaking to a real Mancs scally lad called Danny for a few weeks and was delighted when both lads agreed to do a shoot for us.  Danny had not done any porn before and when he arrived he appeared a little nervous.  A quick chat and a beer helped him relax.  At the start of the shoot the lads continued to chat so I took a few pics of them just chilling whilst sat on the window ledge.  Soon though they were snogging passionately and then they started playing with each other’s cocks, giving a few lucky passers by on the main road a free x-rated show!
By this time all Danny’s nerves and inhibitions had disappeared.  Max was his usual cheeky scampy self!  More kissing and sucking followed whilst the guys were standing up.  Danny’s deep throating skills need to be seen to be believed as Max’s 7-inch cock was continually swallowed up whole.  Max was loving it!
Then the lads moved onto the bed.  Cue more horny stuff.  It wasn’t long before Danny decided Max’s hole needed filling and his arse given a good pounding.  Although versatile, Danny turned out to be a great fucker.  Max hadn’t be fucked for a while so he asked Danny to be gentle at first.  He was – but not for long!  Soon he was fucking poor Max’s arse like a rabbit.  Max moaned and groaned, but he was really loving taking Danny’s 7.5-inch cock up his tight hole.
After pounding Max in a number of positions the lads then shot their loads with Danny taking Max’s cum in his mouth before spewing it up back over Max’s chest.  Very horny!


Tommy is a local lad and we had seen his profile on-line and seen that he had done some porn before so we were keen to get him down for a shoot.  Finally we found a date and he made the short trip down.  With his slim toned body Tommy looked well fit in his shiny black Adidas top, black trackie bottoms, white baseball cap and Nike AirMax trainers.  We chatted for a while about the site and other things, but he was keen to get started.  We did this shoot in the bedroom.  First Tommy played with himself down his trackie bottoms in true scally style.  Then he revealed his throbbing 7″ piece of manhood which had taken little encouragement to get hard!  After wanking for a while, Tommy turned over and started playing with his cute arse, including some well horny fingering!
Soon the trackie bottoms were down round his ankles and he was wanking off further.  It was getting hot, so Tommy asked to have a shower, which we decided to film naturally enough!  He wore some white trunk pants and white footy shorts to make it a bit more horny!  Soon the water was all over his body and you could see through the white pants to see the outline of his cock and arse!  After teasing us a bit longer, his cock came out and he continued wanking.  When he turned around he fingered his arse some more too.
After the shower Tommy decided he didn’t fancy a dildo up his arse as he was still sore from being fucked the previous evening!  However, some more wanking followed before he unloaded a great cum shot into the air and over his chest.  Can’t wait for the duo!


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BlakeMason Presents

This week brings the eagerly awaited debut duo of a very special newbie… Yup, our Damon is back to get a servicing of epic proportions by no other than Adam! That’s right, Adam decided he needed to come “home” to BLAKEMASON and enjoy the flesh and sexual delights of some our new models. Eager to give the lovely Damon a damn good fuck, it seemed the perfect combination especially considering Damon’s desire to get inside his Idol’s pants 😉
The guys hit it off from the start and it was clear these fellas were going to have some serious fun with each other! Sensual kissing and rolling about on the bed soon led to some very sexual undie play. Once the raging hard-ons had been released they were both keen to devour each other’s meat which ended in some intense 69-ing! But ass is as good as cock and so Adam turned his attention to preparing Damon’s sweet hole that he so keenly wanted to slide his meat into!
The moment had come and Damon nervously guided Adams thick uncut meat toward his tight wet hole. Adam expertly warmed his fuck buddies tight ring and then began to plough away, and as Damon relaxed into it he started to take pleasure from the feeling of Adam’s thick cock sliding in and out of his ass. Jumping on top, Damon rides Adam and that dick just hit all of those special spots deep inside him… and so not wanting it to end too soon the guys lay back until Adam is ready to burst! But Damon just beats him to it, unloading a nice creamy load which naturally sends Adam over edge 🙂

Sometimes a guy comes along and you simply cannot work them out! The totally hot Justin is just one such example – by day he works hard in a 9 to 5 white collar job, trying to save for the medical degree he’s dreamed of for so many years. But by night (like most guys in their early twenty’s) he’s a super sexy and very horny fella who’s tearing up the dance floors in and around Liverpool! And when asked why he applied to model, he simply replied ‘spur of the moment’…  I do so love impulsive cuties like Justin!
So what’s this guy like? Well, he’s so well groomed that I felt there could be no better place to shoot his first ever film than in the bath. Once the tub was filled and there were bubbles aplenty Justin steps in to enjoy a nice soapy wank. He lays back and his tight balls and soft cock sit just above the surface with light waves lapping up against his hairy thighs and washboard stomach.  And of course, we have a nice casual chat all about Justin and his sexual exploits before he’s allowed to relax and enjoy his own body 😉
Justin immediately starts sensually rubbing the bubbles into his golden skin and turns his attention toward his inner thighs which are lightly covered in soft, downy blond hairs. It’s not long before the soapy suds have worked their magic and Justin is proudly sporting a fine 7’’ uncut cock! Quietly he moans to himself as he feels each firm wet stroke bringing with it more of those tingly nerves that course from head to toe.
He then turns so we get a great view of his back as he massages those slick suds in-between his firm arse cheeks. No wonder then that his wanking picks up pace and his hand gently caresses his tight chest – it’s clear he isn’t going to last much longer! Justin takes his intense jerk-off to the next level until he can hold off no longer…  his face screws, thighs tense and body quivers as he juts forward and spills load after load over the edge of the bath 🙂

As you might recall, after I filmed Ian going solo I was in quite a confused state. The guy was so unbelievably lovely (and hot, hung, cute etc!) that I was smitten – in fact I could think of nothing else other than I had to get him back!!! But Ian’s a sensitive guy and he was adamant he wouldn’t make any more films until his solo had been released and he could see the feedback in the member’s forum… and just like me they loved him too 😉
Being Ian’s “number one fan” I was quickly on the phone trying to find out who he would like to fuck –  after all, that BIG juicy dick was made to give someone pleasure! Craig was high on the list and the rest is simply history – this one is HOT! The guys climbed on the bed and in no time at all Ian’s clothes were off and his massive dick was tickling Craig’s throat! The sexual passion and playfulness becomes really evident as they relax in to some really heavy kissing, cock sucking, rimming  and ass fingering – Ian’s not quite as innocent as I first thought!
So with Craig’s ass, cock and balls covered in Ian’s spit, our horny young top pushes all of his mighty uncut meat in to his eager partner’s hole. Craig wriggles and writhes around the bed, firmly gripping his cock as Ian builds into a steady rhythm. With Craig fully warmed up and enjoying the intense yet sensual pounding he’s getting, Ian suggests his favourite position – doggie! And well, all I can say is that Ian’s length and girth reach all the right places, sending Craig over the edge making him coat the bed in cum! Drained but not finished, Craig lets Ian lie back and then jerks off his fuck buddy until Ian is equally empty – what a perfect ending 😉

When Gary applied to model my smile was just about as big as it ever gets! He’s a total hottie with a cute, smiley face and a nicely toned and tanned body. Nice firm thighs, a light dusting of hair in all the right places – how could I not invite him down?  Fortunately for us Gary was due some time off work and hopped on the train to show off his body to our cameras… and man, has he got one lovely uncut dick or what?
Interestingly, Gary’s actually a member of the site and when he arrived he mentioned how hot he thought our recent film of Craig and Ian was… and so an idea immediately sprung to mind! I decided to sit Gary down at my desk and film him jerking off to Ian and Craig – a member being filmed getting off as it were, just like thousands of people all over the world 😉 With the sun streaming in from the window behind, Gary set about enjoying himself…
His hands quickly dropped to his jeans and he began caressing his dick before quickly opening up his buttons for some very teasy underwear play. You can see the fat head of his thick boner pushing against the fabric of his bright red boxers before Gary pulls his cock out and into the freedom of daylight. Jerking away, this fella sure is hot and as the film nears its climax, Gary spunks a fantastic load all over the place 😉

I think it’s time for all of you at home to meet the lovely and very tall Harvey – at 6’4 he’s one of the biggest guys I’ve ever filmed… and he sure doesn’t disappoint down below either! So what’s he like? Well, Harvey’s a tanned, gorgeous guy who just couldn’t wait to get down and dirty at BLAKEMASON, and although he seemed a little shy when I first met him, it was pretty clear that he was very confident about showing off his big dick and hot body to the world… great!!!
With such an exhibitionist on my hands (coupled with some lovely spring sunshine beaming down in the back yard) it seemed a shame to waste such an opportunity. I decided to film Harvey out-doors and in a very voyeuristic manner – almost as if the camera’s were secretly spying on him. From inside the house and from all angles (yep, I even dangled out the window overhead!) to behind some seasonal flowering plants, I made sure I got the very best shots of this well-hung guy 🙂
And so with the hustle and bustle of city life in the background, Harvey confirms my initial thoughts – he’s quite the risk taker! After some rather hot underwear play his thick, chunky, swelling meat reveals itself in all its glory and Harvey sets about really enjoying himself. But hey, the sun’s shining and this fella’s in no hurry – long firm strokes on his loose foreskin look fantastic! He sits down, he stands up, he sits down again, stretches his legs and before you know it he moans, groans and finally spills a terrific creamy load 😉

Well, this pairing may not come as a surprise to those that frequent the forum – it was asked for there and so how could I possibly say “no” to such an excellent suggestion? And yes, I did leak the fact that it was in the can and since then the recorded tapes have been burning a hole in the desk! Too hot to delay any further, we thought it was about time this marathon fuck was released for all to enjoy… let’s hope you guys have as much fun watching it as they did making it!
Jed leans in for the first kiss and they strip themselves of jeans and boxers within minutes, both keen to touch and explore each other’s hot bods! Jed is first to taste cock and he devours Adam’s delicious dick with passion. Switching roles, Adam’s experienced and hungry mouth roams from uncut cock to mouth, then to Jed’s sweet ring. He tickles that eager hole with his tongue, then slowly enters pushing it just inside! Oh, and somewhere in the middle the guys enjoy a fantastic 69 😉
With both guys more than ready to fuck, Jed stands and Adam enters from behind… and he’s soon thrusting his meat in and out with abandon! They make their way back to the bed and Adam ploughs his fat cock deeper inside Jed. They change position again so they can face, kiss and watch each other and the added intensity puts Jed into a world of ecstasy! He’s the first to send his jizz flying while his ass is filled with cock and Adam quickly follows with his own spectacular load 🙂

I think we might have turned someone! Yes, that’s right, our blonde bombshell is back – in fact he stayed over after his lustful romp with Robbie and I managed to persuade him to give it a go with another guy! Kai took Jesse’s eye and what with Kai being a lover of cute guys with big dicks he was more than up for good fuck session… and man, did Jesse get in to the rhythm of fucking ass hard or what 😉
Kai, being his usual dominant self is the first to kick things off, almost taking Jesse unexpectedly as he leans in for the first kiss and begins to unbutton Jesse’s shirt. Coy laughs and smiles are exchanged and Jesse soon begins to relax as Kai begins to fully explore his young and inexperienced body. Feasting on his cock with long licks, light touches and deep swallowing all add to Jesse’s building excitement!
Eager to receive as well as give, Kai lies back and Jesse takes the hint. Gently licking and then sucking on Kai’s pre-cum leaking dick, this was another new experience for Jesse but he wasn’t the least bit freaked by it. Finally though Kai wants Jesse’s long uncut cock deep inside him and slowly Jesse enters his ass. It’s not long before Jesse is fucking real hard and he certainly learnt what the term “demanding bottom” means! In the end though Jesse proves he’s quite the top – fucking away he grabs Kai’s dick and it’s soon spurting loads of cum everywhere  😉

Well, I figured we needed a special way to celebrate our 400th film release and so I thought we would have one guy for each 100 films on the site! Yep, 4 carefully selected uncut guys with big chunky dicks and doing what BLAKEMASON does best – having hot, horny, uninhibited sexy fun with each other for our enjoyment 😉 This one, my friends, is a truly special spectacle of hot man on man on man on man action!
Straight down to business, I say a quick “hello” to the guys, before leaving them to really enjoy themselves. Matt, being his usual horny self kicks things off by getting the others naked. Once the clothes were out of the way EVERYTHING goes – it’s just one massive, frantic suck-fest with nipples, faces, cocks, ass’s and feet all getting plenty of attention! Each guy eagerly takes his turn to both give and receive a true oral worship session 🙂
But hey, this is an orgy and Tony’s the first to offer his ass up for the enjoyment of the others. Sitting proudly down on Matt’s fat uncut cock, he rides it like trooper whilst it’s buried to the hilt! Then Robbie has his way with Tony while Matt & Jack happily tease and suck away… waiting the next hungry hole! Jack finds Tony’s, and Matt ploughs into Robbie. With all the excitement Tony completely looses himself, being the first to spill his load, quickly followed by Robbie, Matt, and finally Jack – all drenching Tony in a super sticky, creamy mess…

Well, I simply couldn’t wait to release this scorcher of a film… you see, Ian has been asking ever since his solo film if he could get it on with Jed, almost to the point of begging! And Jed, being a lover of big uncut cocks just couldn’t resist the thought of sitting down on that prime piece of British meat! Needless to say I knew this one was going to be scorching hot… and I was right 😉
Leaving the guys alone for a few minutes to get “warmed up”, when Shayne and I walked in to switch on the cameras they had already started undressing each other, and rather than stopping them mid flow,  we hit record and just let them get down to it. These hot fella’s were literally gagging for cock and so they started to feel each other’s throbbing meat through their jeans – right  before removing and devouring each other’s uncut dicks!!!
After taking turns on sucking each other, Ian climbs on to form a hot sixty-nine of sucking, rimming, licking and fingering! Jed’s tongue goes to work on Ian’s hot ass with gusto, warming that hole before he finally guides his solid member up and in to the hilt. Naturally, Ian writhes in pleasure as each deep thrust fulfils his long awaited fantasy – just watch how his eyes roll in ecstasy with the pounding he’s getting 😉
But hey, these guys were enjoying such a horny and playful fuck that they decided to flip-flop, and so it’s now Ian’s turn to slip his massive, thick uncut cock deep into Jed. On its first entry you can see that this is almost too much meat for his fuck buddy to handle, but once Jed is riding that fat, long cock it pushes him into a world of pleasure, forcing his cock to release wave after wave of creamy hot cum!

This cheeky, fun-loving guy applied to model direct in order to fulfil one of his teenage dreams -‘doing porn!’ And OK, so he’s still a teenager being just 18 years old but Sonny is a smart, witty and confident chap who simply oozes sex appeal 😉 An adorable face and a slim, toned body fit perfectly with his fat cock – and his quirky but very real personality just made me want to take him home afterwards 😉
The sun was out and the sea was calm so I decided there could be no better place to film the delightful Sonny than out on the ocean. We set sail to find a quiet little cove just off the Cornish coast and found the perfect spot, as naturally beautiful as the young Sonny. With the sun shining down and the waves gently lapping up against the boat, Sonny and I had a really mature and open chat about love, life, first times and fun times, before I shut up and let him set about jerking off!
He begins by soaking up the sun as he works his cock to its full seven inches, lubing up and playfully jerking, slow then fast, left hand then right – Sonny sure has mastered the art of wanking! He moves from his spot in the sun to lay out by the water and he begins to pick up the pace, eager to keep himself right on the edge, and well, once he got there, he wasn’t staying there for long… a little moan, heavy breathing, and man… he must have saved his load for quite a while… oh, to be 18 again 🙂

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blakemason presents


Seeing how Jed’s first duo with Oli went down so well with all of you at home (that film’s still at number 1!) we thought we had better get him back ASAP to keep you satisfied! Having asked the very sexy Jed who he’d like to get fucked by, Gabriel was one of his firm favourites so we set about tracking him down. And as luck would have it, Gabriel was actually due to be visiting some friends down our way the following week… this just had to be destiny or fate 😉
Yep, the Gods sure were right about making it so easy for us to pair these two hot guys together – they clicked immediately and it was totally obvious right from the start that they were going to have one of those really passionate fuck sessions that we all love to get to see! Sensual kissing and licking of those toned bodies, coupled with lustful eye contact and smiling faces kicked off the action… and it pretty much continued that way as the guys playfully took turns in sucking each other’s cocks with hungry mouths 🙂
But Jed’s eager ass also needed a thorough working over and so Gabriel went down and used his expert tongue on his fuck buddy’s hole. Jed sure was loving the attention down there – his moans and groans testified to it! Mind you, when he sat down on Gabriel’s 8inch uncut dick and his ass swallowed all of it he really was in heaven… and so off Jed went, riding away in complete and utter pleasure 🙂
Until, that is, the guys switched positions and Gabriel got to thrust and pump away at that beautiful tight ass… if Jed had been in heaven before, well now he was in seventh heaven! Gabriel’s cock must have been hitting exactly the right spot because it wasn’t too long before Jed simply had to unload those lovely big balls of his… what a fantastic session!




OK, so it’s becoming a bit of a habit now but yet again we have another incredible bi guy to grace your screens! Yes, that’s right… the gorgeous Brent likes to swing both ways and you’ve surely got to love and admire his hunger for horny partners of whatever sex 😉 So where do we find these hot specimens of manhood? Well, to tell you the truth Brent found us, simple as that. He had been travelling around Britain for almost a year and a few friends along the way suggested he should pay us a visit… and so he decided to give it a go!
He’s open and uninhibited throughout his initial chat, and even more uninhibited when it came to revealing his “assets”… he just couldn’t wait to get completely naked! And Brent sure is one horny dude – his lovely dick quickly grew to full mast and from the look on Brent’s face it sure felt awesome to hold and stroke!  But this guy is more than just a juicy cock – he enjoys playing with all of his body including his tight hairy hole… and man, does he spunk or what? 🙂




I’ve got to be honest and say that I’m not sure if I’m in love, lust or just plain awe of Ian, our latest very hot newbie! You see, when I walked in to the studio and met him for the first time I was struck by his magical deep brown eyes that had a certain glint and sparkle to them… and that was also true of his smiley, cheerful personality. But hey, that was just the beginning of my infatuation… once Ian revealed his smooth body with just a gentle airing of hair I was smitten…  and then when his massive uncut dick and big dangling balls came in to view I was almost lost for words!
Grabbing the lube, Ian jolted me out of my dream-like state and soaked his perfect 8 ½ inch uncut dick with the stuff.  His stroking became even more sensual and he was soon playing with his whole body and those equally impressive great big balls! This fella was going in to overdrive as he worked himself closer and closer to orgasm and he was taking me with him! And just as he was about to cum his cock swelled even bigger… and then spurted a hot creamy load 🙂




It’s time to welcome back the very sexy Oli for another hot fuck session and this time it’s the ever-popular Kai who gets to plough his smooth tight ass! Why? Well, Oli really liked the look of Kai and the feeling was totally mutual… our Navy guy wanted to get pounded good and proper and Kai was in just the right mood to service his deepest, darkest desires 😉 Mmmm… two horny guys together, both needing it real bad… I think we’ve got a ball buster on our hands here!
Indeed, these fellas were all over each other right from the first moment they met. Once the cameras were rolling the intense magic and awesome desire they felt for each other’s bodies just couldn’t be contained – Kai and Oli were turning in to lust-crazed guys who needed to lick and suck and kiss and touch like there was no tomorrow! And after giving each other a damn good blow job these two switched around to enjoy an amazing sixty-nine… man, were they enjoying themselves or what?
But that was just the foreplay… Oli wanted to feel Kai’s big thick prick buried deep inside his ass more than anything else on Earth! As Oli bent over the arm of the sofa, Kai plunged his uncut cock right in to the hilt so that his big low-hanging balls slapped against the cheeks of Oli’s tight hole… and then began the fuck of Oli’s life! Yep, Kai screwed his fuck-buddy just the way he liked it – doggy, riding and then on his side until he could take no more and Oli’s cock spunked a massive load! But Kai had one more treat in store… Oli was due a nice facial 🙂



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