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Leo M and Tim

I absolutely loved this shoot! The sparkly Leo M and the ever-passionate Tim finally got their wish to fool around with each other on the BLAKEMASON bed of lust. It’s a total scorcher – the guys were in really high sprits and by the time I arrived, they were hyper and begging to get underway…

What else could I say other than say “have fun guys…” and try and point the cameras at the right place, eh? Well, these two fellas just wanted to kiss, suck, rim, finger and fuck and the levels of passion and lust are quite incredible. We all know Leo M has a dirty side, but man, I have never seen him quite so intent on getting himself and his partner off!

Anyway, after getting all the totally hot foreplay action out of the way, Tim sits down on Leo’s beautiful cock and rides it like only he knows how! Then Leo decides to get all dominant and Tim can’t help but urge him on with some good solid fucking. It all ends with some really great dirty talk and plenty of cum, fun and kisses. Oh, and there’s also 6 minutes of bonus film too!

Vasek, Valentin, Jaroslav, Jans

 vasek.jpg  Vasek turned 19 years a few weeks back and one of his birthday presents was a new bike. Unfortunately he had a small accident shortly after his birthday (so his bike is now completely crashed) but luckily Vasek got away with just a few scratches on his legs.
 kaspar-valentin.jpg  You already know Valentin from his hot solo set a few weeks back on Berlin Male. In this all new set he plays a hunky Santa Clause and as Kaspar has been a bad boy all year long, fucks him without mercy until he hears the bells ring! Enjoy this fuck fest under the christmas tree and enjoy the upcoming xmas time!
 jaroslav1.jpg  Jaroslav, who plays football in the same club than Jakub does (he was featured on SW two weeks back), was introduced to our photographer over half a year ago and already appeared on Realboys. Now he is back and did a photo shooting for Sweetadonis – he enjoyed the first shooting and also discovered that he is not as straight as he thought 😉
 jan.jpg  Jans first experience in front of the cam dates a few years back, so we thought it might be a good idea to have him on our castin couch first, before doing a ´real` set with this guy… Jan is an open minded gay guy and one of his eyecatching arguments is a big uncut rock hard cock! Lets see how users vote him and then we´ll decide if theres gonna be more of this guy…


What do you do when you’re in a small private plane, flying above Manhattan at 7500-feet, having just polished-off a bottle of whiskey with a couple of buddies? And you gotta piss? And while your dick is already out, you might as well yank it, right?! Next time you look up at a plane flying above you – think of these 3 guys!

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