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NextDoorBuddies videos and pictures: The guy next door with the guy next door


When Zac Lake & Nikko Alexander had planned to play a game of basketball with some of the local guys this last weekend. But when the two decided that instead they were going to stay in the house and play a game of one on one, we had to be there to capture the action.
Instead of bouncing the basketball, the two take turns bouncing each others cocks in their mouths. Not only that, but Nikko lets Zac slide his hard pole into his ass.
Caught up in all the fun, the two had forgotten that they had invited Jay Cloud over for their game of hoops. When Jay walked in on the two them buck naked and fucking, Jay decided to join in on the fun by pulling out his young cock and feeding it to Nikko while he was getting fucked.
Enjoy this fuck fest!


When it’s time to get off, it’s time to get off, and that’s something Samuel Smith doesn’t waste any time doing. Even when he’s outside, waiting for his friend to show up.
After finding Samuel touching himself while sunbathing on a rock outside of his house, Oliver decides to join in on the fun and pull out his fat cock too.
One thing leads to another, and the two give each other a little hand job action before spewing their cum loads all over each other.


When Rod Daily heard screaming coming from the bedroom, he went to make sure no one was getting murdered. What he saw amazed him, and somewhat horrified him. There, in the middle of the bed, his buddy Josh Slyman was completely naked and had a dick in his ass. And that’s no even the crazy part. The cock that was penetrating his puckerhole was his own! Yes, Josh was fucking himself.
After the shock wore off, Rod started to get turned on by this strange sexual act. He noticed his dick was starting to harden. Here at NextDoorStudios, when there’s a hard cock and and ass, there’s only one thing to do, and that is jam the thick meat into that waiting hole, even if it’s already occupied by another cock.
Needless to say, Rod gives Josh a super slamming before blowing his man juice all over his buddy.
This scene redefines double penetration!


When it’s time to get off, it’s time to get off, even if your buddy is in the next room. Samuel O’Toole had that experience the other day and but got a pleasant surprise when Phenix decided to drop join in on the fun. Not only does Phenix take out his fat cock to join the stroke fest, he offers his hot wet mouth. Not wanting to turn down an offer like that, Samuel stuffs his massive member into Phenix’s mouth and the party begins…and ends with the two studs busting their nuts onto each other.


During a lunch break on our last shoot, the guys noticed that two of our models, Garbiel & Dominic were missing. After walking around the property, we spotted the two getting pretty hot and heavy around the back of the house. Instead of interupting their fun, we decided to grab the cameras, load a fresh tape and capture their action for your viewing pleasure.
So be prepared to watch these two ripped hunks suck, fuck and cum all over each other. Very hot!


What do you get when there’s 4 horny guys in a bathroom together, talking about all the chics they’re going to fuck when they go out to the club? You get a lot of pent up sexual energy. Now we all know you don’t want to be a two pump chump when you’re getting your fuck on, so these guys, Rod, Marcus, Zac & Tyler decided to release some steam before they hit the town. By that we mean these 4 suck, fuck and unload all over each other. The hot shower isn’t the only thing steaming up the bathroom mirror.


What’s hotter than two muscley hunks taking a bath together? How about those same two hunks hoping in the sack, swapping massages and then fucking one another.
Well, that’s exactly what went on this last weekend between Parker London & Nash Lawler.
After toweling off, the two young guys hit the bedroom where Parker begins to complain about a sore back. Fortunately Nash loves muscles and since Parker is beefy, he had no problem helping to relieve his buddies aches and pains.
After the rub down, Parker repays the favor by taking Nash’s cock into his mouth. But that’s not all. Nash gives Parker a real ass pounding before drenching him in his hot load. 


After staying the night at his girlfriends house, Christian Wilde came home to find his place thrashed. Apparently his buddy Brandon Lewis had thrown a party without his knowledge. After finding Brandon passed out on his pool table, Christian decided the only way to wake him up was to reach into his buddies shorts and begin massaging his cock.
This definitely woke the slumbering party animal up and also got him really horny, so after sucking on Christians cock, Branden demanded that since he got woken up prematurely, the only fair thing for his friend to do would be to fuck his ass. Of course Christian obliged.


It’s been a fun time here at NextDoorStudios for Samuel O’Toole. He’s met a lot of new friends, pushed his limits and had a blast doing it. Oh, and the money he’s made hasn’t hurt either.
For this scene, Samuel has teamed up with Josh Slyman and Nikko to bring to you a scorching hot ass pounding, cum shooting 3 way scene.
The action starts when Josh finds Smauel & Nikko playing in the bedroom. Once he joins in, the clothes come off, and cocks get rock hard and Nikko & Josh get pentrated.
It’s all fun in games until someone gets cum in their eye. Luckily, no studs were harmed in the making of this exciting scene.


The red hair, muscled and hung James Jameson is back for some more action today. Luckily, we’ve convinced him to push his limits and got him to suck some cock for us! It’s amazing what a little but of financial incentive does for these straight guys. The lucky Shane Frost gets to experience the feeling of James’s wet mouth milking his pole.
After giving his first blowjob, James wants to dominate again, and bends the slim Shane over, sliding his thick beef into his puckered hole, dealing out a significant ass pounding.

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MaleDigital and BiSexDigital gay porn pics and vids


Bareback Interviews: Nicolas Corry, Tim West.
Handsome straights finally decide to fuck with the same sex.


Headmaster’s Lessons.
Teacher Enjoys Fucking His Sexy Student In The Ass.


Sex Heaven.
Boy gets his dick sucked before his buddy cums on his chest!


Twinks Of Paradise.
Young twink enjoys putting his fingers & dildo in his ass.


Some Like It Sweet.
Horny Men Enjoy Licking Each Other & Having Sex.


Tour De Sex.
Skinny twinks having hot gay sex action sucking cock in here.


Bareback Bisex Cream Pie: Hosh Saluka, Sergei Kavkaz, Tina Fine.
Hot bisexual sex action in a awesome threesome here !


Bareback Bisex Cream Pie: Carmen Blue.
Bisex dudes fucking a pretty girl too in this hot video !

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NextDoorMale, MasonWyler, TommyDXXX, NextDoorBuddies, ViscontiTriplets, NextDoorHookUps

nextdoormale-Brec_Boyd (1)

After a long day at school there is nothing better than to come home kick back and relax with your cock in hand.
Brec Boyd has had a long day with his head deep in the text books. Now it’s time for Brec to undress and get the tub flowing with some hot water. Taking his sweet time he loves to show off his muscular physique and sexy tattoos. While waiting for the tub to fill Brec chills out on the chair stroking his massive cock slowly until its nice and hard.
The tub is finally ready and Brec starts cleaning his sexy self with soapy suds. Stroking his dick ever so lightly but with a tight grip he washes every part of his watered down body.
The nut busting cums out once he lays back on the bed for a ultimate release of satisfaction.

masonwyler_Mason_wyler-Aaron_Skyline (2)

Mason’s new buddy Aaron Skyline is in desperate need of a comforting massage. Aaron is a hot young man who doesn’t mind receiving a hot sexy massage from Mr. Wyler.
This hot new stud has just turned 19. He only weighs 185 and stands at 5’11 with a tasty uncut dick of 6.5 inches.
The scene begins with Aaron relaxing on a couch after a long day’s work when Mason walks in and offers to give him a massage. With massage in progress soon we find Mr. Skyline’s big fat cock deep inside Mason’s mouth. Aaron loves to tell Mason what to do and how he likes his balls licked up and down. The scene gets heated up with some face fucking and lots of cum dripping off of Masons happy face.

tommydxxx-Tommy-Kevin_Wood (1)

Tommy D loves the smell of new talent…and the taste of fresh cock!  He can’t wait to give Kevin Wood’s bulbous muscles a soothing rub down.  When Kevin gets relaxed, one thing leads to another, and the pair ends up with 69 reasons why they had a good time.
One thing’s for sure, Tommy knows how to give a new pal a warm and creamy welcome.

nextdoorbuddies-The_Studding_Twins-Justin_Ryder (1)

The Studding twins are back again and they tag team Justin Ryder’s hairy little hole.
The scene gets right into motion with Ryder sucking and stroking the twin’s cocks. These men are dark, fury and love to be naked. The twins waste no time in pounding the shit out of Justin’s bushy ass. With a tight firm ass like that both of the twins take turns on some hard, deep fucking.
The end of the scene is the best when one of the twins shocks everybody with a rocket launching cum shot.

viscontitriplets (1)

The triplets are stashed in a bath-house and it’s getting pretty steamy. It’s not just the hot water that’s fogging up the windows. When the horny triplets pull out their hard cocks and start fucking their friend in the ass, it starts getting a little hot under the collar!

masonwyler-Mason_wyler-Kevin_Wood (1)

Seems Mason has run into Kevin Wood whom he hasn’t seen in a few years. Kevin is built like a Roman soldier who has been fighting battle building up his enormous biceps and pec’s.
At 5’11 and only 23 years of age Kevin spends majority of his time working out at the gym and being a bartender at the local Pub.  This sexy hard body did not expect to accidently run into Mason but we are sure glad he did because Mr. Wood has a tight round ass and Mason can’t wait to penetrate it.
After some catching up they both decide to shower up outside on a lovely sunny day.  Once the water starts pouring out next you know it hands and cocks are rubbing all over bodies. Mason slides his fat cock into Kevin’s tight hole and if you listen carefully you can here Kevin whimper a bit.
Just when things have heated up and Mason is loving where his cock is buried he has a change of heart and can’t let his boyfriend find out what he has done so he has to stop everything and leave Kevin by himself.
The scene is exciting and very hot with these two hunks but you will love the end when Kevin creams a hot load all over himself.

viscontitriplets_4088 (1)

It’s a very prim and proper setting. Victorian chairs, flowing curtains and wood finishing. The perfect place for high-tea with aunt Agatha. Well, not when the crazy triplets get a hold of it! These boys can’t control their raging hard cocks no matter where they are! They whip them out, have their friend service them and even eat some ass in the process! Crumpets anyone?

masonwyler-Mason_Justin_Ryder (1)

There is no delay in getting this scene started with Mason Wyler and the tanned Italian hunk Justin Ryder.
Mason quickly wraps his lips around Justin’s eagerly awaiting cock and both love to passionately kiss in between swapping BJ’s. These two studs flip flop back and forth so you get to see Mason fucking a nice tight ass and Justin taking charge of Wyler’s smooth little hole.
This scene has lots of BJ drooling and dick riding on both fronts and its sure to be a wild ride so pull out your lube and grab your cock.

nextdoorhookups-Ilias-Jesse (3)

After a long workout at the gym Ilias is headed back to his room to play with himself until Jesse creeps up on him from behind.
She loves to deep throat cock and he treats her well with some nice hard fucking and some forceful head. This scene is straight to the point and Ilias wastes no time in taking advantage of the situation.

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Mason Wyler, Next Door Buddies, Cody Cummings, Next Door Male, Next Door Hook Ups

mason_wyler-aryx_quinn (1)

Mason Wyler is just chillin, taking an afternoon nap.  But when muscle-bound Aryx Quinn steps out of the shower, he realizes his glistening cock needs Mason’s attention, so he wakes him up for a little afternoon delight.
It’s no surprise Mason is eager to suck Aryx’s meaty dick and get fucked hard.  Aryx gets himself going by starting out with a little ass licking.  As a mixed martial arts enthusiast and participant Aryx works up a lot of sexual tension during practice while he grapples with many firm, well-toned men.  Now he unleashes this energy on young Mason.

nextdoorbuddies_Christian Wilde - Andrew Blue (4)

Andrew Blue was just hangin’ around the house when Christian Wilde showed up with a gigantic boner bulging from underneath his pants.  Since Christian didn’t mention it, Andrew tried to act like he didn’t notice.  But when they finally sat down on the couch and looked each other in the eyes, they both knew Andrew would soon have Christian’s luscious dick in his mouth, sucking like a champ.
And Christian hungered for cock as well.  He had a hunch Andrew’s asshole would be tight.  But he knew making assumptions would get him nowhere.  Luckily, Andrew doesn’t shy away from an opportunity to have a nice dong slide in the backdoor.  This was an afternoon these buddies won’t soon forget!

codycummings-Cody, Coco Velvett, Brec Boyd (1)

That Coco Velvett sure is a sweetheart.  She brought Cody Cummings a surprise.  Can you guess what it is?  It’s bigger than a breadbox, hung like a donkey, it sucks a mean cock, and loves hot, double-team action.  Give up?  It’s Brec Boyd, of course!
Coco has convinced him to drop by and have some fun with her and Cody.  Brec knows how passionate these two can get, and he’s ready to help her suck Cody’s hard dick.  And everyone knows how gracious Brec is: as a ‘thank you’ Brec fucks the daylights out of Coco.  With friends like these, what more could Cody ask for??

nextdoorbuddies-Justin Jameson - Andrew Blue (3)

While at the pool earlier, Andrew Blue saw the lifeguard’s dick from up his shorts.  It was MUCH bigger than average, which made Andrew quite horny.  He raced over to meet up with Justin Jameson who Andrew knows is always ready for action.
Sure enough, Justin was just as horny as Andrew and ready to deepthroat some cock.  And Andrew couldn’t wait to taste Justin’s ass before shoving his meat in there.  Now if only Andrew could get his hands on that lifeguard!

tommydxxx-Tommy - Mason (1)

Mason Wyler is a little absent minded sometimes.  He totally missed his flight the last time he was supposed to go see TommyD.  Fortunately he made it this time and Tommy has definitely been waiting eagerly.  Tommy knows Mason loves to be treated like a dirty slut and the fact is Mason’s mouth has been watering for Tommy’s cock since he missed that flight weeks ago!
Watch Tommy shove his dick in Mason’s tight asshole like a horny madman on the loose.  And check out the distance on that cumshot to Mason’s face – WOW!

masonwyler-Mason - Christian Wilde (2)

It’s a steamy, horny afternoon for Mason Wyler.  He just returned home after watching a few rough looking neighborhood guys play a very physical game of basketball down at the schoolyard.  He can’t wait to get some balls in his face and cock in his mouth.  Now Christian Wilde is off work and has had a stressful day.  Looks like Mason is just the guy to help Christian relieve some tension!
Watch these two studs catch some sexy afternoon delight.  There are at least 69 reasons you’ll have fun.

nextdoormale-Caleb Black (5)

Caleb Black is a simple, country boy who enjoys the little things in life. It looks like he’s stumbled onto a real fancy like swimmin’ pool this time. Oh boy, what a treat on such a hot day. And since there ain’t nobody in sight, Caleb figures he’ll strip down and jump in hillbilly style- totally naked!

masonwyler-Mason - Andrew Blue (1)

When Mason Wyler meets up with Andrew Blue, it’s gonna get very hot and very wild.  These guys are hungry for action, but will Andrew’s tight hole accommodate a beast cock like Mason’s?  What will happen when the infamous Mason uses his super, dick gobbling power on Andrew’s rock hard boner?
Will this duo combine forces for a creamy finish?  Grab your cock and stay tuned!

nextdoorhookups-Brec Boyd - Rani Fairis (1)

This newly found couple is taking a lovely stroll on a spring afternoon. The sexy Rani Fairis is a young just turned 18 Libra who is exploring her sexual encounters with Brec Boyd.
After a bit of wine Rani starts to feel horny and wants Brec’s huge 8.5 inch thick cock inside her mouth. She doesn’t care if someone’s looking while she slobbers all over his cock outside.
Brec sure is a damn good handy man when it comes to pounding her mouth and positioning her the way he wants it.

nextdoormale-Tristan Bull (1)

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Boys Pissing, Toe Gasms, Jizz Addiction, Straight Naked Thugs, Boys Smoking – Presents


Blonde hottie Jeremiah Johnson hits the jacuzzi to drink down a load of his own piss and self-suck his big cock until he cums all over his chin and chest!


Fresh thug Duke been thinkin’ bout gettin’ naked 4 u 4 almost a year 4for he decided it was time. Aint nun of us kno what homeboy was packin’ btween his legs & when he dropped trou it were a surprise cause da boy got a big dick. Take a look & c if u aint impressed with da size of his dick stick. He now cum on fullforce & u gonna b seein more of dis dude.


Tall, dark, handsome and horny is a good way to describe our new model, Cristian. He’s a sexy man-boy with delicious size 12, thick, smelly feet! This 19 year old just may be your next favorite ToeGasms model!


Buff smoke stud Marcus Mojo chains and strokes in the garage!


Alfa thug BJ is crazy as hell. He do tats 4 fun n profits. If dis OG can’t find a body to ink on, he inks his own skin. He got his inkin’ skills from years of bein’ in a cage n now he dont give a fuck about nuthin but his SNT homies a bustin a fat load n makin’ skin art. Cum peep his thug nut n get one of u own.
OG BJ jerks his Alpha dick & cums a big load of thug juice from his tight body but he careful not to spill nun of his thick nut on his leathers cause a gangsta always gotta look fresh.


Cute guys Ryan & Jayden enjoy a beautiful Spring day letting their sap rise and sucking the cum out of each others big, young, thick dicks!


Turk Mason makes his Boys-Pissing.com debut with Kayden Daniels and Ayden James feeding him his first mouthful of piss! It’s a cock-sucking, piss-drinking 3-way!


Fresh thug Money gotta get da money. He b a money huslter n that his game. He b full of thug juice n can pop off nut after nut … as long as $ involved, he can keep da cum flowin’ cause that’s his fetish. So show some green paper.

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