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Mike Hancock, Hancock Men; Club Hancock

mikehancock_blowing_cameron (15)
After shooting a hot fuck scene with power bottom Reed Hartley, Cameron Sage was ready to party. Cameron knows how to have a good time, but after a few hours of drinking he passed out. I guess he was tired from the workout he got fucking Reed’s tight ass earlier in the day. I don’t know if it was the sweaty sex or the booze, but I knew I had to have a taste of that meaty cock myself…one way or another. Once I started sucking, Cameron got a rise out of the situation. Of course, I’ve been told before that I have a knack for sucking straight cock, so I took his hard cock as a sign that he didn’t mind at all. I swallowed that thick dick whole, licking his sweet balls and ass. Cameron Sage learns first hand what happens when a straight guy falls asleep around a cockhound like Mike Hancock.

mikehancock_blowing_james_oak (22)

An exclusive Hancock Studios model for a couple of years, James Oak took some time away from the biz to focus on his new bride.  James and I are still good friends, and true to form, James remains focused on all things that deal with his cock. I invited him over just to hang out. He said his latest obsession was “penile enlargement” for “her” pleasure.   Being in the porn biz, I had a penis pump lying around that hadn’t been used.  I told him I’d give it to him as a belated wedding gift if I got to see him use it.  Wedded bliss hadn’t diminished James’ carefree personality one bit, and he was happy to oblige.  Once James got himself all pumped up, he needed to bust a nut in a major way. He started fingering his own ass to help get his nut off, and I offered him a dildo to heighten his pleasure. Once James hit his horny peak, it was like old times.  I didn’t need an invitation to start sucking on his throbbing cock or lick his beautiful ass. And being a true friend, I was more than happy to finger fuck his tight hole until he busted a creamy nut all over himself.  Dorothy said it best, “There’s no place like home,” especially for James Oak at… Mike Hancock.

mikehancock_audition_frank_sparks (1)

Frank is a bartender at my new favorite watering hole down at the beach. He’s straight, dark, and handsome and my casting girl, Rose, couldn’t resist. She moved in, started sweet talking him, and before the night was over, he agreed to come in for an audition.
When he arrived he reinforced the fact that he was straight. (Don’t they all?) When Frank started stroking that dick of his, he got into a zone and really let go. Frank was an animal, and he knew how to turn himself onÉ and that turned me on. I tried to respect his boundaries, but you can’t teach an old cockhound new tricks. Especially at…
Mike Hancock

hancockmen_nick_jacobs_toys_2 (1)

Nick Jacobs is always up for a good time, especially when it comes to pleasuring himself.  With a finely chiseled body, a nice thick cock, and a beautiful bubble butt, watching Nick do just about anything would be a pure turn-on.  But when Nick decides to play with his own ass using 3 dildos, each increasing in size, his moans of ecstasy will send you soaring!  He works that pink manhole, penetrating himself with nice, deep strokes, busting a creamy load as he climaxes.  Pull up a chair and cum along for the ride with Nick Jacobs and his toys this week at Hancock Men.

clubhancock_andrew_justice_fucks_reed_hartley (14)

Andrew Justice is no stranger to wild sex with no boundaries. This guy loves to fuck and it doesn’t matter whose hole he’s plowing. When it comes to women, Andrew likes a girl who doesn’t mind being gang-banged every now and then. When it comes to guys, Andrew loves a good bottom who can take all that he has to give — all 9 inches, that is.
Reed Hartley is no stranger to wild sex either. This power-bottom is always looking for a challenge, and he just may have met his match with Andrew. Reed loves to suck cock to warm his partners up before they get to ramming his ass, and this was no exception. Reed swallowed Andrew’s pole like the pro that he is, and Andrew showed his appreciation with some first rate rimming. But Reed can rim with the best of them, and he had no trouble throwing Andrew’s legs up in the air as he buried his tongue deep… in Andrew’s ass! But Andrew had some burying of his own to do, and it didn’t take long for his huge dick to find itself deep inside Reed’s manhole.
Andrew Justice and Reed Hartley are a match made in heaven this week at Club Hancock.

clubhancock_jay_mcquay_fucks_gianna_lynn (11) clubhancock_jay_mcquay_fucks_gianna_lynn (12)

Opening up to her own sexuality has allowed Gianna Lynn to go to places, mentally, that she never thought possible, and this obviously translates on film to her fans. Gianna prides herself on her sloppy, wet blowjobs. Hancock Exclusive Jay McQuay has has been a loyal fan of Gianna’s, and he knew he wanted her to be in his first scene when he saw her on a recent episode of Miami Ink. Jay has an awesome tattoo on his right arm, and was intrigued when he saw Gianna getting a sexy angel tattoo on the back of her neck.
Once they got together, the sparks flew, and it wasn’t long before Jay was driving his thick cock into Gianna’s tight pussy. Fantasies cum true this week at Club Hancock!

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Southern Strokes Presents


As you can imagine, we get email every day from guys that want to be on the site.  When I opened Lance’s email, he had sent me a link to a video he had posted on U Tube.  I have to say that there is something about this guy that the camera loves.  We talked for a few times and I thought he wasn’t serious when one day, out of the blue, the phone rang and he said; “I’m ready”.
When you receive those calls, you have to jump on it so to speak.  19 year old Lance was at the house the next day. I have to admit that when he showed up, he was much better looking in person.  It only takes about 15 minutes with Lance and you realize that this guy isn’t shy and he loves to talk.  Lance is convinced that he is destined to be a porn star.  In fact, he admitted that he loves to watch how guys fuck in porno movies and then he tries it for himself with his girlfriends.
Lance works at a Sporting Goods store.  His uniform consists of gym shorts and a referee shirt.  He loves to free-ball it when he goes to work and tease all of the customers.  I can’t imagine walking into the store and seeing Lance’s huge cock bouncing in those shorts.  Not a day goes by that he doesn’t get offered a blow job. Yes by ALL types of customers.
When Lance takes off his shirt, you can’t miss the scar on his stomach.  It happened when he was a baby and looks much more painful that it was.  Don’t ask me why, I think it just adds to his sexy body.  You can’t help but follow the scar down to his crotch.  Speaking of crotch, Lance’s cock has to be close to 10 inches and gets rock hard.
It was hard to get some pictures of Lance without a hardon.  When I asked him to stroke it while I took some still photos, he said “I can’t play with it too much because I am about to cum” Man to be 19 again!


Buck is a 20 year old engineering student at Ole Miss. He contacted us through the website and said that he would be home in Georgia for the holidays and that he needed to make some money. When I opened his pictures, I couldn’t believe his physical attractiveness. Not only was he built but he had this innocent, sheltered look about him that was just captivating. I immediately scheduled him to come and visit us up at the lake and do a video shoot.
When I first met Buck in person, he reminded me of Aaron. Not that they looked alike, but one look and you can tell that he’s an intelligent guy who just doesn’t quite know how hot he is.  Buck had come straight from the gym and he had on a pair of gym shorts and a tight muscle shirt and he was covered with sweat. I haven’t come across a 20 year old who was this built in quite some time. I handed him a towel and told him to hit the shower before we began the shoot.
Wrapped in just a towel, Buck came out of the shower and joined me and the rest of the crew downstairs. Everyone knew right then that we were about to be treated to an extremely hot video shoot. I can honestly say that Buck’s body is about as perfect as you can get. His upper body is naturally smooth with just a little patch of hair between his amazing Pecs. One look at Buck’s six-pack and huge biceps and you think he can’t get any better, and then he turns around to reveal what has to be one of the hottest asses I have ever seen.
Everything about this guy is so hot that I couldn’t seem to take enough pictures. Before I knew it, I had taken over 400 frames of his hot defined body. When I got him on all fours and he spread his bubble butt, he revealed his supple pink balloon knot that made my cock quiver. I knew we had to get our composure together so we could get to the video.
Buck is one of those guys who has the ability to get into what he is doing and forget that the cameras are rolling. He loves to hit the gym and work up a sweat. This is the ultimate turn-on for him. He stood by the fireplace in his jock-strap and proceeded to work up a sweat as he stroked his rock hard cock while exploring his ripped body. Buck continues to pump his cock and tease his tight pink hole until he just can’t take anymore and shoots a hot creamy load of cum all over his drenched abs and chest. What happens next might just be the biggest treat of all.


We’d just finished filming Buck’s first solo when I received a text from Preston saying that he wanted to do another video. In his message, Preston said that he had a lot of fun and that he was willing to try almost anything. The towels were still wet from Buck’s hot jackoff session and he was still gripping his “toy” when I asked him if he wanted to come back and try a video with Preston. Without hesitation, he said, “It sounds like fun”.
The day of the shoot, I kept getting text messages from both of the guys asking me who they were doing the video with and what all was going to happen. Buck arrived first and when I told him that he needed to go upstairs and “get ready” I could tell that he was already turned on. As soon as Preston arrived, they both took one look at each other and smiled and I knew this was going to be good.
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the two of them, but I hoped one of them would take charge and lead the way. As soon as the cameras were turned on, these two got right into it and obviously forgot they were being watched, let alone filmed. Preston moved in and started to remove Buck’s clothes which could come off fast enough. All the while, Buck was tugging at Preston’s pants, eager to see what he was packing.
Preston was in charge the entire time. I was so turned on watching as Preston put his big rock hard cock in Buck’s face demanding that he suck it. I knew that Buck’s ass was going to get some attention but I didn’t expect Buck to let himself go and enjoy it as much as he did. As Preston is giving Buck’s ass a thorough work out, they both shoot huge loads of hot white cum all over Buck’s ripped abs. I can’t wait to have these two back for more.


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Dirty Boy Video, Straight Boys Fucking, Gear Action: presents

Cain & Able's Dick Battle

After showering off, these two southern Boys – Cain and Able (who are not brothers!) love to play a little grab-ass! Cain gets down… Alllll the way down. For a straight boy he sucks a mean cock. He and his buddy are over for a little sess in the shower followed by some sucky sucky. Able shoots two loads, including one in his own face – while Cain uses a fleshlight to pump and dump.

Stocking stuffers


After a hard day at the track these two Motor Cross racers need to release some tension and adrenaline. Matt and Marco decide to do a little fucking and sucking in their hot protective gear and helmets.





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