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SOUTHERNSTROKES – Where the air is hot and dripping wet – free porn pictures and videos of hot southern American men

southernstrokes-haigan02 (3)

Haigan is a 21 year old Southern Boy from east Texas. This straight boy is 6’1″ tall with a chiseled body and a huge fat 9 inch cock. Haigan may be straight, but he isn’t afraid to take a romp with another hot boy.

Haigan Film Bio
I would have to say that Haigan just might be my favorite of all the guys to join us on this trip. He was born in Louisiana but raised all throughout East Texas. He has a gorgeous rugged face with a chiseled body courtesy of the Texas prison system. Just to make sure that he gets even better, Haigan has a fat 9 inch cock that loves to stay hard and shoot big loads.
From the first time I laid eyes on him, I knew that Haigan was going to be something special. He is extremely hot in a bad boy kinda way and he has the attitude to match. He loved being surrounded by all these gay boys because they were falling all over him. Haigan was eating up the attention and dishing it right back at them.
Haigan woke up early that first morning and walked outside to talk with us. He looked so hot that we sat him on the steps and let him jerk out a load of cum from his morning wood. Haigan teased us a little with some of his wild sex stories. I swear I almost shot my own load when Haigan told us about the first time he had sex with a guy. It was a threesome with a girl and guy and Haigan said “I nutted in her pussy and then I made him lick my nut off my cock”
Haigan took off his shirt displaying his perfect torso and then he pulled out his fat cock. In no time, Haigan’s cock was rock hard as he stroked it for our cameras. Watching Haigan’s chest and arms flex in the sun as he jerked off was such a turn on. Haigan them climbed up the stairs and shot his load through the stairs on to the cement below. There is plenty more of Haigan to cum.

southernstrokes-roadtrip01 (18)

We have been receiving a lot of model applications from the wide open plains of Texas so much so that we decided that we would take a little ROAD TRIP and see what kind of fun we could run into. What started out as a simple little car ride, turned into a three day sex party out in the middle of no-where Texas.
The first boy to come along was a shy Sal; a 21 year old with beautiful skin, a hot body and a voracious sexual appetite. Joining us next was a hot open minded straight bad-boy with a rock hard body, big cock and a tendency to get a little drunk.
Up next are our dynamic duo; Rex and Ricky. These two were attached at the hip (and every other body part for that matter) for the entire trip. Rex was the instant center of attention with a willingness to do anything with no limits. His buddy Ricky is chiseled from head to toe with his dark chocolate skin and 10 inch cock.
Our boy Tanner was barely 18 with a ripped body and the most adorable face you have laid eyes on. He is beautiful from head to toe with a nasty side that just wants to get fucked.
Everett was a late cummer to the party but man are we glad he showed up. He has a rockin hard body with a sexy smile, a big hard cock, and a need to show off for everyone. Last but definitely not least is our house boy Jay. Jay wasn?t quite as daring as our other boys so he liked to stay behind the camera more than in front of it. But don?t worry, this tall ripped hottie shows us everything he?s got and more.
You will have a chance to see all of the boys in action as they suck and fuck their way through the house and grounds. It was a hot sticky Texas summer week end where the boys stayed naked in the sweltering heat and they did things they never thought they would. I thought I would start off by showing you what the nights were like on this trip. This is just an impromptu game of naked twister to get to know each other a little better. See if you can pick out “who is who”.

southernstrokes-sal01a (1)

I am incredibly excited about the video that you are about to see. Sal is your first peek at one of the boys that recently joined us on a road trip to Texas. Sal was the biggest surprise out of the eight boys that hung out at our sex party in the middle of nowhere. Sal showed up with this shy coy look about him but little did any of us know that he was going to be the life of the party.
Sal is 21 years old originally from South America but he is now living in Texas. He is 5′ 10″ tall with a lean build and beautiful smooth skin. Sal face is boyish and yet extremely confident. Sal isn’t conceited, he just knows who he is and what he wants. Sal is a bottom and he loves big cocks. The bigger the better as far as he is concerned. Sal loves to get nasty too.
It was a hot and sticky summer day in Texas so we decided to have Sal go out on the balcony and heat things up a bit more. His sexy face and smooth skin immediately started to glisten in the hot thick Texas air. Sal was telling us about the first time he was fucked at 15 by a trucker. He immediately got excited and when I asked him if he liked getting fucked the first time and he said “yeah it was really hot”.
Sal stripped naked and sat in the chair and displayed his hole for us he then started to tease his hole and us with his wet finger. Sal started to stroke his 7 1/2″ uncut cock until his body was covered with sweat. Sal then worked out a huge load as his fingers probed his tight hole. Sal then wiped his thick white cum all over his sweaty body and licked it off his fingers. This is only a small taste of what Sal is about to do for you.

southernstrokes-tyler_amelio05 (2)

Amelio had just finished his first visit to Southern Strokes when I invited him back for more. He has this gorgeous exotic look about him with a hot tight hairy ass. He was somewhat laid back at his solo shoot so I wasn’t sure if he would be interested in doing more. I was a little surprised when I asked him if he liked to top or bottom and he said that he wanted to get fucked on film. I wish it was this easy all the time.
I wanted to make sure that I fulfilled Amelio’s wishes before he changed his mind. I always try and make sure that I put a “newbie” with a “pro” for their first shoot. Trust me when I tell you that it can be a painful thing to watch two virgins going at it for the first time. Fortunately my first try was to Tyler and he was more than willing to cum and break in a new boy.
Amelio was definitely a little insecure when he first arrived. I asked him if he was sure that he wanted to do the film and he said that he has been jacking off every day just thinking about it. Amelio is just a little shy so it was fortunate that we had paired him up with our boy Tyler. Tyler had no problem getting Amelio out of his shell.
They started off sucking each other’s cocks. I can get the most turned on watching a guy worship a hard cock with his mouth. Tyler then bent Amelio over and started to fuck him hard. Amelio loved taking Tyler’s cock deep into his hole. The two finished with Amelio on his back getting drilled deep as Tyler pulled out and sprayed his man seed all over Amelio’s stomach.

southernstrokes-tim03 (1)

Tim is a 21 year old from Mississippi. He is 6’2 tall with a slender build and an olive complexion. Tim is gay and he loves to get fucked by boys that are bigger than he is.
I had been talking to Tim for well over a year before he finally found the time to come to Atlanta. Tim had been pretty cool over the phone and he was definitely eager to do a film for us so I knew it was going to be fun. This wasn’t Tim’s first rodeo so he knew exactly what to do and he loves to show off.
Tim says that he is 6’2 tall but I swear when he is standing in front of you, he really seems tall. He happens to be exactly how I like them, tall and slender. Tim has dark hair and an olive skin tone with and killer smile. Tim has a nice cock but his prized asset has to be his firm round ass and tight pink hole.
Tim was sitting in the chair looking like a preppy college grad. He was telling us these hot stories about how he had sex with guys in High School and he would just ask them, hey “do you want a blow job?” And next thing you know, he was sucking their cocks. I wish I would have had a set of balls that big when I was in High School. It would have been so much more fun.
Tim got naked and set back in the chair and started stroking his hard cock. His free hand was exploring the rest of his body until it stopped at his tight hole. His fingers worked their way in and out of his hole as he stroked his hard cock. He let loose a shower of cum that sprayed all over his stomach like a spray bottle.

southernstrokes-jayden_cory (3)

Any time that we do a shoot, there is always a tremendous amount of footage that ends up on the cutting room floor so to speak. We keep all the raw footage from every shoot and I always mean to go back and put it together for our members.
This video produced one of our most memorable moments in filming. Cory was so tight that he literally was screaming and running away the entire day. To confirm just how tight Cory was, watch as Jayden pulls out after fucking Cory and the condom stays stuck in Cory’s tight hole. Listen as we all laugh as it snaps out and slaps Jayden.
I couldn’t wait to let our members in on what really went on behind the scenes when Jayden Fucked Cory. Cory has a big crush on Jayden and he really want to get fucked by him. Cory was all smiles until it came time for Jayden to put his hard dick in Cory’s tight hole. Cory kept screaming and then moving away from Jayden’s cock. It was hilarious watching Jayden and his cock chasing Cory all over the bed. Take a look at some of the faces Jayden is giving the camera men during the shoot.

southernstrokes-amelio (5)

Amelio is a 19 year old, 5’8 tall exotic hottie from Peru. He has beautiful dark skin and a gorgeous face and smile. Amelio come complete with a nice 7 inch uncut cock.
Amelio was referred to us by a local model recruiter. It seems as though Amelio just turned 19 and he has always wanted to do a video for Southern Strokes. I’m just happy that he got to someone that knew how to get him in front of us.
I loved the pictures that I had received of Amelio before the shoot but it didn’t prepare me for how hot he was going to be in person. Amelio has dark smooth skin with dark hair and eyes and beautiful white teeth. He has a gorgeous face and a beautifully ripped body.
Amelio was really shy and really nervous. I wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to make it through the shoot. He is just barely 19 and although he is from Peru, he has this really naive sense about him. He finally started warming up a bit as he got naked for the camera. It was obviously a turn on for him to perform in front of us.
Amelio sat back in the chair and started to stroke his uncut cock. He took his left hand and started to work his hole as he continued to stroke his cock with his right. Watching his hands slide down his veiny cock, is HOT. Amelio let loose a stream of cum like a fountain coming out of his hard shaft.

southern-strokes-tim_dallas (1)

I have been talking with Tim for over a year now but we just haven’t been able to get our schedule together so that he could do film for our members. He finally gave me a call and let me know that he was in Atlanta and he was really horny. You gotta love it when you have to take those kinda phone calls as a part of your work. Tim was walking in the door an hour later.
We seem to always have guys hanging out at the house here at Southern Strokes. I have talked about this before, how it seems like the guys change about every 2-3 months. We definitely have a new group that have become the mainstay here at the house and I would say that Dallas has moved in. Dallas just happed to be at the right place at the right time for this one.
I knew that Dallas was going to be really turned on by Tim but I wasn’t sure if Tim was going to share the same feelings. When we first got the cameras rolling, Tim didn’t seem like he was going to be able to go through with it. After a little chatting, Dallas pulled down his shorts and told Tim to suck his cock. I could see Tim’s ass get wet as Dallas took control.
Dallas has a big cock and Tim went down on it like it was liquid gold. I was afraid that Dallas was going to squirt down Tim’s throat before we could get to the fucking. Dallas finally asked Tim if he as ready to get fucked. Tim climbed up on top and took every inch of Dallas’ hard cock into his tight hole. Dallas was fucking Tim hard and deep when Tim finally shot his load in Dallas’ mouth. Dallas Finishing off blowing a huge load, all over the two of them !


Lance found his way to Southern Strokes straight out of the windy city. Lance has been a fan of Southern Strokes so he contacted us and let us know that he was planning a trip to Atlanta and wanted to know if we would have some time to film him. These types of shoot have to be amongst my favorites because the boys are always really excited about showing off for us.
Lance was definitely no exception. I swear that he was semi-hard when he showed up for the shoot. Lance had on a pair of shorts and a tight v-neck T-shirt. There is something about this 26 year old guy that really turns me on. He has dark hair and dark sunken eyes that just breed this air of mystery. He is gay but he has this kinda rugged look about him. I can’t tell if he is dirty or “dirty”.
Lance and I were shooting the shit as the guys were setting up the equipment for the shoot. Lance told me one of the hottest “first sex” stories that I have ever heard. Lance was out on spring break and hooked up with this muscle boy in the bathroom by the beach. Out dirty boy Lance lubed muscle boys ass up with the bathroom soap and then fucked him and dumped a load in his ass.
Lance took off his pants and shirt and stroked his fat cut cock. His cock isn’t huge but it is thick and it has this slight curve that makes it look huge at times. Lance has a hot furry hole that demands attention. I couldn’t help but imagine Lance’s legs in the air as he is getting pounded by a big cock. Lance shot his load straight up into the air like a fountain overflowing.

southernstrokes-cody_dallas04 (3)

It seems as though Dallas has become a permanent fixture here at the Lake House. I just love how nasty he is and I especially love how willing he is to do whatever we ask. When Cody called and asked if he could do another video, I immediately knew that Dallas would love to get fucked by Cody’s huge cock.
The next day Cody and Dallas showed up at the house for their shoot. Cody is a hot thin Southern Boy with an attitude. I watched Cody during the shoot and I could tell that he just loves rough sex. That is why Cody was throwing a little attitude around at first. The best part about the entire thing was that Dallas isn’t intimidated by anyone. Dallas was there to get fucked and he was going to enjoy it.
The guys immediately played off of one another, teasing about what was going to happen. Cody has a big dick and he knows it and Dallas couldn’t wait to get a taste of it first hand. As soon as the cameras came on, Dallas stood up and stripped naked and Cody followed suit. Cody started to work on Dallas’ cock with his mouth, sending Dallas’ eyes to the back of his head.
Cody turned Dallas over and put him on all fours so that he could mount him from behind. Dallas let out a moan as Cody drilled him deep with his huge cock. Dallas then showed us all what a champ he is, and got on top and rode the monster. Cody started fucking him doggie again and pulled out and covered Dallas’ ass with thick creamy cum.

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Real straight men having their first gay experiences – meet the brothers and pledges to the straight fraternity

straight_fraternity-Linden (1)

Linden tells me about the first time he had sex – and the first time he saw his buddy’s cock close up… Off come the shirt and pants and Linden gets busy with his big cock through his underwear… This guy is a grower AND a shower! I was surprised how big his cock got – and it’s got a nice big head on it, too… Some nice POV shots – I thought he was going to blow a load right on my face there for a minute… Ladies and Gents – the cum shot…

straight_fraternity-christian (1) 

Christian is adorable with a great body and a nice big cock. He’s very comfortable with being naked on camera. Here he tells me about how he got involved with our site… Christian strips and shows me his hot ass for the camera before we get down to business… It started out with me oiling him down, but soon I was oiling up that big rod and tickling it with my fingers… He inched his cock closer to my face and soon I was sucking on that thing like it was a popsicle… Now all horned up and ready to get off, Christian pushes my face deeper in his crotch so I can take in all of his meaty goodness. He blew his FIRST big load with me… Then I told Christian that I didn’t have the camera on, and he said he was ready to cum again. After a little bit I went down on him again and he was loving it… His SECOND load was even bigger than the first. He shot all over my face – which cracked him up. Young, hung and full of cum…

straight_fraternity-parker (3)

I love Parker. He is such a cool guy with a hot body and a great cock. I said I would give him a massage. He took a shower first and was feeling horny… As I massaged him I played with his perfect ass and tickled his cock until it jumped into action… He turned over and as I massaged his chest and played with his nipples his cock sprang into its full-sized glory… He was loving it as I rubbed his balls, cock and asshole… I licked his nuts and started stroking him while he gripped the covers and moaned… Soon his huge cock was squirting jizz all over the place and he stiffened with pleasure and ecstacy…

 straight_fraternity-devon (1)

At first, Devon was obviously a little nervous. I get this smooth stud focused by having him take off his clothes piece by piece… Devon starts to relax as he gets more into playing with his meat. I love it when he looks straight into the camera… Getting closer now, he switches up his hands and keeps an eye on his cock. Those balls of his are really moving… Devon’s balls keep slapping on his thighs faster and faster until he suddenly stops and pops his load…

straightfraternity-devon-connor (1)

Dean and Connor have been asking about each other for a while so I thought I would pair them up and see what ‘came up.’ It all starts with Dean getting Connor hard while he’s watching porn… Connor has a gymnast’s body with an uncut cock and Dean is beefier with a nice fat member. I could tell this was going to be hot… Blowjobs all around – and then they get into sixty-nine position… A little bit of ass play and then Connor gets on top of Dean to experience what a guy’s ass feels like… Connor takes the lead and tea-bags Dean which ends up getting him off with a big load… Then Connor returns the favor and jerks Dean’s fat cock until it explodes…

straight_fraternity-luke_bottoms (1)

When Luke called me up and told me he wanted to make some money and was willing to bottom, I was just about beside myself with joy. I think he’s one of the hottest guys on the site – with the biggest cock… Justice agreed to top Luke (his first time) and they had great chemistry together. Luke really took the lead and made Justice hard in no time by sucking him off… The two guys started 69-ing and getting worked up for the big fuck session… Luke even gives Justice his first rim job before getting on his back and letting the younger guy slip it to him… After a few different positions and some hard pounding on Luke’s ass, Justice is ready to blow his load. He covers Luke’s back with a huge amount of jizz… Luke got on top of Justice and squeezed a load out all over his top’s chest. They were both exhausted and very satisfied…

straightfraternity-circlejerk (1)

The guys came over to play in the pool, and afterwards I showed them a porn I had just bought. Their cocks came out and so did my camera… Blue was the first guy to shoot his load – and it’s a big one… Jace is next, and he shoots cum all over his chest and leg… Connor and then Colten can’t hold it in any more and pretty soon the room is swimming in cum…

straight_fraternity-dahlin_blown (1) 

Dahlin is a really cute and kinda quiet guy. He tells about how he came to be a in a SF video… Next he tells about some of his sexual history – like seeing his step-dad jacking off… In his white socks he gets himself hard – and then shoots a big load by accident… I take matters into my own hands and get him hard with a hand-job. Then he asks, "How much extra if you give me a blow-job…" Famous last words… I suck him off until he cums a second time. He’s amazed at how great it feels!

straightfraternity_benji (1)

Benji came over with his fellow wrestler Jag for an audition… After talking about seeing each other naked for the first time and how big their cocks are, they got naked and started getting horned up… Benji was the first one to jerk off for us (Jag will be cumming soon). His beefy body and uncut cock are smokin’ hot… I think Benji got off on being on camera because he shot a load really quick. He said, "I got more!" and meant it because he was ready for another go in no time… After showing off his cock and ass a little bit, he got into stroking it and moaning towards his second nut… Looking right at the camera, he says, "Are you ready?" and shoots his second big load in an hour. Very impressive!

straightfraternity-jag (2) 

First Benji had his chance to get off for us and now his buddy Jag takes his turn. We get right to it as he gets himself hard… He blows his first load, then gets up and shows off that hot ass. He surprises me by spreading his cheeks and showing his virgin hole… Not to be outdone by Benji, Jag gets himself worked up again very quickly… This hottie’s rod is sticky with cum and sweat as he blows his second wad in an hour…

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