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I’m Following You – NakedSword Originals

Adult industry newcomer Greg Riley is spying on unsuspecting porn stars all around Fire Island with the mission to learn their best fuck techniques. Little does he know, the bareback performer he’s currently following, Tony Genius, is on his own mission to recruit Ricky Roman as a porn star secret agent for The Swords. Before, though, Ricky insists that Tony take care of his pent-up load. Not thinking anyone is watching – especially someone as unhinged as Greg – Tony obliges and begins sucking off his buddy from the front and the back on the Fire Island coast. The two men flip-fuck across a fallen tree with each of them getting the chance to stuff the other as ocean water crashes into them. With Tony on his back getting rammed and Greg still peeping the public hookup, The Swords agent lets out a satisfying nut right before Ricky pulls out of Tony’s hot hole to shoot his own ropes.

Rugged Rugbymen

Bearded rugby bears Jay Cub and Mark Vallant talk about their favorite plays as they get changed in the locker room after the game. Mark smacks Jay’s big ass and Jay admires Mark’s bulge. When the bottom gets down on all fours to pick up something he dropped, Mark drops his shorts and fucks him doggystyle! Jay loves taking his hairy bro’s big dick, and sucks Mark before the top rims him. Mark fucks the bottom in missionary on the bench then up against the wall, and Jay cums as he rides the top, then sucks out Mark’s load.

Stretch My Ass

Joey Mills is experiencing some tension, so he visits chiropractor Felix Fox. Doctor Felix makes Joey feel great by cracking his spine and then nailing his back. But Joey’s still tight in one place: his hole. When Joey spots the chiro’s big bulge, he knows Felix is the right guy to stretch it out by fingering and rimming it. Joey sucks the top, then gets fucked nice and deep on the table. Felix pounds the bottom in missionary and doggystyle, and Joey rides him. Joey’s never felt this good at the chiropractor before as he cums while getting fucked in piledriver and takes a hot load on his stretched-out hole.

ONE PLUS ONE: AJ Sloan, Bastian Karim

A.J. Sloan distracts Bastian Karim from his studies with his huge, hard cock. Bastian joins A.J. for some cock sucking, ass eating and raw ass fucking

Beaux Are Hoes Part 1

Enzo Muller and his boyfriend, Leo Louis, don’t want anyone to know they’re dating, so they’re bringing a pair of sisters to the senior college prom. Enzo wants to sneakily play as they’re taking pictures with their dates, but Leo shuts him down… so Enzo goes upstairs and walks in on his date’s brother, Malik Delgaty, jacking off! Malik is happy to get his dick sucked, and then he fucks Enzo doggystyle. The bottom gives a gleeful grin and the finger when Leo walks in on them, then rides Malik and takes it deep in missionary before taking a creampie and a facial, then jacking off till he cums. 

TWO-TOP PASSAROUND!! Spontaneous Animalistic 3-WAY While Mate is Asleep

We’ve just got back from the DARKLANDS in Belgique
Reece and Jamie are bright eyed and bushy-tailed but JOSH still hasn’t recovered He’s absolutely knackered! Little does he know what he’s missing out on.
Tim went round with to his mates to have a good time at Josh’s place, but he wasn’t gonna let Josh’s laziness stop him.

Reece leaves them alone for two minutes and they’re already necking! Proper three-way kiss! Don’t think Tim had ever even been to Josh’s before but that didn’t stop him one bit. Normally that would be impolite but in this household anything goes!

Cole & Phoenix

Blond, muscular top Cole and mustached, brunet bottom Phoenix are already raring to go as they make out and strip down. “You like that?” Cole asks as he thrusts his hips while Phoenix sucks him, and Phoenix definitely does. “Let me ride it,” the bottom says, and Cole is happy to oblige before fucking him doggystyle, then missionary. Phoenix orgasms as Cole bends him over the couch and pounds that hole, then sucks out the top’s cum.

Warren and Kae Go Gay for Pay

Straight buddies Warren and Kae go gay-for-pay with Straight Fraternity’s Bowl of Tricks, including spanking, kissing, rimming and sucking dick. While Warren and Kae sign release forms, I tell them a few things I expect to see. They’re hesitant, but agree with each other to go ahead. They just don’t know everything they’ll have to do from my Bowl of Tricks! Warren draws first and gives a hard hand-spanking to Kae. Then Kae draws and has to suck Warren’s nipples. So far Warren is winning! But when his next task is to paddle Kae, Kae refuses, until Warren re-draws and pulls teabagging. Up next is one of my favorites, awkward kissing between straight guys!


The biggest cock of the year without doubt we found wandering around the ‘Darklands’ mega sex event in Belgium and we like everyone else could not take our eyes off it. So, we secretly followed it with hidden cameras as it hunted ass to pound around a large very public bar. The Leather clad cocksman found a willing target and some serious throat and skull fucking proceeded as this truly massive Bratwurst of a fuckstick went right down his throat to his stomach like a medical procedure.

Nico Stiles

Nico Stiles is one of those confident young straight guys who dances at a gay club to make money, and with his big dick, he’s a crowd pleaser. Today, he pulls his meat all the way out and shows what he can’t at the club…how he likes to stroke it. I tell Nico just to do his thing and forget that I’m in the room. He watches porn on his phone while he strokes his huge cock, focusing a lot on the upper shaft and big apple head. Nico doesn’t cum a lot, but you can tell by the look on his face that his orgasm feels amazing!


Swing your partner round and round! All Mares are blindfolded as Stallions make their rounds through the pig pen. Grab your favorite snack because things are in full swing in Part 4

David At The Gloryhole

Married man David stops at the Fraternity gloryhole on his lunch break to get a secret blowjob, and pledge Cody is up to the task. He sucks David’s cock so good that David barely gets hard before he cums unexpectedly in Cody’s mouth and down his hand.

Alex’s First All-Male Tickle

23-year-old straight guy Alex is tall, meaty and cocky, but Franco immediately disarms him by tickling his pits. Thinking he might get some control back, Alex foolishly tells Franco about his most ticklish spot, right above his dick. Of course, Franco goes there next, but he’ll find the spot that’s really is most ticklish. Alex writhes and tries to swallow his laughter as Franco tickles him with feathers and brushes. It sounds like Alex is ready to quit, but this tickling session has only just begun! Franco tickles Alex’s belly button and sides, and as his skin blushes and his body moves uncontrollably, his laughter gets louder and louder. Alex chokes on his laughs but it keeps getting more intense, and next up are his size 9 1?2 feet. 

Hung Dudes Doing Anal

Dee Barebacks Me

I start to undress my straight, married buddy Dee and rub his furry body. When he sits down, I shove my dick in his face and make him suck it. Then I blow him a bit before sitting beside him on the couch and pushing his head down on my cock. Dee and I 69, then I roll onto my back and throw my heels up. He slides his raw cock inside me and fucks me faster and faster. It feels so good that I bust a huge nut while he’s fucking my hole. I suck Dee’s cock more until he says he wants to fuck me again. I lie face down while he continues to fuck me. When it seems like he might not cum that way, I tell him to jack off while I suck his nipples and rub his leg. And when he shoots, I eat up his load.


As soon as Benjy told me he liked big dicks on guys who like to fuck hard, I knew he was going to be a star. A lot of guys say that, but not many can back it up like Benjy (pun intended). Be sure you watch the beginning to get to get him a bit, but then keep going to watch Liam really get to know him…inside and out. Their sex is a perfect mix of passionate love making and a deep pounding fuck. We all know Liam’s stroke game is great but watching Benjy lie back and get fucked into another dimension is so hot. The only thing that would make the sex hotter is if they both nutted at the same time…. which is exactly what they did!

Slopes & Sex Part 1

Buddies Malik Delgaty, Jake Preston, Troye Dean, and Braxton Cruz head up into the mountains for a weekend of hiking, hot tubbing, and hanging out, just guys. Braxton starts flirting with Jake as they take a cable car up to the peak and he warms the twink’s hands, then Jake strokes his cock as they sit naked in the hot tub. Once Malik and Troye go inside, the guys suck each other and Braxton rims the bottom, then bends him over to penetrate his hole. Jake rides the top, then blows his load as Braxton pounds him deep in missionary, and the muscular top pulls out and cums all over him.


This is Part 6… more beads of sweat, more watchful eyes, and more moans of ecstasy! Only one more scene before the cum-flooded finale.


*** Special Upload *** 2 Videos IN ONE – Super hot 30 mins JAM PACKED

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Only the Best will do and this sexy little fuckka we found is 100% Fit For A King This lad really is one-of a-kind
Filthy Hard-core cutie Fucked over n over
forceful fuck on the bed – REALLY HOT – He loves it rough n RAW
Only the Best will do and
MUST BE -Fit For A King & this sexy little fuckka we found ticks all the boxes

18-Year-Old Gage’s First Tickle

Young, straight Gage just turned 18 and is very nervous about being tied up and tickled for the first time. In fact, he’s so nervous, he brought a friend with him to make sure nothing bad happens to him…well, too bad, anyway. He answers Franco’s questions nervously and a little stiffly before getting up on the table. Then when Franco straps up his final limb, Gage understands that he’s no longer in control. Franco starts in on Gage’s armpit and his body tension immediately releases. He bounces around so much that Franco adds a strap to his midsection to keep him from hurting himself. Franco tickles Gage’s ripped abs, then lightly tickles him down his leg to just inside his shoe. Gage turns red in the face and he giggles when Franco tickles him lightly, then swears and laughs hysterically as Franco digs into his pits even more. Franco leaves Gage for a minute to think about what’s happening to him before returning with a variety of feathers to tickle and tease his neck and face. Of course, Gage’s sensitive armpits are another target, and after lightly tickling them with a feather wand, Franco goes in with his mouth and deeper probing fingers. It’s too much for Gage, who has to use his safe word, meaning Franco is going to spell that word out on his bare foot with a feather. Just like his armpits, Gage’s size 12 feet are super-ticklish, and Franco is relentless in tickling them with feathers, fingers and nubby tools. Franco gives Gage a quick break, then attacks his bellybutton, and when Gage is finally able to free one of his feet, Franco uses it against him, flipping him on his side so he can tickle Gage’s front and back at the same time. As Franco secures Gage’s arms in the downward position, he softly pleads for it to end, but Franco climbs on top and tickles the hell out of his armpits until he’s purple.

Horny Frat Bros Part 3

When Damian Night hears that Joey Mills is dating Felix Fox, he definitely doesn’t take Joey’s warnings to stay away from Felix to heart… quite the opposite. Damian sneaks into Felix’s room as Joey sucks the hunk and teases Felix with his muscle ass behind his BF’s back, until Felix prematurely cums in his sock! As soon as Joey leaves, Damian returns to enjoy the load that’s rightfully his, and a whole lot more. Felix rims the bottom, and Damian sucks him, then gets pounded hard in doggystyle. The bottom rides Felix’s hard dick, then the BMOC pushes Damian up against the wall and wraps his gold medal around his neck as he pounds him! Felix drills the bottom till they cum… right before his jealous BF gets back!


By now we ALL know how much I love having my big dick sucked. I actually prefer it to fucking when a dude has major head skillz. Ok so this boy on Grindr was bragging about his dick sucking skillz and I told him I was down to pull over on the way home from The Ranch. I started standing up next to my jeep, then went into his car where I spready my legs wide and kicked back in the passenger seat while he handled business. A+ technique and he got the prize!

Chris’ Tickle and Cum

21-year-old Chris has never been tied up and tickled before, but he says he’s willing to try anything once. It’s clear from the start that he’s incredibly ticklish, losing the ability to speak and squirming to escape. Franco tickles his armpits and his size 9 right foot first. Chris’ body trembles and all of his muscles tense as the tickling sensation increases. His sweaty body flinches when Franco approaches, and he pinches Franco when he comes close to his cuffed hands. Of course, that doesn’t slow Franco down. He tickles Chris in his pits even more and on his lower back before adding the pleasure of a deep-throat blowjob. Franco releases Chris’ hands so he can stroke his dick and gets so turned on that he pulls out his own hard cock. They jack each other’s dicks, and Franco shoots a huge load all over Chris’ chest. Then Chris cums immediately after. Chris tries to recover, but Franco straps him back down and continues the tickle session. Chris is certainly wily and slips out of the restraints, but that doesn’t deter Franco. His big, strong fingers penetrate every crease as the hilarious tickle continues. It’s so much fun that Franco doesn’t even bother to restrap Chris’ arm. He tickles his pits some more then moves to Chris’ left foot. Chris begs for him to stop. The tickling obviously has become overwhelming. He says he can’t take any more and starts freaking out a little, but there’s still more to come!


We all know Liam Angell loves to take some dick, but this one is a little different. Zachery Rhys is a bit more aggressive than Liam is used to, but the boy may have just found a new passion. Zach fucks like a jackhammer, rolling Liam all over the bed and giving it to him good. Hot young guy that gives a good pounding? I think Liam is on to something!

Alex & Olaf

Spanish-speaking hunks Alex and Olaf show their passion as they kiss and undress each other in the bedroom. Olaf sucks the top as Alex teases his hole, then he rides Alex’s cock. Alex flips the bottom on his back and sucks his toes as he penetrates him in missionary, then pulls Olaf’s hair as he pounds him in doggystyle. Olaf shoots a big load while taking that dick, and Alex pulls out to cum on his ass.


Prepare yourselves! This vid is pretty hardcore kink! Right from the start, this macho man loves getting himself punched square in the balls. (Rather him than us, but glad he’s enjoying it.) some role-reversal here! The manly buff man is actually the bottom. shorter lad slobbers all over him including his ass. Look at his saliva drip down it. they can’t help themselves, fucking everywhere in the flat, hallway, living room, kitchen – even against the cooker!! It’s still a pigsty from the party but who gives a shit! Some things are more important.


Our 10-men private orgy performance heats up with a slew of steamy DP action. These horny bastards came with an appetite and are hungry for double servings. Luckily, PPX is here to cater a buffet of dreams. Just one is never enough!

Peter Bound and Hazed

Peter called me because he heard I could help him explore his limits. I told him I would work with him, but he had to let me do whatever I wanted to do. Surprisingly, he agreed! Peter’s a handsome grad student with a great body and a really nice cock. I strip him down first before I tell him what I’m going to do to him. I tell Peter this is going to be a hazing video, and he gets really nervous. I tie Peter to a chair and blindfold him before starting to explore his body. I love playing with a guy’s nipples, so I lick Peter’s while I play with his cock. He gets hard in no time flat! In the end, it’s my awesome blowjob that seals the deal. Peter didn’t think that he could get off with another guy, but while I’m sucking him off he mutters, “fuck, fuck, fuck!” right before he busts his potent nut.


Some boys just want to get fucked. Liam Angell is not one of those boys. Liam is a lover boy. If a man can’t inspire deep feelings in him, he is not that interested. Liam wants all the Daddies to love him. John Baldwin gives him just what he needs. The way he stares deep into Liam’s eyes and breeds him becoming part of him. Will is all too happy to see the look on Liam’s face knowing his boy is in his happy place.


This fit af blokey bloke is only trying to do the washing up but his mate won’t leave him alone. they’re not a couple but they sure are romantic. Kissing him all over from behind…but the gentleness doesn’t last long! Before he knows it he’s totally rimming his arse out!! not very hygienic for the washing up.“Right in front of my dishes?!”. It’s a hot day and their sweaty hairy fluids are getting everywhere!! Naturally, he whips out his nob and begins to thrust up and down like a jackhammer…then he leads him to the settee. this tattoo’d hulk is so strong!! lifts him right up and fucks him in the air. But this is the real highlight. He’d built up so much cum from all teasing his hole with his tongue. He couldn’t help but splatter a messy white canopy of cum-ropes – all in his beard!!!! God knows he will get it out! I hope he doesn’t have to shave, the hair makes him look so fit.. but they’re not done. He’s taken by surprise when jizzes mid-bj!! He shoots his load right down his throat nearly making him choke. So fucking dirty!!!!!


There is nothing like the meeting of a natural-born top and a boy that is 100% bottom, especially when that top is the lean, mean, muscular, and hung jock Colt Spence. We know Liam Angell loves his hole plowed deep and Colt fucks him stupid. Will Angell can’t control himself watching this young buck put it to his boy and has no choice but to blow his Daddy load all over that thick piece of meat that is still lodged up his boy’s hole.

Muscled Young Men Having Gang Bang

Mateo Zagal’s Gangbang

As soon as Gael unleashes Andy Rodrigues’ massive dick from his tight white briefs, he initiates an epic cock-sucking chain with Rhyheim Shabazz, Elijah Zayne and Andy. When Mateo Zagal joins the mix, these hung and hard fuckers begin rimming his ass and preparing it for the cumulative 40 inches of cock it’s about to receive. With Mateo’s hole out and ready, Andy is the first to bareback him as Rhyheim lays back and lets the gangbang bottom service his famously big dick. Andy’s rod goes from Mateo’s ass to his mouth while the other men start taking turns pounding the cock-hungry muscle hunk from behind. Knowing he can handle more, several combinations of guys team up to DP a stretched-out Mateo and fill him up more than he ever thought physically possible. Now on his back and covered in a layer of glistening sweat, Mateo looks up as the men unload and lick up each other’s fresh nut with Rhyheim then finishing off the group fuck by pulling out to explode all over the stud’s still-hard dick.

Twink Trip Part 2

After the twinks run into some car trouble on the road, they go looking for help at a house nearby. It’s abandoned, but at least it’s a place to spend the night, and Jake Preston immediately beds down on some blankets while his boyfriend Troye Dean and handsome hitcher Maverick Sun check for supplies. Troye is tempted to suck Maverick’s cock, and when Troye’s bent over under a cabinet, Maverick can’t help fucking the twink doggystyle! Troye rides the top and then gets pounded hard in missionary till he cums, then takes a hot facial behind his bf’s back.

I’m Following You Sc 3

Jordan Starr knows something is seriously off when all his friends fail to show up for his scheduled dinner. Officer Nick Cranston doesn’t seem to be worried, though. Instead of searching for the missing men all over Fire Island, the uniformed muscle man decides to spend his time on much more pressing matters – chowing down on Jordan’s smooth fuck slit. After getting eaten out, Jordan satisfies his taste for the beefy cop as he sucks off Nick before taking his thick bareback cock for a joyride. Once Nick pulls out, the two to 69 on the dining room table and Nick opens his own hole for Jordan to dick down. Jordan thrusts himself between the officer’s thick thighs until Nick is shooting cum all over his body and swapping positions with his flip-fucking partner to suck the cum out of Jordan’s dick.


Whoever created the phrase “ass for days” must have been looking at David’s ass because it’s a thing of beauty. A perfect match for Lydian’s meaty cock. Lydian loves a sloppy wet hole to slide his cock into so he dove into David’s ass, only coming up every minute for air. David is the kind of bottom who loves to just lie back and watch his top use his hole. Once David busted his load, Lydian fucked not one but TWO load in and on David’s freshly used hole. This may have been the first, but definitely wasn’t the last time they fucked this weekend.

Phoenix: 6’2″ Football Coach Masturbating

I was really lucky to meet Phoenix. He’s a gorgeous ex-military man who is sexy as hell. He recently got a divorce and wants to start doing some wild things he feels he missed out on while married. Phoenix is a little shy at first, but his fat cock gets hard while I use the camera to take in every inch of that tall, hot body. I love Phoenix’s feet, too. Yum! Phoenix plays with my masturbation sleeve a bit, but he feels best just stroking his fat cock with his hand. When he’s ready to cum, Phoenix makes all sorts of noise and shoots everywhere!

Axel & Kyle

After a trip to the park where Axel shows off his playful side with a dance while Kyle poses sensually, the muscular hunks return to the studio to get serious about sex. \”I wanna see that dick!\” Kyle exclaims as he takes Axel’s shorts off and sucks him. \”Damn!\” Axel gasps at the skilled blowjob. Kyle rides the top, then begs for his dick in doggystyle, and Axel fucks him deep on his side. Kyle cums all over himself as he gets penetrated missionary, and the top pulls out to add his load to the mix.

TIED UP TOP!! Restrained Smiles Edges Mammoth Cock Up Bondage Boy’s Arse while FASTENED TO BED!!

Here he is again, our lad Smiles We can always count on him to give us a good show with that colossal mammoth member of his! Everyone loves to see Smiles. No one can get over his cock when it leaks all over the bed

James Cannon’s Audition

James Cannon calls himself “predominantly straight,” but also says he’s adventurous when it comes to sex. And lately, James has been experimenting with his ass so he can get more adult jobs. I start filming as pervy James watches straight porn on his phone with his hand down his pants. He strips for me and keeps jacking his dick, then leans back and plays with his asshole. James’ balls bounce up and down as he jacks it, and I make him lift his legs so I can check out his hole better. James kicks back and strokes his big dick until he busts his nut in his hand. Sticky fingers!


What fun when two dirty raw Daddies get together to share a hungry boy hole. When Will Angell met a guy who goes by the handle Raw Dawg Daddy he knew he needed to feed his boy Liam Angell to this man. The Dawg doesn’t disappoint and knows just what Liam is good for. The two Daddies pump about a quart of sticky load in Liam turning him into the cumdump he has always dreamt of being.

Raw Gaymers Part 1

Troye Dean is annoyed that his boyfriend, Drake Von, is gaming instead of working… but he’s more annoyed that Drake blows off fucking him for pressing buttons! Troye gets a devious idea and starts stroking and sucking Drake’s cock, then strips naked and backs his ass up. The top doesn’t even take his eyes off the screen as he rims his bf’s hole and Troye starts riding his dick, but once he logs off, he gives Troye his full attention as he fucks him doggystyle. The bottom cums as he gets drilled lying on his back, then Dean shoots in Troye’s mouth.

Michael’s Tickle Pleasure

Since Clay had the pleasure of being tickled a couple of weeks ago, he’s been asking Franco for an opportunity to tickle someone else. So Franco brings in 21-year-old Michael for Clay to play with. Michael strips down to just his socks and Franco and Clay strap him down. Clay starts by tickling Michael’s armpits and ribs, and Franco shows him how to find the most ticklish area and exploit it. Clay lightly tickles Michael’s stomach, then discovers a surprisingly ticklish area in Michael’s inner thighs. Franco lubes up Clay’s hands and helps him tickle the legs a bit before Clay tickles Michael’s torso some more. Clay removes Michael’s socks, and Franco shows him where to tickle Michael’s fresh, size 12 bare feet. They tickle his soft soles and just below his toes before lubing up his foot, covering his eyes and tickling him with a rubber soap saver. They tickle his feet with hair brushes, and Clay tickles him between his lubed toes. Michael giggles with pleasure as Clay tickles his butt crack and thighs with a small paintbrush, and he squirms with delight when Clay tickles his neck with a fluffy feather ball. Franco repositions Michael’s arms downward, and he and Clay tickle Michael’s pits, sides and bellybutton. They tickle his taint and thighs with their slick fingers and come at him from both sides with feathers. Franco instructs Clay to make Michael pop his load, and with some hard and fast action, he does exactly that. Franco tells Clay to keep polishing Michael’s sensitive knob, and when he does, Michael is really surprised! Franco has Clay continue the tickling and once he’s on top of Michael, they both tickle him like crazy. Will Michael get his tickle revenge on Clay someday?


We met this guy James on line and when we saw that hairy muscular ass, handsome face, hot body and great cock we knew we wanted to eat him up lol. This guy is so fucking sexy we can’t stand it, every inch of him smells like what I would imagine Gods locker room smells like lol. You guys are going to love hearing this hot masculine man, moan and beg while we opened him up. His moaning was so hot I had to pull out so I wouldn’t cum so fast haha. Hunter just couldn’t get enough he had to breed his hole with two loads…Ugh! Get ready to CUM fast and hard hahah.


In part 3, ten guys fuck on camera like no one is watching, while audience members view through various peepholes. Lord Vigor and other content creators join. More guys, more mayhem!

Matt & Bastian

Matt Anders shares a flirty look with Bastian Karim as he enters the kitchen. The blond comes behind Bastian to lean down for a kiss as he rubs the brown-haired hunk’s shoulders and chest. The guys undress and suck each other, and Bastian rims Matt, then fucks him doggystyle. Then it’s Matt’s turn to give Bastian the same treatment as the guys turn their tryst into a flip fuck! They move things to the bedroom where they can get comfortable as Matt rides Bastian and then drills him in missionary till they cum.


It takes some talent to be able to take Jacob’s huge cock. Not only was Florien was up for the challenge, but it sent him into a different world a few times. Florien loves to please so once he whipped out Jacob’s monster, he laid him back, and worshipped that thing with passion. Jacob is a gentle giant, but once he got Florien’s ass nice and warmed up, he fucked him all over the bed and in the shower until he covered him in his nut!


This sexy boy lives in Paris, but was visiting LA for a week to collab with the biggest dicks.  His hole is perfection, and I make sure to show it off- licking him up and dicking him down!  The breed at the end is spectacular– Enjoy!

Gay Guys Gang Bang

Content House Sc 1

When secret agents Cole Connor and Diego Sans need a break from saving the world, they head to Palm Springs to rent a ‘Content House’ – a place where all their porn star friends can come together and create some raw footage for their fans. Cole kicks off the weekend by sucking Diego until his big uncut cock is soaked with spit and ready to bareback Cole’s ass. Wanting to make sure that his horny fans can see him getting fucked from every angle, Cole places his phone on the ground directly below him to capture every one of Diego’s thrusts. Cole then hops onto a countertop where he films a POV-style segment of Diego blowing his rod before Diego moves up to continue pounding his ass. A few more positions of Diego topping Cole’s hole has the hairy bottom busting all over Diego’s furry chest and then heading down to eat up Diego’s ropes as they come flooding out of his slicked-up dick.

Royally Fucked Part 2

Handsome prince Sir Peter doesn’t want to give up his hard-partying and slutty ways, not even when the prince his mom is trying to marry him off to is a hottie. He begs his best friend, Kyle Fox, to help him get out of the wedding by seducing his “fiance” Dean Young, and getting caught! But hot Prince Dean has a few surprises in store for Peter, like what he’s wearing under his kilt: nothing but a butt plug. Though he’s tempted by the twink’s hole, Peter calls in Kyle to go through with the plan, and Kyle rims the prince, telling Dean that he and Prince Peter share everything. Dean enjoys getting fucked by the top, and when servant Justin Jett sees Kyle and Prince Dean with jizz all over them, he goes straight to report to the Queen, just as the naughty prince planned…

Grad Student Matt Blown

Matt is a quiet guy, and I’m not surprised when he tells me he’s a chemistry graduate student. I AM surprised when he takes off his clothes and reveals his hot body and big cock. Matt gets into watching the porn I put on, but I can tell he’s shocked when I start sucking his cock. Still, he doesn’t say anything and lets me do my thing. Matt’s cock stays hard when I have him stand up for a better view of his first blow job from another guy. He shoots a huge load across his chest and goes crazy when I keep sucking all of the cum out of his cock. Now THAT’S chemistry you can’t find in a textbook!

Beginner 18yr Coming-Of-Age junior Adult Babies practice fetish@ private HYB Villa party

Totally unashamed novice 18yr adult babies come to the HYB private BBQ House Party and Spunks Buckets
Beginner, kink Teens wanna explore their fancies with us

I’m not making this shit up, turns out you can have young adult babies
I have obviously heard of ‘adult baby’ kink but didn’t know young people would be into it
But These two lads were truly god-like in there looks – really Guttsy, really cute The party was proper crazy – was about a hundred or so turned up which is normal for us but not abroad
Was a BBQ EAT, suck n fuck party
Loads of people Was turning up in all sorts of fetish gear

Juninho’s Gangbang

Randhy Junior, DH Zayd, Gael, and Levi Carioca are already at full-mast and making out as Juninho pulls up with a hungry hole and an open mouth. Immediately dropping to his knees, Juninho swallows every cock in sight as the men take turns stretching out his hairless hole with their oversized rods. The bottom’s naked body is passed around the bed as the hung tops mount his tan-lined cheeks, stuff him deep, and even DP his juicy peach. After each of the big-dicked fuckers has had his chance to thoroughly work over Juninho’s backdoor, the group gathers around him to unload directly onto his tongue before lifting Juninho up to congratulate him on successfully draining each of their rock-solid shafts.

Blended Family Part 2

Troye Dean caught his dad and his new stepbrother in bed together, so he snaps a sneaky pic and goes to show his new stepdad, Johnny Ford. But Johnny just shrugs seeing the evidence of his husband’s cheating, and pushes Troye up against the wall. Troye decides what he really wants is Johnny’s cock, rubbing it with his foot. The guys strip down and suck each other, and Johnny pounds Troye’s tight hole in missionary, then doggystyle. Troye gets into position just in time to take his stepdad’s load in his mouth, jacking himself off till Johnny swallows his cum too.


I had just taken Sebastian to The Ranch for a few days of fun with Jared and mother nature… We headed back to the city house to meet up with my buddy Bigdickfig. Sebastian handles both huge cocks with ease, bent over the new poolhouse kitchen counter the entire time. We both trade off on him, breed him deep, then shower up before heading out to a nice dinner in West Hollywood! Enjoy!

Cum Gusher

Will Angell is a natural-born Daddy and always has been, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t longed for a Father of his own. That close male bond he gets from his boys is the most fulfillment he has ever known. To have that kind of man to look up to and lean on is something that has only ever been a dream until Spartan Daddy showed up. Letting his Father open and train him is a totally new experience. Spartan Daddy claims that big Daddy hole and marks it as his own. There is a new Sherriff in town and we are going to be seeing a lot more of him.


DEVILISH 8-INCHER! ? cant wait to get his cum in this lads arsehole !!!!!

Cocky Coach Part 2

Athlete Joey Mills had a rough practice, but as he angrily strips down and hits the showers, he has no idea Coach Johnny Donovan was watching him and plotting to sniff his socks! When Joey returns, Johnny tries to offer some coaching, but he just can’t keep his eyes or his hands off the player’s feet. He worships Joey’s toes, nuzzling and sucking them, and Joey gives the coach a foot job, then sucks his cock. Johnny fucks the twink’s feet, then his hole, and picks him up for a stand and carry! Johnny pounds his player doggystyle, and Joey puts his socks back on for Johnny to enjoy as his coach fucks him missionary till he orgasms. Johnny sniffs a sock as he cums on Joey’s ass.

Lucas Dias and Jordan Giraldi

When Jordan Giraldi sees Lucas Dias on his stomach with his juicy ass wholly exposed, he can’t help but spread Lucas’ sumptuous cheeks and go in for a taste. After satisfying his craving for hole by lapping up Lucas’ backside with his tongue, Jordan uses his throbbing cock to fill the tattooed stud’s mouth and ass. Lucas’ muscular thighs are wide open as Jordan pumps himself in and out of Lucas’ hole until the bareback flip-fuckers are ready to swap positions. Jordan’s jaw becomes agape as Lucas takes him from behind and mounts his beautiful body. With Jordan now on his back getting stuffed with raw dick, he lets out a torrent of cum all over his torso right before Lucas pulls out to cover the vers bottom’s six-pack in his creamy jizz.

Logan’s Huge Load

Logan is a friendly, guy-next-door type with a great smile and a sexy furry chest. He’s a bit nervous about doing his first video shoot, but it doesn’t seem to bother him that his sister’s boyfriend is in the next room! I let Logan lean back on the bed so he can rub his cock through his boxer-briefs. After a while, I tell Logan to stand so I can oil him up. Of course, I sneak in a few strokes of his fat cock while I’m rubbing his sexy body. And since it’s been a few days since he came, Logan is ready to explode. Once Logan starts to jizz, he keeps squirting and squirting, shooting his huge load all over the place.

A Growing Pack

Sometimes something happens that is extra special and everything just clicks. Beau Bennett was most definitely one of those. The intimacy and passion are off the charts in this meeting. He spends some quality bonding time with Will Angell first, but Liam Angell is not to be left out and Beau proves he is the perfect addition to this family pack fully satisfying both men.

Axel & Jason

Athlete Joey Mills had a rough practice, but as he angrily strips down and hits the showers, he has no idea Coach Johnny Donovan was watching him and plotting to sniff his socks! When Joey returns, Johnny tries to offer some coaching, but he just can’t keep his eyes or his hands off the player’s feet. He worships Joey’s toes, nuzzling and sucking them, and Joey gives the coach a foot job, then sucks his cock. Johnny fucks the twink’s feet, then his hole, and picks him up for a stand and carry! Johnny pounds his player doggystyle, and Joey puts his socks back on for Johnny to enjoy as his coach fucks him missionary till he orgasms. Johnny sniffs a sock as he cums on Joey’s ass.

Launch Party Fuck Show

We hosted an event to celebrate the launch of our brand new website! Live performances, DJ sets, prizes, and all on Halloween night. We’re always looking for an excuse to throw a party! Joined by many of our regulars attendees and a bunch of new faces, there is never a dull moment to be had here. Happy Birthday to PPX!

Seriously CUTE CURLY-TOPPED BOY apprentice FUCKED RAW By English builder Bloke boss

Look at this adorable boy! Innocently typing away on at his computer. But he has a mischevious side! The man next door is in the middle of building a new wall and the lad can’t contain his sexual frustration. He is dying to beat off to some porn but is too embarassed with the strange man in the next room! T_T but he is so so horny!! So he gathers his courage and marches over there and finds himself full on necking him out of nowhere…so brave! Mr. constructor man had been hoping for this all day (he’d noticed him staring at his bulge). Boy pulls down his pants and whips out his manly sweaty member and slobbers all over it like a dog. So fucking wet!!! Makes him so horny he picks him up and chucks him into the bed, where he shoves his cock right down his gullet. The lad strips bollock naked, throws his legs in the air and lets him edge his way into his tight arse. B4 he knows it he’s being fucked into next Tuesday, up and on his nob like a yo-yo.

Tyler Tickled

26-year-old Tyler is new to tickling and bondage and obviously very excited about it. His big black cock gets hard just from putting the leather cuffs on. After locking Tyler’s ankles together, Franco ties back his wrists and tickles him in his armpits. Tyler’s hard dick bounces up and down as Franco tickles his soles and his muscular thighs. The sensation is so much that even when Franco stops, Tyler feels like he’s being tickled! Tyler laughs hysterically and bucks like a stallion when Franco tickles his pits and ribs. He’s ticklish on his back, sides, abs, everywhere! As Franco tickles his inner thighs, Tyler’s squealing laughter gets higher and higher until he can barely get a sound out. He shrieks and shivers wildly when Franco climbs on top and tickles him man-on-man, but it’s not over yet. Franco tapes Tyler’s ankles together and lifts them up with a suspension rope to expose his tender soles. He tickles Tyler’s feet with brushes, driving him wild. Finally, when Tyler is about to pass out, Franco quickly moves up to his massive, uncut cock and goes down on it whole. He blows an appreciative Tyler, who doesn’t take long to unload in Franco’s mouth, and after swallowing the last drop, Franco gives him one last surprise tickle.

Axel Rockham / Jason Emre

Sandy-haired newbie Jason joins Axel today for his first ever shoot, but first, a challenge: can they crush a watermelon between their thighs? Jason doesn’t make a dent in his, preferring to sit back and enjoy the sight of Axel getting the full-body shakes as he locks his powerful legs around the fruit and squeezes until he cracks it open! The guys share the tasty snack, then return to the studio, where Jason gets a taste of Axel’s cock. The dark-haired top bends Jason over and tongues his hole, then fucks him doggystyle. The blond bottom rides muscular Axel till he cums on the top’s chest and takes a creampie!

New Year’s Gay Gang Bangs

Mounting Olympus

Alex Tikas is a Greek God. From his striking good looks, to his massive muscular fur-covered body, to the most beautiful fat uncut cock that has ever bred a hole. He gives dick as well as he gets it. Will and Liam Angell take full advantage of his fine offerings in this pairing that is everything man-on-man sexual expression should be.


The great outdoors makes Maverick Sun horny, so he asks his boyfriend, Jordan Lake, for a sneaky chairlift BJ… but not sneaky enough, as they get caught by resort security just as Maverick cums on Jordan’s goggles. That night in the chalet, they decide to pick up where they left off, but Maverick doesn’t want to wait and rips open Jordan’s long johns to fuck him in spoon position while his parents have their backs turned building the fire. After Jordan sucks Maverick under the blanket, finally the coast is clear for these twinks to fuck doggystyle. Jordan rides Maverick, then cums as the top bangs him missionary, and Maverick buries his cock deep in Jordan’s hole to give him a creampie!

Boys of Summer

The very first pornographic movie shot entirely with drones! With an all-star cast and shot on a private campground called DragonFly, watch men in action from a completely different perspective. The 2ND and FINAL part is out now!

Blended Family Part 2

Troye Dean caught his dad and his new stepbrother in bed together, so he snaps a sneaky pic and goes to show his new stepdad, Johnny Ford. But Johnny just shrugs seeing the evidence of his husband’s cheating, and pushes Troye up against the wall. Troye decides what he really wants is Johnny’s cock, rubbing it with his foot. The guys strip down and suck each other, and Johnny pounds Troye’s tight hole in missionary, then doggystyle. Troye gets into position just in time to take his stepdad’s load in his mouth, jacking himself off till Johnny swallows his cum too.


This sexy blonde whore had visited Jared earlier that day and had a pretty steamy flip session with him. Jared instructed him to return that night for Daddy’s load, and sure enough he did as he was told. He brought a friend of his to watch, which actually turned me on a lot because the friend was a sexy Latin top with a rock hard dick. I stared at him strokin his dick while I fucked his friend– and you can see me staring off camera at him the whole time!  Anyway, I dicked the whore down good and gave him one of my classic doggy style breeds. Hope you enjoy!

Axel & Jason

Sandy-haired newbie Jason joins Axel today for his first ever shoot, but first, a challenge: can they crush a watermelon between their thighs? Jason doesn’t make a dent in his, preferring to sit back and enjoy the sight of Axel getting the full-body shakes as he locks his powerful legs around the fruit and squeezes until he cracks it open! The guys share the tasty snack, then return to the studio, where Jason gets a taste of Axel’s cock. The dark-haired top bends Jason over and tongues his hole, then fucks him doggystyle. The blond bottom rides muscular Axel till he cums on the top’s chest and takes a creampie!


Everyone’s favorite big red muscle bull Fox Rifler is back to breed his hungry boy Liam Angell. Thick, handsome, and covered in a fine layer of sexy ginger fur, this man fucks like he’s wild. Spit is all Fox uses as lube which is just enough to pry Liam’s tight cumdump open as he gets seeded over and over again until Fox feeds the last load right onto those sweet lips.


Some guys just love to perform sexual acts on other men lol. So I thought we should take advantage of this teaching moment, so instead of filming a solo stroke video this time, we decided to train our little ginger Fuck how to be the aggressive confident top he so longs to be lol he’s a vers top eager to be a dom top and wanted to learn from the best, in this video we use this furry little otter face fucking him, ranking him, deep throating him, and making him ours to use how ever we like, and that’s exactly what we did and he loved every minute of it, in my opinion this was a successful throat training video 😛

Taylor Hazed

Franco and Zander conspire to break in 20-year-old newbie Taylor. They set up him to suck dick, get paddled and take Zander’s big dick in a hard, bareback fucking that makes them both blow huge wads of cum. I start by getting the guys undressed, and surprise surprise, Zander’s already hard! I tell him to get on his knees and suck Taylor’s cock until Taylor is hard, too. With Taylor good and bonered out, Zander knows what to do. He makes Taylor suck his hard dick. I bring the guys the paddle so that Taylor can spank Zander. He doesn’t know that he’s next. Zander paddles Taylor until his ass is cherry red. He makes Taylor suck his cock, then pushes him face down on the couch and eats his ass. I prime the pump by having Zander rub his cock on Taylor’s hole. Zander takes the cue and slides his bare dick into Taylor’s tight butt. He bangs the newbie good and hard, and when Taylor comes up for air, I check to make sure he’s ready for more. Give it the college try, Taylor! Zander bangs Taylor from behind and pulls out just in time to shoot his huge load all over Taylor’s ass. Since Taylor’s still rock hard, I tell Zander to stick it back in and fuck him until he cums. It doesn’t take long for Taylor to nut all over the couch.

Workin’ For That Dick

Our favorite Outlaw is back! No guy works harder for that dick than Austin Lacrosse. Whether he is giving or taking it, you can count on this pig fucker to be all in. Will and Liam Angell take the young stud and work him good by taking turns breeding him and riding him. You know a guy loves cock when he sprays his load everywhere while ridding it.

Louie’s Audition

Ex-military man Louis (aka Louie) strips off his clothes and reveals a big, thick, 8-inch dick and nice pair of low-hangers. Louie told me he might be willing to do more than beat off, so I know I’ll be able to take a taste of his juicy meat today. Louie lubes up and starts stroking. When I join in, he looks away from me and into the camera. After stroking and sucking his big dick, I spread Louie’s legs so he can pull on his fat cock and nut down his inner thigh. Louie keeps leaking cum down the front of his huge balls and onto the floor while I learn about him being a father.


Meet Luca and Harley, best friends who know each other inside and out. Spoiler alert: they know each other’s insides very well. “We fuck a lot”, Harley said, before they fucked…. a lot. We’ve all heard the term “vers boys have more fun”, and this is proof. Proof that sloppy blowjobs and raw flip fucking is better with your bestie. Luca was pounding Harley at one point when Harley looked at him, said “let me fuck you”, then flipped him around, ate his ass, and pounded him out too. Cute boys, hot sex, and Luca covered in multiple huge loads… because what are best friends for?


10 guys fuck while lucky audience members watch! Join Sparky Baxter, Luke Knight, and more content creators as they let their guard down during their live shows. Lights, camera, ass play! 

Hung Young Dudes being Served

Brysen & Clark

Brysen bonds with muscular bottom Clark over their shared wrestling past before asking what the twink is into in the bedroom. “I like dominant guys,” Clark tells him. “I think I can handle that role,” Brysen replies with a grin. Brysen’s eager to get his hands on Clark’s broad chest, then the guys suck each other before the top penetrates Clark bareback in spoon position. Brysen gives the bottom the dominant pounding he wanted in doggystyle, then Clark rides the top before orgasming as he gets fucked on his back. Brysen pulls out and cums all over him!

Dean Young And Joel Hart

Joel Hart is tidying up his lavish studio when Dean Young comes over to create some content. To get the right shot, Dean calls on Joel to help him with some pics for his fans. While Joel is snapping the photos, he can’t help but notice hot turned on he is by Dean and leans in for a kiss. The move is eagerly welcomed by Dean, and it’s not long before they both strip off each other’s clothes, and Joel gets to work rimming Dean’s smooth hole. After teasing Dean’s ass with his tongue and fingers, Joel feeds Dean his thick uncut cock. Joel can’t wait any longer and Dean wants cock now, so Joel bends the smooth muscle-twunk over the chaise and pounds his ass bareback. Dean’s hole wants more as he gets on top and rides Joel’s cock down to his balls. Riding hard and fast, Dean bursts his load with Joel still inside of him. Hopping off the cock to have another taste, Dean wraps his lips around Joel’s hefty cock that’s fresh out of his ass. Deepthroating every inch of the sexy tatted stud, Dean gets Joel to unload a thick load straight in his mouth.


Troye Dean’s new roommate, Roman Todd, seems a bit unusual when he greets Troye at the door in a pair of tight, bulge-emphasizing briefs, then goes in for a hug and squeezes Troye’s ass. In the following days, Troye learns that it’s even worse than he thought: Roman is a jerkaholic. Fed up with seeing his roomie jack it morning, noon, and night, and after the final straw of Roman cumming all over him, Troye tells him to just fuck him already! Roman rims the twink and penetrates him doggystyle, and the guys suck each other before Roman fucks the bottom spoon. Troye rides his new roommate and then cums as he gets fucked in missionary, but even busting all over Troye–again–isn’t going to stop Roman from jacking it!

Open Wide

Whether it’s his sweet lips or his tight ass sexy youngster Michael Flexx has wide open Daddy Will Angell is the perfect man to stuff them full. This boy can do things to grab his father’s attention like no other. Get those legs out of the way so Dad can get up you deeper than ever son.


We met the adorable Oliver recently, but today’s he’s introducing us to his equally cute boyfriend, Carter. If there’s one thing these two love doing a lot of, it’s fucking. And they’re real good at it! We got to know little about Carter, but before we knew it, his face was buried in Olivers beautiful bubble butt.

Kieran has “A Go on Danny”

‘Have a Go on Danny’ and fit lad Kieran met during the SPUNK GAMES and they fancied the pants off each other – Literarily! Away from all the madness they met up again away from our madness to get a bit more intimate.


Something about this young pretty boy really gets Daddy going. The chemistry is always off the charts and I breed him hard & deep everytime. I still want to introduce him to Jared, but for now I’m enjoying having him fulfill Daddy’s every desire. Seriously one of my all time favorite boyz… Stay Tuned, def tryin to play with him weekly!

Will: Hot Surfer’s First Gay Blowjob

20-year-old Will is horny all the time, but he’s a bit camera-shy at first. Soon his nerves calm down and his cock springs to life. I use the sleeve on him, and he’s amazed how good it feels to have a guy stroking his cock with that thing. I know this guy will be a pushover! I go right for the gold and start licking Will’s balls and sucking his cock. He seems a bit surprised, but he still lies back and enjoys the attention. When I know a guy is into me sucking his cock, I have him stand up so I can really go at it on my knees, servicing every inch. I suck his shaft until he says he is about to blow, then I stroke him so I can get a good slo-mo cum shot. I ask him to rate the blowjob when we are done – another 11 out of 10!

Reese Tickled and Sucked Off

25-year-old Reese has never been tied up and tickled before, but this Irish-Italian straight guy is willing to give it a try. Right away, Franco has Reese laughing and jumping up, as much as a prisoner can. Franco tickles Reese’s torso with his fingers and a rubber soap saver, and there’s nothing Reese can do to make it stop. By the sound of his laughter, he’s having torturous fun alright! Franco tickles Reese’s furry belly button and chest before sneaking up into his armpits with crazy little tickles. Franco ties Reese’s arm back to fully expose his hairy armpit, and he flinches and strains his lithe, fuzzy body amid beautiful laughter. As the tickling intensifies, Reese’s breathing becomes more labored and he starts to moan hysterically. Franco tickles Reese’s hairy inner thighs and knees, and when his big dick gets hard, Franco strokes and sucks him. Reese moans in pleasure as Franco licks his balls and furry asshole. Franco deep-throats Reese’s cock and in no time he’s curling his toes and shooting a huge load. Franco sucks Reese clean then teases his sensitive cock and continues the tickling. He tickles Reese’s strong, size 12 feet with his fingers and brushes, making him cry out under the tickle pressure. Brimming with anger, Reese struggles to escape, but Franco keeps tickling him hard on the inner thighs and in his armpits until he’s exhausted and begging for it to end.

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