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kallummodelbiog.jpgOK guys, you can stop emailing me to release Kallum’s solo feature now! Yes, I finally got around to editing it and I have to say the finished result is bloody hot!!! As you’ll see from the interview, his story about his first sexual encounter with another guy got me totally flustered as I imagined the scene he was describing… and he wasn’t even naked!But then you’re not here just to listen to the guys, you want to see them get naked, get hard and have a good old wank, eh? Well, at the end of the interview I asked Kallum to sit back and enjoy himself but he wasted no time in stripping off his clothes. Within a few minutes his cock was rock hard and the fun began…Now, some guys who feature on the site are somewhat shy but Kallum is a downright exhibitionist! He just loved the feeling of being in his birthday suit, stroking one out in a very sensual manner just for me and you guys! He certainly knew how to get me all hot and bothered and his cum-shot ended the event very nicely indeed 😉Film duration: 20 minutes