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CockyBoys – the hottest men in Southern California – free porn pics and videos

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Well hell must have frozen over or somewhere out there there’s a pig flying through the sky because I managed to convince that hot fuckin’ top stud Hugo Milano to bottom out for the first time ever! I knew I couldn’t partner him up with just any ol’ top so I matched him up with that hot ripped stud Robert Christian. The two begin in an intense make out session on the edge of a hot tub. It’s not long before both of these muscle gods are hard and ready to go. Hugo is the first to go for some cock as he drops down to work Robert’s big dick and when I say he works that dick I mean he WORKS THAT DICK! As a reward for being such a good cock sucker Robert returns the favor and gives Hugo a nice wet blowjob. Then the two head inside for the main event. Hugo lays down and lets Robert fuck him on his back. Check out his face as he struggles to take that dick! After he’s loosened up a bit he bends over and takes it doggie style. At one point he’s feeling a little cocky and asks Robert “Is that all you’ve got?”…which is a mistake because Robert fucks him twice as hard, causing him to scream as he bites down into a pillow. Then, as a total surprise to me, Hugo pulls out a dildo and starts ramming it in his ass until he shoots a hot load all over his perfectly chiseled body. Epic. Check it.



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Damn have I got a treat for y’all today. I got hot, beefy, inked up, Latino muscle stud Jimmy Clay to work his dick for my camera. He starts off grinding in bed and rubbing his cock through his underwear. Once he’s nice and hard he pulls his cock out and starts stroking himself as he watches himself in the full length mirror next to the bed. As the action gets more intense, Jimmy gets more into watching himself get off in the mirror. Sure it’s a little narcissistic but I mean, can you blame him for wanting to watch a hot stud like himself in action? He gets so turned on that he starts making out with his own reflection. After his one person make out session he bends over so he can look at his hot hole in the mirror as he spreads his ass cheeks. Finally he’s so turned on by himself that he works his hot cock until he shoots a nice thick load all over his reflection in the mirror. When you’re as hot as Jimmy is who needs a partner!



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There ain’t many things hotter than watching a couple of dudes kick back to rub one out together. Tyler starts off the scene already laying in bed watching porn and jerking his beautiful dick. It isn’t long before he peels off his shorts, leaving him totally naked as he rubs his big fat cock. He gets so worked up he turns around and starts fucking the pillow – giving the camera a great view of his big beefy ass as he thrusts into the pillow! He’s so into playing with himself that he doesn’t even notice when his buddy Johnny walks in the room. Not one to spoil the mood, Johnny just strips down and joins Tyler as the two watch some porn and jack off side by side in bed together. These guys are so into getting off they don’t even care that they’re right beside another naked dude who’s doin’ the same thing! I don’t know if Johnny was peeping on Tyler before or what but after a while he grabs a pillow and starts fucking it too. Check out how he works his hips and hot ass as he grinds himself into the pillow. After jerking his dick off for almost 20 minutes Tyler finally blows his wad all over himself then gets up to use the shower leaving Johnny alone in bed to shoot his own load all over himself. If only all straight guys were this easy going!




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Tyler Phez is a hot lean college stud and, lucky for us, he ain’t shy. He starts off by treating us to a strip tease as he slowly peels off his clothes and rubs his stiff cock through his boxer shorts. Then he lays back in bed and continues to rub his hot cock and balls for the camera. He finally ditches the undies and starts jerking it for all it’s worth. He furiously works his cock, all of his lean muscles flexed tightly, until he blows his load all over his smooth body.Tyler Phez is a hot lean college stud and, lucky for us, he ain’t shy. He starts off by treating us to a strip tease as he slowly peels off his clothes and rubs his stiff cock through his boxer shorts. Then he lays back in bed and continues to rub his hot cock and balls for the camera. He finally ditches the undies and starts jerking it for all it’s worth. He furiously works his cock, all of his lean muscles flexed tightly, until he blows his load all over his smooth body.




cockyboys (1)

That Bobby Clark is one lucky S.O.B. Aside from getting to fly to Amsterdam to shoot some seriously hot scenes with numerous Bel Ami beauties for our upcoming Cockyboys/Bel-Ami DVD, he hit the jack pot and got to film a scene with those scandalous Bel Ami twins Elijah and Milo Peters. After meeting up on Bike, Bobby invites the twins over to his place to give them a foot massage. Well, the massage last for about 15 seconds before the twins are on top of Bobby, peeling off his clothes and kissing his body all over. Pretty soon all three are naked and Bobby’s getting his dick sucked by one twin while the other makes out with him (My apologies to the twins for not being able to tell them apart). Things heat up when Bobby gets down on his knees and blows the twins – going back and forth between their hot cocks. Then Bobby 69’s with one of the twins while the other eats out his ass. HOT! But the real action begins when the twins spit roast Bobby. One of them drills his ass while the other fucks his face. Then they switch places! With a stiff cock still up his ass, it isn’t long before Bobby is shooting his load…right into one of the twins open waiting mouth! The twins finish things off by shooting their loads all over Bobby’s hot tight body. I’ll say it again…Bobby Clark is one lucky S.O.B!




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If there’s a better way to spend a sunny afternoon than watching two totally ripped South American studs frolic by the pool than I certainly haven’t heard of it. Poax and Yuri start off splashing around in the pool but soon the swimming trunks come down and the boys are taking turns blowing each other poolside. It gets really f’ing hot when they lay down for some 69 action right before Yuri bends over so Poax can eat out his hot ass. Once it’s nice and wet, Poax starts fingering Yuri’s sweet hole and then replaces his finger with his big fat cock. He fucks his ass doggie style for a while until Yuri decides he wants to fuck some ass too. So Yuri lies down on the ground while Poax climbs on top and rides his cock. Then Poax lies down on the ground while Yuri slams into him missionary style until Poax shoots his load all over his ridiculously sculpted body. Yuri pulls out of his ass and jerks out his own load all over Poax. Now that’s what I call fun in the sun.




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Now I’m as big a fan of anal as there ever was but sometimes a nice long wet blow job can be all a guy needs to get off. Smokin’ hot Bobby and Jimmy start off making out shirtless – kissing and licking each other’s bodies all over. Then Bobby peels off Jimmy’s pants and underwear and goes to town on his hot dick. I’ve seen Bobby work on a lot of cocks but he really pays special attention to Jimmy’s dick. Jimmy gets so into it at one point he grabs Bobby’s head and starts face fucking him until Bobby starts gagging on it. Then Jimmy really takes control and climbs on top of Bobby, slaps him in the face with his cock, and then starts face fucking him again. To return such expert servicing Jimmy crawls down and start blowing Bobby. Then the two get into some majorly hot 69 action until Bobby blows a huge wad all over himself. Immediately after Jimmy works out his own huge load all over Bobby’s chest.




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If big black cocks are your thing then holy sh*t – have you hit the mother load. Dominic Diamond starts the scene off by stripping down to his hot yellow jock and as he rubs his huge fat cock through the bulging fabric. When that monster cock is nice and hard he strips off the jock and starts working every inch of that thing. After some very nice jerk off work he bends over for the camera so he can show off that beautiful beefy ass of his before sitting back down to finish jacking off his dick. Unable to hold back any more he finally shoots a hot load all over the bench.



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Hugo & Tyler start the scene off making out on the stairs, kissing and licking each other’s bodies all over. Then Hugo peels his pants off and whips out his hard cock so Tyler can show off his oral skills. Then Hugo returns the favor and gives Tyler a mean blow job while he jerks himself off. When it’s time for the ass fucking to begin Tyler bends over the bannister while Hugo gives him a hard fast fucking from behind. He REALLY gives it to Tyler’s ass – just listen to him groan as he grits his teeth, trying to take it all. After Hugo’s done pummeling him from behind, Tyler lies down on the stairs while Hugo drills him from on top. I can’t tell if Hugo’s fucking him or punishing him…or both. After Tyler’s ass is completely spent the two sit down on the stairwell and jerk out their loads – both erupting at practically the same time as they spray cum everywhere.




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If you like your boys a little rough around the edges then you’re gonna love gettin’ off to Skye Radick. This inked up piece of rough trade starts the scene off by rubbing his amazing shirtless body wearing only a pair of old tattered jeans. When he’s nice and hard he loses the jeans and sits down so he can indulge in some self worship as he strokes his big beautiful cock. The longer he works his dick the more he gets into it and it isn’t long before he’s moaning, rubbing his nipples, and licking his own armpits and big meaty biceps while he jerks it. Things really heat up when he starts rubbing his hot ass with his fingers, pushing on his sweet hole while he jerks off until finally he shoots a nice sticky load all over his ridiculously sculpted torso. He finishes things off by licking his own cum off his fingers. Hot!

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JizzAddiction, ToeGasms, Boys-Smoking, StraightNakedThugs – pictures; Boys-Pissing – Videos

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Hot Face Fucking

Hot twinks Ayden James & Andy Kay spent an afternoon of intense dick sucking & 69 action while our cameras caught every passionate moment & every inch of their smooth sexy bodies!




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Orgy of Jizz

Austin Lucas, Rad Matthews, Jayden Taylor, & Zack Randall have a free-for-all orgy that turns into a sucking, fucking, ass eating and hot cum-covered jizz festival like no other! Raw, hot, boy on boy, boy on boy on boy sex!




toegasms (1)

Flip Flops,  Hammocks, and Bare Feet

Austin Lucas is a sexy Southern boy who knows how to make the most of a warm summer day. After all, being from the South he knows how to lounge. Austin’s debut is a mix of flip-flops, bare feet and a horny boy who needs to release a huge load. You’ll love Austin’s soft ‘n sexy feet too! Can life be any better? Austin said the only thing missing was a tall glass of sweet tea!




toegasms (4)


No, you haven’t accidently gone to another site, this is ToeGasms. Yes, you’re seeing Andy Kay and Krist Cummings, reunited. It’s been a long time since these two close friends have worked a scene together and they hinted to the photographers that they love working with each other. You can see these two get each other very hard and excited. After the boys lick and suck each other’s feet, Andy mounts Krist and fucks him hard. Krist loves a hard cock ramming his ass, and his moaning is so hot. Andy and Krist both blow huge loads as this video closes to an incredible climax!




boys-smoking (3)

Joey Steals Jacob’s Heart

Hot trim hardcore Marlboro boys Joey and Jacob Wright smoke their way through a pack while they swap smoke and suck each other off!




straightnakedthugs (1)

Billy da Kidd

Hey what up homies. Dis is Billy Da mutha fuckin Kid. I’m workin on dis site wit my homeboy Wiley n all da other straight naked thug niggas. I gots my alias from jackin these bitches out in dis mutha fukin street. For real don’t give a fuck, n if u don’t believe me then come see me in the street. I’m one of da craziest white boyz u’ll ever meet, so watch yo fuckin ass if u aint got no respect. I love gettin my dick hard n I can out-cum any mutha fuka. Fuk it why don’t u just see fo yo self. I love dis porn shit. Nothin would make me happier than runnin up in these pornstar bitches fo da rest of my life.

Yo, been awhile since I yanked my dick out & beat it off 4 da fans of SNT, so here go my afternoon dick beatin’ & cum gushin’ cock 4 ur entertainment. Fuckin’ enjoy cause I sure did.




straightnakedthugs (1)

Slip b a fresh thug dat like them slim big titty giurlz n love da rock music. If u b a pencil thin bitch he gonna b splittin’ u from b-hind.

Homeboy Slip been waitin’ 2 do his first video & been buggin’ da fuk outa me 4 when it gonna b live up on – so here u go – u finally getz 2 c dis boy naked on vid beatin’ off his big thick dick & squirtin’ off a load of his fresh cum juice.



jizzaddiction (1)

Kitchen Jizz

Colby & Turk were looking for more than just something to eat when the two happened on each other one late night in the kitchen. Passions rose & the boys made a midnight snack out of each other! Turk loves his ass fingered & fucked and Colby was more than willing to accommodate! Lots of sucking, fucking & of course; cum covered faces!




jizzaddiction (1)

Cum Swapping Lovers: Phillip & Krist

Who would have thought that so much jizz could come from such cute little twinks? But that’s what happens when the chemistry climbs between Phillip & Krist! The two kissed & cuddled with great lust & passion then Sucked and slurped each others hard dicks before swapping their juicy jizz! Steamy Hot!




toegasms (7)

Euro-Feet Threesome

Alex, Kyle, and PJ

It’s three times “funner” as PJ would put it in his broken English, he’s right, three dudes is three times funner! Alex, Kyle, and PJ get together and have some serious foot fun. The guys start off removing each other’s footware and licking and kissing each other’s feet. But it ends up in a sticky mess that’s you’ll love cleaning up after.




toegasms (3)

Feet Reflections

A new video of Phillip, can life be any better? Phillip reflects on his great career here at ToeGasms in this hot and sexy new video. After removing his skate shoes and smelly white socks, Phillip kicks it into high gear  by licking his feet, and finally unloading his full balls onto them!

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