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Dax is a cute Latin straight boy who has kind of found himself with a small group of gay friends, some of which have been encouraging him to do video work.
They tend to be nudists and all hang out at a nude beach.  Dax isn’t shy about whipping his clothes off. He’s a show’er and grow’er, so his buds knew that he was packing a big uncut knob, and wanted to see it, if not in action, at least at attention.
So he was a little bewildered and I guess, goofily surprised to find himself being photographed and rubbing one off for the cameras.
Geez, does he have a big dick! He’s not a ‘lil guy, but his dick makes him look small in comparison.
Cute kid. Not sure I can talk him in to doing guy-on-guy stuff, but his gay friends are sure happy to see his dick and full attention, and squirting out gobs of DNA!

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Damien Diego Busts A Nut + Jock Fucks Twink

Damien Deigo really struts his stuff in his first solo video. After getting down to his white underwear, he works up his huge love muscle and then goes to town, giving us all some great views of his body, his beautiful cock, and his sexy ass. He gives us all a lot of hot looks in the video, but just before he cums you can tell by the look on his face that he is in another world as he gets ready to explode. Welcome Damien!


You all should know by know that AJ loves to fuck, and Landon can take a cock like few we have seen. So pairing up AJ and Landon was obvious. We stopped by a favorite photography studio, and AJ and Landon decided to get down and dirty in the kitchen. Cooking will never be the same after you see these guys fucking over the sink! AJ rips into Landon so hard and deep we thought Landon would fall off the counter! But only after AJ showed Landon whos boss by making him worship his dick on his knees before sliding it in and riding Landon hard. Enjoy web exclusives Aaron AJ James and Landon Reed in an all-out Fuck-Fest!

Bradley And Dave

Muscle boy Dave is back at Blake Mason and this time he is paired with Bradley, one of the rising stars at Blake Mason. Bradley, who is sporting a new hair style, was more than eager to bottom for one of the hottest tops at Blake Mason. It didn’t take long for these two cuties to shed their hot underwear and begin a lustful sexual adventure. There is passionate kissing, hot body contact, some great cock sucking, and of course some amazing fucking with a dominant top and an eager bottom. Those looking for a good finale will not be disappointed. Cum was flying everywhere.

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Tiger + Marc Toth + Killer

Tiger is 21 years of age and originally hails from Poland. He is living in Berlin since he is 12 and has always known that he loves men. He is into socks, sneakers and feet and is always looking for new experiences…


Marc Toth is living in Berlin and wants to be an actor. He is bisexual, active only and you can meet him hunting for men at the ´Spotbar´and the ´Heile Welt´ in Berlin. He loves sex with men around his age or a few years older…


Killer is one of those guys, who seems to be unsure about his sexual orientation. He claims to be straight, but admids that there are also guys out there who turn him on. Add some money on top and you can be sure to get his attention.