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Rad is a slim young guy with a HUGE cock. Luckily, he’s always horny and looking to stuff that massive meat of his into something. Then there’s Jake Lyons, a twinky young guy himself who loves to worship large dick. Put these two together, and you got some serious fucking going on.
Rad’s cock is so big that a couple times during the Jake had to take a break, panting from the intense pleasure the gigantic man tool was giving him.
After making sure his friends ass was thuroughly stretched, the two kick back and bring their hard poles to climax, both of them splashing their man milk all over the place.


Jeremy Feist is another one of those young, hung and horny guys that we love showing you here on NextDoorTwink.
This guy has a massive cock, a nice slim body and an interesting skill we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Jeremy’s cock is so long that all he has to do is bend forward and he can suck himself.
This scene is full of ass play, cock stroking and self sucking that ends with this slim hottie filling his own mouth with his man milk.


When Jordan Foster showed up to tutor his new student Marko Lebeau, the last thing he expected to find was to see Marko step out of the bathroom freshly showered…and naked.
Luckily, neither of the two are easily offended by nudity. Actually, Jordan happens to love cock, and Marko has quite the open mind.
So instead of studying English, these two decided to study the art of the orgasm by sucking each others cocks. Not only that, but Marko bends his tutor over and gives his asshole a good disciplining before pulling out and shooting his creamy load all over his slim body.


Johnny Torque. 21 years old. 7 and a half in cock.
Not bad for a slim, tattooed young guy like him.
This guy found us recently, and has been eager to push his limits and experience things that he wouldn’t want to tell his friends about. Luckily, we have plenty of other experimental young guys that enjoy getting off with like minded buddies.
For this scene, we caught Johnny snooping around in his friends sisters bedroom. What’s worse (or better if you’re like us) is that Jonny figured that it’d be hilarious if he pulled out his fat cock and stroked himself off while on her bed.
How filthy…and hot!


We’re sure you’d agree that 3 is better than 2. So in that style, this week’s NextDoorTwink update will be featuring three hot boys, Marko Lebeau, Tristan Sterling and Jonny Torque. All hot and read to trot with their big cocks and tight asses.
For this scene, Marko and Jonny take turns violating Tristan, making him suck their cocks and giving his ass a hard reaming. All of this and tuns of cum dumping conclude this hot scene.


Today we have another massive cock for you to feast your eyes on this week. Meet Hayden, a young, hung badass that loves swinging his gigantic dick around for people to gawk at.
We begin this hot scene with a photo shoot. Hayden slowly undressing, showing off his body and his package. When it’s time to get down to business, he takes his fun outside and begins stroking his hot cock to a creamy conclusion. Oh, and did we mention that he can suck himself?
Check this guy out!


One a recent sunny Californian day, Skyler and Issac Conn were goofing around outside while their lady friends were gone. As Skyler was climbing down from a nearby tree, Issac went for the kill and pants his buddy. Seeing his friends huge cock really got him in the mood to have something long and hard in his mouth, so he went for it, and began sucking on Skyler’s massive pole.
Skyler let it slide for a few seconds, but then he got uncomfortable with one of his best friends blowing him, so he pushed Issac away and pulled up his pants. Fast forward a few minutes and Skyler’s still hard cock was begging for a release so he finally gave in and let Issac blow him. He also decided that he might as well pound Issac’s ass before blowing his load.


It’s early in the morning and the 18 year old Jake Woods has decided to have a hot cup of joe outside on the deck. While drinking his energizing beverage, one hand moves away to explore his smooth, swimmers-build body. His robe opens up and before you know it, both hands are stroking his sensitive love organ.
Jake then decides to take the fun inside to his bedroom, where he rests for a moment with his legs spread and hands moving in all directions. He loves to touch himself and fondle his balls while building up his climatic energy, so he can let loose in splendid orgasmic glory, his warm, creamy man milk.


If you wanna talk about cool dudes, you gotta talk about Johnny Torque. This guy was born to be bad and today he’s jerkin’ off with some serious attitude. He’s got nothin’ to prove and doesn’t care about rubbing his dick all over some soft, textured pillows. It feels good, so he’s doin’ it! And he’s also gonna hump the couch while he’s at it. With a thick, muscular cock like that, he don’t gotta answer to nobody.
What’s he rebelling against? Whatchya got?


Deni is a young Russian immigrant that is now holed up in Las Vegas for the time being.
When he’s not in front of the camera, this tall stud is traveling the US, in search for his American dream. We’re glad he made it by NextDoorStudios on his travels.
For this scene, Deni will be teasing himself on the stairs while he thumbs through a porn mag, then off to the shower he goes. Once he’s does stroking himself in the shower and bath tub, Deni lays on the bed where he bring himself to an intense climax, draining his thick cock onto his stomach.

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Next Door Buddies – free gay porn pictures and videos


Tristan Bull just got done doing a scene for NextDoorMale and he wanted to up the anti by finally hooking up with a guy!
Yeah, that’s right. Tristan Bull not only gets his long cock sucked by the hunky Alexy Tyler, but he also bends over his buddy and stuffs his ass with that hog!
What more is there to say? TRISTAN BULL FUCKS ALEXY TYLER. We’ll let your imagination figure it out, or you could just watch the video!


They’ve experienced each other in a 4 way last year, but they haven’t had the pleasure of tasting each other 1 on 1. Well, today, Christian Wilde & justin Ryder get to do just that.
The tall hunk takes on the smaller ripped Justin in a hot ass pounding, cock sucking scene in the bathroom. Lets just say both of these studs are satisfied and are looking forward to a round two of the fun.


The tall hunk of a man Jake Steel has blindfolded James Jameson, and he is taking his time feeling every inch of James muscular body.
Slowly, Jake caresses each muscle with tender love and care. James sits calmly letting Jake do whatever he feels like. It’s a slow, hard scene. Those who respect the male body, and love to worship every part of it, will love this scene.
It’s every man’s dream, as James gets full service in this hot sexy scene.


The boys are at it again and this time we have a hot three way with Spencer Reed, Noah River and Gavin.
These three buddies start out in the bathroom. Spencer is taking a bath while Gavin is in the shower and Noah is getting ready to shave. All three hotties naked in one room, you know what that means.
Noah and Spencer make eye contact which sets the three way off like a shotgun blast. Once Gavin sees Noah on his knees sucking Spencer’s cock he knows it’s his turn to get some of the action.
After some hot BJs in the shower the boys make way to the bedroom where it gets intense with some hot tight ass fucking. Spencer fucks both these young boys and gives them a lesson NextDoor style.


James Jameson loves to check himself out in the mirror. This guy is chiseled beyond belief and he shows off every tight muscle popping out on his gorgeous body.
You can only enjoy yourself so much until it’s time to kick back in the bathroom and pull out your favorite porn magazine. James gets comfortable on the counter and starts to play with his thick throbbing cock.
While James is stroking his dick, David Stone creeps up out of the blue and stops to watch James rubbing his tasty cock. David can’t stop thinking about how good that fat dick will taste in his mouth. Standing against the wall with hands in pants James notices David watching and calls him over to suck it.
David finally gets his wish and sucks him dry like a true buddy would but afterwards Mr. Jameson runs off and leaves David all alone to finish himself off.


Alexy Tyler is having troubles with his French homework and has called his long time friend Erik to come over to his house and help him out.
The two sexy men sit down to discuss the homework situation but Erik wants to fuck Alexy for helping him out. Alexy has no problem with it and lets Erik know that him coming over wasn’t just about helping with homework.
The books are pushed to the side and they strip each other’s clothes off. These two suck some mean cock and take turns fucking one another. You know the end is near when Erik pulls out a huge dildo to fuck Alexy to full climax.


Parker London is moving up fast through the ranks and now he is happy to meet up with the hunk Trent Locke.
After a long day of reading, Parker has decided to ease some of Trent’s stress from all the studying. He gets that nasty book out of the way and passionately kisses Trent. These hard cocks are ready for some sexy fucking but Parker is the one who is ready to be bent over the bed and his world rocked.


As Andrew Blue slowly wakes up from an afternoon nap with a couple buddies, he is surprised and delighted to discover his dick fully hard. Andrew never lets a boner go to waste, so he gently massages the ass of a still-sleeping Tex Ryder. When Tex comes to his senses, he decides to go with the flow, and bring Christian Wilde to life by rubbing his already chubby member.
Once all three of these studs are awake and aroused, they can’t help but play a little. Watch them engage in a hot, three-way blowjob, also known as the «ring of fire». From there see Tex get fucked while he slurps on Andrew’s cock, Next Door Buddies style!


When Seth Jenkins rolls into Parker London’s place, he finds Parker laying on his bed with a big boner in his pants. They were supposed to go to a barbeque, but Parker became distracted by a dirty magazine he found in the back of his closet.
Seth decides to sit with him on the couch, hoping Parker will bust out his cock and pleasure himself so Seth can watch. As luck would have it, Parker was interested in much more than just jerking off with Seth there he wanted Seth’s mouth on his dick! And once Seth gets started, he doesn’t stop until his asshole is properly pounded.


Rod Daily has breezed into town and is heating things up fast! This time he’s mingling with another sizzling hunk, Trent Locke. These guys are hot, hung, and hungry for cock!
The duo starts out sucking each others’ dicks out by an old water barrel, near a breathtaking vineyard. Then the guys take it inside so Trent can properly fuck Rod’s ass like a champion. Check out the bulging muscles on Rod’s firm physique while he gets drilled by the insatiable Trent. These tasty studs make this scene a must see!

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Twinkacademy – real young teen boys

twinkacademy-Omar-descipline (1)

St. Samuel’s International Academy for Boys
STUDENT FILE: OMAR – discipline

twinkacademy-Boxing-Michael (1)

St. Samuel’s International Academy for Boys

twinkacademy-michael-discipline (2)

MICHAEL – discipline

twinkacademy-nigel-rugby (3)

St. Samuel’s International Academy for Boys

twinkacademy-alexander-cricket (1)

St. Samuel’s International Academy for Boys

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