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 jamie_liam.jpg Jamie & Liam Suck n Fuck It’s amazing how horny young guys can get, so what could be better than watching two good looking and horny 21 year old’s going for it on the table? The boys take turns sucking each others cock then Jamie flips Liam over for some good old fashioned fucking. Jamie get’s so turned on by Liams tight ass that he has to have a go himself and slides himself down on Liams very hard dick. This one was fun to watch (and shoot)! The chemistry was there from the beginning as you can tell by the passionate start to this scene!
 aj.jpgHung Jock AJ  After our last shoot with hot jock boy AJ went so well, he was pretty keen to come back for another round. He confessed to me that after working out he gets really boned and horny and has to do something about all that pent up testosterone pretty quickly. So, we hydrate him and send him for a run around the block in his favorite puma shorts to get his heard (and dick) pumping and just to get him all worked up. After he comes back he puts on a show for us showing off his huge cock, something that would put even most horse’s to shame. He didn’t get past the kitchen before he was already shooting big wads of jock cum all over his muscled chest. This is some more hot stuff from someone who has now become my favorite exploaded model!
 danny_wet.jpgDanny Get’s Wet  Danny’s a pretty rough guy. A locksmith by trade but boy is he hot! After a bit of coaxing we got him to get it all off for us in the bath and man is he hot. Tanned, with a tattoo and a cute ass. In this scene he strips slowly for us until he gets nice an horny. Then he gets in the tub and soaps up his cock before he shoots a hot load of man cum all over himself!

Pierce – 02/27/07

So late on night i was bored and really sick of everything on the television. sometimes your just restless and when I am restless I work. Yes I know, how boring. But anyway I went to this popular model site that I often go to and was surfing from page to page when all of a sudden the most beautiful set of eyes were staring right back at me from the screen. These eyes looked wise and were the most beautiful color of ice blue. Pierce is quite stunning and every time I look at him I do get a bit weak. Looking at his photos that night I began to want to see him naked immediately. I knew it all had to be good and boy was I right! Pierce is from the Midwest and has that really sweet, honest, and straightforward quality about him that makes him so appealing. But the best part is he is gay. Yep, completely hot and completely out. I love that. He pushes every button I have and the fact he is gay makes it even better. Pierce has a body that makes you really sit up and notice. It’s not perfection…’s real and it’s hot and it’s built. He has a massive torso and chest and his back and shoulder have the most beautiful dragon tattoo. You wouldn’t expect to find ink on this guy. Maybe a business suit but ink? never! I love it on him. Pierce does an amazing video where we get to see it all and he loves the attention. So sit back enjoy this sexy new man on Randy Blue and don’t forget the Kleenex….. you are going to need it.

Russian straight boys are having their first homosexual experience being drunk

Heavy fuel
These lads run on heavy fuel – they get completely drunk
and immediately get their cute asses filled with huge cocks.

Booze helps to relax
Cute guys decided to relax and started drinking,
but very soon they were so drunk that they began a gay sex session.

Get the party started
Today we have a party – a lot of booze and a lot of gay sex.
Watch these cute guys get drunk and get laid

Alcohol makes them try
With a couple of shots of vodka, these kids want to try some gay sex,
see how they discover the true nature of gay love.

Drink and taste
Alcohol makes these cute lads want to taste something fresh – why not a long cock?
Watch them forget themselves in the arms of their gay friends.

Drink and get ready
A few shots make these kids ready for action –
they start blowjobs and soon enough there`s some gay sex involved.

Drunken threesome
Three cute twinks had too much of booze tonight –
they didn`t notice how they started to suck on each other`s cock.

Always easier with vodka
When there`s some vodka on the table, it`s much easier to get laid –
these guys have just experienced the feeling, watch them now!

Drink and smoke cocks
This lad has had too much alcohol and can`t refrain from sucking on his friend`s cock,
he knows that in a couple of minutes he`ll feel it in his ass.

Vodka – connecting people
Indeed, alcohol connects people. Just watch these kids get drunk and start a crazy gay
fucking scene with passionate blowjobs.

Chris & James – 02/23/07

I will have to say right off the bat this was one of my favorite scenes that I have shot in a while. Watching as these beautiful men come into their own and take up each new challenge with so much gusto makes me incredibly proud. Chris and James who I both have so much respect for keep blowing my mind. With each new scene they do they take on the challenge and give it 110%. James has always been a favorite around the office and I chose him to be on the site a while back because I loved his lean, long frame. His body was tight and defined but I could tell last time he was in town and we did an event he was not at all happy that he was thinner then the rest of the guys. It took him a couple of months of changing his diet and lifting but the results are spectacular. When James revealed his new body at a public event a couple of weeks ago the crowd went wild. I don’t think many people had really noticed how hot he was and now even more then before I think he is the sexiest guy on Randy Blue. Chris has been big and built and ripped right from the get go and can pretty much hold his own in any situation. I was really glad when Christ let me know he was ready to try some thing different. Sucking dick for the first time can be pretty intimidating. Your not used to having a thick hard cock in your mouth and unlike getting a blow job your job is to get some one else off. I told Chris that if this was his first time he needed to do a damn good job and he agreed. He and James look so hot and the fact that they have gotten to spend some time together over the last few months I think made the scene even hotter. This is Chris first lesson in sucking dick and I think James is one hell of a great teacher. These guys suck some serious cock and help each other out in a big way! Enjoy Chris’s lesson in blowjob giving.