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Kieran and Steven

kieranandstevenfilmbiog.jpg OK, so the cat’s out of the bag. Kieran and Steven are actually boyfriends – just check out the member’s forum if you don’t believe me! Anyway, they both really wanted to do a duo scene with each other and knowing how hot and different such films can be, we set it up for straight after the day of their solo performances.Real life lovers always make for an unusual film and this one is no exception. These guys are naturally quiet and shy, but the tender actions and loving glances, touches and smiles between one another somehow make this a very horny film. Sure, there’s no rampant hard fucking, but hey, Steven’s a very big boy and so he’s gentle and caring – no bad thing!One thing that does come across very strongly is that Kieran not only worships Steven, but remains mesmerized by his massive thick uncut cock. There’s no faking it guys – it takes me back to my youth when I was in the same situation! So how do I sum this one up? Well, I get the feeling that it’s going to go down in BLAKEMASON history as one very intimate film 🙂Film duration: 24 minutes