UK Scally Lads presents – English lads in action


This was Kez’s first ever porn shoot, coming just a couple weeks after he had turned 18.  Although this straight scally lad from just outside Liverpool was nervous before the shoot (and had to have a fag at the train station to calm his nerves!) once we were ready to start filming he was pretty relaxed.  Indeed the shoot went really smoothly for a “first-timer”.
Kez is a really slim lad, smooth chested but quite hairy from behind!  He started off slowly playing with himself in his trackies and hoody jacket.  Before long though, items of clothing were being stripped off and Kez was jerking off and playing with his nipples and his arse-hole.  Despite being a straight lad Kez was willing to let his arse be abused by a dildo.  He admitted he had experimented with one before!
Kez slowly inserted this dick inside him and loosened his hole up.  Then as his hole became more stretched he let himself go and forced it deep inside him, moaning with pleasure as he did so.  Next we have to persuade him to take a real dick for his debut duo shoot!
Finally, after a little more wanking off, Kez could no longer contain himself and he spurted out a cum load over his stomach.


Jay has a real baby face and the most gorgeous [green] eyes you could wish to see.  This scally lad lives out in the sticks so he doesn’t get to hang out much with other chav boys, but sometimes he does head into the city to get some “action”!
This was his first proper porn shoot, although he had done a couple of “private” shoots before.  He was surprisingly relaxed and raring to go.  He wore white [Lonsdale] trainers, navy blue Reebok trackie bottoms, red England football top and white Lonsdale hoody. He started stripping off on a chair, and revealed a nice, tanned body and a 7-inch dick to die for.  He wasn’t inhibited as he stroked this impressive tool up and down, slowly to start but building up his rhythm, as he lubed it up with some spit.
Jay continued wanking off in different positions, including standing up.  Then he turned around so we could see his cute, sexy arse.  As Jay is a 100% top he doesn’t like things up his arse, but he did do a little bit of fingering just for your pleasure!  He also lit up a fag and smoked it whilst he continued jerking off – very horny!!  Next we went over to the staircase where this horny wank-fest continued, Jay’s raging hard-on remaining undiminished.
Finally Jay returned to the lounge and sat down on the floor against the wall as he then spurted his hot, creamy load all over his chest and stomach.  As a bonus Jay took some of his jizz juice in his fingers and put it into his mouth.  A fitting finale to a great debut shoot!


Although they can be a nightmare to organise, we know that our members enjoy group scenes so we are delighted to post another hot, horny 3-sum shoot involving three scally lads from Manchester – Nico, Kyle and Aaron.  This was Aaron’s first shoot for us, whilst Nico and Kyle made welcome returns.  The first thing the lads did was getting involved in a bit of playful “rough and tumble”, as scally boys love to do!  They grappled on the bed until the temptation to pull each other’s shiny trackie bottoms down became too irresistible!  Soon they were down to their underwear and tops, and then, one by one, rock hard examples of the finest British cock were revealed.    For the next few minutes these boys were lost in a frenzy of passionate kissing, nipple play and mutual cock sucking.  Nico was the most greedy, taking both the other lads dicks in his mouth at the same time.  These boys were having a fucking horny time, as they got in a circle and sucked each off whilst being sucked themselves.  In part 2 these horny boys get down to some serious ass play, involving rimming, fingering and fucking!


Danny E was involved in one of our earliest shoots, over a year ago now, and I know this straight scally lad is popular with loads of you.  After a few failed attempts, we finally managed set up a duo for him.  He came down from Nottingham to meet up with Brian from London, who has done a couple of recent shoots with us.  Now as a straight lad there were a few ground rules with Danny, as he doesn’t kiss or suck cock, however he doesn’t mind being sucked off and he can fuck ass hard!  So we started with the lads on the sofa just watching some straight porn and getting off on it.  There was some mutual wanking and then Brian got down on Danny and started sucking his hard 7” dick.  Danny was unfazed and just carried on drinking beer and smoking a fag!    Then Brian was ready to get his ass pummelled.  First he knelt over the armrest of the sofa and was taken hard from behind.  Then he lay on his side and was “spooned”.  Finally he stood up against the wall and was well and truly shafted from behind again.  He loved being fucked by this straight chav boy!   The lads returned to the sofa to wank off further whilst watching more porn.  Danny was the first to shoot, spurting all over Brian’s face and into his mouth as Brian lapped it up, with a large dollop of gooey cum resting just below his lip!  Soon after Brian also shot his load over his chest and groin.


This was Rob’s first proper porn shoot – he only turned 18 a few months ago – and we paired him up with Danny, a lad who has quite a bit of experience.  We needn’t have worried though as Rob showed no nerves and performed like a veteran!   Rob came up from London for the shoot, a long old trek, and he was keen to make up for lost time.  Once the lads had settled down on the sofa they were soon at it, getting hot and dirty in their trackies and trainers.  Slowly kit came off as the boys kissed and sucked hard scally lad cock.  Rob in particular loved getting his mouth round Danny’s perfect 8” cock and ramming it down to the back of his throat.  Then the lads lay on the floor for some well horny 69-ing action. Next Rob stuck his nice, cute, pert ass in the air and allowed Danny to lick and eat his shaved hole out for what seemed an age.  This meant that Rob’s hole was now nice and stretched, ready to take Danny’s rock hard dick.  Danny then ploughed porn virgin Rob’s ass hard from a number of positions, until the young lad could take no more.  Then the lads returned to the sofa to wank off further before they were ready to shoot their respective loads.  Fortunately both of these horny fuckers love taking it direct in the face and mouth and so they each shot their hot, sticky cum loads in each other’s mouth and they swallowed as much of it as they could.  A fitting climax to Rob’s first porn shoot.  I’m sure there will be more to follow!


Aaron is a slim chav lad from Manchester (yet another one!).  He has done quite a bit of porn over the years but he’s still a fit horny fucker who loves to get his kit off in front of the cameras.  He loved the thought of doing some of the shoot in front of the hotel window to give a free show to any lucky passers by (although we were six floors up!).  We started the shoot in the window arch, with Aaron in his navy blue trackies and white England footy top.  Soon he was feeling down his trackie bottoms in true scally style and it wasn’t long before his trackies were pulled down to reveal some matching England footy shorts.  It was evident that Aaron was rock hard already, and soon a big thick fat dick emerged, which Aaron played with and caressed lovingly for what seemed an age.  I did notice out of window a couple of people at ground level looking up at the window!  Next Aaron turned on to his front and played around with his nice, cute ass.  He pulled his cheeks apart and poked his finger in and around his hole.  Although Aaron is a top by nature, he didn’t mind a little bit of ass play.  After some more wanking and fingering standing up against an exposed brick wall, Aaron chilled out on the bed and knocked back a can of lager, before engaging in some hot horny trainer worship.  He rubbed his cock inside his trainers before taking a deep breath of those cock and feet smells!  Finally Aaron lubed up his cock with mixture of lube and spit before jerking off some more until his boy juices could no longer be contained and he spunked up all over his stomach and chest.


Whilst I was up in Manchester I decided to check out Max, one of our most popular lads, and see if he was up for a duo.  I had also been speaking to a real Mancs scally lad called Danny for a few weeks and was delighted when both lads agreed to do a shoot for us.  Danny had not done any porn before and when he arrived he appeared a little nervous.  A quick chat and a beer helped him relax.  At the start of the shoot the lads continued to chat so I took a few pics of them just chilling whilst sat on the window ledge.  Soon though they were snogging passionately and then they started playing with each other’s cocks, giving a few lucky passers by on the main road a free x-rated show!
By this time all Danny’s nerves and inhibitions had disappeared.  Max was his usual cheeky scampy self!  More kissing and sucking followed whilst the guys were standing up.  Danny’s deep throating skills need to be seen to be believed as Max’s 7-inch cock was continually swallowed up whole.  Max was loving it!
Then the lads moved onto the bed.  Cue more horny stuff.  It wasn’t long before Danny decided Max’s hole needed filling and his arse given a good pounding.  Although versatile, Danny turned out to be a great fucker.  Max hadn’t be fucked for a while so he asked Danny to be gentle at first.  He was – but not for long!  Soon he was fucking poor Max’s arse like a rabbit.  Max moaned and groaned, but he was really loving taking Danny’s 7.5-inch cock up his tight hole.
After pounding Max in a number of positions the lads then shot their loads with Danny taking Max’s cum in his mouth before spewing it up back over Max’s chest.  Very horny!


Tommy is a local lad and we had seen his profile on-line and seen that he had done some porn before so we were keen to get him down for a shoot.  Finally we found a date and he made the short trip down.  With his slim toned body Tommy looked well fit in his shiny black Adidas top, black trackie bottoms, white baseball cap and Nike AirMax trainers.  We chatted for a while about the site and other things, but he was keen to get started.  We did this shoot in the bedroom.  First Tommy played with himself down his trackie bottoms in true scally style.  Then he revealed his throbbing 7″ piece of manhood which had taken little encouragement to get hard!  After wanking for a while, Tommy turned over and started playing with his cute arse, including some well horny fingering!
Soon the trackie bottoms were down round his ankles and he was wanking off further.  It was getting hot, so Tommy asked to have a shower, which we decided to film naturally enough!  He wore some white trunk pants and white footy shorts to make it a bit more horny!  Soon the water was all over his body and you could see through the white pants to see the outline of his cock and arse!  After teasing us a bit longer, his cock came out and he continued wanking.  When he turned around he fingered his arse some more too.
After the shower Tommy decided he didn’t fancy a dildo up his arse as he was still sore from being fucked the previous evening!  However, some more wanking followed before he unloaded a great cum shot into the air and over his chest.  Can’t wait for the duo!


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