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Mason Wyler, Next Door Buddies, Cody Cummings, Next Door Male, Next Door Hook Ups

mason_wyler-aryx_quinn (1)

Mason Wyler is just chillin, taking an afternoon nap.  But when muscle-bound Aryx Quinn steps out of the shower, he realizes his glistening cock needs Mason’s attention, so he wakes him up for a little afternoon delight.
It’s no surprise Mason is eager to suck Aryx’s meaty dick and get fucked hard.  Aryx gets himself going by starting out with a little ass licking.  As a mixed martial arts enthusiast and participant Aryx works up a lot of sexual tension during practice while he grapples with many firm, well-toned men.  Now he unleashes this energy on young Mason.

nextdoorbuddies_Christian Wilde - Andrew Blue (4)

Andrew Blue was just hangin’ around the house when Christian Wilde showed up with a gigantic boner bulging from underneath his pants.  Since Christian didn’t mention it, Andrew tried to act like he didn’t notice.  But when they finally sat down on the couch and looked each other in the eyes, they both knew Andrew would soon have Christian’s luscious dick in his mouth, sucking like a champ.
And Christian hungered for cock as well.  He had a hunch Andrew’s asshole would be tight.  But he knew making assumptions would get him nowhere.  Luckily, Andrew doesn’t shy away from an opportunity to have a nice dong slide in the backdoor.  This was an afternoon these buddies won’t soon forget!

codycummings-Cody, Coco Velvett, Brec Boyd (1)

That Coco Velvett sure is a sweetheart.  She brought Cody Cummings a surprise.  Can you guess what it is?  It’s bigger than a breadbox, hung like a donkey, it sucks a mean cock, and loves hot, double-team action.  Give up?  It’s Brec Boyd, of course!
Coco has convinced him to drop by and have some fun with her and Cody.  Brec knows how passionate these two can get, and he’s ready to help her suck Cody’s hard dick.  And everyone knows how gracious Brec is: as a ‘thank you’ Brec fucks the daylights out of Coco.  With friends like these, what more could Cody ask for??

nextdoorbuddies-Justin Jameson - Andrew Blue (3)

While at the pool earlier, Andrew Blue saw the lifeguard’s dick from up his shorts.  It was MUCH bigger than average, which made Andrew quite horny.  He raced over to meet up with Justin Jameson who Andrew knows is always ready for action.
Sure enough, Justin was just as horny as Andrew and ready to deepthroat some cock.  And Andrew couldn’t wait to taste Justin’s ass before shoving his meat in there.  Now if only Andrew could get his hands on that lifeguard!

tommydxxx-Tommy - Mason (1)

Mason Wyler is a little absent minded sometimes.  He totally missed his flight the last time he was supposed to go see TommyD.  Fortunately he made it this time and Tommy has definitely been waiting eagerly.  Tommy knows Mason loves to be treated like a dirty slut and the fact is Mason’s mouth has been watering for Tommy’s cock since he missed that flight weeks ago!
Watch Tommy shove his dick in Mason’s tight asshole like a horny madman on the loose.  And check out the distance on that cumshot to Mason’s face – WOW!

masonwyler-Mason - Christian Wilde (2)

It’s a steamy, horny afternoon for Mason Wyler.  He just returned home after watching a few rough looking neighborhood guys play a very physical game of basketball down at the schoolyard.  He can’t wait to get some balls in his face and cock in his mouth.  Now Christian Wilde is off work and has had a stressful day.  Looks like Mason is just the guy to help Christian relieve some tension!
Watch these two studs catch some sexy afternoon delight.  There are at least 69 reasons you’ll have fun.

nextdoormale-Caleb Black (5)

Caleb Black is a simple, country boy who enjoys the little things in life. It looks like he’s stumbled onto a real fancy like swimmin’ pool this time. Oh boy, what a treat on such a hot day. And since there ain’t nobody in sight, Caleb figures he’ll strip down and jump in hillbilly style- totally naked!

masonwyler-Mason - Andrew Blue (1)

When Mason Wyler meets up with Andrew Blue, it’s gonna get very hot and very wild.  These guys are hungry for action, but will Andrew’s tight hole accommodate a beast cock like Mason’s?  What will happen when the infamous Mason uses his super, dick gobbling power on Andrew’s rock hard boner?
Will this duo combine forces for a creamy finish?  Grab your cock and stay tuned!

nextdoorhookups-Brec Boyd - Rani Fairis (1)

This newly found couple is taking a lovely stroll on a spring afternoon. The sexy Rani Fairis is a young just turned 18 Libra who is exploring her sexual encounters with Brec Boyd.
After a bit of wine Rani starts to feel horny and wants Brec’s huge 8.5 inch thick cock inside her mouth. She doesn’t care if someone’s looking while she slobbers all over his cock outside.
Brec sure is a damn good handy man when it comes to pounding her mouth and positioning her the way he wants it.

nextdoormale-Tristan Bull (1)

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Buzz West – gay porn pics


Roman is one of those naturally sexy guys that just turn me on.  He’s mostly into girls, but said he likes to play with guys on the side.  He’s mostly a top, but said he likes to get poked too sometimes.  His perfect cock, and tight little ass are so inviting, I could hardly contain myself.  He’s so laid back, in a skater pothead kinda way, and just goes with whatever feels good.  Hot right?!  So, he asked if it was ok to play with his ass a little, and said it might make him bust really fast.  Well, he was right, he stuck a finger in and shot like a fountain up over his shoulder and sprayed cum everywhere!  I can hardly wait to have him back for more fun!


Straight Navy stud Remy is full of surprises.  Originally from Ohio, Remy got stationed out here a few months ago, and he’s ready to start exploring.  Remy tells me that he’s mostly into girls, but only actually had sex 3 times, and 2 of those times was just a blowjob from a guy.  WOW, that threw me.  Then he was joking around and threw one of his legs behind his head, and I was intrigued to say the least.  He put the other one behind his head too and I asked him if he could blow himself.  He gives a good stretched and licks the precum off the tip!  I think with a little more effort, he could probably suck himself!  Remy said he jerks off 6-10 times a day, but saved up a whole day for this one!  He shoots a nice load, and the final shocker was his finger lickin finale!  HOT!


When I first met Duke, I thought he was totally straight, but after the camera started rolling and I asked him a few questions, I found out that he’s into guys as well, and has done some experimenting in the past!  Duke said he loves to get head and play with guys because guys just know what feels good!  Duke was so flirty with me and said he could hardly wait to get a massage.  Apparently he has been doing some homework, because I never mentioned the massage thing.  Duke fills a size 15 shoe, and let me tell you, he has a big fat cock to match!  He was so excited to get naked and show off.  I can hardly wait to push his limits in a massage video!


I met Josh Contreras a couple weeks ago and could hardly wait to get him naked!  I thought he had a bit of a bad boy look, but when he flashes that smile, it melts your heart. His gentle bedroom eyes are hard to resist too and he was so much fun to work with.  Josh is a big time show off, and LOVES to be naked.  He tells me that he likes both girls and guys, and his thought was, “if your hot and catch my eye, then that’s what I like”.   Josh is so sexual, and when he spotted the dildo next to the bed (I don’t know how it got there — <grin>) he was all about giving it a try.  He really had to work it into his smooth, tight little hole!  He moans with pleasure, and I almost came in my pants!  Josh gets a good rhythm going, and shoots a creamy load all over his beautifully tanned body.   I can hardly wait to work with him again.  I’m sure you will love him just as much as I do!


Jason Kayz said he wants to get into porn because he likes to be naked!  Works out great, cause I love my naked men!  Jason is a real ladies man, but tells me that he’s tried sex with guys before.  His take on it is, if you don’t try it, ya never know.  He’s a muscle hunk for sure, and he spotted a FleshJack that he was all about giving a test drive.  He really enjoys the self worship, and loved fucking the FleshJack for sure!  If you love the muscle hunk boys, you’re going to love Jason Kayz!  He busts a big nut right on the pillow, it’s SO hot!


Don’t you just love Naked Men playing with each other for the first time?  There is a bit of uncertainty behind it, which makes things even more erotic.  Drew said in his interview that he had some fantasies, and I found out this time that he had never even kissed another guy!  That made Tanner’s cock jump to attention for sure!  Drew just about busted a nut when Tanner started blowing him, and he could hardly wait to fuck Tanner’s silky smooth tight ass!  He isn’t much for sucking cock, but he IS all about satisfying Tanner’s hungry ass.  He fucks Tanner in every position that he can get him into.  Drew holds off as long as he can and then gives Tanner a nice facial.  Tanner was so worked up he shot his big load all over his chest.  Are you ready for some passion and good old fashioned down and dirty fucking?  Here it is!


Diesel comes to us right off the farm.  There was such an innocence about him that really got me going.  When he spotted the massage table, he told me that he’d always wanted to get a massage.  I almost threw him down on the table right then and there, but I just had to film it for ya’ll.  Diesel couldn’t believe how good it felt, and when I started working his 8 inch cock, he was in heaven!  Diesel was a real workout for sure, and when he let loose of his 2 day load, I didn’t think he would ever stop cumming!


Tanner is back and looking better than ever!  He’s been hitting the gym hard, and man has it paid off.  Tanner is always a big shooter and this time is no exception.  He saved up for 8 days and said he was gonna shoot right over his shoulder and hit the wall.  After his first HUGE cum shot, he keeps right on stroking and said, “I wanna go again, can I shoot again?  … Go for two?”  Like I would say no, so he keeps right on going and blasts a second huge load!  Tanner apologized for getting cum on couch.  I just laughed and assured him that loads like that paid for that couch!  Enjoy.


I met Chris through a mutual friend a couple of weeks ago, and there was something about him that really peaked my interest.  Chris has brownish hair, but definitely has the fire bush down below and a WILD side for sure!  He described himself as Bi-Curious, but told me that he’s never been brave enough to actually try anything with a guy.  Then he met me!  OK, that could be taken wrong!  What I mean is I told him that we could arrange for him to have his first experience with a guy on camera!  He’s very excited, but wants to take things one step at a time.  Stay tuned for his first massage from a guy, he can hardly wait…which always gets me excited too!  Notice how hard he gets when I’m kneeling in front of him with the camera!  HOT!


Mario tells me that he’s never been straight as long as he can remember, but he never did ANYTHING with a guy until he turned 21.  “I was a virgin in boot camp” he says.  “The guys were very distracting in the showers, but I was careful not to get caught looking”.  Well, he got out of the Navy and worked for the Sherriff’s Department for a short time, and said there were lots of hotties there too!  Now he’s in the medical field, and I’m starting to think maybe he just has a thing for uniforms.  Maybe that’s why we get along so well!  When Mario called me looking for a massage, I couldn’t resist having him down to give him a work over.  I just love his smooth tight ass, and that nice fat uncut dick.  Mario said he jerks off at least 5 times a day, but saved up for this one a day and a half!  He just kept squirting load after load of hot cum.  It was a VERY happy ending for both of us!

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SQUIRTZ, Video Boys, Jeremy Roddick: free gay porn

squirtz-mathieu (1)

Mathieu is a friend of previous Squirtz model Gabriel. And like Gabriel, he is straight, likes sports and all sorts of sex activities with girls. But one thing that makes him unique in his category is that his ambition is to open a beauty salon. Maybe this is some new str8 boy strategy to pick up girls or something. Mathieu is fairly soft spoken and almost seems a bit shy, but based on what he has told us he does pretty well getting the kind of sex he wants.
Mathieu is 21 years old, is 6’0″ tall, weighs 175 lbs and has a 7″ uncut cock. - Jessy Karson and Lukas Wild (1)

Jessy Karson and Lukas Wild are out in the woods doing some scouting for their Army Cadet war games. After they set up camp, Jessy goes to take a leak and Lukas is absolutely captivated by Jessy’s magnificent tool. Jessy notices Lukas’ interest and decides to take advantage of it at the first opportunity. Minutes later the two sexy boys are rolling in the grass, cock in mouth, tongue in ass. First Lukas takes Jessy’s massive meat up his tight little ass and then they turn the tables and Jessy bends over while Lukas slams him to orgasm. Three blasting cumshots in this scene. - Gabriel (1)

This cute, young aspiring DJ got our attention for a number of reasons but when we saw that bubble butt in his jeans we decided we would do whatever was necessary to get him naked in front of the camera. Gabriel is straight but not the slightest bit put off if a gay guy tries to hit on him. We know he has fucked a girl in the ass so the next logical step is to try a boy, right?
Gabriel is 22 years old, is 5’8″ tall, weighs 135 lbs and has a 7.5″ uncut cock. -  Jo and His Sex Toy (1)

Those who have slept with him have told us that Jo is something of a master of the “penetrative arts”. So we asked Jo to give us some tips about how to be a good fucker. Well it turns out that this skill is difficult to describe but pretty easy to demonstrate. So we provided him with a clinical setting and let him do his thing. To our surprise, Jo liked it so much he came twice, one right after the other. - Jessy Karson Sucks Himself Off (1)

We have seen enough of Jessy to know that when it comes to pretty much anything related to sex, Jessy has MANY talents. We know exactly what he can do when he has another boy in his clutches. But what options does he have on those rare occasions when he is all alone? Observe Jessy’s private talent: auto-fellatio. He can’t fit that entire massive knob all the way in his mouth but he certainly doesn’t let any of his cum go to waste. - Lukas (1)

Lukas is the first a gay truck driver we’ve ever had on Squirtz. Though driving big rigs doesn’t fit the gay stereo-type, Lukas is just one of those guys who has always loved cars, and trucks and just going places in vehicles. But his other passion is for cute twinky guys and also muscle guys and… well actually Lukas is pretty open minded in sex and everything else for that matter. Lukas has a kind of confidence and authenticity that would make him a good leader… and a great boyfriend.
Lukas Wild is 21 years old, is 5’10” tall, weighs 130 lbs and has a 6.5″ uncut cock. - Shawn Fernandez (1)

You know what they say about the Portuguese? No? Well I don’t know if Shawn is typical, but we hope so. If your fantasy is huge dicks on a horny latin guy, then Shawn may be just your type. He is mostly straight, but when Shawn is horny he can find pleasure in almost any hole. With guys, however, he seems pretty specific about his type and how he goes about pounding them.
Shawn Fernandez is 22 years old, is 6’2″ tall, weighs 195 lbs and has a 10.5″ uncut cock. - Jo and Lukas (1)

We just met Lukas a few days before this scene and we had fallen in love with him right from the start. He is such a sweet, unaffected guy that we were surprised when we found out that beneath that innocent exterior beats the heart of a serious sex fiend. He confessed to a bit of a fantasy for a roll in the hay with a muscular boy and so we called back Jo to take up the challenge. It’s easy to tell that these two hit it off right away, both socially and sexually. Exploding cumshots do not lie.

Jeremy - William Prince and Yuri (3)

Yuri and William Prince were in town for the weekend and I met them in a park not too far from where I usually shoot. They were both waiting for me, sucking on ice pops, enjoying the warm weather.
With their young skater boy looks, these two blue-eyed twinks are simply delicious to watch in action. Their mouths full of boy meat, sucking passionately on each other. And when we thought that they had had enough, Yuri and William treated us to a jack off session that ends with their bellies and chests soaked with cum.

Jeremy - Jeremy Roddick & Nathan Knox (4)

Straight Boys Knows How To Swallow
Nathan Knox is back on the site and is hornier than ever. And for an alleged straight boy, he sure knows how to pleasure a man with his mouth.
This time, he told me he would like to try new tricks in front of the camera: After seeing my explosive cumshot with Ashton, he was determined to swallow it all. Everybody knows I come a lot, and he knew too, but that didn’t stop him from taking it all. You’ll see, the ending is surprising!

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