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Candy Passes

Jack and Nathan B – going all the way


It’s all about the “passion” in the latest video at BlakeMason. Last time Nathan bottomed for hung Matt H, now he makes an appearance with Jack. Talk about chemistry! There was no stopping the kissing, licking, cock sucking and rimming in this one… Nathan wanted it all, Jack sure wasn’t going to say no and in what seemed like no time at all, the guys started fucking! The look of ecstasy swept across both faces as Jack ever so gently at first started pushing his nice thick cock deep in Nathan’s ass. The thursts of Jack’s cock grew harder and harder as did the chemistry between the two. Sparks were flying right up until they end when we get treated to an ending that will leave you hard and sticky. Enjoy!

Name:  Jack
Job:     Social worker
Age:     30
Orientation:       Gay
Role:    Versatile
Eyes:    Brown
Height: 5’10
Waist:   32
Size:     7.5 inches
Cut/Uncut:         Uncut
Build:    Defined



Name:  Nathan B
Job:     Heart Breaker!
Age:     25
Orientation:       Gay
Role:    Passive
Eyes:    Brown
Height: 5’8
Waist:   30
Size:     8 inches
Cut/Uncut:         Uncut
Build:    Toned