Monthly Archives: October 2007

Highlights of the Week

Remember Kyle, the 24 year old who is the lifeguard in Southern California. The super-stud that loves riding his dirt bike in the forested hills of SoCal, or working on a recently purchased “fixer upper” investment property in the desert. See why this guy is so tan?
The reason Kyle got into this is that he is into watching porn with his girlfriend Patricia, so he thought that it might be an exciting thing to be a part of. His girl agreed and pushed him to apply with us. We’re happy he made that choice because this is his second appearance on NextDoorMale.
So enjoy Kyle as he hops off the tractor and thumbs through a nudy-mag, as he showers off in the luxurious bathroom, and as he strokes his beautiful cock to a creamy conclusion, spewing his load all over his chiseled abs.
This guy has moved to the spot of our most requested hunk on NextDoorMale. Keep the requests coming and we’ll keep Kyle…cumming.


Matt H and Ricky

matthandrickfilmbiog.jpg BIG Matt is back and this time its Ricky who faces the challenge of taking what has to be the biggest cock in British porn! Both these guys are “straight” yet both of them seem to be getting more and more curious as time goes by. Even so I was totally dumbstruck when Ricky said he wanted to get fucked by an 11½ inch cock!The guys begin just sitting and chilling out together, playing around with their impressive uncut cocks (don’t forget Ricky has a 9 inch monster of his own!) through the flies of their jeans. Hands start to wander, clothes get thrown off and it’s not long before these two horny fellas are sucking cock like it was the tastiest thing ever to touch their lips 😉Moving on to the bed, the guys continue to suck each other’s meat in some great 69 action before Matt ups the stakes. As if by magic, Ricky lowers himself down and takes ALL of that 11½ inch cock up his arse before riding the hell out it! As if that wasn’t enough, Matt soon gets in to the pounding position and fucks Ricky until he’s well and truly done 🙂Film duration: 21 minutes