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Reality a documentary about STRAIGHT GUY Seduction

like them straight - Dick Fix- Gavin

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Gavin likes anal sex with girls, but as he explains to Brendon, most of them won’t let him up there cause his cock’s too big. Aw…shucks. We’ll just see about that. Brendon puts Gavin at ease and then some to get the clothes off of this sexy 21 year old. The camera practically crawls up Gavin’s ass while his low hangers fill the screen like a 3-D movie. When Brendon greases up that fuck pole Gavin gives up control and sits back to enjoy the ride. He gets so turned on by Brendon’s oral talents that when Brendon says, ‘give it to me’, he sprays his load. This young kid is dynamite.

 like them straight - Dick Fix- Tex

Tex is usually found riding the range, wrangling cattle or mending fences. So when the country boy came to the big city, he got lassoed. Brendon practically hog ties him and wrestles his horny dick to the floor. Actually, Tex doesn’t put up much of a fight when the pro goes down on his saddle horn. It feels too damn good, and this young buck spews a friendly load into the rustler’s mouth. Now, back to the ranch!

like them straight - Dick Fix- Troy

Troy has personality to spare. His eagerness may hide the nerves that accompany any guy being filmed having sex for the first time. But Troy soldiers on. In fact his military training prepared him for anything, even getting head from the Major. Brendon loves the give and take in this scene as Troy talks him through his blow job….."hard, then soft", he whispers to Brendon, letting him know how he likes the action on his cock. It does the trick and Troy lets go of his government issue.

like them straight - Bait Bride- Tariq, Lizzie, & Dean

In the first of several episodes of BRIDE BAIT, Brendon stays on the other side of the camera and directs his fantasy three-way. Dean made a brief appearance in DISCHARGED and Brendon got a sense of his swagger, but when he met Dean’s lovely wife Lizzie a light bulb went off over his head!! These two were made to swing and when Brendon suggested it, they went for it. Tariq is the perfect partner cause he’s 21, hot and horny as hell. When the feast is laid before him, he helps himself. Dean gets turned on seeing his wife get fucked so he does a little cock sucking too. Lizzie gets pummeled by Tariq and everyone’s happy.

like them straight - Dick Fix- Joaquin

Brendon’s got himself a talker in Joaquin. This sexy straight guy is on a chick prowl and though he ain’t gonna find one in Brendon’s studio, he strokes his babe bait and talks dirty while Brendon enjoys the show. Joaquin describes his porn fantasies while he strokes himself off to a creamy climax.

like them straight - Dick Fix- Tariq

Brendon doesn’t give this 21 year old hottie a choice in the matter of getting his dick sucked. When Brendon takes his rock hard cock into his mouth, Tariq’s face looks stricken. ”What the F#*k?” seems to be his thought. But he goes with it, and while he watches some babe on DVD work another guy’s dick, Tariq gets the blow job of his young life. His huge brown eyes and dark auburn hair make this young straight guy irresistible. The map of Afghanistan on his torso gives away his nationality, but his sex drive is 100% American made!

like them straight - Dick Fix- Will

Former Air Force jockey, Will, is state-side and looking for love. He may just find it at Brendon’s studio. It doesn’t take long for this handsome young dude to get comfortable watching some pussy porn. Brendon likes Will’s big balls and gives them a bath in his mouth. That gets the flag pole upright and pretty soon Brendon is saluting the red, white and blue. Pushing Will to the limit and beyond, Brendon is rewarded with a mouthful of white, leaving Will red and his cock blew!

like them straight - Dick Fix- Brady

It’s the story, of a boy named Brady, who was growing up a very horny kid. He was young, and living in the city, but he was all alone. It’s the story, of a man named Brendon, who was busy with a porn shop of his own. It was hard core, and it was nasty, and he loved straight guys’ bone. Till the one day when young Brady met this fella, and they knew that it was much more than a trick, (of fate) that these two would one day strike a bargain, and that’s the way that Brendon sucked the young guy’s dick. The Brady dick…the Brady dick….now you all can watch the master suck his dick!

like them straight - Straight Up- Hudson

Born to be wild and following his dick around the big city, Hudson is looking for adventurers and whatever comes his way. Showing up at a porn studio seems like a fun way to pass an afternoon and Hudson passes with flying colors. His compact build and two day stubble are the perfect storm for stirring up Brendon`s juices. The camera eats him up while he strokes his hard dick. Brendon senses he`s not ready to be pounced on so he sets the black stool in front of Hudson to catch the spray. Missed!! Oh well, at his age he can cum again in a few minutes. This time he hits his target. Bull`s eye every time from this cute stud.

like them straight - You Wanna Put That Where- Brett

We met Brett six months ago in the DISCHARGED series, so we know he’s packin’ a big, fat tool. Now we want to teach him some new tricks. You’ll be amazed to hear that Brett is just months away from his wedding day, so what’s he doing in Brendon’s studio? Practice? He’s sowing some wild oats for sure, and he’s gonna plant those seeds deep into Brendon’s hungry ass. When Brett shoves his fat dick into Brendon’s butt, you’ll probably be able to feel the pain where you are. So enjoy!

Horny Next Door Hunks Photos and Videos

next door male - ME, MYSELF, AND I

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Alexi Auclair is making a video for his portfolio one afternoon, when all of a sudden he gets the urge to get off. He decides to let the laptop camera run, filming the whole affair while simultaneously watching it. The whole loop has him charged in a new and exciting way, and in no time he begins playing with the camera, toying and teasing it with his ripped body, firm ass, and stiff cock, building up into a voyeuristic frenzy until he explodes all over himself.

next door male - BAG OF TRICKS

Calvin Koons has got a brand new bag, packed full of goodness. First there’s the kinetic rope he works out his muscles with. Then there’s the assortment of dildos he uses to work out his ass. Watch Calvin go from working out to working it in, riding and jacking off right in the middle of the gym, until he finally comes in a sweat filled climax.

next door male - KEVIN CROWS

He’s pumping iron and working every muscle in his hard body. Kevin Crows knows how to get max results in the gym and this time is no exception. Watch him crank a few bicep curls, then do some amazing, jumping pushups. This dude has a seriously killer bod and knows how to keep it in shape.
The cherry on this tasty serving of sexiness is Kevin’s large, super stiff cock. He’s one of these guys that gets his motor running and doesn’t stop until he’s got warm cum all over himself. And in this case, he’s revving up for a DOUBLE blast! Don’t miss this stud shoot two juicy loads in this hot, sweaty weight room session.

next door buddies - BALLS IN PLAY

Joey Hard is known to be quite the hornball. Even amongst pretty rowdy company, Joey goes above and beyond what you would call normal. He sort of has a one track mind. Johnny Torque is not much of a pool player, and even though sexually he’s always down for a good time, truth be told, today he’s really just lookin’ to hang out, drink some beers, shoot the shit, and smack some balls around a little. Joey is thinking the exact same thing, only his mind couldn’t be further from pool. What he’s thinking is about letting Johnny work his stick into his personal pocket.

next door buddies - Training Day

Rumor has it that Spencer Fox has been hiring trainers for an unusual reason. Spencer is the newest client for fitness instructors James Jamesson and Vance Crawford. James has heard the rumors and is betting they’re true.
Vance is intrigued when James tells him Spencer might be after more than a just dumbbell session. The two decide to test the rumors by firing up a couple meaty boners and popping them out in Spencer’s face. Sure enough, Spencer locks his lips around each, slurping like a fiend. James can tell when an opportunity has further potential so he moves around back and slides his hard dick into Spencer’s tight ass. After this workout, Spencer might clinch a spot as a priority client.

next door buddies - Big Boy Toys

Anthony Romero & Kevin Crows are showing off their best assets in this photo shoot gone wild. They’ve got some hot bodies, and some smoking machines between their legs. But it isn’t the ATVs that are revvin’ to go. Let the two of them show you their big boy toys, as they go from riding machines to riding each other in a matter of minutes.

next door buddies - The Bangover

Just a few short hours ago, Johnny Torque, Mason Star and Anthony Romero had one of the craziest nights of their lives… if only they could remember it. Then maybe they could explain the pain in their heads, and the more extreme pounding pain in their asses. Watch as these three learn the hard way that the funny thing about regret is, it’s better to regret something you have done than something you haven’t.

next door hook ups - Kevin Crows & Nikki D

No frills. No bullshit. No extra-curricular activity. Kevin Crows and Nikki D are just getting straight to it. Watch as these two hot horny stars turn up the heat and turn out the sweaty sex, culminating in a load from Kevin you gotta see to believe. Wish there was more to embellish, but when it is served to you this raw, what else is there to say?

next door hook ups - Special Treatment

Rubi Knox is so excited to have just received her first schedule as a professional masseuse. She’s worked very hard to get here and can’t wait to give her boyfriend, Cameron Foster, a very special rub down.
But Cameron has only one thing on his mind, you guessed it, a happy ending. Rubi knows from massage school that any manipulation of the cock is strictly prohibited in a professional environment, so she tells Cameron it ain’t gonna happen. She does have a surprise up her sleeve though. Once Cameron is lying naked on the massage table, enjoying Rubi’s tender kneading, Rubi figures she’ll take her shirt off to give her man a little eye candy with his rub down. When she sees the size of his swollen dick, she can’t help but stroke it. Since he’s already getting a little special treatment, she figures she’ll go a step further and suck him a little. That only makes her hornier, so she climbs atop Cameron’s hard cock and let’s him fuck her for an ending reserved only for her favorite client.

next door hook ups - PreParty

James Huntsman knows that it’s all about the tiny details. So while he’s supposed to be getting ready for a little friendly dungeon party, the fact is that he has spent most of the day getting the room ready, and very little time getting himself ready. Lucky for him he has remembered one little detail- Rubi Knox’s favorite red jock. As soon as she sees that, Rubi goes from crazy mad to crazy horny in no time. See what other tricks James has hidden up his sleeve… and in his pants.

visconti triplets - Boxing Foursome — Jason Visconti, Jimmy Visconti, Joey Visconti

The Visconti Triplets are training. They all have Thai kickboxing matches coming up soon.
A little punching and kicking of the bag is in order, but boredom quickly sets in. Before you know it, Jimmy, Jason, and Joe are all grabbing their crotches, dying to rub one out!
These three copies of perfection whip our their dicks in the training room, and masterfully stroke their magnificent cocks until they each end up with a small mess on their hands…

visconti triplets - Trained To Obey — Jack Dragon, Tom Taylor

Sgt. Jack Dragon decides it’s time to have fun with his assistant, Lt. Tom Taylor. Today, Tom will be taking a different type of dictation…
First, he gets a taste of Jack’s huge cock, and then his ass. It’s not long before Tom gets promoted to rear admiral, and takes that throbbing tool from behind. When it’s all over, Tom’s mouth and chin are coated in jizz…

visconti triplets - Trained To Obey — Joshua Rodgers, Claudio Antonelli

Joshua Rodgers and Claudio Antonelli are as hard and dedicated soldiers as you’ll ever find, but when they’re off duty, they can be even harder!
After showing each other how hard that is, Claudio and Joshua take turns sucking each other’s juicy, meaty cocks. Joshua also gets a serious taste of Claudio’s ass, teasing, slipping that tongue in, and preparing that tiny hole for what’s next.
Finally, Claudio slips a condom on Josh, and hops on that dick like it’s always been missing from his ass. Both scream in pleasure until all they can do is explode.

visconti triplets - Trained To Obey — Jason Visconti, Jimmy Visconti, Joey Visconti

General Dragon and his assistant walked into the barracks to see how troop morale was.
Private Jimmy Visconti immediately saluted, but it was Gen. Dragon that was standing at attention.
Without hesitation, Pvt. Visconti gets on his knees and gets started on relieving his commander. Before long, all three triplets are having fun with the general and his friend.
General Dragon then buries his super hard cock in his assistant, as do all the triplets. Finally, the triplets and their superior officers line up, and do a 4-man cock-to-ass chain, deep and hard.

visconti triplets - Trained To Obey — Paulo Mickey, James Jones

There are few things tougher than boot camp. Staff Sgt. Jack Dragon shows the recruits no mercy as he rigorously runs them through the wringer.
The Visconti Triplets are among the trainees, but what interests us today is what happens later, after Mickey and James wake up from a well deserved post-training nap. After a long day of push-ups and crawling, face down, in the mud, Mickey and James fell asleep the moment they entered the barracks, fully dressed, right next to each other.
James wakes up first, and with supper only a few minutes ahead, he decides to wake Mickey up in a creative way… by letting his hands roam a bit. It doesn’t take long for Mickey to get up. A little dick and ass tasting ensues, before James mounts Mickey, and rides his big, rock-hard cock.
The fucking is intense, just like the load Mickey drops in James’ mouth.

Hung boyfriends and Bear Boyfriends exposed NUDE–videos

Dude is naked on the couch as he masturbate and blew cum

Dude is naked on the couch as he masturbate and blew cum

Two horny gay guy kiss and suck each others cock then fucked

Two horny gay guy kiss and suck each others cock then fucked

Pervert boy is naked jerking his cock and soon he blew cum

Pervert boy is naked jerking his cock and soon he blew cum

Gay guy were in the room feeling horny as he masturbate

Gay guy were in the room feeling horny as he masturbate

Gay guy dude set up a camera then masturbate and release cum

Gay guy dude set up a camera then masturbate and release cum

A hot collection of bear guys made for gay men at its finest

A hot collection of bear guys made for gay men at its finest

Dude claims to be quiet but his actions speak louder than words

Dude claims to be quiet but his actions speak louder than words

Horny guy just couldnt stop fucking after he shot his first load

Horny guy just couldnt stop fucking after he shot his first load

Hot muscular hairy bodies make this gallery irresistible to see

Hot muscular hairy bodies make this gallery irresistible to see

Gaze upon these guys and youll know why we had them on our site

Gaze upon these guys and youll know why we had them on our site

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Real Male Sex Scandals–Twisted and Real

His Boy Friend Tod

Ok so I was with Tod for about 3 years.. We had our ups and downs but over all our relationship was in tact and going well… That was until Tod meet Jay.. Long story short – He fucked Jay – At My House!

Cheater - Henry - Violent

This relationship definitly tarnished all my future relationships. Anyhow, so I setup one of those hidden cams (my sister made me do it) I would leave for work, but would watch some of them while working. I saw this in action, and ran home while they were fucking!

My Ex BF

My college room mate who was also my BF at the time, loved me very much. The problem was, he was loving the entire fucking campus! I have video after video of this pig fucking just about every damn guy who would let him do so! I’m exposing everything!

A husband, Jim

I hired a private I to help me catch my cheating husband. Just for the record, I am a woman. I suspected my husband cheating on me.. And he sure was. What I didnt expect was that he was fucking a man! Hell a boy at that! Jim, you wronged me – Pay back time!

Cheater - Nick

I owned the damn company, so god damn right I setup hidden cams. Shit I even had them before I made my assistant my BF. I caught these sneaky fucker Nick fucking our web designer! I fired them both and got a little revenge (a punch to his face) all on film!

Cheater - 18 Year Old EX

Should I feel bad?? Should I? I mean I’m only exposing this 18 year old to the world for being a homo (while he’s still in the closet). His mom is gonna flip – but to bad. Gary, you shouldnt have fucked me. Your fucked now! This link is going to be sent to everyone you know!

Cheater - Freddy (a fireman)

Fred is a Fire Man. Very buff, so fucking sexy. But this fucker could not keep it in his pants.. And I was sick of it. It wasnt to see if he was cheating – that was obvious. It was to EXPOSE him. And that I did thanks to the help of RealMaleSexScandals

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