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Seeing how Jed’s first duo with Oli went down so well with all of you at home (that film’s still at number 1!) we thought we had better get him back ASAP to keep you satisfied! Having asked the very sexy Jed who he’d like to get fucked by, Gabriel was one of his firm favourites so we set about tracking him down. And as luck would have it, Gabriel was actually due to be visiting some friends down our way the following week… this just had to be destiny or fate 😉
Yep, the Gods sure were right about making it so easy for us to pair these two hot guys together – they clicked immediately and it was totally obvious right from the start that they were going to have one of those really passionate fuck sessions that we all love to get to see! Sensual kissing and licking of those toned bodies, coupled with lustful eye contact and smiling faces kicked off the action… and it pretty much continued that way as the guys playfully took turns in sucking each other’s cocks with hungry mouths 🙂
But Jed’s eager ass also needed a thorough working over and so Gabriel went down and used his expert tongue on his fuck buddy’s hole. Jed sure was loving the attention down there – his moans and groans testified to it! Mind you, when he sat down on Gabriel’s 8inch uncut dick and his ass swallowed all of it he really was in heaven… and so off Jed went, riding away in complete and utter pleasure 🙂
Until, that is, the guys switched positions and Gabriel got to thrust and pump away at that beautiful tight ass… if Jed had been in heaven before, well now he was in seventh heaven! Gabriel’s cock must have been hitting exactly the right spot because it wasn’t too long before Jed simply had to unload those lovely big balls of his… what a fantastic session!




OK, so it’s becoming a bit of a habit now but yet again we have another incredible bi guy to grace your screens! Yes, that’s right… the gorgeous Brent likes to swing both ways and you’ve surely got to love and admire his hunger for horny partners of whatever sex 😉 So where do we find these hot specimens of manhood? Well, to tell you the truth Brent found us, simple as that. He had been travelling around Britain for almost a year and a few friends along the way suggested he should pay us a visit… and so he decided to give it a go!
He’s open and uninhibited throughout his initial chat, and even more uninhibited when it came to revealing his “assets”… he just couldn’t wait to get completely naked! And Brent sure is one horny dude – his lovely dick quickly grew to full mast and from the look on Brent’s face it sure felt awesome to hold and stroke!  But this guy is more than just a juicy cock – he enjoys playing with all of his body including his tight hairy hole… and man, does he spunk or what? 🙂




I’ve got to be honest and say that I’m not sure if I’m in love, lust or just plain awe of Ian, our latest very hot newbie! You see, when I walked in to the studio and met him for the first time I was struck by his magical deep brown eyes that had a certain glint and sparkle to them… and that was also true of his smiley, cheerful personality. But hey, that was just the beginning of my infatuation… once Ian revealed his smooth body with just a gentle airing of hair I was smitten…  and then when his massive uncut dick and big dangling balls came in to view I was almost lost for words!
Grabbing the lube, Ian jolted me out of my dream-like state and soaked his perfect 8 ½ inch uncut dick with the stuff.  His stroking became even more sensual and he was soon playing with his whole body and those equally impressive great big balls! This fella was going in to overdrive as he worked himself closer and closer to orgasm and he was taking me with him! And just as he was about to cum his cock swelled even bigger… and then spurted a hot creamy load 🙂




It’s time to welcome back the very sexy Oli for another hot fuck session and this time it’s the ever-popular Kai who gets to plough his smooth tight ass! Why? Well, Oli really liked the look of Kai and the feeling was totally mutual… our Navy guy wanted to get pounded good and proper and Kai was in just the right mood to service his deepest, darkest desires 😉 Mmmm… two horny guys together, both needing it real bad… I think we’ve got a ball buster on our hands here!
Indeed, these fellas were all over each other right from the first moment they met. Once the cameras were rolling the intense magic and awesome desire they felt for each other’s bodies just couldn’t be contained – Kai and Oli were turning in to lust-crazed guys who needed to lick and suck and kiss and touch like there was no tomorrow! And after giving each other a damn good blow job these two switched around to enjoy an amazing sixty-nine… man, were they enjoying themselves or what?
But that was just the foreplay… Oli wanted to feel Kai’s big thick prick buried deep inside his ass more than anything else on Earth! As Oli bent over the arm of the sofa, Kai plunged his uncut cock right in to the hilt so that his big low-hanging balls slapped against the cheeks of Oli’s tight hole… and then began the fuck of Oli’s life! Yep, Kai screwed his fuck-buddy just the way he liked it – doggy, riding and then on his side until he could take no more and Oli’s cock spunked a massive load! But Kai had one more treat in store… Oli was due a nice facial 🙂



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