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Hairy Hole Penetration + Hairy Assed Hottie

Dominic Feroni gets a taste of Shane in his first ever fuck scene. After getting Dominic in the mood with some hot kissing, fondling, and ass-licking, Shane goes to town on Dominic. By his moans and the looks on his face, Dominic really loves taking Shanes throbbing cock! Dominic and Shane both shoot amazing loads after Shane fucks him every which way on the couch.

Dominic Feroni is a hot sensual guy, and we could not wait to work with him! When he arrived, right before this solo vid, he was nervous in a very cute way, but after a while he loosened up and really gave us a hot show – stroking his thick pole must have done the trick. In addition to a fine cock, Dominic has beautiful abs, a lean toned bod, full lips, and a nice hairy bush and ass, just the way we like our college dudes! Dominic got so excited that when he busted his load – it was so much jizz! – he even shocked himself at how good his cumshot was. Now here is a guy you will all enjoy to the max!

Jayce & Shawn

I found out that Jayce likes the other dude to take control, so I put Shawn in the driver’s seat.  Jayce seems to respond naturally to mature guys also, so I new some real live chemistry could happen.

Everytime I see Shawn I hear more of his sexual exploits with dudes, so this time I was like, “Dude, your sucking his cock.” to which he responded, “No problem.”

I noticed when I suck dick, I might get hard for a bit, but overall, I lose it. If I’m not paying attention to it, it goes away. I think most guys are that way, and typically in a scene, if all a guy is focused on blowing someone, they tend to go soft…

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Jonny Magnum’s Toys

Jonny Magnum lives up to his name when it cums to cock size.  But it’s his bubble butt that Mike paid particular attention to this visit.  Jonny reacted favorably to some tongue action in his ass during his audition, so Mike thought that Jonny just might appreciate the finer details of anal pleasure.  Well, Mike is all about exposing straight guys to the joys of ass play.  Jonny Magnum is young and eager to be in the porn biz.  Although he says he’s never played around his “back door,” he was more than willing to try something new.  Though Jonny agreed to experimenting with dildos,  I think curiosity got the best of horny Jonny Magnum during this shoot.  Mike definitely got Jonny hot and bothered by giving him a deep rim.  Then Mike pulled out the toys.  Mike took it slow.  After all, not many straight guys are comfortable having something shoved up their ass for the first time.  Jonny winced in pain at first, but Mike knew that the threshold of pain had to be breached in order to get to the pleasure.  Speaking of pleasure, Mike was so excited that he pulled out his own throbbing cock for good measure.  It wasn’t long before Mike was teasing Jonny’s warm hole with his cock, subtly at first.  As Mike’s hard cock slid in between Jonny’s ass checks again and again, Jonny turned to Mike and said, “If you’re gonna stick it in… just do it already.”  Needless to say, the editor deleted that bit of dialogue, but I swear it’s true. You could have heard a pin drop in the room.  Like a bat out of hell, Mike put on a condom, dropped his trousers and gave Jonny what he was begging for.  Mike popped Jonny’s man-cherry, then and there, slowly at first, so Jonny could get over the pain.  But Jonny took it like a man, stoking his own cock to heighten the sensation.  Once Mike found his rhythm, it didn’t take long for Jonny’s hot load to erupt as Mike pounded him deeper and deeper.  Mike reached his own climax, covering Jonny’s stomach with his own hot jiz. 
They say curiosity killed the cat.  Well, not this time.  It just got a straight guy named Jonny Magnum fucked for the first time.  Hey Mikey, he likes it!

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Mo hails from Rotterdam and is a hot little pig when it comes to fucking. We invited him over to Berlin Male because Andreas Stich also was in town and we knew Mo likes Andreas. Enjoy Mo in his hot soloset this week on BM and be prepared for some hot fucking action featuring Mo and Andreas next week!

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