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Justin F.


Justin doesn’t care about what people think of him. He just wants to live his life, as he likes it. And this is what makes him that interesting. We met Justin at a disco. As all the boys were dressed in their designer clothes he wore exactly what he wears on the pictures. Of course people had to look at him when he sat down and everyone was able to have a look at the thing inside of his trousers.

Billy The Kid, Marcus, Mason Wyler; Jonny T., Marcus; Sebastian Taylor, Tommy D

You may have seen Mason. You may have seen Marcus, and you may have seen Billy the Kid, but you haven’t seen them all together, getting down, dirty and kinky.
These three came in from sun bathing at a nearby river when Marcus and Billy thought it’d be a good idea to tag-team Mason. Loving the cock, Mason didn’t discourage such friendly activities.
First they all strip, then Marcus and Billy shove their cocks down Mason’s throat. Making the short haired hunk deep throat, suck, spit on and stroke their hard dicks.
It wasn’t long before the two tops wanted more than a blowjob, so they brought Mason over to the bed and take turns pounding his ass.
In the end, Mason is drenched in jizz, and Marcus and Billy the Kid are drained…literally.

Marcus & JonnyT were kicking back the other day, reminiscing about the party they went to the night before. Unfortunately for them, neither of the two studs got any female action. You know what that means! A mouth is a mouth, and an ass is an ass…at least on NextDoorBuddies it is!
These two decide to let loose and get off with each other. First they suck each other, then JonnyT uses his baseball bat sized cock to penetrate Marcus’s tight ass, making his buddy cum while he pounds him.

Tommy’s at it again but this time it’s a little different. Tommy actually BOTTOMS in this scene. Our friend hasn’t done that in over 4 years! Who’s the lucky guy who gets to penetrate Tommy’s almost-virgin ass, none other than the slim hunk Sebastian Taylor.
Sebastian is a security officer, so he knows how to punish deviant people, and who’s more deviant than TommyD? We couldn’t think of anyone else either.
Besides ass pounding, there’s plenty of cock sucking and massive cum loads!

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