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Hung Young Dudes being Served

Brysen & Clark

Brysen bonds with muscular bottom Clark over their shared wrestling past before asking what the twink is into in the bedroom. “I like dominant guys,” Clark tells him. “I think I can handle that role,” Brysen replies with a grin. Brysen’s eager to get his hands on Clark’s broad chest, then the guys suck each other before the top penetrates Clark bareback in spoon position. Brysen gives the bottom the dominant pounding he wanted in doggystyle, then Clark rides the top before orgasming as he gets fucked on his back. Brysen pulls out and cums all over him!

Dean Young And Joel Hart

Joel Hart is tidying up his lavish studio when Dean Young comes over to create some content. To get the right shot, Dean calls on Joel to help him with some pics for his fans. While Joel is snapping the photos, he can’t help but notice hot turned on he is by Dean and leans in for a kiss. The move is eagerly welcomed by Dean, and it’s not long before they both strip off each other’s clothes, and Joel gets to work rimming Dean’s smooth hole. After teasing Dean’s ass with his tongue and fingers, Joel feeds Dean his thick uncut cock. Joel can’t wait any longer and Dean wants cock now, so Joel bends the smooth muscle-twunk over the chaise and pounds his ass bareback. Dean’s hole wants more as he gets on top and rides Joel’s cock down to his balls. Riding hard and fast, Dean bursts his load with Joel still inside of him. Hopping off the cock to have another taste, Dean wraps his lips around Joel’s hefty cock that’s fresh out of his ass. Deepthroating every inch of the sexy tatted stud, Dean gets Joel to unload a thick load straight in his mouth.


Troye Dean’s new roommate, Roman Todd, seems a bit unusual when he greets Troye at the door in a pair of tight, bulge-emphasizing briefs, then goes in for a hug and squeezes Troye’s ass. In the following days, Troye learns that it’s even worse than he thought: Roman is a jerkaholic. Fed up with seeing his roomie jack it morning, noon, and night, and after the final straw of Roman cumming all over him, Troye tells him to just fuck him already! Roman rims the twink and penetrates him doggystyle, and the guys suck each other before Roman fucks the bottom spoon. Troye rides his new roommate and then cums as he gets fucked in missionary, but even busting all over Troye–again–isn’t going to stop Roman from jacking it!

Open Wide

Whether it’s his sweet lips or his tight ass sexy youngster Michael Flexx has wide open Daddy Will Angell is the perfect man to stuff them full. This boy can do things to grab his father’s attention like no other. Get those legs out of the way so Dad can get up you deeper than ever son.


We met the adorable Oliver recently, but today’s he’s introducing us to his equally cute boyfriend, Carter. If there’s one thing these two love doing a lot of, it’s fucking. And they’re real good at it! We got to know little about Carter, but before we knew it, his face was buried in Olivers beautiful bubble butt.

Kieran has “A Go on Danny”

‘Have a Go on Danny’ and fit lad Kieran met during the SPUNK GAMES and they fancied the pants off each other – Literarily! Away from all the madness they met up again away from our madness to get a bit more intimate.


Something about this young pretty boy really gets Daddy going. The chemistry is always off the charts and I breed him hard & deep everytime. I still want to introduce him to Jared, but for now I’m enjoying having him fulfill Daddy’s every desire. Seriously one of my all time favorite boyz… Stay Tuned, def tryin to play with him weekly!

Will: Hot Surfer’s First Gay Blowjob

20-year-old Will is horny all the time, but he’s a bit camera-shy at first. Soon his nerves calm down and his cock springs to life. I use the sleeve on him, and he’s amazed how good it feels to have a guy stroking his cock with that thing. I know this guy will be a pushover! I go right for the gold and start licking Will’s balls and sucking his cock. He seems a bit surprised, but he still lies back and enjoys the attention. When I know a guy is into me sucking his cock, I have him stand up so I can really go at it on my knees, servicing every inch. I suck his shaft until he says he is about to blow, then I stroke him so I can get a good slo-mo cum shot. I ask him to rate the blowjob when we are done – another 11 out of 10!

Reese Tickled and Sucked Off

25-year-old Reese has never been tied up and tickled before, but this Irish-Italian straight guy is willing to give it a try. Right away, Franco has Reese laughing and jumping up, as much as a prisoner can. Franco tickles Reese’s torso with his fingers and a rubber soap saver, and there’s nothing Reese can do to make it stop. By the sound of his laughter, he’s having torturous fun alright! Franco tickles Reese’s furry belly button and chest before sneaking up into his armpits with crazy little tickles. Franco ties Reese’s arm back to fully expose his hairy armpit, and he flinches and strains his lithe, fuzzy body amid beautiful laughter. As the tickling intensifies, Reese’s breathing becomes more labored and he starts to moan hysterically. Franco tickles Reese’s hairy inner thighs and knees, and when his big dick gets hard, Franco strokes and sucks him. Reese moans in pleasure as Franco licks his balls and furry asshole. Franco deep-throats Reese’s cock and in no time he’s curling his toes and shooting a huge load. Franco sucks Reese clean then teases his sensitive cock and continues the tickling. He tickles Reese’s strong, size 12 feet with his fingers and brushes, making him cry out under the tickle pressure. Brimming with anger, Reese struggles to escape, but Franco keeps tickling him hard on the inner thighs and in his armpits until he’s exhausted and begging for it to end.

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