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Hi Guys, When 24 year old Lincoln Ashby dropped by for his very first porn shoot at the end of last year my mates were all fighting over who was going to get to star alongside him first. Well sadly for them Lincoln is one of large number of straight mates getting their gear off on BentleyRace. He was keen to do more scenes and the perfect opportunity popped up recently when I was taking some guys out on a road/shoot trip. Lincoln had no problem coming along on our little porn trip in to country Victoria. It ended up being a scorching hot summer’s day. Perfect for getting naked outdoors. Lincoln was the first of the guys to get naked on the roadside while Zac took his photos. On the second location he got naked again and started jacking his big dick while Zac filmed him. It’s a really hot scene. Lincoln puts on a very hot solo performance as he mounts the roof of the SUV and starts wanking completely naked. Of course the rest of us enjoyed the scene, cheering him on from the other side of the road. He ended his scene by drenching himself down in cool water.  I can tell that Lincoln will be hanging out with us a lot this year. He even helped me film the gay boys fucking in the bush later that day. You gotta love these horny Aussie boys!

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kristen bjorn - casting couch

[wposflv src=http://www.kristenbjorn.com/files/model/previewclips/1006/cc293_preview.flv width=512 height=310 title=”kristen bjorn – casting couch”]

Nicolas has been invited to big, beefy, muscled Carols’ hotel room for a wild time. Carols has admired Nicolas for a long time and is eager to get a taste of what he has been jerking off to for a long time. Already drooling, Carlos immediately takes Nicolas’ rigid cock in his mouth and savors every inch of it as it glides across his hungry tongue and into his awaiting throat. Nicolas has no problem feeding an eager mouth what it has been begging for and fucks his mouth full of pleasure. Carols’ cock is released from its constraints and Nicolas takes his uncut cock deep into his throat as well. With his balls drawn up so tight and his cock at the breaking point of being so stimulated, Carlos fights losing control. Carlos and Nicolas lie down on the bed with Nicolas behind Carlos as he tempts and teases his pink hole. Nicolas penetrates Carlos and slides deep within his hot hole. Treated to a surprise, Nicolas rolls Carlos on his back and then sits down on his rock hard cock. Nicolas rides Carlos long and hard and erupts his gooey load all over his huge pecs. Carlos has held off as long as possible and quickly releases his cream all over Nicolas’ ass. To be admired and desired, it does have its requirements.

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I love young guys in suits. Unfortunately it is quite difficult to talk them into my little games. Though I failed many times before I again tried my luck with a tall, blond cutie. His short hair and his friendly smile gave me a good feeling. But still it was a big fight to make him even strip. And I was in the mood to find even another guy this day. He was walking down the road and he was wearing this kind of scarf that indicated that he could be gay as well. So I asked him if he was. Oh my god he almost freaked out. But then again he was so much into money that he step by step became my little, dirty bitch.


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Gay War Games


[wposflv src=http://www.hammerboys.tv/webmaster/tube-contents/watermarkHB/A_TREESOME.mp4.flv width=500 height=300 title=”a threesome”]

A Threesome

blake mason - andro maas

He might be looking at moving out of the UK soon, but we’re glad we have him with us for the time being and we plan to make the most of it! Anrdo is a handsome strawberry blond guy with a hot bod and a hard 8″ uncut cock, a hot ass and the ever present need to get off – basically everything we look for in a guy! He’s a cum fan (just like us!) and loves to splash out over a friend. We plan to give him lots of new friends in the coming weeks and months!

staxus - double-dicked

Anyone who’s previously seen the delicious strawberry-blond airhead, Alexander Syden, in action will already know that he just can’t resist a hard cock when it’s thrust into his face, so you can imagine his excitement when Zac Todd and Milan Sharp call in at his Prague apartment and immediately pull out their dicks for his attention.

Project Gogo Boys

[wposflv src=http://www.nakedswordcashcontent.com/videos/ns_ProjectGogoBoys.flv width=640 height=480 title=”Project Gogo Boy – Cockyboys”]

Project Gogo Boy defies convention by blurring the line between fantasy and reality. Directed by Jake Jaxon, this groundbreaking film is a tribute to the reality shows we love to hate by chronicling the lives of NYC nightlife performers; DJs, hustlers, club owners, and go-go boys as they fuck their way to the TOP BOX!

Fucking The Band Part 3 men of UK

Star-maker Paul Walker is having a business meeting at a bar with up-and-coming pop sensation Lucas. Hot bartender Paddy O’Brian turns out to be a fan who takes his excitement to another level and shares the singers ass with manager Paul Walker!

gay-sex-video-active duty - archer-bailey

When Active Duty’s Bailey does a great job giving head to first timer Silas, Sy tells Dink that he’s got to get his buddy Archer to experience this. So, this time Active Duty featured Archer (who appeared in a solo back in May and has even more amazing abs and thighs now) being filmed by his friend Sy as he has his first sexual experience with a guy (Bailey). At the end Archer tells Bailey that he was “amazing” and Sy (who filmed) tells Dink that “It was very, very hot.”

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Burdon has the boy next-door looks and youthful appearance to be the man of Brendon’s dreams. Hell, he probably just voted for the first time. So it’s high time some older guy, like Brendon, put him to the test. He can’t get his pants off fast enough. His dick is hard before they hit the ground, but he likes girls, not guys. At just 21 he’s too polite to say, ”get lost”, so he gets a hand job from someone old enough to be his daddy… lucky daddy.

Bound Jock Landon Conrad is securely tied down and stretched on a shiny metal table in just a wrestling singlet. He thrashes and turns about sporting a huge erection that makes an impressive bulge in the nylon singlet. Next the singlet is removed exposing his massive boner as he continues to struggle. Unable to touch his own dick and frustrated he humps the table until he is finally able to shoot his load!

Stag Homme gives you a remake of perhaps the most of classic of porn themes dating pack from the 70s, the pizza boy and a horny customer. “Pizza Pervet – That 70s Porn” goes real oldskool, taking you back to the age of fun and raw sexuality. This time the pizza boy is the hot bearded Catalan, Felix Barca, and the horny fucker is none other than Damien Crosse, in a role which definitely suits him perfectly.

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Enzo is not just a pretty face. He’s very masculine, so much that he does not shave any part of his body hair because he considers it’s not manly to do it.

The pervy cameraman at SneakyPeek spies on a sexy swimming stripping off and jerking off in a changing room cubicle.

 Horny Balcony Boys show ripped Bodies and Huge Dicks to the Neighbors.

After a hot & rough hookup with Rocco Reed in a cruisy bathroom, Andrew Stark can’t wait to get get back for another round!  This time he brings horny bad boy Donny Wright along and gets banged deep and hard by Donny and bathroom cruiser Trevor Knight!

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Boyfriends Chad Brock and Clay Towers fuck deep and intense in this video

[wposflv src=http://pigtubes.net/videos/FX057_Clip_720x480.flv width=620 height=380 title=”fraternity x”]

Will and Andy, the two bad boys of the house, were up all Sunday night getting trashed. They were being loud, arrogant and obnoxious, and come Monday morning were seriously horny. Grant was showering, and getting ready for classes when they jumped him. Shoving their cocks into his mouth and ass, fucking him sensuously, he was helpless.

Paul is a gorgeous young curious guy who hasn’t had a lot of experience

Zacary Starr might be reluctant, but the wanking hand of Matt Madison will not be denied a cum load!

[wposflv src=http://www.nakedswordcashcontent.com/videos/ns_HookerStories2Ep3.flv width=640 height=370 title=”Hooker Stories 2 Episode 3: You’ve Been Served – NakedSword Originals”]

They say divorce leaves a hole. In Kyle Quinn’s case, it’s a hole aching to be filled. A cute bike messenger arrives to serve Quinn with divorce papers, and prompts the young broker to dial up another kind of delivery. In the latest installment of NakedSword’s Hooker Stories, it’s muscled bad-boy Doug Acre who arrives —but this messenger’s ride is anything but gentle. Acre plows Quinn mercilessly in a real-life escort story that provides Quinn’s divorce a very happy — and very messy — ending. So what if he gets screwed in the settlement? This is one billable hour he’s happy to pay.

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Blair Mason, Jesse Jacobs & Sean Corwin kick back for an afternoon of wanking

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Straight: Eddie Cambio Bait: Josh Long

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Some guys are easier to manipulate than others. Just wave a little cash in front of Damian and Cody and start them off with a game, and they quickly go from kissing to getting naked and sucking each other’s dicks.

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Marcus is a softspoken 20 yo Kentucky boy with a wild streak, it’s not hard to picture him out muddin’ in his truck in nothing but shorts, cowboy boots, and a bottle of Jack Daniels. My buddy Ted brought him over one night to hang out and while watching a porno he got horny and had to rub one out. Now Marcus and Ted work in the same unit on base and live just a few doors down from each other in the barracks. Marcus strokes his cock in front of his buddy, learns the joys of a Fleshjack, takes a shower and enjoys a piss.


Meet Active Duty’s 18-year-old new recruit Chandler. This lean lean, lightly-toned gent comes to us all the way from Illinois and was introduced to us by Major Wood in the War Chest. He stands 5’10” tall and weighs in at 155 lbs. In his debut solo, he starts off by telling us about some of his sexual exploits, and ends by shooting a massive load! Plus, for all you sock fans, Chandler never removes his cute green and grey socks.

Cute Patryk is extremely extroverted and daring for someone who looks so young and sweet. He dreams about being a highly paid porn star and spending his whole day fucking chicks which brings him to audition at TheCastingRoom. Smooth bodied with a tight untouched ass, the only thing which indicates his bad boy nature are a couple tattoos which adorn his healthy fit body. He may have more than an average amount of sexual experience for someone of his age, but he still has a lot to learn and try. It will be exciting to see how far he goes if he continues chasing his dream of being a porn star.

After a hard game of cricket sporty Guy goes into the makeshift locker room at BreederFuckers and is disgusted to see that it’s a space also used by the grounds men. It’s time this star player and hairy stud gets taken down a notch and learn what it’s like to be sexually used and abused by the men who watch him lustfully from the sidelines all day. He’s bound in place by the pervy men who strip down his trousers to reveal his sexy jock strap. Adrian and Dave test his mettle by kicking him in the nuts and pounding his hard torso with their fists. His magnificently hairy ass is beautifully framed by the twin white straps. They make it blush by whacking it with his own bat. The mouthy cunt curses his captors, but that only encourages them to bend him over and give him a royal fucking with a cricket pole. Seeing as he has such a dirty mouth his fragrant jock strap is soaked with piss. The wet stinking strap is wrapped around his head so with every breath he takes he has to taste and inhale the rank stench of urine. Dave flogs Guy’s ass so his sweet dick and balls jostle around manically while he desperately tries to get away.

EricDeman has some horny new pov videos of guys cruising in the woods. Here is a guy who is definitely up for it. His big hard erect cock is just begging to be tugged and sucked.

Josh Jared is back to sink his long cock into another hot ass and Fraser is more than willing!

Sebastian makes full use of his slave boy Sean McKenzie in this cock pleasing session!

When some boys are thirsty for cum and they have plenty of meat to suck on it becomes a great oral orgy!

[wposflv src=http://www.kristenbjorn.com/files/movies/109/trailers/lane_preview.flv width=512 height=404 title=”kristenbjorn”]

Hottest New Release from Kristen Bjorn. Lover’s Lane is a collection from our online series where true life lovers allow us a glimpse into their private world. We are permitted to witness the joys, the passion and the thrill of feeling your lover penetrate not only your heart but to penetrate you deep inside with nothing shielding him. Giving freely to your lover is only something that occurs after many commitments have been sealed with true loves kiss. Feel the love as your partner slowly slips inside of you and touches you exactly as you dream, desire and wished for. All models in this film are in committed relationships with each other and have made this serious decision together with full knowledge of each other. Your copy is waiting, don’t delay.

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Jan spent the whole night in a discotheque. At the next morning he had to walk back home. He tried to stop a car but until now nobody helped the hitchhiker. When Lubos passed by he noticed the young guy. He promised him a lift. But soon after he tried to offer him money for sex. Jan rejected and left the car. Lubos decided to follow him and overwhelmed the boy. Time for some fun.

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The Psycho Doctor

Maybe I have a feeble for students. I recently met a lot of them. I often hunted in front of the Highschool of Economics here in Prague. But this time I went a step further and tried my luck in the Mensa. I was surprised – not the communist style I expected but a nice, bright new interior. The Mensa wasn’t actually overcrowded as it was already late afternoon when I arrived. The most guys there were sitting together in a group. Only four or five cuties were alone. So I went straight to one of them and took a seat at his table. He wasn’t so friendly in the beginning. He was starring at my cam. But when I told him that this is a little project where he could make good money he quickly agreed to suck me on the toilet.

Marcus Ruhl is instantly hard at the sight of his ex boyfriend Jack King.  So much that he fails to notice Jack’s new boyfriend, Duncan Black. Duncan doesn’t mind the snub and in fact gets to work on Marcus and in turn instigates one of the hottest 3ways in MEN.COM history!

Sal always loves to play with a big dick

Boys Wanking in BedRooms

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staghomme-eros (3)

Stag Homme introduces muscle-god Hungarian newcomer Rob Nelson in a sensual versatile fuck galore with Francesco D’Macho. "Eros" focuses on a higher form of sex. It’s about everything that is beautiful and poetic about sex. This XXX feature is over half an hour of intense and passionate love-making between the two lovers. Stag Homme has done it’s share of envelope-shredding with reality porn and the more agressive and darker sides of sex, but now the studio shreds the envelope once again by bringing you to a place you’ll never want to leave, unscripted sexual intimacy. This feature also contains one unforgettable oral cumshot. Stag Homme, home to sex in every single one of its facets!!! OVER HALF AN HOUR OF SENSUAL LOVEMAKING!

nakedsword-sage_daniels (2)

For our first "solo" in Season 2 of Golden Gate, is actually a "double": Both stars of Episode one – Sage Daniels and Jesse Santana – are jerking it for you. Why not watch these studs pleasure themselves before they pleasure each other? Makes perfect sense to us.

Night Maneuvers-Raging Stallion (15)

Boys will be boys, and soldiers will be soldiers. There ain’t no girls in the barracks, so guys have to help themselves thru the daily grind of army life. It’s still the age of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, but let’s face it: the army is a much more receptive place than it used to be! As the day wears on, the sun is setting and the yard workers have gone home for the weekend. Sexy Austin Wilde and his partner in crime, adorable Cameron Adams, carry a large bodybag in to the yard to unload. These guys are up to no good. Austin ripped his pants on the way in, exposing his low hanging meat. It is just is too much for Cameron to resist. The two are soon passionately sucking each others cocks. Austin tongues Camerons sweet round ass and pink pucker making it ready for an energetic cock-pounding fuck. Cameron sprays a crazy large load straight up in the air and Austin matches him with an equally impressive spray of cum.

southernstrokes-lane_fucks_dalton (1)

I think it is so hot to watch a shorter frat boy type fuck a tall slender twink.  I couldn’t wait to hook up Lane and Dalton so I could watch their big cocks in action.  I knew that Dalton was going to want to get fucked by Lane because he obviously had a thing for him from day one.  Sure enough, Dalton’s lit up when I told him to jump on the bed.
Both of these guys have huge thick cocks and they were both into each other.  Lane went down on Dalton until he was nice and hard.  Dalton returned the favor and suck Lane’s cock for what seemed like an hour.  Dalton worshipped his meat until Lane was nice and hard and ready to stick his big cock into Dalton’s tight hole.
Dalton got on top and started to ride Lane wrapping his hole around his thick shaft.  Dalton was soon taking it all the way in with slow long strokes of his narrow hips.  Lane was really worked up and grabbed Dalton and picked him up and fucked him standing on the bed.  Watching Dalton’s hard dick slap against his stomach as Lane drilled him deeper than ever, was fucking amazing.
Lane and Dalton were so worked up from all the fucking that they both were aching to shoot their loads.  Lane lay on his back and jerked out a thick stream of cum as Dalton shot one of the farthest loads on camera here at Southern Strokes.   This has some amazing deep fucking and ball slapping action.  It is really hot.

gaywargames-bustour (1)

Choking with cock in his mouth Jeff gets a deep throat. They beat him before they fuck him. Hard and long. Soldier by soldier. Then they go for Sebastian.

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drakerock-dick_handler (7)

About Dick Handler
Introducing Dick Handler, a straight man who recently started offering erotic massages. When a member sent me his ad I knew I had to get him on the site, somehow.
Dick has worked as an RMT for a number of years. Recently he resigned from the place where he worked giving therapeutic reflexology, and soon discovered he could make a hell of a lot more money offering erotic rub downs with happy endings.
Other than mutual touch during his massages, and of course total release of his clients, he has never done anything sexual with a man.
When I contacted Dick, I assured him that I would stay within his comfort zone. I told him as long as he came I didn’t care what happened during the shoot. He thought it would be fun and agreed.
He is very outgoing, a bit of an exhibitionist, and extremely outgoing. He has great hands, and he’s just fucking hot.
See Dick Handler exclusively on Drake Rock.

Dick Handler jacks me off, and I cum while licking his balls and ass, and then I take his load orally.
This video opens with me rimming Dick’s amazing ass. I could have stayed buried in his hairy hole all day, and I spent some quality time down there including some great close up footage of tongue dipping.
He flipped over and I sucked his fucking hot cock before he had me lay down, straddling me and jacking my dick.
He strokes me for quite a while but I knew what would get me off…so I buried my face between his legs again.
I blew a big load all over the place, and since I was right there I had Dick blast his load in my mouth!
I just can’t get enough of Dick!

bentleyrace-PauloMassa (2)

I was so impressed by my new well hung mate that I got to shoot with Paulo once more during my brief visit to Europe.   Paulo is planning a big career in porn.  He tells me that he loves to fuck both guys and girls and plans to get his own porn site up and running.   In the meantime he didn’t mind practicing modelling for me.   I didn’t actually get to measure the giant cock swinging between his legs, but I can tell you that it wouldn’t fit in my mouth!   Paulo was such a good sport offering to model for me.   He’s very proud of his dick and it really comes across in the photos and videos we made when we hooked up.   I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of Paulo Massa very soon!

BlakeMason-Lukas-D (1) 

I guess it’s time for me to introduce the gorgeous Lukas D to you all – he’s one very fit fella from London and he’s got a lovely (yet slightly quirky) personality which I’m sure will warm your hearts ! Yep, this little beauty wasn’t shy at all… and understandably so! With a fit body and a perfectly formed uncut dick why would he be? So enjoy him in all his glory because Lukas was very keen to get his kit off and get it on… just the way I like them!

rearstable-hotter_than_hell (3)

The irresistable Damien Crosse takes on Steve Cruz’s famous furry hole in this video. Damien seems excited to take Steve’s ass on a long ride, filling him to the core with all of his massive cock. Steve first takes him doggy style and then rides him to climax.

hotbarebacking (1)

Shawn Blossom returns for more cum eating madness in this oral orgy of raw cock swallowing. Watch him drop to his knees and gobble up tool after tool. It’s a hunger that can’t (or won’t) abate and you get to see him fulfill that insatiable need for dick and cum.

jakecruise (2)

It isn’t often that I get to walk in and find an internationally-known stud like Berke Banks stripped down and stretched out on my massage table. This furry feast-for-the-eyes deserved my unique combination of Swedish, sports and sensual massage (always my favorite part!). I began with light, gliding strokes across his muscled back, arms and legs but soon found my tongue doing its own gliding across Berke’s tempting butt hole. That got his cock stirred up and I licked and teased his shaft and balls. Oiling up his upper body brought out his muscle tone, getting me even more turned on. Flipping Berke on his back I found him fully erect and drizzled more massage oil over his torso and watched that dick dance up and down. As Berke lied there in a state of bliss, I gave him the full Jake Cruise treatment, which, naturally, ended in a fountain of cum all over that furry six-pack.

sg4ge (1)

Rick McCoy is a young hunk from the Pacific Northwest whose clean-cut good looks caught our attention right away. A former wrestler and hurdler on his school’s track team, his extracurricular activities nowadays usually involve working up a sweat from a round of nasty sex. He loves a good blow job and proudly serves up several inches of thick cock to fill his friend Darcy’s hungry mouth. His muscular pecs, six-pack and bubble butt are on mouth-watering display as he switches up positions and stimulates his playmate with his searching tongue and talented fingers. We share Darcy’s fondness for licking a man’s tight ass, her way of getting Rick rock hard before slipping a condom down his shaft for a nice long fuck session. It’s not just about the pussy these days, and Rick shows us why fucking up the ass is America’s favorite indoor sport. When he pulls out to shoot his load, you may be doing the same!

straightfraternity (2)

Gavon: He’s a soldier in the Army and he’s ready for his first DADT gay experince…

latinjocks-neymar (3)


drakerock-barebackbfs (2)

This gritty video starts immediately with David Cain pressing his raw cock into Brandt Moon and barebacking his hungry hole.
Slapping some lube on his cock and Brandt’s ass, David fucks the twink on his back, enjoying his bare cock in the tight bottom’s hole.
After a good ass pounding in that position David pulls out and feeds Brandt the taste of his own ass.
Then David nails him from behind giving you a great view of skin in skin.
Again David pulls out and Brandt relishes his own ass juice on his boyfriend’s pole, sucking and licking it nice and clean before sitting on it again reverse cowboy.
When Brandt has had his fill he blows his load in David’s mouth, and immediately David returns the sticky favor.
For those of you who enjoy kissing, blowjobs and rimming, there is a "Foreplay" video in the members’ area that prefaces this and ends right where ‘Bareback Boyfriends’ begins.

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SOUTHERNSTROKES – Where the air is hot and dripping wet – free porn pictures and videos of hot southern American men

southernstrokes-haigan02 (3)

Haigan is a 21 year old Southern Boy from east Texas. This straight boy is 6’1″ tall with a chiseled body and a huge fat 9 inch cock. Haigan may be straight, but he isn’t afraid to take a romp with another hot boy.

Haigan Film Bio
I would have to say that Haigan just might be my favorite of all the guys to join us on this trip. He was born in Louisiana but raised all throughout East Texas. He has a gorgeous rugged face with a chiseled body courtesy of the Texas prison system. Just to make sure that he gets even better, Haigan has a fat 9 inch cock that loves to stay hard and shoot big loads.
From the first time I laid eyes on him, I knew that Haigan was going to be something special. He is extremely hot in a bad boy kinda way and he has the attitude to match. He loved being surrounded by all these gay boys because they were falling all over him. Haigan was eating up the attention and dishing it right back at them.
Haigan woke up early that first morning and walked outside to talk with us. He looked so hot that we sat him on the steps and let him jerk out a load of cum from his morning wood. Haigan teased us a little with some of his wild sex stories. I swear I almost shot my own load when Haigan told us about the first time he had sex with a guy. It was a threesome with a girl and guy and Haigan said “I nutted in her pussy and then I made him lick my nut off my cock”
Haigan took off his shirt displaying his perfect torso and then he pulled out his fat cock. In no time, Haigan’s cock was rock hard as he stroked it for our cameras. Watching Haigan’s chest and arms flex in the sun as he jerked off was such a turn on. Haigan them climbed up the stairs and shot his load through the stairs on to the cement below. There is plenty more of Haigan to cum.

southernstrokes-roadtrip01 (18)

We have been receiving a lot of model applications from the wide open plains of Texas so much so that we decided that we would take a little ROAD TRIP and see what kind of fun we could run into. What started out as a simple little car ride, turned into a three day sex party out in the middle of no-where Texas.
The first boy to come along was a shy Sal; a 21 year old with beautiful skin, a hot body and a voracious sexual appetite. Joining us next was a hot open minded straight bad-boy with a rock hard body, big cock and a tendency to get a little drunk.
Up next are our dynamic duo; Rex and Ricky. These two were attached at the hip (and every other body part for that matter) for the entire trip. Rex was the instant center of attention with a willingness to do anything with no limits. His buddy Ricky is chiseled from head to toe with his dark chocolate skin and 10 inch cock.
Our boy Tanner was barely 18 with a ripped body and the most adorable face you have laid eyes on. He is beautiful from head to toe with a nasty side that just wants to get fucked.
Everett was a late cummer to the party but man are we glad he showed up. He has a rockin hard body with a sexy smile, a big hard cock, and a need to show off for everyone. Last but definitely not least is our house boy Jay. Jay wasn?t quite as daring as our other boys so he liked to stay behind the camera more than in front of it. But don?t worry, this tall ripped hottie shows us everything he?s got and more.
You will have a chance to see all of the boys in action as they suck and fuck their way through the house and grounds. It was a hot sticky Texas summer week end where the boys stayed naked in the sweltering heat and they did things they never thought they would. I thought I would start off by showing you what the nights were like on this trip. This is just an impromptu game of naked twister to get to know each other a little better. See if you can pick out “who is who”.

southernstrokes-sal01a (1)

I am incredibly excited about the video that you are about to see. Sal is your first peek at one of the boys that recently joined us on a road trip to Texas. Sal was the biggest surprise out of the eight boys that hung out at our sex party in the middle of nowhere. Sal showed up with this shy coy look about him but little did any of us know that he was going to be the life of the party.
Sal is 21 years old originally from South America but he is now living in Texas. He is 5′ 10″ tall with a lean build and beautiful smooth skin. Sal face is boyish and yet extremely confident. Sal isn’t conceited, he just knows who he is and what he wants. Sal is a bottom and he loves big cocks. The bigger the better as far as he is concerned. Sal loves to get nasty too.
It was a hot and sticky summer day in Texas so we decided to have Sal go out on the balcony and heat things up a bit more. His sexy face and smooth skin immediately started to glisten in the hot thick Texas air. Sal was telling us about the first time he was fucked at 15 by a trucker. He immediately got excited and when I asked him if he liked getting fucked the first time and he said “yeah it was really hot”.
Sal stripped naked and sat in the chair and displayed his hole for us he then started to tease his hole and us with his wet finger. Sal started to stroke his 7 1/2″ uncut cock until his body was covered with sweat. Sal then worked out a huge load as his fingers probed his tight hole. Sal then wiped his thick white cum all over his sweaty body and licked it off his fingers. This is only a small taste of what Sal is about to do for you.

southernstrokes-tyler_amelio05 (2)

Amelio had just finished his first visit to Southern Strokes when I invited him back for more. He has this gorgeous exotic look about him with a hot tight hairy ass. He was somewhat laid back at his solo shoot so I wasn’t sure if he would be interested in doing more. I was a little surprised when I asked him if he liked to top or bottom and he said that he wanted to get fucked on film. I wish it was this easy all the time.
I wanted to make sure that I fulfilled Amelio’s wishes before he changed his mind. I always try and make sure that I put a “newbie” with a “pro” for their first shoot. Trust me when I tell you that it can be a painful thing to watch two virgins going at it for the first time. Fortunately my first try was to Tyler and he was more than willing to cum and break in a new boy.
Amelio was definitely a little insecure when he first arrived. I asked him if he was sure that he wanted to do the film and he said that he has been jacking off every day just thinking about it. Amelio is just a little shy so it was fortunate that we had paired him up with our boy Tyler. Tyler had no problem getting Amelio out of his shell.
They started off sucking each other’s cocks. I can get the most turned on watching a guy worship a hard cock with his mouth. Tyler then bent Amelio over and started to fuck him hard. Amelio loved taking Tyler’s cock deep into his hole. The two finished with Amelio on his back getting drilled deep as Tyler pulled out and sprayed his man seed all over Amelio’s stomach.

southernstrokes-tim03 (1)

Tim is a 21 year old from Mississippi. He is 6’2 tall with a slender build and an olive complexion. Tim is gay and he loves to get fucked by boys that are bigger than he is.
I had been talking to Tim for well over a year before he finally found the time to come to Atlanta. Tim had been pretty cool over the phone and he was definitely eager to do a film for us so I knew it was going to be fun. This wasn’t Tim’s first rodeo so he knew exactly what to do and he loves to show off.
Tim says that he is 6’2 tall but I swear when he is standing in front of you, he really seems tall. He happens to be exactly how I like them, tall and slender. Tim has dark hair and an olive skin tone with and killer smile. Tim has a nice cock but his prized asset has to be his firm round ass and tight pink hole.
Tim was sitting in the chair looking like a preppy college grad. He was telling us these hot stories about how he had sex with guys in High School and he would just ask them, hey “do you want a blow job?” And next thing you know, he was sucking their cocks. I wish I would have had a set of balls that big when I was in High School. It would have been so much more fun.
Tim got naked and set back in the chair and started stroking his hard cock. His free hand was exploring the rest of his body until it stopped at his tight hole. His fingers worked their way in and out of his hole as he stroked his hard cock. He let loose a shower of cum that sprayed all over his stomach like a spray bottle.

southernstrokes-jayden_cory (3)

Any time that we do a shoot, there is always a tremendous amount of footage that ends up on the cutting room floor so to speak. We keep all the raw footage from every shoot and I always mean to go back and put it together for our members.
This video produced one of our most memorable moments in filming. Cory was so tight that he literally was screaming and running away the entire day. To confirm just how tight Cory was, watch as Jayden pulls out after fucking Cory and the condom stays stuck in Cory’s tight hole. Listen as we all laugh as it snaps out and slaps Jayden.
I couldn’t wait to let our members in on what really went on behind the scenes when Jayden Fucked Cory. Cory has a big crush on Jayden and he really want to get fucked by him. Cory was all smiles until it came time for Jayden to put his hard dick in Cory’s tight hole. Cory kept screaming and then moving away from Jayden’s cock. It was hilarious watching Jayden and his cock chasing Cory all over the bed. Take a look at some of the faces Jayden is giving the camera men during the shoot.

southernstrokes-amelio (5)

Amelio is a 19 year old, 5’8 tall exotic hottie from Peru. He has beautiful dark skin and a gorgeous face and smile. Amelio come complete with a nice 7 inch uncut cock.
Amelio was referred to us by a local model recruiter. It seems as though Amelio just turned 19 and he has always wanted to do a video for Southern Strokes. I’m just happy that he got to someone that knew how to get him in front of us.
I loved the pictures that I had received of Amelio before the shoot but it didn’t prepare me for how hot he was going to be in person. Amelio has dark smooth skin with dark hair and eyes and beautiful white teeth. He has a gorgeous face and a beautifully ripped body.
Amelio was really shy and really nervous. I wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to make it through the shoot. He is just barely 19 and although he is from Peru, he has this really naive sense about him. He finally started warming up a bit as he got naked for the camera. It was obviously a turn on for him to perform in front of us.
Amelio sat back in the chair and started to stroke his uncut cock. He took his left hand and started to work his hole as he continued to stroke his cock with his right. Watching his hands slide down his veiny cock, is HOT. Amelio let loose a stream of cum like a fountain coming out of his hard shaft.

southern-strokes-tim_dallas (1)

I have been talking with Tim for over a year now but we just haven’t been able to get our schedule together so that he could do film for our members. He finally gave me a call and let me know that he was in Atlanta and he was really horny. You gotta love it when you have to take those kinda phone calls as a part of your work. Tim was walking in the door an hour later.
We seem to always have guys hanging out at the house here at Southern Strokes. I have talked about this before, how it seems like the guys change about every 2-3 months. We definitely have a new group that have become the mainstay here at the house and I would say that Dallas has moved in. Dallas just happed to be at the right place at the right time for this one.
I knew that Dallas was going to be really turned on by Tim but I wasn’t sure if Tim was going to share the same feelings. When we first got the cameras rolling, Tim didn’t seem like he was going to be able to go through with it. After a little chatting, Dallas pulled down his shorts and told Tim to suck his cock. I could see Tim’s ass get wet as Dallas took control.
Dallas has a big cock and Tim went down on it like it was liquid gold. I was afraid that Dallas was going to squirt down Tim’s throat before we could get to the fucking. Dallas finally asked Tim if he as ready to get fucked. Tim climbed up on top and took every inch of Dallas’ hard cock into his tight hole. Dallas was fucking Tim hard and deep when Tim finally shot his load in Dallas’ mouth. Dallas Finishing off blowing a huge load, all over the two of them !


Lance found his way to Southern Strokes straight out of the windy city. Lance has been a fan of Southern Strokes so he contacted us and let us know that he was planning a trip to Atlanta and wanted to know if we would have some time to film him. These types of shoot have to be amongst my favorites because the boys are always really excited about showing off for us.
Lance was definitely no exception. I swear that he was semi-hard when he showed up for the shoot. Lance had on a pair of shorts and a tight v-neck T-shirt. There is something about this 26 year old guy that really turns me on. He has dark hair and dark sunken eyes that just breed this air of mystery. He is gay but he has this kinda rugged look about him. I can’t tell if he is dirty or “dirty”.
Lance and I were shooting the shit as the guys were setting up the equipment for the shoot. Lance told me one of the hottest “first sex” stories that I have ever heard. Lance was out on spring break and hooked up with this muscle boy in the bathroom by the beach. Out dirty boy Lance lubed muscle boys ass up with the bathroom soap and then fucked him and dumped a load in his ass.
Lance took off his pants and shirt and stroked his fat cut cock. His cock isn’t huge but it is thick and it has this slight curve that makes it look huge at times. Lance has a hot furry hole that demands attention. I couldn’t help but imagine Lance’s legs in the air as he is getting pounded by a big cock. Lance shot his load straight up into the air like a fountain overflowing.

southernstrokes-cody_dallas04 (3)

It seems as though Dallas has become a permanent fixture here at the Lake House. I just love how nasty he is and I especially love how willing he is to do whatever we ask. When Cody called and asked if he could do another video, I immediately knew that Dallas would love to get fucked by Cody’s huge cock.
The next day Cody and Dallas showed up at the house for their shoot. Cody is a hot thin Southern Boy with an attitude. I watched Cody during the shoot and I could tell that he just loves rough sex. That is why Cody was throwing a little attitude around at first. The best part about the entire thing was that Dallas isn’t intimidated by anyone. Dallas was there to get fucked and he was going to enjoy it.
The guys immediately played off of one another, teasing about what was going to happen. Cody has a big dick and he knows it and Dallas couldn’t wait to get a taste of it first hand. As soon as the cameras came on, Dallas stood up and stripped naked and Cody followed suit. Cody started to work on Dallas’ cock with his mouth, sending Dallas’ eyes to the back of his head.
Cody turned Dallas over and put him on all fours so that he could mount him from behind. Dallas let out a moan as Cody drilled him deep with his huge cock. Dallas then showed us all what a champ he is, and got on top and rode the monster. Cody started fucking him doggie again and pulled out and covered Dallas’ ass with thick creamy cum.

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