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miamiboyz-cris (1)

Cristian – STR8, 20, 5′ 09", 155, 9" Uncut

This week we bring you another exclusive model for your viewing pleasure…his name is Cristian. Chistian is STR8 but not shy at all when it comes to getting naked…and what is there to be shy about when you’ve got that equipment between your legs! He’s got 9 inches of THICK UNCUT COCK in his boxer briefs! He’s also got a killer smile…those dark bedroom eyes…amazing from head to toe! He tells us that he loves to get sucked off and who wouldn’t love a chance to suck on that foreskin! He also has a hairy, rock hard ass that looks amazing in jeans! He’s a college student majoring in economics…when we asked him if he liked money he grinned…I think that means that he’s got a price for that cock…we will have to research this and report back to you with our findings!

latinjocks-carlo (1)


Secret Fantasies Finale Pt I: A.J. and Brock @ DominicFord.com

DominicFord.com brings you hot 3D Gay Porn 

This is part one of the two-part finale of Dominic Ford’s "Secret Fantasies" series. They’ve been asking users to submit their secret fantasies throughout the 6 weeks of the series. Over 60 hot fantasies were submitted, and they chose this fantasy, submitted by "Bill" in Chicago.Bill’s fantasy is reprinted in its entirety below. Ford enlisted the help of Brock Armstrong and A.J. to help us make this fantasy come true.Bill’s unedited email to Dominic Ford: My secret fantasy might seem weird. I don’t know. When I was young we had a really hot male housekeeper (rare, right?). I had two fantasies. The first one was that I set up "nanny cams" all over the house. After I got home from school I’d watch the surveillance tapes back and find him masturbating in our living room. My other fantasy was that I’d come home early one day and catch him in the act. Of course, he’d make me promise not to tell my parents, and I would make him fuck me in order to have me keep my mouth shut. I still think about him to this day!Congratulations, Bill. You’ve won a free membership to DominicFord.com. Stay tuned next week for part 2 of the series finale: Ford’s own private fantasy come to life.

cocksuremen (21)

A word to the wise:  if you owe Drew Cutler an apology, be prepared to give your all before he’ll forgive you.  Of course, if you’ve ever laid eyes on his huge cock you’ll know that saying you’re sorry ain’t such a bad thing!  Shane Frost is smaller in stature than big, bad Drew but when it comes to sucking dick he knows how to open wide and say "ahhh."  Rarely have we seen someone as cock-hungry as the studly Shane is, and who can blame him when he’s got Drew’s super-sized dick to work with?  There’s not enough time to describe all the hot scenes in this video but we especially loved the way Drew tossed Shane onto the bed for a lengthy round of 69 action.  And when he preps Shane’s sweet ass with his tongue and long fingers, well, it’s what HD was made for.  It feels like an eternity before Drew finally jackets up his fuck stick before sliding into Shane’s waiting hole.  The head needs lots of room but much to Shane’s credit he’s able to loosen up and enjoy a plowing unlike any he’s ever had.  Off course, all good things eventually cum to an end but in this case you’ll get to see this duo spray their loads up close and personal. 

menatplay-chauffeur (5)

The Chauffeur
Starring Samuel Colt & Rob Nelson

This week US porn mega star Samuel Colt comes to Menatplay towers for a series of meetings in the UK, and like any big star he demands his own entourage including an assistant, a secretary and not least his very own personal chauffeur. And as you will have come to expect from us at Menatplay, we have certainly delivered once again by giving him Rob Nelson for a driver, something which clearly takes Mr Colt by surprise as he seems to find it hard not to be distracted by Rob’s handsome looks, muscular body and in particular his big, beefy ass beneath his suit trousers. Eventually the sexual tension is too much to bear and Samuel tears the clothes of Rob’s body before eating his ass and fucking him hard over his office desk.

bentleyrace-RobbiePrice (1)

Last year I met 22 y/o student Robbie Price while he was on vacation.   I had a lot of fun hanging out with Robbie and we ended up meeting again where we could get to shoot some more action together.   My new mate Robbie is full of tricks.   From the moment he arrived he was hard as a rock and his cock was dribbling with precum.   He quickly stripped off and started showing me how he could lick his own cock!  Well we all like doing that.   And then he spotted my fleshlight and quickly filled it with lube before working his fat cock in and out of it.  It was so horny watching him work himself even harder.  I grabbed the video camera and filmed Robbie fucking himself on one of my largest rubber dildos.   He jumped up and down on it until he couldn’t hold back anymore and blew cum all over himself.   Dam it was horny watching Robbie work himself over!   I can’t wait to see what his next trick is going to be.

srakerock-derrick_barr (1)

Introducing Derrick Barr, a gay power top was adamant having no interest in bottoming! I love a challenge as much as I enjoy fucking virgin ass, so I played hard ball and it worked! You get to watch me Derrick’s virgin hole.
Derrick is always smiling. He’s just a happy go lucky guy, which made the shoot fun and lighthearted.
But there’s a serious side to him also. He graduated with a degree that makes him marketable with only two companies in the U.S., and yes he was hired by the one he pursued. I said, ‘Why would you chose such a limited career?’
He answered, smiling, ‘There are dozens of global companies that hire my specialty.’
While talking I realized that he is extremely intelligent, which shattered any illusions I had of him being a bubble head strawberry blond. A lot of the guys on the site are smart, but I think few surpass Derrick as far as brains.
Derrick Barr is a gay power top who said, ‘I know you fuck your guys but I have no interest in bottoming; I’ll fuck anyone including you!’ It took a few weeks to hammer out the details, and he finally gave in! I banged Derrick’s virgin ass for you.
While kissing we remove each other’s shirts. It was strange shooting with another exclusive top because he kept moving me into bottoming position and taking control.
Before he got my pants off he was sucking my cock. Derrick’s a fucking good cocksucker!
I flipped him, got between his legs where I felt more comfortable, and bobbed his knob. Removing his underwear I joked about shoving them in his mouth, and he stared at me with his mouth gaping so I stuffed them in and went back to blowing him.
Wanting some more throat action, I made him down on me again, and when I was stiff and ready to pop he sat on me.
I love that feeling, while sliding in a virgin hole, knowing that I’m the first guy in there. Don’t get me wrong, I love fucking guys, but there’s something amazingly hot about popping an ass cherry. Surprisingly, I was able to jackhammer his hole almost immediately.
Then he wanted me to take him from behind. It felt great, but I wanted to see his face as I fucked him so he flipped on his back.
And then we did one of my favorite things, I fucked the cum out Derrick.
Afterward I asked him how he liked it and if he would ever bottom again. You’ll have to watch to see how he responded.
This is a Real Sex flick, as if we had hooked up, with only a few minor edits after the first 15 minutes.
In the member’s area I am also releasing an 18 minutes bonus video of Derrick’s first enema, rimming, and toy play to help him get ready for his first bottoming experience. At the end of the bonus video Derrick sucks me off and I blast his face and throat with my load.

baitbuddies (4)

Straight Army Stud Bangs A Dude For The First Time!
Straight: Nate Kennedy
Bait: Sebastian Keys

”One Weiner at a Time”

Robbins tells Sebastian, that’s how we do  them ”one weiner at a time”. And that’s something our Bait guy does for this video,  Sebastian, should know because not long ago he was one of those Straight guys  who we made do some very gay things. Sebastian tells us that during a very  erotic conversation, his girlfriend told him that she saw a gay porn video and  loved it. So, he told her about the video he made for BaitBuddies.com and how he  was sort of tricked into having sex with another dude. She was so turned on that  it changed their sex life forever. They went from vanilla sex to strap-on and  threesomes with girls and guys and Sebastian has never been happier.

So,  now Sebastian is back and ready to bait our next Straight guy, Nate, a really  cute, 6′, 160lb dude with a great body, tattoos and a really beautiful 8.5”  uncut cock. Nate loves to show it off and is admittedly an exhibitionist whose  cock gets rock hard when he pulls it out in front of a room full of people. Nate  is here for what he thinks is an interview to be in a porn video. Before you  know it we have him stripped down and working it up for a screen test while he’s  sitting right next to a rock hard Sebastian whose mouth is watering for a taste  of this hot straight boy. ”Well”, Robins says, ”how about doing a shoot right  now?” ”But there’s no girls” replies Nate. We all know where this is heading  as Robins suggests that Sebastian will suck Nate’s cock. Nate tells us he’s not  into guys, but is pretty easily convinced with the offer of some cash to go  along with things. Nate seems to be pretty open minded. He gets rock hard within  seconds of Sebastian’s hot, wet mouth encasing his big dick. Not surprisingly,  Nate is more than ready to change places and suck Sebastian – and it sure  doesn’t look like his first blow job – but he swears it is. A sexy kissing  session follows between the two hot boys and then Nate fucks the cum out of  Sebastian – literally – the guy is covered – and then Nate adds his huge load to  the pools of hot cum on Sebastian’s chest. Yes, we’ve done it again – one weiner  at a time.

spunkworthy-kurt (2)

I’ve been meeting a lot of southern boys lately for some reason!
Kurt is a 22y/o guy from a really small city in the south and says that being in So Cal is a bit of switch for him.
"It’s different," he admits. "I grew up hunting and fishing. 4-wheeling in our trucks. Muddin’. Stuff like that."
Kurt had apparently just been talking with his roommate about getting into porn when I met him. He wasn’t sure he was going to divulge that he had made The Leap and actually gone through with it, but we might also be seeing Kurt’s roommate down the road.
Maybe it’s just me– there’s something hot about seeing a straight guy a little out of his comfort zone. Kurt was on the nervous side for his porn debut, but did a good job of not being the guy-staring-at-the-TV. You might catch that look of "first-timer fear" in his eyes, though.
That is, right before he comes through with a cumshot that covers his stomach in southern spooge.

gaywargames-houseslave_s1 (7)

One year ago he was abducted, used and fucked ? and they kept him as their house-slave. So Goran gets suspended to a metal bar. Ready for the daily service. Ready at any time.

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drakerock-dick_handler (7)

About Dick Handler
Introducing Dick Handler, a straight man who recently started offering erotic massages. When a member sent me his ad I knew I had to get him on the site, somehow.
Dick has worked as an RMT for a number of years. Recently he resigned from the place where he worked giving therapeutic reflexology, and soon discovered he could make a hell of a lot more money offering erotic rub downs with happy endings.
Other than mutual touch during his massages, and of course total release of his clients, he has never done anything sexual with a man.
When I contacted Dick, I assured him that I would stay within his comfort zone. I told him as long as he came I didn’t care what happened during the shoot. He thought it would be fun and agreed.
He is very outgoing, a bit of an exhibitionist, and extremely outgoing. He has great hands, and he’s just fucking hot.
See Dick Handler exclusively on Drake Rock.

Dick Handler jacks me off, and I cum while licking his balls and ass, and then I take his load orally.
This video opens with me rimming Dick’s amazing ass. I could have stayed buried in his hairy hole all day, and I spent some quality time down there including some great close up footage of tongue dipping.
He flipped over and I sucked his fucking hot cock before he had me lay down, straddling me and jacking my dick.
He strokes me for quite a while but I knew what would get me off…so I buried my face between his legs again.
I blew a big load all over the place, and since I was right there I had Dick blast his load in my mouth!
I just can’t get enough of Dick!

bentleyrace-PauloMassa (2)

I was so impressed by my new well hung mate that I got to shoot with Paulo once more during my brief visit to Europe.   Paulo is planning a big career in porn.  He tells me that he loves to fuck both guys and girls and plans to get his own porn site up and running.   In the meantime he didn’t mind practicing modelling for me.   I didn’t actually get to measure the giant cock swinging between his legs, but I can tell you that it wouldn’t fit in my mouth!   Paulo was such a good sport offering to model for me.   He’s very proud of his dick and it really comes across in the photos and videos we made when we hooked up.   I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of Paulo Massa very soon!

BlakeMason-Lukas-D (1) 

I guess it’s time for me to introduce the gorgeous Lukas D to you all – he’s one very fit fella from London and he’s got a lovely (yet slightly quirky) personality which I’m sure will warm your hearts ! Yep, this little beauty wasn’t shy at all… and understandably so! With a fit body and a perfectly formed uncut dick why would he be? So enjoy him in all his glory because Lukas was very keen to get his kit off and get it on… just the way I like them!

rearstable-hotter_than_hell (3)

The irresistable Damien Crosse takes on Steve Cruz’s famous furry hole in this video. Damien seems excited to take Steve’s ass on a long ride, filling him to the core with all of his massive cock. Steve first takes him doggy style and then rides him to climax.

hotbarebacking (1)

Shawn Blossom returns for more cum eating madness in this oral orgy of raw cock swallowing. Watch him drop to his knees and gobble up tool after tool. It’s a hunger that can’t (or won’t) abate and you get to see him fulfill that insatiable need for dick and cum.

jakecruise (2)

It isn’t often that I get to walk in and find an internationally-known stud like Berke Banks stripped down and stretched out on my massage table. This furry feast-for-the-eyes deserved my unique combination of Swedish, sports and sensual massage (always my favorite part!). I began with light, gliding strokes across his muscled back, arms and legs but soon found my tongue doing its own gliding across Berke’s tempting butt hole. That got his cock stirred up and I licked and teased his shaft and balls. Oiling up his upper body brought out his muscle tone, getting me even more turned on. Flipping Berke on his back I found him fully erect and drizzled more massage oil over his torso and watched that dick dance up and down. As Berke lied there in a state of bliss, I gave him the full Jake Cruise treatment, which, naturally, ended in a fountain of cum all over that furry six-pack.

sg4ge (1)

Rick McCoy is a young hunk from the Pacific Northwest whose clean-cut good looks caught our attention right away. A former wrestler and hurdler on his school’s track team, his extracurricular activities nowadays usually involve working up a sweat from a round of nasty sex. He loves a good blow job and proudly serves up several inches of thick cock to fill his friend Darcy’s hungry mouth. His muscular pecs, six-pack and bubble butt are on mouth-watering display as he switches up positions and stimulates his playmate with his searching tongue and talented fingers. We share Darcy’s fondness for licking a man’s tight ass, her way of getting Rick rock hard before slipping a condom down his shaft for a nice long fuck session. It’s not just about the pussy these days, and Rick shows us why fucking up the ass is America’s favorite indoor sport. When he pulls out to shoot his load, you may be doing the same!

straightfraternity (2)

Gavon: He’s a soldier in the Army and he’s ready for his first DADT gay experince…

latinjocks-neymar (3)


drakerock-barebackbfs (2)

This gritty video starts immediately with David Cain pressing his raw cock into Brandt Moon and barebacking his hungry hole.
Slapping some lube on his cock and Brandt’s ass, David fucks the twink on his back, enjoying his bare cock in the tight bottom’s hole.
After a good ass pounding in that position David pulls out and feeds Brandt the taste of his own ass.
Then David nails him from behind giving you a great view of skin in skin.
Again David pulls out and Brandt relishes his own ass juice on his boyfriend’s pole, sucking and licking it nice and clean before sitting on it again reverse cowboy.
When Brandt has had his fill he blows his load in David’s mouth, and immediately David returns the sticky favor.
For those of you who enjoy kissing, blowjobs and rimming, there is a "Foreplay" video in the members’ area that prefaces this and ends right where ‘Bareback Boyfriends’ begins.

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Drake Rock – Exclusive original amateur straight jocks and gay porn stars in hardcore and softcore pictures and videos

drake_rock-damian_darrid (1)

Damian Darrid is roommates with Nathan Eclain. Although they are both gay for pay porn actors, supposedly they have never had sex with each other. Whether or not they have, I could care less. Damian is fucking hot and I wanted to share him with you.
If you like nasty boys, Damian should be near the top of your list. He is game for virtually anything, from extreme sports to daredevil stunts. He is drawn toward danger! If there is risk and potential physical pain he is all for it! You wouldn’t necessarily think that by looking at him. Not upon first meeting. But if you watch his eyes you’ll notice his restlessness and defiance. He is definitely a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, wrapped up in a devilishly handsome package.
And if you’re looking for nothing but sex, he’ll slam you as long as you want with his big cock. Or do you want his tight muscled ass? It’s for the taking. Ride him until you’re satisfied! He likes it all!

drake_rock-nathan_eclain (1)

   As soon as I saw Nathan Eclain I knew I had to book him for a flip fuck. Nathan is stunning from head to toe with beautiful blue eyes and lips that were made for wrapping around a nice thick cock.
His body is perfectly chiseled from years of playing numerous sports. Not only does he have a great uncut dick, Nathan has one of the muscular asses that clenches and ripples when he is fucking, and looks sensational with a hard on buried deep inside him.
The thing I enjoy most about Nathan is watching him have sex. He gets so into it, and the moans and groans of pleasure never stop.
This is one must see cock hound!

drake_rock-swap_fucking_roomies (5) 

What do you do when you’re horny as sin and your girlfriend can’t lend a hand? If you’re Nathan Eclain you see if your roommate can lend a hand, or a mouth, and possibly his ass.
The great thing about college guys is that they’re one big raging hormone, so when Nathan goes into the kitchen by Damian Darrid, his roomie doesn’t even need to ask. There’s a little kissing and almost immediately their clothes are off and Damian is bobbing on Nathan’s hard cock.
As much as Nathan wants to dump his load, homework is looming and he avoids it by returning the favor. Now Damian is pre-cumming and wants to fuck his roommate so he turns Nathan around and gets his hole all sloppy wet with a good tonguing. But Nathan isn’t the only one giving up his ass. His intention from the beginning was to cock fuck his friends ass, and eats his tasty hole before once again swallowing his big cock.
Damian trusts his roommate but he isn’t about to give up his ass first, so mouths and tongues Nathan cock and hole again. When it is relaxed and dripping wet, Damian fucks his friend’s perfect butt, ramming his cock deep inside. He’s about to cum and stops for a while. It’s been a long time since anything has been in his ass so Nathan works him for a while with a dildo, getting him nice and loose, and when his hole finally pops open Nathan mounts he buddy feeling his cock ramming in that hot tight hole.
At this point Damian is really getting into it and sits on his roomie’s cock so he can get it as deep inside him as possible. He rides his buddy’s cock until they are both ready to bust a nut. Quickly he jumps down, pulls Nathan’s ass toward him and slam fucks the cum out of his buddy, finally dumping his own load all over Nathan’s ass.

drake_rock-Connick_dade (1)

Introducing Connick Dade! He’s a hot young athlete with a raging sex drive and a big uncut cock that is deserving of attention! He’ll try anything once, especially if he can make a buck or two, so when I offered him some money to jack off and shoot his load. That mischievous smile crossed his face and he said, ‘Okay, now?’
Connick has a great sense of humor, craves being the center of attention, and loves showing off his cock. His friends are surprised he hasn’t been arrested because his cock is outside his pants more than it’s in. So jerking off for you is a perfect fit!
What surprised me about Connick is that he has no inhibitions. When it came time to play with his ass he started smacking it and fingering his hole without being told.
Connick is definitely an exhibitionist and he loves stroking his cock for you and shooting his load!

drake_rock-tomas_coccin_dp (1) 

Tomas Coccin had never considered being in porn, despite the fact that one of his best friends, Alex Granger, has been doing gay porn for a number of years.
A few weeks ago Alex asked Tomas for a ride to one of his porn shoots. When they arrived my director/videographer Adam was wowed by Tomas, asking if he could snap a few nudes while Alex filled out his paperwork. Tomas agreed and they talked while taking the pictures. Tomas said he would try a solo, but nothing hard core.
Adam sent me the nudes, asking what I thought. No brainer. I told Adam to book him for a solo, and they set a date for the shoot.
Life has a strange way of working out. Yesterday, Alex showed up for his second scene for the site. His scene partner bailed at the last minute so Adam cancelled the shoot. Alex asked for a moment and called someone. Thirty minutes later Tomas Coccin was in the studio.
Tomas has a great mix of a boy-ish innocent face and jock-ish body that turns heads. Although he is only nineteen, he has a solid ‘I don’t care what others think about me’ attitude about his bisexuality. ‘I have no preference,’ he told me. ‘If there is a hot guy and a hot girl standing there I don’t have to decide, I’ll fuck them both. Or he can fuck me while I’m fucking her.’

drake_rock-nic_daniels (1) 

Nick Daniels is a bi guy who loves to play. If the end result means that he will cum, he’ll try anything. After the shoot I asked what he’s already tried.
‘A little bit of everything," Nick said. ‘Some light SM and fetish. Water sports. My favorite is DP. I love to be double penetrated.’
‘I wish I would have known because I would have booked you in a threesome.’
‘That would have been so hot,’ he said, ‘having two guys fuck me really deep! How about a foursome or fivesome next time? Then I can suck one or two guys while two others are fucking me!’
Now that WOULD be hot!

drake_rock-david_white_DP (2)

David White is fun to be around. His conversations are gushing with sexual innuendos, and he’s a huge cock tease. Knowing that going in, it’s fun bantering with him.
David is just cute, in a dirty, nasty, sexy way. If that make sense. He has one of those tight bodies that begs to be tossed around in bed. To my surprise he had a spectacular ass that was made to be fucked.
‘What do you do for fun?’ I asked.
I looked at me as if the answer were obvious. ‘Sex.’
‘What do you do when you’re not having sex?’
‘I do four things. Sex, party, sleep, and school. Pretty much in that order.’

drake_rock-DP (2)

Three boys, two of which get double penetrated, and a whole lot of mouths and asses stuffed with cock! David White, Tomas Coccin and Nick Daniels are three insatiable cock hungry college guys.
David and Nick are playing cards when they hear their buddy chub rubbing in the other room. For a while they watch before going in and offering some help. Nick loves cock and immediately goes down on Tomas, but one throbbing hard on isn’t enough, so David strips and Nick greedily devours both dicks at the same time.
Then it’s David’s turn to get his mouth stuffed with two raging hard ons, and he spends quality time servicing his friends.
The guys went in the room to help Tomas, so they eat his ass getting him nice and ready for a good pounding. David did most of the rimming and is the first to nail Tomas’ tight pink hole while Tomas blow Nick.
Then it’s Nick’s turn, but David isn’t quite finished with Tomas, so Nick fucks David while David slams Tomas.
Now Tomas is loose and sits on Nick and then David shoves his cock in his buddy and Tomas rides both cocks.
Then cock hungry Nick wants to see what it feels like to be double penetrated, and his friends gladly nail him at the same time.
When their finished stretching Nick’s ass, David sits on Tomas’s cock and shoots his load. Then Nick cums on Tomas’ face. Finally, Tomas dumps his load all over David’s ass.
Cum see all the DP fun!

drake_rock-jeremy_jozz (1)

Jeremy Jozz is a straight college jock who heard he could make some extra money jacking off! When I booked him I asked if he would be open to doing anything with a guy, and when he found out how much he could make he was all for topping another guy.
When push comes to shove, some of the straight guys get in their heads and are unable to pound another guy’s ass. Jeremy was one of those guys, and the only way he would walk away with the cash was to give up his hot tight ass.
So I would like to introduce you to newcomer Jeremy Jozz’s first gay experience, and he does pretty good considering he does the full gamut of kissing, sucking cock, rimming and getting ass fucked!
Don’t you just love getting to watch hot straight jocks having their ass cherry popped?

drake_rock-erik_haaz (2)

When I first met Erik he was aloof and stand offish, but I have to admit that if I had a ‘sex in a dark alley’ fantasy, Erik Haaz would be the guy lurking in the shadows. What I love about this rough and tumble stud is that he’s willing to take it as long and hard as he gives it. Yes, he’s versatile! And in my fantasy he would be sandwiched between two muscle gods as I watched from the shadows.
In reality, when you get Erik one on one, he is one of the sweetest, shyest men that you’ll meet. The ‘tough guy’ persona that he slips into is years in the making, and keeps him from getting hurt. I’ve met a lot of people like that. It keeps them well protected. Fortunately, after Erik warms up to you he lets his guard down.
Unless you like that uber self confidence, then keep him at bay and follow him into that dark alley!

drake_rock-first_gay_experience (3)

When Jeremy Jozz told me he was open to doing guy on guy I immediately knew his scene partner would be Erik Haaz! With that much testosterone and muscles I knew it would be a great scene.
Jeremy is kind of a book worm and introverted so I feared that he would be kind of quiet. That wasn’t the case. Jeremy KNOWS how to express his pleasure.
Originally, Jeremy was supposed to top, but he got up in his head about his cock’s ability to perform, and before I knew it Erik was fucking Jeremy. Honestly, I’m ecstatic that you get to see Jeremy’s tight jock ass get pounded by a guy who LOVES fucking other men because his ass was made to be topped.
It’s fun watching a guys suck cock for the first time because they tend to stroke the dicks and lick them a little more than true cocksuckers who usually swallow cocks and keep them buried deep in their mouths and throats. Hmm. I guess there is nothing wrong that that, either, but it’s a nice diversion to watch the first timers occasionally.
I thought Jeremy would have the most difficult eating ass for the first time, but he dove right in and tongued Erik’s hole as if it were the most natural thing he could do.
Then Jeremy gets fucked, and I think he enjoyed it a little more than he expected because he got lost in the pleasure of the experience quite a few times, moaning and groaning as if he never wanted Erik to pull out. Erik was totally into riding Jeremy’s hairy virgin ass and dumped a load all over the jock’s butt cheeks.
Finally, when Jeremy cums, you get to see his beautiful blood engorged at its finest, veiny and red and spurting all over!

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