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Muscled Hunks and Twinks do it Raw

Casting Couch #431: Boban Jovanovic, Max Hilton

Kristen Bjorn

Boban Jovanovic makes his gay porn debut with muscle beast Max Hilton. Boban’s towering muscles are a great complement to Max and both men are turned on by the sight of the other. Stepping up, Boban releases his meaty cock and begins to play with his nipples as Max chokes down his huge cock. After some hardcore cock sucking, Max takes his cock out and Boban takes it deep into his mouth and relishes in the flavor, smell and heat that is filling his senses. Max finds himself surprised at the amount of pleasure he is receiving by the “new guy” and immediately flips him around and shoves his cock into his ass. Boban’s cock is growing harder and stronger with each thrust of Max’s cock. Max has given Boban a long, hard fuck that brings both men right to the edge. Max backs off just in time to take a ride on the muscle man’s fat cock. As Max lowers his ass onto Boban’s cock it takes a little longer to get all that girth inside of his tight ass. Once inside, Max is ready for a deep fucking and encourages Boban by telling him to “fuck me”, “fuck my ass”. With all that meat inside of him, Max is getting all of his muscles an intense massage. Max has fucked his ass up and down Boban’s fat cock to the point of sheer pleasure that resonates throughout his entire body. Just as Max thinks he will explode, Boban changes things up and flips Max onto his back. With Max on his back and his legs spread wide open, Boban takes advantage of the position and gives him a hard ass fucking. Boban stimulates his nipples by pinching them as his cock grows fatter inside of Max’s ass. One last pinch and Boban showers Max’s muscular thighs with his hot load of cum and dumps the remainder of it inside of Max’s ass. Boban has a promising career, who would you like to see him with next?

Ethen: 6’3″ Str8 Surfer Jerking Off


Ethen is tall, muscled and lean from all that surfing. He has a really nice cock and ass, too. It doesn’t take him long to get ready to cum. I actually had to tell him to slow down and not to blow so fast. When he did cum, it was a huge load that went all over the room. I’m still cleaning the ceiling!

Waiting For You: Gianni Maggio, Jay Moore

Kristen Bjorn Productions

Jay Moore is a gay porn sex pig for huge cocks and today he hooks up with the king of monster cocks, Gianni Maggio. Gianni lubricates Jay’s ass and Jay lubricates Gianni’s cock before getting his ass fucked really deep, raw and hard.

Best Friends AJ and Jasper 69


AJ brought his best friend Jasper in to meet me. There’s been some sexual tension between them, and they both need money. These young bucks get hard easily, and Jasper takes the lead. He blows AJ first, then they flip. I suggest they 69, and they both get into it big time. AJ makes Jasper cum first. He shoots a load of jizz all over his chest. Jasper returns the favor by blowing AJ and jacking him until he cums, too. Now they’re best friends with benefits!

Twinks Lockdown

French Twinks

If Lucas Bouvier is very worried about the announcement of French lockdown, his buddy Sacha Delage seems far from caring and even rejoices to be able to spend time in bed. Find out how the two cute twinks spent their time during the #Covid-19 lockdown… What is sure is that they weren’t bored! 

The Best Free Gay Porn Video Clips of this Summer

Home Made Boys Private Videos

A smoking hot video filming inside a real army locker room and gang shower! There are a feast of masculine fit military guys on show. Interestingly some hurry to cover up while others proudly show off their goods. If you were roving freely amongst these naked studs who would you reach out to grope first?

Bootcamp is an intense physical test for your body and mind. This private knew that, but he didn’t know it would include being pounded by the other recruits taking turns fucking his face and mouth. He wasn’t prepared for this kind of endurance. Can he make it through this test as his brothers shout at him to keep him in his place? Or will he quit and have to drop out of the army? Is it worth it? Enjoy this hot bareback action and find out!

Otto is one talented cocksucker and has no problem showing it as he slobbers up and down every inch of Leo Vega’s fat meat rod...

Description: International Playboys Brute Club and Ken Rodeo are in San Francisco for Pride and decide to meet up in the Castro. They head straight back to Brute’s spot where Ken wraps his dick-sucking lips around Brute’s massive uncut cock and swallows it balls-deep. Brute lives up to his name and brutally fucks Ken’s pretty face then surprises everyone, even himself, by going down on Ken and sucking his perfect cock – Brute’s first time on camera! Ken rolls over and offers his juicy Abubble-butt for the taking. Brute shoves his cock deep in Ken’s hole and fucks a load out of him then jerks his cock off into Ken’s hot mouth. Happy Pride!

There’s absolutely no denying that Ben Rasgar is a gym-trainer like no other – a fellow who quite literally oozes arrogance in the opening few moments of this superb escapade almost as much as he oozes sweat! From spraying a mouthful of water across the training-room, to cockily kissing young Victor Rozas’s six-pack mid-session, this is a guy who clearly has a dominant streak and who isn’t afraid to show it. Then again, of course, if you’d got the kind of cock between your legs that this fellow has got then you’d probably be pretty self-assured yourself! To begin with, however, it’s the handsome Spaniard who takes centre-stage in proceedings; with Rasgar quite literally carrying Rozas over to a sofa, where he immediately begins to feast on that handsome Iberian ramrod. There’s simply no denying the fact that the temperature notches up considerably once Rasgar’s oversized mamba makes its appearance; leaving Rozas momentarily dazed in appreciation, before the young lad masterfully attempts to gorge on every fucking inch on offer. But whilst you might be overcome with jealousy at the sight of the young twink slobbering over such a mammoth offering, chances are you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you’re not him when you see his arse having to take the full length of the said schlong – not least of all when the lad’s riding it cowboy-style. The fact that he’s clearly gritting his teeth says it all, of course; and the thin division of pain and pleasure is neatly encapsulated by his violent eruption. Topped off by Rozas pumping his own jizz into Rasgar’s mouth!

I went to a nice lake in the outskirts of Prague. A really nice place, especially if you want to go for a family trip. I was in a mood for some outdoor action, with the romantic undertone. In the local beach restaurant I found a young boy. He was in Prague on vacation but looked a bit disappointed. I was definitely going to change his plans. The cutie was a bit shy and he didn’t like anything gay related. But the money is always hard to resist. The idea of having the best summer holidays ever was too tempting. The place was full of people so we had to change places after each nasty thing we did to each other. Finally we settled near a beach with a beautiful view. The boy couldn’t wish for a nicer place to loose his virginity. But I still doubt he would like to see me ever again.

Caruso brings back Javier Cruz this week as our Bait guy and it is apparent that Javier has been hitting the gym. Caruso has him flex his muscles for the camera and when Javier gives that big beautiful smile of his, you cannot help to feel your heart skip a beat. Javier is a true Latino Heart Throb for sure. Javier tells Caruso that he has been getting laid pretty regular and his partners consist of straight guys, gay guys and girls. He truly has the best of all sexual worlds. Caruso tells him a little bit about the straight guy he hopes that they are going to be able to convert today before he leaves to go get him. When Caruso returns with Ian, you can immediately tell that Ian is very nervous when he sits on the couch. Caruso chats him up and works his magic in getting Ian to relax a little bit and share a few things about himself with us. Ian likes to work out about 3 times a week and he keeps his 28 year old body in great shape. He likes white girls and Latinas with big tits and big asses and when he shares this information with Caruso he gets a huge smile on his face revealing some beautiful white teeth.

Caruso wastes no time in explaining to Ian that he would like to shoot him and Javier in a 3-way today with a hot girl, but before he brings the girl into the studio he has ”the test” to put Ian through. Agreeable to the test, Ian and Javier both strip down naked revealing their strong bodies. It takes a little while for Ian to get going, but as his cock starts to grow we can tell he has a nice curved 8” piece of meat hanging between his legs. When Caruso leaves the room, Ian asks Javier about the girls and we can tell he is nervously excited about what is about to happen. Of course, Caruso returns with the bad news that the girl has not arrived and Ian just sits there holding his hard cock in his hand looking disappointed. Caruso then presents the proposition to get paid double the money if he will have sex with Javier. At first Ian just looks surprised and sports a nervous smile as Caruso asks him if he has ever considered having sex with another guy. To Caruso’s surprise, Ian admits that he has thought about it a couple times but has never had the opportunity. Until NOW! Caruso wastes no time and gets Ian to agree to sex with Javier and soon both guys are stroking each other’s cocks. Ian seems to be fascinated with Javier’s cock and from the look on his face, you can tell this straight guy has secretly wanted a dick in his hand for years. Javier then sucks Ian’s big cock and based on how hard Ian is, we can tell he loves every minute of it. Caruso then asks Ian to return the favor to Javier and although he is tentative at first, Ian becomes an eager cock sucker after just a couple minutes.

Caruso then has the guys face each other and do some frottage play for a bit. Javier takes the opportunity to pull Ian in close and begins kissing him. Soon, their lips are locked in a deep kiss as they stroke each other’s cocks. Caruso then asks Ian if he would like to fuck Javier as he has Javier show him his beautiful bubble butt. Ian is excited and as soon as the condom is in place, Javier climbs on and begins riding Ian’s cock deep into his ass. Both guys are really enjoying fucking and Javier’s cock is rock solid the entire time he rides Ian. Javier then lies on his back and has Ian fuck him missionary for a while. With each thrust of Ian’s cock, Javier moans in pleasure. Soon Javier cannot hold back any further as he shoots perhaps one of the biggest cum loads Caruso has ever captured on film. It shoots past his own head and he even shoots into his own eye! Ian then pulls out, lies back and jerks out his own load of creamy white cum. Ian has waited 28 years for his first guy-on-guy experience and as they say Good Things CUM to Those Who Wait! I have a feeling Caruso will be hearing back from Ian soon.

Dennis West and Addison Graham take turns exploring each other. Dennis goes down on Addison’s beautiful cock first, savoring the hard piece of meat and pre-cum with his welcoming mouth. Addison then lubes up Dennis’ dick with a blow-job to prepare for the plunge it will take inside his tight bum. Dennis passionately fucks the sexy Addison until both men blow their loads.

Coming to us from the Jersey Shore by way of Florida, Dimitri Kane’s a hairy-chested stud who’s ready give the Next Door Casting couch his best shot! Markie is visibly into Dimitri’s tanned body, running his fingers over Dimitri’s nipples before kissing down his chest and unzipping his pants. Markie sucks him off immediately and Dimitri starts to sweat, pushing Markie’s head further down onto his cock. Dimitri returns the favor, deep throating Markie on the sofa until he’s good and hard. With Markie fully erect, the guys spoon as Markie enter from behind, pumping Dimitri hot and hard before throwing him on the floor and taking him to PoundTown, population: Dimitri Kane. Thoroughly fucked sideways, it’s Dimitri’s turn to show what he’s got, and so he lays Markie out on the floor and gives him some of the east coast cock, filling Markie up as he strokes himself to climax on the floor, jizzing all over himself has Dimitri pulls out and blasts the host with a continental load that’s sure to please. Enjoy!

Handsome straight fit boy Gauge plays with his big feet and that juicy dick too

Amateur Nude Boys Exclusive Videos

Next Door Guys–free porn photos and videos

bext door male - VIC DICTOR

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Vic Dictor is brand new to the biz, coming from the warm beaches and sunny skies of Jacksonville, FL straight to you in his Next Door Male debut. A boxer and cage fighter by trade, he starts off by showing some moves and shadowboxing in his skivvies. But his real talent is inside his pants, and he wastes no time showing it off. Pulling out his dick as the sun glistens through the window, Vic reclines on a chair and begins stroking. A little nervous at first, he quickly becomes at ease and shifts his focus to the growing shaft in his hand. Turning into a first class “palm pilot” he fingers his taint and massages his balls as he pulls his dick in every direction, finally cumming all over his tanned stomach and letting it glisten in the sunlight peeking through the blinds.

net door male - Rocky Touch

Well they said he was a rebel, yeah they said he could fight. He breezed into town like a warm gust in the dead of winter. They called him Touch, Rocky Touch. Some people said he was running from something. A whole lotta broken hearts, I guessed. Said he needed a place to lay his head down for a while. He ended up taking a space on the couch, an arrangement I reasoned wouldn’t last too long. When he asked what I would accept in return for the favor, I told him square, ‘I wanna watch you cum.’So he turned on a porno DVD, pulled out a large, already fattened cock, and stroked it while I observed. I could tell he enjoyed tugging his thick meat. Sometimes he would slow down the jerks and shoot me a look that indicated soothing relief. I joined him as I watched, and waves of pleasure came over me too. ‘Touch,’ I said, ‘I don’t know what kinda rocky road you been down, but I sure do like the way you move.’

next door male - James Huntsman

Next Door Exclusive, James Huntsman, is back for a solo jack off session. James has an amazing physique you won’t believe. This time he’s making a video for his girlfriend back home. He’s been away at school, working hard. Not only will his girl be thrilled see this sensual private show, James is having fun making it. Watch him pull his hard boner with a firm grip as he moves from the floor to the bed, shooting penetrating looks into the camera he has set up. You’ll be the first to see James’s raw video, before he sends it to his special lady. And look for a surprise guest, a college friend of James, who pops in to stroke with his pal.

next door male - Trey Turner

Trey Turner is in the billiards room, spread out on the pool table, but the stick and balls he’s playing with have nothing to do with sport. Instead, he’s cueing up his cock and stroking like a natural. Flaunting purple kicks and a gym sculpted body, he takes his Fleshjack and finds a creative way to sink the balls into the side pocket, before finally taking over the table, going on a run that could only be described as a hot streak… of cum. All over his chest. Who’s got next game?

next door male - Tyler Torro

Tyler is resting out underneath the clouds, getting back to mother nature and taking in the simple goodness of the sun’s rays, nestled snug and secure in his knapsack one fine day. Turning over in his slumber, he awakens to discover a raging hard on in his underwear. His inhibitions freed by the open air and the feeling that comes with roughing it in the Great Outdoors, Tyler decides to go ahead and indulge his urges. Grabbing his cock at the base and seizing it until it is rock hard, he then decides a little pillow-fuck is in order, before he gets really serious and takes the matter into his own hands. No need for the birds and the bees here, Tyler’s got a firm grip on the situation, and he’s ready to burst.

next door male - Jackson Klein

Jackson Klein is stood up and stuck without a ride. You could say he’s fucked, but that would be inaccurate, since not only does he have to walk home, but he also has to walk home alone, which means he most definitely will not be fucked anytime soon. This fact has got him more riled than the long and arduous walk ahead of him, and the whole time, all he can think about is how horny he is now. So when he finally gets back, he wastes no time in satisfying his hard earned desires. Setting his bag down with a thud, he immediately whips out his pud and starts jacking himself feverishly, trying to erase the memory of being stood up and the sexual energy all his anger has built up. Stroking to maximum hilt, he lets go of his rage as the cum gushes from his dick, leaving him exhausted, but at the very least, somewhat vindicated.

next door male - Gabriel Lenfant

Gabriel Lenfant is bringing a full case of sex and swagger to this solo shoot in the gym. His steely gaze and meaty cock are ready for action, and his sultry demeanor are ready for temptation. Watch as he bends, stretches and works it all out for you in the gym, moving from bench to yoga mat to exercise ball, before finally cumming all over himself inverted and ass up. This is one time you won’t mind being stuck at the gym.

next door male - Squash Jack

Anthony Romero is paying tribute to the fall season, making use of the bountiful crop, and giving thanks by fucking the juice out rind fruit and gourds. He’s harvesting a hard-on in his pants that needs to be unleashed, so he turns to his garden for nature’s own fuck-toys. Watch as he begins by jacking himself off with a hollowed out squash (aka the Poke-a-hontas) and then whet your appetite as he mercilessly pounds the the meat of a melon into soggy pulp before exploding all over his own chest. Oh, you’ll be thankful indeed.

next door male - PAUL WAGNER

The sexy, masculine Paul Wagner is hitting the gym to show you some of his best moves. Watch Paul pump up with a pair of dumbbells as his dick thickens in his shorts. Then see him unsheathe his large, meaty cock for a weight-bench stroke session that will make your own man-muscle swell! When you see this incredible hunk jerk off his gorgeous boner, you’ll see why Paul Wagner is one of the hottest guys on the net!

next door male - CLIFF JENSEN

It’s Cliff Jensen in the hottest, ‘balls’ out jerk n’ grind session you’ve ever seen. Cliff is an athletic, well-hung hottie who enjoys tugging his meat after kicking around on the soccer field. Watch this young man’s bubbly ass gyrate as he rubs his hard boner on the bed and soccer ball, working himself into quite a heated frenzy. Then see him blow a hot load just for you, play with his cum, and even give it a taste!

NextDoorMale – the guy next door


Meet John Sebastian, a tanned young man who enjoys exploring the outdoors just as much as he enjoys kicking back on his sofa, watching football.
When he found out his buddy had done some work for us, and really enjoyed the experience, John decided to explore this opportunity.
This is John’s debut scene. He gives us a slow, provocative strip show before exposing his fat member and stroking it for you, all the while enjoying the fresh air.


This week, we’d like to introduce you to Matthew, a Canadian blonde hair hunk that’s new to the porn game.
With his pretty face, big muscles and wonderfully smooth skin, Matthew is the hunk of all hunks and he knows how to please a crowd.
He’ll be showing off his rock hard cock outside today, stroking and rubbing it until he cums all over his rippling abs.
This guy’s hot!


He’s a lover, he’s a fighter, and he’s also one hell of a good looking young guy. This is Rocko, our newest addition to the hot guys here at NextDoorStudios.
When Rock isn’t training as a mixed martial arts fighter, you can find him hitting up the clubs, and of course the ladies, or working at his fathers investment firm.
Obviously he has a wild streak, and enjoys showing off his thick cock.
Today you’ll have the chance to see Rocko in all his glory as he grabs a hold of his hard dick and strokes it until he’s quivering with ecstasy, unloading his cum all over our driveway.


This is Vince, another new, young & hot guy to feast your eyes on.
Even though he’s ripped, great looking and hung like a horse, this guy’s pretty shy around new people. Once he gets warmed up to your company though, he’s funny, outgoing and loves to horseplay.
In his first scene ever, Vince will be showing off his offering in our cabin. He grabs his favorite porn DVD, snatches up the laptop and heads upstairs for his stroke fest.
With filthy thoughts on his mind, Vince grabs his large uncut cock and grips it like a motorcycle throttle, stroking it until he unleashes his cream, shooting his load all over his ripped abs.


Today we have another massive cock for you to feast your eyes on this week. Meet Hayden, a young, hung badass that loves swinging his gigantic dick around for people to gawk at.
We begin this hot scene with a photo shoot. Hayden slowly undressing, showing off his body and his package. When it’s time to get down to business, he takes his fun outside and begins stroking his hot cock to a creamy conclusion. Oh, and did we mention that he can suck himself?
Check this guy out!


Jay Cloud had some fun over on our straight site NextDoorHookups a few weeks ago and we were flooded with postive emails about the 18 year old stud. So before we hook him up with any guys, we’re going to give him a whirl here on NextDoorMale.
Jay is an easy going, fresh out of highschool hunk. He has a huge cock and a great slim body.
For this scene, Jay’s going to showing off what he’s got while leaning against our pool table, and then finishing himself off while kicking back on the couch. This young buck gets straight to business, so don’t turn that dial!


Jameson is a hot, mid twenties stud. He’s never done anything in front of the camera before, but broke out of his shell to try a dick stroking scene here on NextDoorMale.
This scorching hot scene begins with the hot bodied Jameson caressing his tanned body, slowly undressing and revealing his fat cock.
After stroking it in the living room and the shower, he finally lets he cum flow free while he’s laying back on the bed, ending a great debut scene for this hunk.


Looks like since he’s been gone, he’s gained some more muscle and gotten a bit more tanned. Thankfully, he’s retained his hallmark smile and gorgeous eyes.
For his reintroduction, Marcus will be doing a solo photo shoot before heading to the gym and stroking his rock hard cock until he’s shivering with ecstasy and leaking cum all over our workout equipment.


If you saw the insane cock acrobatics that Josh Slyman can do when he was over visiting TommyD on his site, then you know you’re in for a treat in this NextDoorMale scene.
If Josh is a new face to you, then get ready to be amazed at what this 21 year old can do with his 7 1/2 inch cock. Lets just say that, even though Josh is the only person in this scene, there will be some anal penetration…oh, and lots of cum!


You shouldn’t even need to ask who this hunk is, but just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, meet Trystan Bull, our MOST popular guy EVER.
As with most early 20somethings, Trystan likes to party. The other morning we burst into his apartment at noon and caught him still sleeping. After calling his cell phone to wake his lazy ass up, Trystan realized he had a morning wood. After hinting that he should empty his nut for us, we’re proud to show off Mr. Trystan Bull to our loving fans once again.

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BaitBuddies & Like-Em-Straight: Straight guy seduction – exclusive homemade video. Real amateur. Real action. Real guys.


Straight: Bobby Knight
Bait: Xander

Straight: Bobby Knight
Bait: Xander


Featuring: Jack

This young skateboarder has two things on his mind today; girls and cash. When he`s riding his board all over San Francisco those cracks in the sidewalk drum a rhythm into his balls. He wants to dump his load and start over. Brendon has one of the things he`s looking for and Jack definitely has something Brendon wants. Brendon gets his hands on those swollen balls and doesn`t want to let go. Jack gets off and Brendon gets a hand full of sweet jambo juice.


Straight: Krys Perez
Bait: Tucker Forrest

Chris Perez says he mastered four of the thirty two positions from the ancient Kama Sutra, and by the looks of him there will be plenty of pussy to help master the rest. He’s our STRAIGHT guy from Texas – a young, 21 year old mainstream model with piercing blue/green eyes and a beautiful body. He contacted our studio looking for some “fast money”. He said he loves fat girls and of course we can accomodate – that’s because she’s not going to show up anyway! He told us that he’s had three ways with 2 girls, but never with another guy and girl – but for a few bucks he’d be up for it.


Featuring: Geo

Geo is a 19 year old baseball player with two things on his mind, baseball and sex. He tells Brendon about his wild side and how he`s even had another guy lick his ass. Big mistake! Brendon takes the open invitation and shoves his tongue into Geo`s tight hole. Geo slings his load and hits a home run!


Straight: Phenix Saint
Bait: Tucker Forrest

Phenix Saint lives a double life and he isn`t afraid to talk about it. In his normal everyday life this tall, brown haired, brown eyed, ripped stud loves his women. He says he only fucks guys for money.


Featuring: Channing

Caught up in the storm of publicity that surrounds the Twilight movie series, Brendon thinks Channing looks a bit vampirish. He`s gaunt with a pale complexion and long thin fingers. Brendon places him in the studio for a trial run and it isn`t long before Channing`s clothes are off and he`s jerking his stiffened cock. He`s got the alabaster skin and haunting eyes of a nocturnal wanderer. He loves wearing Brendon’s `cock sock` to beat off. Before long he`s fingering his own hole and performing for Brendon. When Brendon plays with his balls he lets fly a milky load just inches from the camera lens. Sweet!


Straight: Ricky Martiniz
Bait: Steven Ponce

Straight Stud Ricky Martiniz came in to make some extra cash for Christmas. With his good looks he could make a fortune! He was tall, had a swimmers build, dark hair and eyes, great smile, beautiful ass, and big cock! He virgin ass gets plucked by our well hung Bait Boy.


Featuring: Mac

This guy is 19 years old! That should be enough said, but just to tease you, Mac is good looking, horny and right here in Brendon`s studio. His clothes come off and his lean, smooth body puts Brendon on high alert. His first time in front of the camera has Mac jacking off and anxious to dump his load. Brendon talks him through the scene and kneels in front of his gorgeous dick just in time to drink his jizz. Mmmmmmmmmm. Good!


Straight: Jessie Alan
Bait: Krist Cummings

Jessie Alan is a total stud and a freak in the bed. Who would`t want to fuck this guy? He comes across like a smooth gangster and the first thing you`ll notice is his thug love tattoo, well his many tattoos. He had short spiked hair, blue eyes, killer body, and a HUGE cock! Jessie talks about the girls he fucks in the projects, tells us that they like getting fucked in the ass and he says he`s even licked a girl`s ass before. Maybe it won`t be too tough to talk this hunk into fucking a guy in the ass.


Straight: Braxton
Bait: Kain Warn

In this video we took a detour from the standard BaitBuddies.com formula by adding a girl as the director. This chick Mandy is no-nonsense, wild and slutty and we knew she would be perfect to break this young stallion, Braxton. He is a hot 22 year old straight and naive country boy with blond hair, blue eyes, smooth muscular body with perfect proportions, hung like a horse, hot, lickable hind quarters and sports some sexy well placed ink – his stud branding. We knew from experience that this would be one tough straight dude for us to harness and we were right! When told that he would be doing a DP (double penetration) scene with “Candy” a hot model and our ever ready and hung Bait stud, Kain, both big penises in the same hole at the same time, he said in horror “My dick has to touch his!”.


Straight: Troy
Bait: Tucker Forrest

Troy is married with children. With work hard to come by these days, he decided to give the porn world a try. He`s perfect for porn. He has an incredible body, sexy face, blond hair, blue eyes, and a thick, long, cock! We paired him up with Tucker. Tucker clearly loves baiting straight men and he keeps coming back for more! The thought of baiting a married dad had Tucker as hard as a rock!


Straight: Dawson St. James
Bait: Tucker Forrest

We love newbies and especially when they`re as sexy as Dawson! This all American stud had it going on from head to toe. He had blond hair, blue eyes, smooth and tight body, hard bubble butt, and a fat 8 inch cock! He was as hard as a rock just thinking about fucking a pornstar.
Tucker Forrest came back to play our bait. He just can`t seem to get enough straight cock and neither can we.
We decided not to film this straight dude in the studio because he appeared to be very nervous about his first time and didn’t want anyone to walk by and watch. So, to calm Dawson’s nerves we shot the entire scene at home. We thought maybe if he`s more relaxed he`ll go with whatever we throw at him.


Straight: Larkin
Bait: Devin Moss

Larkin loves watching porn. He likes the hot women and likes to get kinky. He`s had a threesome a time or two but when we brought up doing a DP scene he was a little nervous to have is cock sliding up against another dudes. We wanted to see just how kinky this dark haired, dark eyed, Latin stud would get. He stripped down and worked up his 10 incher while dreaming of the chick he`d be fucking.
Devin Moss was the lucky bait guy. He had brown hair, hazel eyes, and an adorable face but his best feature was down below. He`s on a mission to prove that BIG and we mean BIG things come in small packages with his fat 10 inch sausage


Straight: Jeremy Fox
Bait: Kain Warn

Jeremy Fox is a total ladies man. He`s tall, dark, and handsome with a super fat cock and a nice tight body. This guy loves pussy and when he found out there wasn`t going to be any he started to freak out.
We paired him out with Kain Warn. You`ll remember this big dick stud from several videos ago.
Jeremy was horny and needed to get paid so we put this straight stud to the ultimate test. We had him getting sucked, sucking cock, and even jacking Kain off. He wasn`t so happy when Kain busted a nut all over his hand. One things for sure, he won`t be messing around with guys again anytime soon and he made that very clear!


Straight: Brandon Monroe
Bait: Jessie Balboa

Tall, dark, and handsome are just a few words that describe Brandon Monroe. Standing ar 6`2″ and ripped from swimming his entire life, we already thought he was hot but when his pants came off and we saw his giant cock our juices started to flow.
We used Jessie Balboa as our bait. Jessie has made several adult videos and is a total sex freak! He moved from Peru to the USA, chasing the American dream and after his first video people just couldn`t get enough of him. He has dark Latin skin, hazel eyes, shaved head, and a big fat cock.


Straight: Ryan Ames
Bait: Tucker Forrest

`How was your first time sucking cock?` `It was awkward` replied straight jock Ryan. And that`s what our latest straight victim Ryan said in his “after the shoot” video blog. Also, hear him compare fucking a girl to fucking a guy.
He`s a real ladies man but this day he became a BaitBuddies.com, man`s man. He has eyes than can pierce through you, beefy build, and is packing a cock that is out of this world! Tucker, our horned up bait guy was dying to get Ryan`s huge cock stuffed up his ass and so were we. See how far we push this straight stud!


Straight: James Kelly
Bait: Ethan Storm

This week we give virgin straight, male porn star wannabe, James Kelly, a wicked welcome into the world of Gay4Pay porn. Instead of banging the promised babes, he`s coaxed into doing a dude.
In our never ending pursuit of the ultimate real life straight guy seduction video, we introduced the 24 year old, married stud to his first ever porn scene. When asked about prior sexual experiences with another guy, James replied “I jerked off with another kid once when I was young”.


Straight: Clint Wolf
Bait: Kain Warn

Clint Wolf came in looking for some pussy and some cash. This ripped stud was made for porn. He had ice blue eyes that could pierce right through you. Tall, tan, ripped, and packing some serious meat.
We paired him up with Kain Warn. He`s our latest bait guy. Kain had some fierce eyes himself, more of a punky kind of guy, this stud had it going on. Wait until you see this cock he`s walking around with. Its HUGE.


Straight: Andy Brown
Bait: Tucker Forrest

We start off with our latest straight victim, Andy Brown. This guy has it going on… Shaved head, buff body, tall, sexy, and hung like a horse. Not to mention he`s married.
Tucker is our cute bait guy. He has an adorable face, nice body, and a big cock as well.
Andy is totally Tucker`s type but can Tucker convince this stud to engage in some guy on guy action?


Straight: Travis Hardman
Bait: Marcus Steele

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StraightFraternity – Meet the brothers and pledges to the straight fraternity – pictures and videos


Xavier: This 20-year-old is the hottest guy I have worked with for a long time. Shy, sexy and built like a brick shithouse, Xavier gets off with a big load

straightfraternity_MAN_ORGY (1)

4 MAN ORGY: Matt, Greg, Justice and Bo all get in the action together…

straightfraternity_DEREK-CHRISTIAN_GAY_CHICKEN_7 (1)

Derek & Christian: Army man Derek and his buddy Christian play Gay Chicken and end up giving each other head, kissing and stroking each other off to two huge loads

straightfraternity_Jace (2)

Jace is super sexy and a little bit dangerous – I took a chance on making a move on this Navy guy, and it paid off when I got a big load of cum out of him…

straightfraternity_CHANCE (1)

Chance: I blow and stroke off this newly divorced furry bear cub, and then he licks up his own cum for me…

straightfraternity_Blaze (1)

Blaze: This stunning guy with a nice cock cums twice – once by himself and once with me stroking him off. All for the money, of course…

straightfraternity_ HELL_WEEK (2)

HELL WEEK: The Brothers fall under a sex spell and nothing will satisfy them until load after load is spilled

straightfraternity_RED (1)

Red: This college jock alumnus has a hot body and a nice big tool that he lets me blow

straightfraternity_UTAH (1)

Utah: This 21-year-old Army stud is back and hornier than ever. I do my part by giving him head that makes him explode…

straightfraternity_REESE (1)

Reese: Riley brought his big brother Reese in to get the same cocksucking treatment he got the day before. How hot it is to do BOTH brothers!

straightfraternity_LUCAS (1)

Lucas: Sexy 22-year-old loves head and having his nipples played with. I give him what he wants, and he blows a huge load!

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