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To get into members directory of any gay site presented in the list just simply enter username and password.

U: username
P: password

Repeat if necessary.

Many of adult web sites are using passwords abuse protection and that’s why a part of passwords may not work. If so just try the next site or come back  later after we have updated our blog with new passwords.

Some gay sites can also ask you to enter username / passwords more than once but usually not more than 3 times. So think about it when you guess that password doesn’t work.

We usually do not erase old passwords ’cause they can start working in a while after they had been blocked by site owner. It happens when traffic goes down. So you can always find a couple of working passwords even in the old posts.

On the following page you can exchange your password onto another one for free:

passwords exchange form

On this site there’s a plenty of pictures and some videos. Why and how it connects with passwords? It’s simple. As you already know majority of advanced adult sites are using passwords abuse protection software and passwords won’t work for more than 3 or sometimes even 1 IP address. So when we got password from a good gay site we just copy some materials from members directory and put it between the passwords posts. It’s the only way to look inside in a site you weren’t lucky to find working password for.

If you have further questions you can use contact form but remember that we do not take any orders to get password or hack.

Have a nice stay and welcome back.

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