Southern Strokes

southernstroke - Bobby and Preston Fuck - Group

We had Bobby in for the weekend in hopes that he would live up to our friend’s recommendations. As soon as I laid eyes on his big beautiful cock, I knew we weren’t going to let him go home without having him fuck one of our Southern Guys. Preston had been hinting that he wanted to try and take a dick up his tight ass, so I immediately summoned him to the Lake House and told him to be ready to take it.
First of all, I have to say that every time Preston shows up at the Lake House he looks better and better. He walked in with this trim and fit body and a nice tan. Bobby’s eyes lit up as soon as he was introduced to his fuck buddy. One look at Preston’s crotch and it was obvious that he was excited. Little did Preston know that he was in for a BIG surprise!
These two hit it off immediately. Preston said he was really horny and it was crystal clear during the photo shoot. When we asked Preston to position himself as if he was going to sit on Bobby’s cock, his cock was rock hard. It was so hot watching Preston’s big cock resting on Bobby’s abs as the two were preparing themselves for this hot fuck session.
As Bobby slowly slid his cock into Preston’s tight pink hole, Preston screamed, “Damn, you’re big!” From that point on, things just got hotter and hotter. Bobby fucked Preston in every position imaginable. Much to all of our amazement, Preston took it like a champ.
If there’s any doubt about how turned on these two were, just watch as Preston shoots his huge load over his shoulder while he’s on his back getting fucked deep by Bobby. Not to be outdone, Bobby finishes it off by shooting one of the biggest cum-loads we’ve ever filmed. Bobby cums for what seems like an eternity.

southernstrokes - Coy - Solo (2)

I found Coy at a construction site on one of our visits to Alabama. He was standing next to his truck in just his work boots and jeans…another one of those moments that make you do a double take. I really was surprised when I received a call from Coy asking me what this modeling was all about. Coy works out every day and this Southern Man is very proud of his body. As he puts it, “Why not show off all of my hard work?”
When Coy arrived at the Lake House, he had a friend come along with him to make sure that we didn’t take advantage of him. Little did Coy know, for the first time the crew was actually scared that Coy was just coming up to wreak havoc. Over the past year, we’ve had quite a few well-built guys make their way to the Lake House, but I can honestly say that Coy is by far the strongest. Coy is just one more example of how the guys are raised in the South. He was there to show us everything he had and make sure everyone had fun in the process.
As soon as Coy lost his shirt, the crew looked in awe at his perfectly chiseled upper body. When he turned around and flexed his back, he gave us a new meaning to the term “Christmas Tree.” He literally has ripples down the middle of his back. Coy was born and raised in the south and is as straight as you can get. He and his buddy told us story after story of their sexual playground in Alabama. Here in the South, the older women love to break in the young bucks.
Coy wasn’t shy at all. He proudly showed us every inch of his hot body. He didn’t leave anything to the imagination. He loves to jack off and strokes his cock to climax 2-3 times a day. I always ask the guys to hold off on rubbing one out for at least a couple of days before they come up to the Lake House.  Coy doesn’t disappoint us.

southernstroke - Evan - Solo

Our good buddy Beau actually found Evan for us. Evan is a 20 year old college student, and the two of them had met at a party up in the mountains of North Georgia. When Beau first described Evan to us, he sounded hot. Beau definitely knows the type of guy we like for the site.
After talking with Evan on the telephone, I asked him to send over a couple of pictures of himself so I could see if he would be a good fit for the site. The initial pictures he sent didn’t really do much for me, and I told him that we would have to pass at this time (I hate making those phone calls). I thought that was the last I would hear from Evan.
A couple of weeks passed and I received a text message at 3 am from Evan saying, “Maybe this will make you change your mind.” He was obviously out having a good time with his girlfriend, and he decided to share his night with me by sending me some naked pictures of him having sex with her. He was right; it made me change my mind.
Evan showed up at the Lake House raring to go.  He has a real cocky attitude and comes across as being pretty aggressive. The best thing about Evan is that he is completely comfortable with his sexuality. He’s straight and has never had sex with a guy, but he quickly let us know he was open to new experiences.
Evan’s cock was bigger than I expected and he loves to play with it. Once again the South has given us another hot guy who loves to show off. He was really getting into it, and I could soon tell that he loves having his ass played with. Just as I was about to suggest that he grab a toy and have a little fun, Evan licked his fingers and proceeded to pleasure his hole! This video is hot and so is Evan. Look for Evan to be back soon for his first fuck video.

southernstroke - 3 Way Fuck - Group (8)

As soon as we finished Evan’s solo, we contacted Preston to see if he was up for breaking in another new guy for the site. We knew right away that Evan was going to be adventurous. When we asked him how he felt about doing a video with another guy he said he was up for trying just about anything. To make Evan more comfortable, we decided to team him up with Preston. We were all looking forward to Evan pounding Preston’s hot little ass when we got a call from Buck. It seems that Buck had heard we were planning a shoot without him and it didn’t go over well. Buck doesn’t like to be left out.
You can only imagine how surprised Evan was when he showed up at the Lake House to find out that he was going to be having sex with – not one – but now two guys! We left the three of them alone for a while so they could get to know each other a little bit. It didn’t take long before they were slapping each other on the ass in preparation for what was about to happen.
As soon as the guys took off their shirts for the photo shoot, Evan took a good look at Preston and Buck and said, “Man, do I feel fat.” This was Buck’s first three-way (with guys or girls) and he was extremely excited. It took everything he had to pay attention during the photo shoot so that we could get down to business. Buck just couldn’t stop staring at Evan’s crotch, wondering what he was packing.
Given that this was Evan’s first time with another guy (let alone two guys), we let everyone know that Evan was only going to fuck. This was perfectly fine with Preston and Buck. They were both anxious to feel Evan’s hard cock deep inside their holes. There really wasn’t much in the way of foreplay at all. Before we knew it, the guys were all naked and fucking each other.
All three of these hot southern boys really had a great time. They fucked from one side of the bed to the other. When they couldn’t take anymore, Buck got on his back in the middle of the bed and asked Evan and Preston to cum on his chest. “Just don’t get it in my mouth or my hair,” he said.

southernstroke-Chase - Solo (3)

If you have followed Chase’s career you will know that he is a true home grown Southerner. Not only is Chase from Georgia, but he is a big fan of Southern Strokes. Chase had been on me for a few months to let him come up to the Lake House and do a shoot for his fans. As luck would have it, Chase showed up on a beautifully sunny day that enabled us to get outside and take advantage of the Lake.
I think that Chase feels like he really belongs on Southern Strokes given his upbringing, but more importantly I think he wanted to show everyone that he never leaves the gym. In fact, I think he may have been in the best shape of his life.
We spent most of the day out by the lake doing the photo shoot. It was nice having a pro in front of the cameras. I have to say that even Chase was a little taken aback at the photo opportunities that the Lake House provided. At one point a half-naked Chase turned around to be greeted by an elderly woman out on a nature walk. I didn’t blame her for spending the next 30 minutes bending Chase’s ear. She didn’t take her eyes off of his muscled chest the entire time.
Chase definitely came to the shoot prepared. His body was chiseled as I can ever remember, and his smile was just as infectious. What took me a little by surprise was that his cock really is huge. Now don’t get me wrong, I have seen Chase’s cock before. But somehow having it right in front of me and rock hard, it seemed to only get bigger.
I hope you all enjoy another look at Chase.

southernstroke-Evan and Cam Fuck (5)

It was pure luck that these two both ended up at the Lake House at the same time.  Cam was on his way up to the North East and passing through Atlanta and Evan just had to stop by so that we could see his new body. What happened next surprised us all.
As you all know by now, Cam is extremely sexual and he doesn’t hide it.  When Evan walked into the Lake House, Cam immediately recognized him from the site.  It was obvious that Cam was excited to see Evan so we asked if the two of them would take a couple of pictures together.  We took a couple of snaps of Evan and Cam in the woods and Cam literally couldn’t take his hands off Evan.  Once you take a look at Evans new ROCK HARD body, you will understand where Cam was coming from.
They both just expected that we would have to capture on camera what everyone knew was about to happen. Cam told Evan that he would do anything Evan wanted to do…ANYTHING!  Evan proceeded to fuck Cam all over the living room.  At one point, Evan has Cam standing on his head as Evan drills his big cock deep into Cam’s moist hole.  Evan’s balls were so full they were slapping hard against Cam’s ass as he pounded him deep. Cam eagerly took Evan’s load in his mouth and proceed to make sure that he sucked out every last drop of cum.

southernstrokes - Bryson Fucks Preston

I had been trying to decide who I could pair Bryson with for his first sexual experience with another guy.  I wanted Bryson to feel comfortable so I decided that who better than to bring back our old pro….Preston.  It just so happened that Preston was in town and of course he was up for breaking in the new guy.
There is no doubt that Bryson loves sex and he was completely open to fucking Preston’s tight little ass.  when Bryson walked into the Lake House, he immediately told us that he was really looking forward to his first ass fucking and he had been saving up his cum for the event.
Preston took one look at Bryson’s hot tattooed body and he was immediately turned on.  These two didn’t waste any time at all.  Preston told Bryson to get naked and lay down so that Preston could go to work on Bryson’s cock.  Bryson immediately started to moan as Preston took his cock deep into his throat.
We all knew that Bryson really wanted to fuck so he finally turned Preston on his stomach and shoved his cock deep inside his hot hole.  Bryson fucked Preston all over the bed until he just couldn’t take anymore.  As if one hot huge load wasn’t enough,  the 20 year old skater proceeded to dump a second hung load on to Preston’s chest.  Preston smiled and said “damn I wish I could do that”

southernstrokes - Hunter

I received a call one afternoon from Bryson saying that he had a guy that we just had to film.  When he described Hunter, he told me how hot he was and then he said that rumor has it that he has a really big cock.
Hunter is 100% straight and was a little unsure when I first talked to him on the phone.  He wasn’t opposed to jacking off for us but he just wanted to be sure that he wasn’t going to be molested when he showed up at the Lake House.  After a couple of long conversations, Hunter finally agreed to come up and do a shoot.
Once Hunter got comfortable, he really opened up (in more ways than one).  Hunter said that there has always been talk about his big cock.  He said that when he was in High School, he was stopped by the entire softball team they asked to see his cock because they heard it was so big.  As Hunter puts it; “I always got a lot of pussy in High School”
Hunter was a natural, he stroked his big uncut cock just like he was in his bedroom at home.  He wasn’t shy about showing off his nice ass either.  When Hunter finally unloads, he literally covers his stomach with rich creamy white cum.  Watch as his stomach turns into a river of cum that starts to drip down his side.  We have to have Hunter back for more.


We have had some hot guys come to us from Alabama and Trey is no exception.  From the first very first conversation I had with Trey, there was never a doubt that it was only a matter of time before he would pay us a visit.  Trey showed up wearing a jock-strap underneath his jeans and looking even hotter than his pictures.
We started the photo shoot outside and it was obvious that Trey had done some modeling in the past.  He has this amazing smile and he knows how to work the camera.  I love it when a hot guy like Trey has so much confidence.  He doesn’t take a bad picture and he knows it.
I was pleasantly surprised when Trey took off his shirt to reveal a hot set of abs.  He has a tight swimmers build and a perfectly round fuckable ass!  The entire time we were doing the photo shoot, I just couldn’t stop thinking about what he was going to do for us in the video.  He had definitely showed up at the Lake House horny and wanting to show off.
Once Trey got out of his jeans, there was no stopping him.  He immediately started working his fingers into his tight wet hole.  This Southern Boy was rock hard as two fingers disappeared deep into his ass causing him to let out a loud moan.  There have been plenty of guys shoot their loads for our cameras but I have to say that Trey accomplished a first.  Just as he was ready to shoot his load, his entire body started shaking so much that he moved the furniture.  I think we should change his name to Thumper.

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southernstroke - Bobby and Preston Fuck - Group (2)

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southernstroke - Bobby and Preston Fuck - Group (5)

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