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Passwords to gay sites

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Connor Fucks Brent


Brent’s been on somewhat of a cherry-popping streak lately, being the first to initiate a number of CF studs into the joys of bottoming. He’s done a masterful job of it, and I’ve gotten an incredible kick out of seeing him be the first to fuck some of these new guys. He really knows how to make it a wonderful experience for them, and obviously gets off on doing so himself!
Brent wouldn’t be so good at being the first to fuck a guy were it not for the fact that he really appreciated how fun it could be to bottom himself! And I wanted to make sure he didn’t forget just how pleasurable it could be to be on the bottom side of things! So, when I recently had big dicked, buff Connor and Brent around at the same time, I figured it was a great opportunity to have Connor bury his dick in Brent and have Brent be on the receiving end of a hot fuck the likes of which he’s so used to giving!
Right from the get go in this video, you can tell Brent’s hole is ready for some action. As Connor feeds Brent his dick and fingers his hole, it’s obvious Brent’s feeling damn good and getting off on it all! He’s as hard as a rock, his dick pointing straight up to the sky! Brent can’t get over wanting to play with another guy’s hole himself, though, and as he and Connor 69 he takes advantage of the opportunity to rim Connor and bury his tongue in his smooth hole. It’s Brent’s ass that is set to get worked over, though, and pretty soon he’s face down in the bed, his ass up and ready for Connor’s dick.
To be honest, it was a bit strange for me to see Brent in that position! I’m so used to seeing him be on top that I’d almost forgotten how hot he looked spread out and waiting to get fucked! Both of these guys have amazing bodies, and they look good in any position! But Brent was looking particularly sexy and appealing as he was getting ready to take it, and while taking it!
One of the things I love about seeing Brent in action is just how responsive he is to what his partner is doing. He’s like that when topping, but also while bottoming. You can tell he feels every single bit of Connor’s dick while it’s in him, and deeper thrusts from Connor bring out deeper and louder moans from Brent. By the end of their hot fuck, Brent’s defined, tight, tan tummy looks even hotter with his and Connor’s loads sprayed all over it!


Stash & Vance


Now that we have Vance’s fur back, I thought he would look great with our resident twink, Stash.
The two hit it off, and we even get to see Vance suck some dick. (He’s very particular about that!)
There is some great ass fucking as Vance DOES love to fuck, and Stash certainly enjoys bottoming.


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Adam Campbell Fucks Titus Gallen + Fill My Ass With Dildo


We were really excited to get Adam Campbell out of his clothes and into bed with Titus for his first scene – and at first we thought Titus might be too much for Adam to handle. Titus loves cock and cannot stop begging for it! But Adam was not scared at all, and they both end up kissing, sucking dick, and admiring each others bodies until Adam flips Titus over for a hot ride!



Jason works a very thick dildo in his ass to train himself.

Jesse and Robbie


Here’s Robbie and Jesse in a horny, light-hearted film where Robbie works his magic on Jesse’s “curious” side! Having invited the guys back to make dildos of their cocks, the atmosphere was very relaxed and focused on having fun… which meant Jesse wasn’t too phased when things got a little bit more adventurous 😉
The guys start off reading the instructions on how to make their dildos and soon move on to getting their chunky uncut dicks up to full hardness. Robbie just can’t help himself (could you?) and leans over to stroke Jesse’s cock – and Jesse decides to return the favour! Sensing that Jesse’s not too freaked out, Robbie takes things to the next level and sucks on that big, juicy dick – and I think it’s fair to say Jesse enjoyed it 🙂
Now that the guys were totally hard and horny the team made up the cock-casting mix and Jesse went first. Lying back, Robbie carefully poured in the mix and played with Jesse’s balls – purely to help keep his cock nice and hard, you understand 😉 Then the guys switched positions and once the moulds were finished the guys settled back on the sofa.
But Robbie was still feeling a little naughty – he wanted to have a spunk-off contest! So it all ends with these two cuties standing up and facing each other in a hot jerk-off session… and both guys get splattered with warm, gooey cum 🙂


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