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HmBoys presents

For proof theat the current economic downturn is completely worldwide, look no further (as if you could possibly even want to!) than this week’s exceptionally personable HMBoy, Konstantin.
This young man, as if you hadn’t already guessed it, hails from Russia and, like most of his fellow citizens, was somewhat surprised, to put ot mildly, when the global credit crunch hit home there too.
“Our government has been telling us for the past year that the Russian economy would be strong enough to survive any crisis”, says our well-informed young man (he’s actually a Political Science student in St Petersburg).
“But now I’m not so sure we can believe anything they say.”
Thankfully, though, despite losing the part time job he had in a call centre, Konstantin was smart enough to know that there are always ways to make a few extra roubles if you’ve got a cute face, a trim body, a bubble butt and a good looking piece of meat between the legs.
“I’d seen the HMBoys site before”, he tells us, “so it was my first choice to see if they were interested in paying to take a few pictures of me.”
A few
?  Do 123 pictures count as “a few”?
Well, maybe not, but we knew that as soon as you caught sight of young Konstantin you’d be wanting to see as much of him as possible and as many times as you could.
Of course, no one denies that the world’s in a pretty difficult economic situation…
Experts say that it’s likely to go on for quite some time…
But, as we examine these pictures of hot young Konstantin at play in the HMBoys studio, maybe there’s the beginnings of grounds for a little optimism.
After all, as we can clearly see, in this boy’s case, at least, things are definitely on the way up!


If you Google “list of castles in Slovakia”, you’ll find Korlatka there in the list.
Sadly, though, it’s considered so unimportant that it doesn’t get a full entry to itself.
Nonetheless, it was to those very ruins that cute young Shane – not, needless to say, his real name – took us when we asked him to take us to a picturesque location near his home where we could shoot his HMBoys picture set.
It turns out that Shane’s mother is usually roped in on the few occasions that tourists come to the area and want a guided tour – so our boy knows all about the place.
And, more importantly, he knew that there wasn’t likely to be anyone else around on the day we wanted to take his pictures.
Shane was, as it happened, an excellent guide to the ruined fortifications, though once we got inside what’s left of the outer walls, we switched our attentiuon to another sort of architecture altogether.
Our boy tells us that he’s just 18 years old (we’d worried that he might actually be younger than that until he flashed his ID card) and hopes to go to university in Bratislava next year.
“History’s the subject I like best in school”, he says, “so I really enjoy living in this region of the country.
“It’s full of old buildings like Korlatka castle and you can get a real sense of what living here must have been like hundreds of years ago.”
Of course, we were far more interested that day in young bodies than in old buildings, but we smiled and tried to look as if we were paying attention to what Shane was saying.
Until, that is, our ears really did prick up…
“Perhaps”, said our boy with a sly smile, “you would like to see the castle dungeon…?
“We could even try it out.”


Harry’s recently had a bit of a shock.
A sort of conversion, if your like, on the road to Damascus.
And, as a result, he’s become a different boy entirely.
Like most young men his age, you see, Harry loves looking at dirty pictures.  So, when it was time to quit school and to look for work, what should be more natural than he’d try to break into his favourite business!
But it proved, as you might expect, not such an easy thing in practice.
Harry, you see, had only ever assumed that he’d be working with girls.  In fact, he claims that he’d never, ever had an erotic thought about another boy in his whole life…
But, as he trudged from casting agent to casting agent and sent off dozens of resumes with no result, he came to realise that it just wasn’t going to be so easy to break into straight porn as he’d thought.
After all, just think of the competition!
Luckily, no doubt taking pity on the boy, one agent took him aside and gave him a bit of fatherly advice.
“Get some experience under your belt, son”, he said.
“It don’t matter how you do it, but get out there in front of those lights.  Once casting directors can see you’re not a complete newbie who’s gonna freeze in mid-fuck, then maybe they’ll give you some work.”
So, as you can see right here today, we’re more than happy to give our young friend Harry some work in order to broaden his horizons.
And, now that he’s started pestering us for even assignments, we think that soon wemight even be helping him to broaden his beautiful ass!



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