Dax is a cute Latin straight boy who has kind of found himself with a small group of gay friends, some of which have been encouraging him to do video work.
They tend to be nudists and all hang out at a nude beach.  Dax isn’t shy about whipping his clothes off. He’s a show’er and grow’er, so his buds knew that he was packing a big uncut knob, and wanted to see it, if not in action, at least at attention.
So he was a little bewildered and I guess, goofily surprised to find himself being photographed and rubbing one off for the cameras.
Geez, does he have a big dick! He’s not a ‘lil guy, but his dick makes him look small in comparison.
Cute kid. Not sure I can talk him in to doing guy-on-guy stuff, but his gay friends are sure happy to see his dick and full attention, and squirting out gobs of DNA!

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