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Fucking Joe

Brent is just a master when it comes to breaking a guy in, and that’s on display here as much as in any other video he’s done as he is the one to fuck Joe for the first time ever. Joe’s already had the opportunity to use that big, meaty dick of his on both Travis and Matt, but now he gets to be on the receiving end of a hot fuck and, judging by his reactions, facial expressions, and the load he fires off at the end, he thoroughly enjoyed it!

It’s easy to see just why Joe was overwhelmed by the incredible sensations throughout this entire video and why he had such a good time when you see what a great job Brent did popping his cherry! Brent is dominant, yet in a playful and even intimate kind of way. It’s hard to describe how he mixes this intimacy with some definitely dominance, but I’m sure you’ll see what I mean when you watch the video! The fact that Joe so easily gave himself up to Brent and let himself be dominated caught me off guard at first, but made more and more sense with each sign that Brent was making Joe feel things that were driving him wild!

Whether he’s prepping Joe’s hole with his mouth and fingers, sliding his dick into Joe’s mouth, holding his hands down on the bed or burying his long, hard dick into Joe’s ass, Brent shows off an incredible awareness of what makes his partner feel good, and what makes their first time more fun. Indeed, it’s obvious Brent totally loves it when he gets to be the first one to fuck another of the guys! He gets totally into it, makes sure he’s treating them just right, and recalls all of the things that made his own first bottoming experience a hot one, as well as everything he’s learned over the course of each video in which he’s been the first to fuck a guy, and puts those lessons to work – and it does the trick!

He doesn’t just fuck Joe, but blows Joe away! With Brent’s dick buried deep in his ass, Brent reaches around to stroke Joe’s cock and brings Joe to a huge orgasm! Joe’s moans, whimpers and facial expressions were priceless at this point, as were Brent’s! You could clearly see that Brent was totally thrilled to be making Joe cum and enjoying the moment a whole lot!

Trey & Barry

When I was in high school, there were no guys on the cheerleading team. It simply wasn’t allowed. Yes, the cheerleading team always consisted of rich, pretty, stuck-up, bitchy girls in tight sweaters and short skirts. At the games, you had to look past them at the football team to get your fill of man candy.
So I was absolutely delighted when, twenty years later, I went to my high school reunion and found that every single one of those girls had morphed into a fat, frumpy version of their former selves (and unfortunately so had the man candy!)
OK, I know. That was mean. Sorry.
But thankfully, things have changed, and all over the country cheer squads (as they are now called) have as members hot, young, muscular, nimble, male gymnasts such as Trey!
Now Trey says that he is “straight.” And I’m just the messenger.
But the way he looked at Barry, sucked Barry’s cock, and fucked Barry’s asshole makes me think there might be some wiggle room there!
And Barry. Wow. He’s looking better than ever, all muscular and hairy and beefy.
Yes, there was definitely electricity between them. You could see it in Trey’s face. That spark you feel when you’re really, really into someone. It was definitely there!
This movie is definitely all about the cheer squad stud fucking the shit out of the quarterback!

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Adam Campbell Fucks Titus Gallen + Jock Ass Play Fuck

We were really excited to get Adam Campbell out of his clothes and into bed with Titus for his first scene – and at first we thought Titus might be too much for Adam to handle. Titus loves cock and cannot stop begging for it! But Adam was not scared at all, and they both end up kissing, sucking dick, and admiring each others bodies until Adam flips Titus over for a hot ride!


AJ and Ian are a HOT pair! AJ pounds Ian so hard he had a hard time walking for a week. But Ian took every bit of AJ and his drill-pole. Before the pounding of his life, Ian got a good taste of AJs cock and practically gagged on it, then found out how good AJ can blow a dick. It is a good thing that AJ loosened Ian up a bit first with some heavy ass play. You should see the look on Ians face when AJ got three fingers deep into that beautiful hole! We knew Ian had it in him – Ian truly takes it like a man, and ends up loving every deep minute of it!

Ivan & Teo

Before we begin let me remind everyone that this site is not “all” about barebacking. The site is a little of this and a little of that. Everyone did the proper testing, and neither performer is going to be all about condom-free.
Both Ivan and Teo were looking to spice things up, so like they would for a straight film, they made sure they were “all clear” and amped things up on the set without condoms.
Teo had a blast, as he finally got to play and suck a dick just like his. Ivan, though nervous to start with, enjoyed someone who knew how to play with the extra skin. Through out the shoot, he is smiling with disbelief that he is actually fucking a dude.
He’s never actually even ever fucked a girl in the ass, so his learning curve was a bit steeper than most.
I have to admit, it sure was easy to film as they both clearly got into the fucking. Watching Ivan’s uncut cock slide in and out as Teo jerks his own uncut cock at rapid fire is way hot to see.
We got Teo in his traditional “on his back” to cum postion. It’s truly the best way to make him bust with the other guys.  While Ivan did surprisingly well jerking his dick off onto Teo’s own spurting cock. I love these well-timed cumshots as it’s such a cum fest!

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Bailey and RJ

RJ and Bailey got it on big time at Blake Mason and their steel-like hard-on’s show just how horned up they were! This is your “typical” Blake Mason video loaded with hot kissing, cute guys with big juicy uncut cocks, passionate foreplay, nipple play, rimming, sucking, and of course some damn hot man-on-man fucking. A Blake Mason video would not be complete without one shooting a hot creamy load that could easily win an award. This one is no exception. Think Big. Shoot Hard.

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1, 2, 3 fuck + Nate: Frat jackoff contest

James, proud of riding commando, is the first to get his meat eaten by both of the other two, and Tanner is the first to get his rod ridden right! Watch these boys pound Sam with their teenage touch!



A photographer got Nate and one of his frat brothers together on a couch to jerkoff to a Straight porn movie together – and let him film them doing it. It was a contest to see who could shoot their load first…and the ripped jock from Jersey wins!

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