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Highlights of the Week: Kenny

You remember Kenny, the muscled 23 year old that was introduced by TommyD some time ago. If you haven’t seen him yet, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this baby-faced hunk and all he has to offer.
For this week’s NextDoorMale update, we find Kenny kicking back on the porch, flipping through the pages of a nudy-magazine. After a bit, Kenny’s cock starts to get excited and there’s only one thing to do once that happens; pull that thing out and begin teasing it, and that’s exactly what Kenny does.
After zipping up, Kenny strolls over to a lawn chair near the spa where he continues his cock stroking adventure. Still not wanting to cum, Kenny puts his clothes back on and walks off.
He reappears wearing only a robe, which he sheds so he can take an outdoor shower. While rinsing off, Kenny grabs his cock and begins stroking for the home run, sitting down on a bench so he can shoot his load all over himself.He cums with such force that he nails himself in the face with his spray.