Twinks Barebacked on Casting Couch

Devin Franco, Hazel Hoffman, and Cristiano

Hazel Hoffman and Cristiano are in the for the threeway of their lives as muscled porn star Devin Franco fills their mouths, eats their holes, and uses his big dick to bareback their eager asses. Sit back and enjoy this Private Collection fuck as Devin vigorously drills some grade-A twink cheeks — all while Cristiano licks his pole as it’s pounding Hazel’s hole and Hazel gets stuffed at both ends.

Sweet Twink Sweat

Tattooed twink Callum West doesn’t have the sauna all to himself for long. An old man hits on him, but Callum brushes him off. When hunky twink Maverick Sun sits down next to him, that’s more like it! The guys flirt, and Callum opens his towel to show Maverick his hard cock so the bottom sneakily sucks him. The twinks toss out the horny old dude so they can suck each other freely, and Callum fucks Maverick doggystyle, then on his back on the bench. The sweaty bottom rides Callum’s cock, then takes a hard pounding in piledriver till he jizzes all over himself, and he’s ready to get another hot load on his face.

Even Cowboys Get Blue Balls

Home is the place where when you have to go there, they have to take you in. After Tim James loses his job in the big city, he returns to the farm and family he left years earlier without a word. His brother, Dom King, is still mad over the way Tim left, but other country folk accept the gay redhead even more than he expected… like huge, hung stablehand Chuck Conrad, and even married neighbor Austin Wolf. After Dom confesses his true feelings to his best friend, Olivier Robert, will he be able to forgive and forget?

Blake & Heath

Blond Sean Cody newbie Blake takes notice of bearded Heath when he comes into the gym, especially when Heath strips off his shirt. Blake comes over and kisses the bottom, and his dick is so hard it’s soon coming out his shorts! Heath sucks it, then lies back on a block to get fucked before he rides the top. Blake lies on a bench while Heath sits on his face, then pounds the bottom against a weight rack before he pulls out and cums, and Heath cleans off the top’s cock as he jacks himself off.

Heating Up The Tanning Salon

Malik Delgaty doesn’t have an appointment, but tanning salon employee Mateo Zagal is sure he can fit him in! He sets Malik up in a booth where the hunk strips naked and starts stroking himself under the lights. When Malik’s booth shuts off early, he wraps himself in a towel to ask Mateo for assistance, and just as Mateo fixes the issue, the towel slips and leaves the top’s boner at eye level! Mateo eagerly sucks it, and the guys aren’t done when the timer runs out, so Malik fucks Mateo doggystyle in the booth. The bottom rides that dick and Malik fucks him on the floor till the bottom cums in missionary, then Mateo sucks out every drop of Malik’s load.

Tyler Bareback

I undress and compliment Tyler to make him feel more comfortable, but it doesn’t take long before I have his big black cock in my mouth and rock hard. I’m surprised that he’s open to kissing me, and more surprised when he rubs his huge cock on my hole. He flips me over, rims me, then lubes me up and tries fucking me with that thing. It takes some work, but I’m able to get all of his raw meat inside me. Tyler bangs away at my ass, then flips me on my back again to finish his business. He fucks me deep and pulls out just in time to spray his jizz on my dick and smear it on my stretched hole.


Daddy’s livestock ranch has a couple of new bulls. We work them hard here so we can enjoy all that muscle. TK tops out over 300 pounds so there is a lot of muscle to enjoy. Will and Berry get this Black Angus all oiled up and off, spraying a big load of bull seed everywhere.


So, there’s this event called SBN in Vauxhall, right, and it’s a real mad one. ? I’m talkin’ blinding
lights, thumping bass, and a proper crowd going mental. ? Naked bodies everywhere you look,
if you haven’t been you really need to go check it out.


Delivery No. 3! Our van driver was so turned on by the anon fucking the resident Whore was getting in the backseat that he decided to place an order of ass himself. Back to the studio we go where our shy driver can get all the smut out of his system in private. Not like this bottom has any idea who he’s getting it from.


This is what you get when you join our Club of masked up musclehead jocks… 4 horny bros who Love to Fuck on cam w/o showing face! Nothings holding us back from fucking like real Pornstars.

Casting Couch #502: Alex Beary, Felipe Ferro

Alex Beary is inducted into the KB Society of Select men by Felipe Ferro. These daddies are hot and horny as they suck and fuck each other and share their cum


Masculine Jason is back and Liam Angell could not be happier. No one on earth possesses a more perfect cock than Jason Collins. Like a big, fat, hooded cigar it’s the perfect proportions and connected to the sexiest, beefiest, hunk of biker flesh you could ever want. Jason Gets Liam into every position there is and damn does he make that boy moan and beg for more.


Sometimes interrupting someone’s quiet time actually pays off. My showers are a time for meditating and clearing my mind as I stand under water that’s always too hot. Luca decided to come in the room without knocking, and despite the innocence on his face, I could tell there was a devilish?side that needed a good breeding. I’ve wanted this boy’s smooth hole ever since seeing it in front of my camera so wasn’t mad one bit. Luca is the perfect kind of bottom you can use however you want, and his only complaint would be that you aren’t going deep or hard enough. His hole is so nice, I had to fight off cumming too soon…but once I did, the load was so much that you could see the joy on his face as some of it leaked out at the end. Long story short, if you’re craving his load, always interrupt his showers!

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