Hung Dudes Doing Anal

Dee Barebacks Me

I start to undress my straight, married buddy Dee and rub his furry body. When he sits down, I shove my dick in his face and make him suck it. Then I blow him a bit before sitting beside him on the couch and pushing his head down on my cock. Dee and I 69, then I roll onto my back and throw my heels up. He slides his raw cock inside me and fucks me faster and faster. It feels so good that I bust a huge nut while he’s fucking my hole. I suck Dee’s cock more until he says he wants to fuck me again. I lie face down while he continues to fuck me. When it seems like he might not cum that way, I tell him to jack off while I suck his nipples and rub his leg. And when he shoots, I eat up his load.


As soon as Benjy told me he liked big dicks on guys who like to fuck hard, I knew he was going to be a star. A lot of guys say that, but not many can back it up like Benjy (pun intended). Be sure you watch the beginning to get to get him a bit, but then keep going to watch Liam really get to know him…inside and out. Their sex is a perfect mix of passionate love making and a deep pounding fuck. We all know Liam’s stroke game is great but watching Benjy lie back and get fucked into another dimension is so hot. The only thing that would make the sex hotter is if they both nutted at the same time…. which is exactly what they did!

Slopes & Sex Part 1

Buddies Malik Delgaty, Jake Preston, Troye Dean, and Braxton Cruz head up into the mountains for a weekend of hiking, hot tubbing, and hanging out, just guys. Braxton starts flirting with Jake as they take a cable car up to the peak and he warms the twink’s hands, then Jake strokes his cock as they sit naked in the hot tub. Once Malik and Troye go inside, the guys suck each other and Braxton rims the bottom, then bends him over to penetrate his hole. Jake rides the top, then blows his load as Braxton pounds him deep in missionary, and the muscular top pulls out and cums all over him.


This is Part 6… more beads of sweat, more watchful eyes, and more moans of ecstasy! Only one more scene before the cum-flooded finale.


*** Special Upload *** 2 Videos IN ONE – Super hot 30 mins JAM PACKED

???? ??????? ??? ????????? ???????

Only the Best will do and this sexy little fuckka we found is 100% Fit For A King This lad really is one-of a-kind
Filthy Hard-core cutie Fucked over n over
forceful fuck on the bed – REALLY HOT – He loves it rough n RAW
Only the Best will do and
MUST BE -Fit For A King & this sexy little fuckka we found ticks all the boxes

18-Year-Old Gage’s First Tickle

Young, straight Gage just turned 18 and is very nervous about being tied up and tickled for the first time. In fact, he’s so nervous, he brought a friend with him to make sure nothing bad happens to him…well, too bad, anyway. He answers Franco’s questions nervously and a little stiffly before getting up on the table. Then when Franco straps up his final limb, Gage understands that he’s no longer in control. Franco starts in on Gage’s armpit and his body tension immediately releases. He bounces around so much that Franco adds a strap to his midsection to keep him from hurting himself. Franco tickles Gage’s ripped abs, then lightly tickles him down his leg to just inside his shoe. Gage turns red in the face and he giggles when Franco tickles him lightly, then swears and laughs hysterically as Franco digs into his pits even more. Franco leaves Gage for a minute to think about what’s happening to him before returning with a variety of feathers to tickle and tease his neck and face. Of course, Gage’s sensitive armpits are another target, and after lightly tickling them with a feather wand, Franco goes in with his mouth and deeper probing fingers. It’s too much for Gage, who has to use his safe word, meaning Franco is going to spell that word out on his bare foot with a feather. Just like his armpits, Gage’s size 12 feet are super-ticklish, and Franco is relentless in tickling them with feathers, fingers and nubby tools. Franco gives Gage a quick break, then attacks his bellybutton, and when Gage is finally able to free one of his feet, Franco uses it against him, flipping him on his side so he can tickle Gage’s front and back at the same time. As Franco secures Gage’s arms in the downward position, he softly pleads for it to end, but Franco climbs on top and tickles the hell out of his armpits until he’s purple.

Horny Frat Bros Part 3

When Damian Night hears that Joey Mills is dating Felix Fox, he definitely doesn’t take Joey’s warnings to stay away from Felix to heart… quite the opposite. Damian sneaks into Felix’s room as Joey sucks the hunk and teases Felix with his muscle ass behind his BF’s back, until Felix prematurely cums in his sock! As soon as Joey leaves, Damian returns to enjoy the load that’s rightfully his, and a whole lot more. Felix rims the bottom, and Damian sucks him, then gets pounded hard in doggystyle. The bottom rides Felix’s hard dick, then the BMOC pushes Damian up against the wall and wraps his gold medal around his neck as he pounds him! Felix drills the bottom till they cum… right before his jealous BF gets back!


By now we ALL know how much I love having my big dick sucked. I actually prefer it to fucking when a dude has major head skillz. Ok so this boy on Grindr was bragging about his dick sucking skillz and I told him I was down to pull over on the way home from The Ranch. I started standing up next to my jeep, then went into his car where I spready my legs wide and kicked back in the passenger seat while he handled business. A+ technique and he got the prize!

Chris’ Tickle and Cum

21-year-old Chris has never been tied up and tickled before, but he says he’s willing to try anything once. It’s clear from the start that he’s incredibly ticklish, losing the ability to speak and squirming to escape. Franco tickles his armpits and his size 9 right foot first. Chris’ body trembles and all of his muscles tense as the tickling sensation increases. His sweaty body flinches when Franco approaches, and he pinches Franco when he comes close to his cuffed hands. Of course, that doesn’t slow Franco down. He tickles Chris in his pits even more and on his lower back before adding the pleasure of a deep-throat blowjob. Franco releases Chris’ hands so he can stroke his dick and gets so turned on that he pulls out his own hard cock. They jack each other’s dicks, and Franco shoots a huge load all over Chris’ chest. Then Chris cums immediately after. Chris tries to recover, but Franco straps him back down and continues the tickle session. Chris is certainly wily and slips out of the restraints, but that doesn’t deter Franco. His big, strong fingers penetrate every crease as the hilarious tickle continues. It’s so much fun that Franco doesn’t even bother to restrap Chris’ arm. He tickles his pits some more then moves to Chris’ left foot. Chris begs for him to stop. The tickling obviously has become overwhelming. He says he can’t take any more and starts freaking out a little, but there’s still more to come!


We all know Liam Angell loves to take some dick, but this one is a little different. Zachery Rhys is a bit more aggressive than Liam is used to, but the boy may have just found a new passion. Zach fucks like a jackhammer, rolling Liam all over the bed and giving it to him good. Hot young guy that gives a good pounding? I think Liam is on to something!

Alex & Olaf

Spanish-speaking hunks Alex and Olaf show their passion as they kiss and undress each other in the bedroom. Olaf sucks the top as Alex teases his hole, then he rides Alex’s cock. Alex flips the bottom on his back and sucks his toes as he penetrates him in missionary, then pulls Olaf’s hair as he pounds him in doggystyle. Olaf shoots a big load while taking that dick, and Alex pulls out to cum on his ass.


Prepare yourselves! This vid is pretty hardcore kink! Right from the start, this macho man loves getting himself punched square in the balls. (Rather him than us, but glad he’s enjoying it.) some role-reversal here! The manly buff man is actually the bottom. shorter lad slobbers all over him including his ass. Look at his saliva drip down it. they can’t help themselves, fucking everywhere in the flat, hallway, living room, kitchen – even against the cooker!! It’s still a pigsty from the party but who gives a shit! Some things are more important.


Our 10-men private orgy performance heats up with a slew of steamy DP action. These horny bastards came with an appetite and are hungry for double servings. Luckily, PPX is here to cater a buffet of dreams. Just one is never enough!

Peter Bound and Hazed

Peter called me because he heard I could help him explore his limits. I told him I would work with him, but he had to let me do whatever I wanted to do. Surprisingly, he agreed! Peter’s a handsome grad student with a great body and a really nice cock. I strip him down first before I tell him what I’m going to do to him. I tell Peter this is going to be a hazing video, and he gets really nervous. I tie Peter to a chair and blindfold him before starting to explore his body. I love playing with a guy’s nipples, so I lick Peter’s while I play with his cock. He gets hard in no time flat! In the end, it’s my awesome blowjob that seals the deal. Peter didn’t think that he could get off with another guy, but while I’m sucking him off he mutters, “fuck, fuck, fuck!” right before he busts his potent nut.


Some boys just want to get fucked. Liam Angell is not one of those boys. Liam is a lover boy. If a man can’t inspire deep feelings in him, he is not that interested. Liam wants all the Daddies to love him. John Baldwin gives him just what he needs. The way he stares deep into Liam’s eyes and breeds him becoming part of him. Will is all too happy to see the look on Liam’s face knowing his boy is in his happy place.


This fit af blokey bloke is only trying to do the washing up but his mate won’t leave him alone. they’re not a couple but they sure are romantic. Kissing him all over from behind…but the gentleness doesn’t last long! Before he knows it he’s totally rimming his arse out!! not very hygienic for the washing up.“Right in front of my dishes?!”. It’s a hot day and their sweaty hairy fluids are getting everywhere!! Naturally, he whips out his nob and begins to thrust up and down like a jackhammer…then he leads him to the settee. this tattoo’d hulk is so strong!! lifts him right up and fucks him in the air. But this is the real highlight. He’d built up so much cum from all teasing his hole with his tongue. He couldn’t help but splatter a messy white canopy of cum-ropes – all in his beard!!!! God knows he will get it out! I hope he doesn’t have to shave, the hair makes him look so fit.. but they’re not done. He’s taken by surprise when jizzes mid-bj!! He shoots his load right down his throat nearly making him choke. So fucking dirty!!!!!


There is nothing like the meeting of a natural-born top and a boy that is 100% bottom, especially when that top is the lean, mean, muscular, and hung jock Colt Spence. We know Liam Angell loves his hole plowed deep and Colt fucks him stupid. Will Angell can’t control himself watching this young buck put it to his boy and has no choice but to blow his Daddy load all over that thick piece of meat that is still lodged up his boy’s hole.

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