Muscled Gay Dudes Having Sex

Islas Carnarias Sc 1

With no one else around for miles, Austin Sugar and Valentin Amour are eager to explore each other’s bodies and the vast volcanic landscapes of Lanzarote’s scenic beaches. Valentin submerges himself in the clear Atlantic waters to better service the cock that’s spilling out of Austin’s skimpy swimwear before climbing onto a nearby rock formation to let Austin rim his tight hole. Hungry for more, the two escape to their villa, but find themselves unable to make it inside as Austin begins burying his stiff dick in Valentin’s ass. A bearded Valentin rides Austin on the outdoor staircase, spreads his legs as far as humanly possible, and jerks his uncut cock as Austin fills him up. The bareback Canary Islands hookup comes to a climactic finish with Valentin covering himself in thick ropes and draping his body over the wooden steps to lick up Austin’s sugary load.

Emergency Dick – Uncut

Nothing makes you feel better than good dick, and at this hospital, there’s lots of sexual healing going on. First, Clark Delgaty finds a glory hole while cleaning up, and starts a naughty workplace romp with nurse Benjamin Blue! The pair sneakily fuck under a patient’s nose while Dr. Tony D’Angelo spies on them through the hole. Tony’s not alone for long, as horny bottom Dane Jaxon wants a thorough prostate exam. He gets it, plus a hot dick injection and a big load in his hole!

Damian Tickled Hard

Franco starts out tickling 26-year-old straight boy Damian lightly, then quickly increases the pressure. It doesn’t take long before Damian’s tight little body is hopping around on the table and he’s flexing his muscles trying not to cry out. Franco moves up and down his body, finding all of Damian’s most ticklish spots. Those armpits are crazy sensitive! Franco tickles Damian deep in his pits, then his sensitive stomach and groin, causing Damian to grimace hard and moan loudly. Damian grits his teeth and struggles to catch his breath as Franco keeps tickling his torso hard. Next are Damian’s size 10 1?2 feet, which he tries to keep away from Franco…but has no luck doing it. He pants and sobs as Franco ruthlessly tickles his feet back and forth with lubed fingers and brushes. After a few excruciating minutes, Franco returns to Damian’s upper half. Every muscle in Damian’s body twitches, but he can barely make a sound as he struggles for air. Franco climbs on top and makes sure he gets Damian to speak. Isolating Damian’s chest, Franco tickles him like crazy in his super-sensitive pits.

Billy’s Thick Dick

Billy is definitely a major grower. When he sticks his huge balls and little dick through the hole, it doesn’t stay small for long. With my help, his tool gets thicker and thicker until it completely fills my mouth. Soon he bursts his tasty load on my lips, and I eat it up. I rub my hard cock on his piece, but Billy’s done. He pulls out, and he’s outta there!

Outlaw Country

That’s right country boy, show off how good that big cock feels up your hole. Ride your man’s meat while yours waves around until you feed him your big boy load. Come to Outlaw country where Will Angell tames maverick stud Austin Lacross. This cowboy sure does take to some cock ridin’ and his hole sure won’t be tight for long.

Buddy Facial

18-year-old Tristan is still figuring out his sexuality and recently started messing around with guys. Today he learns some new tricks with his buddy Jason, including paddling, foot worship and what it’s like to receive and give a cum facial. To start, Jason whacks Tristan in the face with his cock, and Tristan gets to paddle Jason in return. On the next draw of the Bowl of Tricks, Jason spanks Tristan, who really seems to like it. Then, after having his balls licked, Jason draws one that he likes, feet. He happily sucks Tristan’s toes, but when he refuses to do the next one, I bring the paddle back out. Finally, Tristan draws “kiss,” and with a little prompting from me the guys get into it. They grab each other’s cocks and trade blowjobs, then finish off with each guy cumming on the other one’s face.


Today we’re introducing this 6’2″, 195lbs stud who goes by the name of Roxas. After seeing pics of his monster cock, Damien didn’t want to wait so as soon as the camera turned on, the sweatpants came off. If you know Damien, you know he loves big dicks so no matter which hole Roxas was shoving his cock in, they were both in heaven. Watching all 10.5″ of Roxas slide in and out of Damien’s wet, smooth hole is a thing of beauty. Anytime Damien is left stretched and covered in a hung stud’s load, he’s a happy boy. Welcome to the crew, Roxas!

Please Breed Me Daddy

Daddies Will Angell and Jeremiah Jones are two of a kind if you require a foul-mouthed, ass fucking slut Daddy to feed your boy hole. Liam Angell lives to be passed around by men like these. Passionate cock sucking, ass fucking, and all the good stuff dirty fuckers get up to are what you’ll get in this Chosen Family.

THE PERFECT EXCUSE: Lionel Lilac, Jason Rock

Lionel Lilac uses the hypnotic powers of his monster cock to seduce Jason Rock. Deep throat cock sucking, and hot raw fucking give Jason a mouthful of hot cum


It’s easy to take what you want when they want you to have it!

Michael at the Gloryhole

Horny straight guy Michael is eager to have his dick sucked at the Straight Fraternity gloryhole. He sticks his dick through the hole, and Franco sucks so good that Michael instantly gets hard. You can tell by the look on Michael’s face that he loves it! Michael pulls out for a second but can’t hold back any longer. He shoots his huge load down Franco’s throat and all over his face.

Cock Lesson

24-year-old married guy Thomas has jacked off with his buddies before, but he’s never gone this far with a guy. With Kayden to experiment on, he learns how to choke down a huge dick and rub a guy’s taint, practices fucking and kissing, and finds out how sensitive an uncut cock can be. I ask Thomas a couple of questions about the first time he had sex, then have him get naked with Kayden. He seems pretty comfortable, so I tell him to lean back and enjoy a blowjob. Kayden chokes on his big dick! It’s Thomas’ turn to suck cock, and I show him how to rub Kayden’s taint. His eyes water when he gags on Kayden’s huge, uncut tool. Next, I have Thomas slide his dick between Kayden’s lubed butt cheeks and thighs. When Thomas hits a sensitive spot on Kayden’s cock, I tell him to do it again. Then I tell the guys to kiss, which they really seem to get into. I joke with the guys about cumming in my mouth, but I’m really mesmerized by them jacking their huge cocks. Thomas’ cock head swells like an apple before he busts his nut. I make him wipe his cum all over Kayden and play with his nipples until he cums, too. Just to be fair, I tell Kayden to rub his cum on Thomas’ face.

Utah, Trent & Austin Play Around Together

Utah, Trent and Austin are all laid back and comfortable with each other because they’ve been friends for a while. They start out stroking together and playing with a jackoff sleeve. All three have awesome cocks and great bodies. I suggest that they tag-team with the toy and Trent goes for it. He rubs his cock in the sleeve with Austin first, then rubs cocks with Utah. Utah is rock hard, and he’s the first to shoot. While I blow him, he explodes in my mouth. Trent is next. He strokes out a huge load that covers him in jizz. Austin is a bit more shy, but after blowing him and some stroking, he shoots a big load in my mouth, too. I tickle his sensitive cock after he cums. The three guys chill out after their three big loads, drained and breathing heavy.

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