Real Straight Dudes being Gays for money

like em straight - Father Blows Best Dean and Dewey

We know marriage can fuck up a sex life, but in Dean’s case, it pushes him in new directions. We saw this hunky former soldier in the Bait Bride series with his beautiful wife as they snared other studs into their sex den. Now with wifey out of town, Dean has to find other outlets. Brendon has just the ticket….. Dewey. Finding each other in Brendon’s studio, the two soldiers struck up an uncanny bond. Dean served in Kuwait and Iraq and Dewey served in Baghdad and Sadr City. After sharing war stories these two hunks got down to the business of sucking cock. Having received his first male blow job mere weeks ago, Dewey appears cocked and loaded for his second assignment.

like em straight - Julio and Brendon

This Latin stud is a jack-of-all-trades who attracts girls like bees to honey. So when he agreed to come down to Brendon’s studio for a blow job on camera, naturally he thought some hot chick would be sucking him off. Wrong! Julio’s thick cock aches to be sucked on. It would test the limits of Brendon’s talents, but after getting the head in his mouth, Brendon gets rebuffed. Damn! That’s fine lookin’ meat. Julio lets the horny older guy give him a hand job and he cums buckets in his mouth.

like em straight - Dewey Returns and Brendon

Patience is a virtue that Brendon has in abundance. Years of lying in wait, like a tiger. Dewey is young, beefy, horny and back for a second visit. He served in the military, so he must have known a couple of gay soldiers, and with a cock that hangs heavy, being ogled in the shower might have been a turn on. He couldn’t give it up to a guy last time he was in the studio, but today he is down with the idea of getting his first EVER blow job from a guy. We’re not surprised that the guy is Brendon. We’re grateful! His boner is stiff like steel and lists left. After the initial shock, Dewey settles back to watch the action…..and just like us, he enjoys the hell out of it.

like em straight - Father Blows Best - Dewey

Just back from the battle field and aching to catch up to his buddies in the scoring department, Dewey is the kind of soldier that Brendon wants to enlist. It’s easy to see how he passed his physical. Beefy and with guns blazing, Dewey talks about life in the barracks. He strokes his cock while Brendon circles with his camera, eager to step in at any time. But Dewey’s defenses are up and he doesn’t want any guy-on-guy action today. That’s OK. Brendon can wait. There’s always the chance Dewey will re-enlist!

like em straight - Troy Returns and Brendon

When Brendon invites Troy back to the studio, it turns into an early Christmas present for all of us. This young, lean sex toy is not in any catalog, but he’s on everyone’s wish list. His smooth, silky skin and shy smile exude such a glow that lights on the tree would be redundant. With a candy cane that’s perpetually hard and delightful to suck on, Troy turns the tables on Santa and gives the gift that cums all year long!

like em straight - Mike and Brendon

Mike is back. Bigger, badder, bolder and definitely feistier. He wants to dominate the scene with his wit and repartee, but his verbal talents don’t match his god given ones, and when Brendon wants to put a cork in it (literally), Mike says no way. The cork Brendon has in mind is a big, fat, butt plug. O.K. be that way. You’ll have to fuck Daddy to get out of here today ….Show me the money!

like em straight - Darren and Brendon

The South will rise again. And with young hotties like Darren, from Atlanta, we’ll all be standing in line. Brendon definitely gets a rise out of Darren. His big cock is anchored by a pair of balls that weigh about two pounds. That’s a lotta sperm. Brendon ends up with a good portion of it after getting face fucked by Darren. He came up North to tempt the devil and the devil got the better of him.

like em straight - Will and Lizzie and Dean

Ozzie and Harriet this aint! Lizzie and Dean are newlyweds whose vows did not include fidelity or monogamy. They love to invite strangers into their bedroom and today a sexy banker named Will is the lucky guy. Brendon plays the therapist in this twisted take on marriage counseling, directing the three willing participants in a no-holds barred orgy. Dean likes to see his wife get fucked, but he also likes to lick the spatula, so while Will lays back to suck the titties of the pretty red head, Dean sucks his fat cock. After Will spews his load, Dean lets out a primal scream during his shattering orgasm. Our session is over. Come back next week.

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