Seduced Straight Guys

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Straight: Ari Gypsy Bait: Mike Rivers

“I won`t bite“, that`s what our very hot, blond haired, blue eyed Bait boy, Mike, tells our very skittish hot, muscular, Latino Straight target, Ari, as he moves away from Mike`s advances.  This is one very erotic scene for those of you love to see a straight guy have a first time experience with another man. With the normal formalities of a BaitBuddies video shoot out of the way and Ari now willing to give guy sex a shot, Mike begins to feel Ari up. Stroking his chest, legs and concealed cock through his underwear, Ari, not sure what to do follows suit and lays his hand on Mike`s well built chest and very innocently noticing the difference from feeling up girls says “it feels hard“ referring to the hard muscles of a man. Then Mike moves in for a kiss on the mouth which Ari politely side steps by shifting his head to the side – too fast, too furious for this virgin dude. Next is the blow job. Watch as Ari`s reaction when Mike`s mouth touches his dick. He`s stunned and places his hands over his eyes to shield his mind from this new and stunning experience. Before long Ari is breathing hard and fucking Mike`s mouth. Then it`s time for the swap and Ari isn`t happy about it, saying “my mouth, this tongue, on that“. But, he goes with the flow and then asks “Is this how you do it?“ And before you know it he says he likes and comments “tasty“.

The ending is super hot. With Mike kneeling at his feet, Ari jacks off a huge and we mean really big load onto Mike`s chest – this stud was really worked up. As the cum drips down Mike`s chest he lays back against the wall and starts jacking for his own happy ending. His long, muscular legs are stretched to the max, his six pack is tightening up and finally he groans out several times that he`s cumming and blows a load on his chest to mix with Ari`s thick juice. At the end, all Ari can says is “I never thought I`d do anything like this!“ See we told you he doesn`t bite.

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Straight: Blake Thomas Bait: Isaac Hamilton

Kinky Farmer

Blake’s not actually a farmer, he just wears a "farmer’s tan" – but this straight guy does own up to the kinky part – a bit on the dark side – and he likes his sex that way too. So, when it came time to tell him that there wouldn’t be any girl in his scene it wasn’t too difficult to talk him into going gay4pay.  We paired him up with Isaac who is very cute and petite with the exception of one feature – where it counts the most – his big dick. Before you can say "Hi-ho! The dairy-o!" the two are jerking each other off, blowing each other and finally fucking. But, it’s Isaac who’s pumping his big cock into Blake’s tight, virgin butthole – kinda like squeezin’ a greased pig at the country fair – and it sounded like it too. We weren’t sure if it was pain or pleasure until the very end when Blake had a shit eatin’ grin on his face. Well, Blake’s sore butt had all it could take, so the boys ended this hot session with a side by side milkin’ contest. This also turned out to be a surprise. First Blake came all over his own chest, then Isaac shot a load all over Blake’s chest. This made Blake so hot and horny that he jacked off for the second time. And we  caught it all on video for you. Y’all come back now – ya hear!

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Straight: Jamie Aero Bait: Cameron Sharp

“Turn it down!“

Turn it down! That`s what your boyfriend will be yelling when you watch a very cute straight, 24 year old, smooth, mop haired boy fuck our bait buddy, Cameron. It`s one very loud session as Jamie, our straight buddy, bangs the crap out of the blue eyed, blond haired, 20 year old, very well put together twink.

It all started when Jaime needed some money to make a payment on his Dodge Ram truck. He asked everyone he knew for a loan, even approaching an ex girlfriend who he told us was “pretty wild“ when it came to sex. She told him about a site ( that really got her rocks off – yes we do have lots of female fans – and that we were always looking for new straight guys. She suggested he contact us and would probably earn enough to make a few truck payments or more. We think the kinky bitch was more interested in seeing her old bf being turned out and made to have sex with another dude.

Well, it quickly came together in our studio. He was hesitant, but knew what he was in for. And it resulted in an extremely hot encounter you do not want to miss. They kiss, swap blow jobs and finally fuck. As Jaime penetrates Cameron`s cute butt the screaming begins. At first it`s from pain and then you can tell it`s mostly all pleasure and Cameron can`t seem to get enough. He`s so fucking turned on by the hot fuck that he wants Jaime to cum on his face. And, with mouth wide open, Cameron gets his reward, most of the white, hot, thick load is gulped right down, yet there was so much cum that the remainder covered his face and got into his eyes.   It had to be one of the biggest loads ever shot in the Bait Buddies studio!

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Straight: Kris Anderson Bait: Tony Hunter

“Touch Dick.“

Just touch dick, that`s a thought that has crossed our Straight guy, Kris`s mind over and over again while showering off at the gym. And, we`re going to make sure he gets the opportunity to reach out touch some today.  Kris is just your regular straight cute dude for the most part – if there is such a thing. He`s 6`1“, 175lbs and here comes the not so regular part – sports a 9“ long and very thick cock with just the right curve for fucking and sucking. We paired him up with Tony Hunter, our Bait boy, another cute dude with a big sexy smile. Tony is 6`, 165lbs with blue eyes and a 7.5“ dick that`s so thick he can barely get his own big hand around it. He`s a self described video game “nerd“.  Well, Tony goes right in for kill and starts kissing a stunned Kris with his full, sensuous lips. From here Tony progresses to deep throating all 9 very thick inches of his new buddy`s cock – check out the shocked look on Kris`s face as he bottoms out. Tony then shows he really knows how to handle a big cock by taking all 9inches up his butt and loving every minute of it until he shoots a big screaming load all over his stomach and chest. Also, don`t miss Kris giving his first blow job and talking about it in “After the Shoot“.

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Straight: The Rock Bait: Aiden Cole

“Big Boys Do Bi“

Rock is a BIG guy. He`s a straight bodybuilder with huge muscles. You may have seen him around on other sites, but it`s Bait Buddies who gave him his first taste of cock … and since then he`s never looked back. We paired him with a returning Bait boy named Aiden, a 24 year old dude with a nice 7“ cock who`s never said no to a big bodybuilder like Rock. In the beginning, Rock is pretty nervous and having a difficult time getting his 7“ grower out of it`s shell – so to speak. So Aiden, who isn`t known for being shy just dove right in and had his tongue down our bodybuilder`s throat in no time. Rock soon warmed up and the blood rushed to his cock just in time for Aiden`s mouth to engulf it for it`s first visit inside another guy`s mouth. Soon Rock was bent over with Aiden`s cock in his virgin mouth. His first time on the giving end of a blow job was so intense that Robbins remarked “It looks like you`re chowing down on a protein bar!“ We knew then that Rock was hooked on cock. Don`t miss the final and hottest part of this video when Rock uses all 220lbs of solid muscle to ram his bodybuilder`s cock up Aiden`s butt – yikes!

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Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ray

There’s nothing Straight Up about Ray! There’s a kink in his hose and it’s downward angle makes it ideal for sucking. Brendon works on this shy, darkly handsome kid until his cock takes over and starts making the decisions. The fascinating thing about Brendon is the way he can coax any straight guy into his comfort zone, and ultimately his erogenous zone. Brendon definitely gets wiser with years and the boys that come through the studio get younger and more sexy. Ray’s blue eyes and dark bearded face are a combination that have always gotten Brendon’s attention. Today they’ll perk you up too!

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Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ben, Mike

Brendon loves pushing straight guys to their limits but why not switch it up and have 2 hot straight dudes play with each other? Ben dives right in and chokes down Mike’s cock. Not to feel left out, Brendon gets in on the action as well and before long it’s one big cock sucking party

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Featuring: Brendon Marley, Wyatt

What is it about Wyatt that Brendon keeps bringing him back? Could it be his butch looks or his big thick dick? Maybe it’s the fact that he refuses to fuck Brendon. Well…Until today that is! Brendon bends over and Wyatt gives him the ultimate pounding that he’s been waiting for!

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Featuring: Brendon Marley, Ben

With a square jaw and focused gaze, Ben is going places. This handsome, lean young man hails from the country-side, but he has some city ways that need to be explored. Brendon loves the rusty, red hair that covers his chest like a pelt. A bushy patch of pubic hair grows at the base of Ben`s gorgeous hunky dick. He`s all about getting pleasure and Brendon knows how to give it. Watch Ben squirm, thrash and ultimately feed the beast. He`s never had a blow job like this!

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Featuring: Brendon Marley, Matt

Matt mumbles his way through this scene and probably his life. Sort of out of shape, not quite handsome and missing the mark in his love life, he still has one quality Brendon loves……..his cock. Matt pulls a stunner out of his pants and strokes it like a python. It`s shapely curve downward challenges the boss` abilities but that dick finds a home in the deep, dark recesses of Brendon`s ever hungry throat. And just for today, Matt is a winner.

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