HMBoys – young uncut teen boys from all over the world


Hair type: Shaved
Ethinicity: Western European
Cock Type: Uncut

Here’s an odd one…
We know nothing at all about Jugen because, other than sending us his pics, he’s decided that he doesn’t want to tell us anything about himself.
So what can we work out about him from the photographs?  Unfortunately, not very much…
“He looks in need of a good meal”, said one of our staffers.
“And a good hairdresser”, laughed another, adding “Not to mention someone else to remove those tattoos.”
So Jurgen remains to us, as well as you, something of a mystery.
But perhaps the setting for his pictures will give us a few clues?
Not exactly.
There’s a small but quite nice looking – and recently built? – house or office block in the background.
It’s set among some not very well tended grounds, though, where the grass definitely needs some nourishment and a good trim…
And what’s with the crappy fence?  Cheap, nasty wire that a ten year old could climb over and then a barred gate that you can just walk around…!
Of course, if we were a website that just made all these stories up, Jugen’s would be a real gift…
Stroppy teen boy goes off the rails (the tattoos)… He gets sentenced to youth custody (the fence, the barred gate) and sent to a remote, forgotten part of rural Russia (the thin, poor quality grass)… And there, simply in order to survive, he has to submit to the sexual desires of a perverted warden (the better quality house/office) – and to have his pictures taken too.
Of course, making up such stories is exactly what we don’t do here on
Instead, we’ll just admit straight out that we don’t know a single damned thing about young Jurgen.
But it sure was fun trying to work something out!


Hair type: Black
Ethinicity: Latin American
Cock Type: Uncut

It was pretty difficult setting up an appointment to take Dillan’s photographs.
The trouble is that he’s so focussed on some upcoming exams that he wants to work on his studies every spare hour that he gets.
But fortunately he also wants some cash!
So our eventual compromise was that Dillan could bring a book along with him.  [We should probably explain that a typical HMBoys photoshoot takes a good two or three hours to complete – so there’s plenty of time, as the lights are being set up or whatever, for a boy to snuggle up with a good book, even though in our not inconsiderable experience it’s more usually the latest issue of a porno magazine!]
As you can see, Dillan brought along a well-thumbed copy of Lord of the Flies to do some last minute swotting up.
You’ll notice that, in some of the shots here – especially, I think, the full-face ones – Dillan looks not much older than the boys who feature in William Golding’s book.
But we’ve taken a good look at his ID and can give you our assurance that he’s definitely of legal age to be an HMBoy…
“But it’s a real problem for me”, says Dillan.
“I’m always having to produce some ID to prove that I’m not about 14 or 15!”
Personally, though, we’ve got a completely different theory.
We think that the cops, bar owners, cinema managers and the rest of those busybodies aren’t asking for Dillan’s ID to check out his age…
What they’re really after is to get hold of this cute young boy’s address!


Hair type: Brown
Ethinicity: Latin American
Cock Type: Uncut

Here it’s a case of quality rather than quantity.
Not, let’s quickly add, that there’s anything wrong with cute young Philips’s “quantity” in the dick department – no, sir-ee, he’s got plenty enough down there…
No, what I’m referring to is the fact that we’ve only got 85 pictures of this delightful – and very attractive – young man to share with you.
Now, normally the boss isn’t interested in such a small quantity: he knows that you like to have a really good look at the beautiful boys we find for you every week.
But when one of our members gave us a call and then followed it up with a few samples, the boss decided that there was no way he was going to pass up on this boy.
It would, of course, have been great to have got back in touch with young Philips to see if it were possible to take a few more shots.
But you know how boys are – especially good looking ones like this one!
It’s never too long before they’re snapped up by someone and then disappear off the scene.
Certainly Philips isn’t living any longer at the address he gave our member and that he filled out on the required forms.  The cell phone number he supplied doesn’t work any longer either.
So we think that these might be the only pictures of him that you’ll be seeing – for quite some time, if not for ever.
But we also suspect that cute, sexy, teasing Philips – even with just 85 pictures in his set – will be one of the most popular HMBoys that we’ve posted on the site for quite some time.


Hair type: Brown
Ethinicity: North American
Cock Type: Uncut

We had a bit of a problem with Benj.
Nothing to do with the boy himself…
But our cameraman fell in love with him.
That wasn’t hard to work out.
When he came back to the office, all he could talk about was what a beautiful boy this was, well-spoken, charismatic, the sort of boy that he’d always been looking for, etc., etc.
And then, when we took a look at the pictures, the signs were everywhere.
In the first place, our guy had taken the pictures outdoors.  Now, anyone who knows him will tell you that he absolutely hates working outdoors – all down to a combination of not being able to be in full control of the lighting conditions and a case of lifetime chronic hay fever.  When we asked why he’d chosen to work in the countryside, of all places, he could only come up with “Well, it’s just so romantic, isn’t it?”  Look closely at some of the pictures, in fact, and you’ll see that our guy got so carried away that he actually scattered pretty little flowers over Benj in some of the shots!
In the second place, we knew that something unusual had occurred because of the pictures themselves.
After all, isn’t one of the golden rules of portrait photography that you should focus the viewer’s interest on the model?  And what’s the first thing you notice in these pictures?  A field full of garish and very distracting oilseed rape!  (Forgive me if I’ve got the crop wrong here – botany was never one of my better subjects at school.)
It’s a mark, of course, of young Benj’s genuine attractiveness that he overcomes that distracting background and our snapper’s chronic hay fever to emerge looking as good as he does.  And, according to our lovesick photographer, he’s also a really genuine and charming young man – a quality that we think comes cxlearly across in the photographs too.
So we’re all looking forward to seeing him as our photographer’s “other half” at this year’s staff Christmas party… though we imagine that he’ll be wearing rather more there than he is here!


Hair type: Blond
Ethinicity: Western European
Cock Type: Uncut

When we put advertisements for in gay magazines, it’s primarily to attract new members to the site.
But, once in a while, it also tempts a boy to send us his picture in the hope that we’ll be interested in taking him on as a model.
And that’s how we met pretty-boy Scotty.
He’d seen our ad in one of his favourite skin mags and decided that he’d like to get paid just for doing what comes pretty naturally to any boy of just 18 years old with a cute body full raging hormones and balls that are just needing to be emptied.
Of course, if it were only that simple, every boy would be doing it – and hell, we darned well wish they were! – but, as it turned out , we managed to schedule Scott’s appointment with our photographer for just about the hottest afternoon of the year.
We just love it – and we know that you do too – when we get the chance to work outdoors for at least a part of any shoot.  And, at least to start with, Scotty thought it was a great idea too.
For inspiration, he’d brought along the mag in which he’d seen our ad so we shot a few pictures of him with just about his favourite reading matter.  That seemed to work pretty well, and by the time he’d flicked through the well thumbed (and suspiciously sticky) pages, Scott had clearly got himself well worked up.
But then the heat started to take its toll and a few patches of sweat started appearing on that shirt.
A good reason, of course, to take it off – quickly followed by the rest of Scotty’s clothes.
And once we’d adjourned to the summer house for a little more privacy, things got even hotter – in every sense.
Poor Scotty gamely battled through sweat, heat exhaustion and probable dehydration (he was so focussed on the job in hand that he wouldn’t even stop for a drink!)
And, while I know you trhink that HMBoys in general are pretty hot, on Scotty’s day with us it was quite literally a case of the thermometer going right off the scale!


Hair type: Blond
Ethinicity: Eastern European
Cock Type: Uncut

Here’s one that you’ll enjoy if you like a boy with a bit of muscle on him.
Arturas, as you can see, is something of a gymnast.
As such, he’s used to showing off his body in public – much to the delight, we’re sure, of plenty of admirers of both sexes.
That’s something that Arturas is quite comforable with, though.
“I know that both girls and guys like looking at me when I’m working out in the gym”, he tells us.
“And that’s very flattering.
“Come to think of it, as a gymnast I watch other guys as they work out too and I’ve got to say that one or two of them are pretty hot.
“So while I may never have done anything with another boy before, it’s certainly not something that I’d rule out in the future…”
It’s because of his gynastics that Arturas got in touch with HMBoys.
He needs a lot of specialised equipment for his training and, now that he’s out of work thanks to the current recession, he needs to explore every avenue to raise the necessary funds.
So when we suggested that he could put on a little gymnastic display for the HMBoys cameras, he was pretty pleased.
Thanks to all that training, his body’s very supple and he’s able to do quite a bit with it that almost brought tears to our eyes.
We think he’s missing a trick, however.
Arturas really ought to branch out a little into other field of sport.
He could, for instance, enter the Scottish Highland Games.
He’d be a natural, we’re sure, at tossing the caber…


Hair type: Brown
Ethinicity: Western European
Cock Type: Uncut

Samuel arrived late.
His cab hadn’t shown up so he’d been forced to walk briskly across town to get to us.
And that meant that, by the time he arrived, he was all hot’n’bothered and very sweaty.
Of course, one of our favourite things here at our Twink Towers HQ is filling the tub with warm water (not hot – the steam fogs up our lenses), pour in plenty of bubble bath and then slip a cute boy into it.
And, if we’re really lucky, the boy will be more than happy to sit back, relax, and let our willing hands soap him all over and wash his stresses and strains away.
So it was a no-brainer that we’d pop sweaty Samuel into the tub…
…and, in the state he arrived. he was more than happy to go along with the plan.
There’s one thing that needs explaining, though.
Not knowing he was going to be getting wet that afternoon, Samuel had brought along some sexy clothes for the shoot.  And he thought that he looked so good in one favourite red string undervest that he insisted on wearing it for some of his pictures, even the ones taken in the tub…
Personally, we didn’t think that Samuel was a boy who needed any extra adornment at all in order to look good on camera – very good…
With that gorgeous smile that he turns on for almost all our shots, a really cute face, a hot body and a nicely substantial piece of meat between his legs, Samuel seemed to us to be the real thing.
And certainly, as he left Twink Towers that afternoon, he was almost certainly the cleanest thing in town too!


Hair type: Black
Ethinicity: Latin American
Cock Type: Uncut

You’re going to be seeing a lot more of Matias.
And the reason that I can say that with such certainty is that, even though he’s only just celebrated his 18th birthday, he’s already been signed up by a major studio working in male/male XXX movies.
Fortunately for us, though, they specialise in young men who are a little more on the hunky, muscular side that the usual HMBoy.
So while his new employers are waiting for Matias to build his physique up a little more for them – though it looks absolutely perfect just as it is right now to us! – they’ve decided to give him a little bit of professional experience by strutting his stuff for
And, when we saw Matias, how pleased were were that they did!
Boys with dark hair like his often look good in bright sunlight so, as the weather was good, we set off for a day in the countryside.
After breaking the ice with a picnic lunch and a couple of beers, we think that we’ve captured a lot of the real Matias in our pictures.  He was very friendly, easy to work with, took direction well and – apart from being just a little bit shy about showing off what I’ve gotta say was the best looking ass that I’ve seen for some time – did everything we wanted.
We reckon that he’s got all that it takes to make it big in the business..
As well as the sultry, sexy looks and that well defined body – not to mention a pretty delicious looking cock, too – Matius has also got the right attitude to go a long way.
He admits that he prefers girls – though as the money’s better in gay porno that’s where he’s concentrating his efforts right now.
“But who knows?”, he adds with a sweet smile, “Maybe when I’ve worked more with guys I’ll find that I like sex with boys better!”
And, if he finds that he does, he assures us that he won’t have any inhinitions at all about putting that very sexy ass of his to the best possible use.


Hair type: Black
Ethinicity: Middle Eastern
Cock Type: Cut

With the name that he’s got, it probably isn’t too great a surprise to learn that Aladin is of Turkish origin.
In fact, if we’d wanted to locate him only a year ago, we’d have had to go to Istanbul.
Aladin, at the time, was working in a hammam – a traditional Turkish bathhouse where men go to steam away their cares on a hot slab of stone while hunky young (if you’re lucky) masseurs knead their muscles to relax the tension.
“Of course”, chuckles Aladin, “very often it wasn’t just the muscles in their shoulders that needed attention!”
He made, it seems, a nice sideline in tips for being ready, willing and able to help relieve all his customers’ stresses – and he’d probably still have been working there to this day if one of his customers hadn’t got especially fond of him.
“He was a German businessman”, says Aladin.
“And it wasn’t too long before he’d offered me an office job in his company’s Istanbul office.  I got a very good salary – and he was always guaranteed my special treatment whenever he was in Turkey.
“That arrangement lasted a few months, but then he decided that it would be even better to have me on call in Berlin, where he was based most of the time – so he arranged an official company transfer to Germany for me.  Luckily, I’ve got cousins who already work in Berlin, so I’ve settled into the city really quickly.”
Old habits die hard, however, and Aladin’s now decided that it would be great to get a little extra income on the side.
His boss isn’t too keen on the boy giving massages to anyone else – but he’s more than happy to see Aladin branching out into modelling.
“He just loves looking at my pictures and videos”, Aladin tells us.
“In fact, his idea of heaven is watching me on video while I’m there in the room working on his back – or whatever other part of his body that needs my special attention at the time!”


Hair type: Brown
Ethinicity: Eastern European
Cock Type: Uncut

We weren’t expecting to meet Davi at all.
We were just, in fact, on the point of checking out of our hotel when he was – quite literally – brought to our attention.
Our good friend Mike, who produces and directs hot gay porno films, arrived just a few hours before we were due at the airport to fly out of the country – and he had Davi with him.
The boy, it turned out, was his new discovery and destined for a starring role in a future epic (Davi takes dick – what else?)
But he was still a porno virgin, it seemed, and Mike – who only ever shoots duos (or triples, or scenes that seem to involve more rampant cocks, eager mouths and gaping ass holes than you can possibly count) – thought it might be a good idea if Davi got used to working in front of the camera with some less stressful HMBoys solo work first.
Of course, we were as delighted as always to be able to help out an adult entertainment industry colleague and rapidly took Davi out into the hotel gardens and then back up to our room.
As it turned out, for a newbie to the business, Davi did very well.  As you can see, he looks quite relaxed in our pictures and we were able to get the shoot out of the way in good time to get to the airport.
As it turned out, though, Davi didn’t, as far as we know, go on to that superstar career in porno with producer MIke that had been mapped out for him.
“Davi takes dick is on hold right now”, Mike told us a few months later.
“Buyers just love the thought that they’re seeing a boy getting fucked on film for the first time, so the whole point of it was to showcase a complete unknown in the lead part.
“But on my last visit to our local XXX DVD shop check out the competition, what did I find already on the shelves?
“Davi’s dirty day…
“Davi and the doctor – though it should have been called Davi and the proctologist…
“Dildo Davi…
“And Davi and his daddy.
“Thankfully, though, I’ve been assured that the sequel Davi and his Doberman dog has been cancelled.”

See more on LOST


Micky / Timmy
Hair type: Black / Blond
Ethinicity: Western European / Western European
Cock Type: Uncut / Uncut

A month ago you met Timmy, the HMBoy who wants to work in a circus.
A couple of weeks after that, we introduced you to Micky, the artistic boy egg-head who wanted our photographer to pay him with the gift of a painting.
And today we can tell you – and, more importantly, show you – that the two boys are rather more than just friends.
In fact, they’re well known on Berlin’s gay scene as an inseparable couple, though, they assure us, none of their friends in Germany have ever seen them together in such close up detail as our HMBoys members are doing today.
“We’d never considered doing a duo show”, Timmy tells us.
“But once we saw how great both our solo sets turned out – and knew how comfortable we felt working with the HMBoys photographer – we thought that it would be a really cool thing to have pictures of us together…  Something we could look back in a few years time when we’re older.”
We’ve actually given you 310 pictures of the boys to look at here, which may well be something of an HMBoys record.
But it seems that the boys were enjoying themselves so much on that bed that they took their time about the whole thing, allowing the photographer to get plenty of shots of every part of the action.
“They were a complete dream to work with”, says our guy.
“They were absolutely comfortable with each other, of course, as well as very agile and very inventive in coming up with great positions for the camera.”
We’re very pleased with the resulting pictures and, so we’re told, Timmy and Micky are too.
But there’s one big problem.
As Timmy told us, the boys want a permanent momento that they can keep forever and look at again and again.
But so far they haven’t found a store in Berlin that sells an album that can hold all 310 pictures!


Hair type: Brown
Ethinicity: North American
Cock Type: Uncut

To call AJ’s photo session a rushed job would be all too true.
He actually dropped us an e-mail for the first time last year – but, as he was only just 17 then, we had to put him off.
What we were able to say, though, was that on the basis of what he’d sent us, we would certainly love to work with him as soon as he hit his next birthday.
Well, AJ celebrated his 18th birthday on Thursday last week.
And on Saturday he was due to fly away to the other side of the world on a month’s vacation (I’m not saying that his folks are rich – but apparently that’s the sort of birthday present that’s quite normal in this boy’s family!)
So the only possible day for our shoot with young (18 years and 1 day) AJ was Friday.
And, given that it takes a good couple of days to sort out the photographs and then get that pesky logo onto them in a suitable non-cock-obscuring position (you didn’t really think the camera did that itself, did you?), we are pretty pleased to have got them to you today.
We were also pretty pleased with AJ himself.
Since we saw him last he’s built up his body very nicely.  The 17 years old skinny kid has become an even more attractive 18 years old hot HMBoy!
He’s pretty cool for a kid his age, too.
Most of the boys we work with can’t wait to see how their pictures turn out – but when we offered AJ a month’s free HMBoys membership so that he could access the site while he was away on vacation, he politely declined.
“Internet access isn’t too good where I’ll be staying”, he told us (ah, that’ll be the family’s multi-million dollar Caribbean hideaway then, I guess?)
“So I’ll see then when I get back.”
And there speaks a confident 18 years old boy who knows – as I’m sure that you do too! – just how good he looks!


Jordan J.
Hair type: Hat
Ethinicity: North American
Cock Type: Uncut

After telling you last week about young HMBoy Bjorn – the one who rejected the idea of a warm beach as a location in favour of posing in a foot of icy snow – it occured to us that you’ve yet to meet Jordan J.
We made the connection because he too was photographed for us in a somewhat unlikely setting – by the sea, sure enough, but on a rocky cliff face where he likes nothing better than a bit of novice mountaineering.
He tells us that when he was younger he tried out one of those climbing walls that a lot of kids enjoy.  You know, the ones with artificial hand-holds so that even the most unathletic youngsters can pretend they’re on the way to tackling Mount Everest.
After that, Jordan never looked back and, although there’s not a great deal to climb in the area where he lives, he’s a regular climber and abseiler on any vertical surface he can find.  (And cliff faces are not, we’re pleased to add, the only vertical objects of which Jordan’s especially fond – but we’ll keep that story for another time!)
Of course, the fact that no-one else in their right mind would want to sit on a beach quite as rocky and uncomfortable looking as this one made our boy’s time with the HMBoys photographer a pleasantly private affair and we were more than pleased with the results.
Once Jordan gets out of those shorts and that wife-beater (even though the baseball cap remains a resolute fixture) we all get the chance to see a cute, boyish body in peak condition.
And we’re more than delighted to find that, in spite of a wealth of mountainside tumbles over the years, Jordan doesn’t seem to have picked up any permanent scars.
“I’m always pretty careful”, he assures us, “and I’ve never had a bad fall yet.”
It’s always good to meet a boy with a hobby (for so many of the ones we meet, the main pastime seems to be jerking off!) so we were pleased to have come across Jordan.  And in at least one respect he’s completely unique among the HMBoys…  When they’ve finished their work for us, some of them drive away, some catch a train or a bus, others are close enough to walk home – but Jordan J. is the only one we’ve encountered so far who’s left us to get home by climbing away up the face of a cliff!


Adrian / Francois
Hair type: Brown / Black
Ethinicity: Latin American / Latin American
Cock Type: Uncut / Uncut

Believe it or not, we’re really quite romantic here at HMBoys.
Whenever we can, we like to spread a little Love around the place…
So we were pretty pleased, just a few months back, when we managed to pair off those dark, sultry cuties Francois and Joaquin (don’t forget to check the pair of them out when you’ve finished this!)
Francois, you’ll recall, actually brought a large bunch of red roses along to their first date – and we’ve have put good hard cash down on the fact that they’d be staying together for quite some time.
But, as it turned out, that would have been flushing our hard-earned dollars down the drain: Joaquin soon, we’re told, ran off with a hot young photographer – described by Francois as a “wide angle asshole” – leaving our boy utterly bereft.
And so, being, like I said, the romantic souls that we are, we tried to cheer young Francois up by inviting him to take a look at the HMBoys models catalogue to see if there was someone else that he liked the look of.
And we weren’t there long!
We hadn’t even got past the first alphabetical handful of models – AJ, Adam, Adas, Adis (gee, what weird names some of them have!) – when we hit the jackpot… Adrian!
Luckily, Saturday had been the only day that Francois had been able to get to town to meet us – and we happened to know that every Saturday afternoon Adrian plays local league soccer in the park.
As you can see, Adrian wears a replica of Argentinian national team star player Lionel Messi’s # 18 shirt.  Messi’s his hero – though, to be honest, Adrian’s soccer skills are pretty average.  But as you can also see, though, he more than makes up for it in the looks department!
When the game was over, Adrian stayed around in the park, kicking a ball around with Francois and generally getting to know him, a process that they then continued in much greater depth back at the HMBoys studio.
And, while we wouldn’t risk losing money for the second time on it, we’re pretty certain that Francois’s even more keen on his new friend than he’d been on Joaquin, if only because he’s made himself quite an expert on professional soccer – and especially on Adrian’s soccer hero Messi.
Of couse, as any fan knows, only last week Messi scored the winning goal against Manchester United, making his club Barcelona the 2009 European Champions’ League winner.
But Francois seems to have discovered a few rather less well-known facts too…
“Because he’s only 5’7″ tall, Messi’s been reported in the media as having had treatment for a growth hormone deficiency”, he tells us.
“But I can guarantee, though, that Adrian’s got no problem with his growth hormone – absolutely none at all!”


James R.
Hair type: Blond
Ethinicity: Australian
Cock Type: Uncut

We nearly had to call off this particular photoshoot.
Though we should have spotted the problem in advance.
When a boy applies to model for use, we send him some forms to fill out.  And we don’t only want to know the size of his dick!  We also ask about his family (after all, maybe he’s got cute brothers!) and we ask about his hobbies too.
But what we didn’t spot until he pointed it out to us later was that under “hobbies” James had written down that he was very fond of animals.  So much so, in fact, that when he finishes college he intends becoming a veterinarian.
And there’s the problem, because the very first thing that James spotted (pardon the pun) when he got to the HMBoys studio bedroom set was that fake leopardskin throw.
Now, we know that it’s fake and, after we’d told him, James knew it was fake…  And you’d think that would have been enough.
After all, you don’t see those guys from PETA tossing red paint over fake fur, do you?
But that didn’t stop James getting real pissed about the idea of posing on something that might even be mistaken for animal skin.  In fact, it was only when we promised to make it plain here that the throw wasn’t real that the boy calmed down and let us get on with the shoot.
So, just to make it clear once and for all, we – and especially James – would like to assure all our members that NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THESE PICTURES.
Unless, that is, you count James himself.
Because, ironically enough, it turned out afterwards that he had some sort of allergy to the substance they use to manufacture faux fur and, for the next three days, he was off school until his very nasty rash went down!


Chad K
Hair type: Brown
Ethinicity: North American
Cock Type: Cut

Look at virtually any one of his pictures and you’ll see just how pleased young Chad is to be with us here on HMBoys.
And, quite honestly, it was a pretty close run thing as to whether he’d make it.
Because his dad’s done virtually everything he could to keep Chad away from everything gay.
“When I was 16 I had my very first boyfriend.  He was another student at my school”, Chad tells us.
“But when my dad heard about it, he took me out of that school and enrolled me into military academy instead.
“The idea was that the tough regime would knock the queer-ness out of me.
“But, in fact, I’m more gay now than I was when I enrolled!”
In fact, as soon as Chad hit 18 years old, his mom – who’d never agreed to the idea in the first place – hired a lawyer who got the boy out.  And they’re now putting together a law suit against the military school.
Chad, of course, is pretty happy about the whole thing.
“The teachers – or “officers” as they called themselves – didn’t have any idea what was going on in the privates’ dorms after lights out”, says Chad.
“And in reality I learned more about sex with guys at that school than if my dad had let me stay at my first one.”
And there was another thing that Chad like about his military education: it’s given him a taste for soldiers.
“I’ll be waiting for the rest of my class to graduate in a few months time,” he tells us, “and when they get out I’m looking forward to getting to see all my favourite privates once again.”


Hair type: Blond
Ethinicity: Western European
Cock Type: Uncut

Such a severe sounding name, don’cha think?
Especially for such a cute charmer as this one!
Gustav is, as you’ve probably already guessed, of Swedish stock, though it’s a few centuries since his family actually lived in Sweden itself.
“I’ve always wanted to visit”, he tells us.
“The cold weather wouldn’t bother me and I’m pretty good at skiing.
“But the one thing I’m not so sure about is all the fish they eat there… That’s something I’m not so keen on.”
In fact, like many of the HMBoys over the years, Gustav is a young man who wants to travel – if only to get away from the small and rather claustrophobic town in which he grew up and to see a bit more of the world.
“My home town is very conservative”, he says.
“After all, it’s the sort of place where, even in the 1990s, they still named a kid Gustav!
“And, even now we’re in the 21st century, they’d still find it difficult to cope with an out gay boy living there.”
So, if it means that the world gets to see some more of this attractive and very accommodating young man, we’re all in favour of Gustav’s moving out.
Though it’ll be a great shame – and an even greater waste – if it’s only the lucky guys of Sweden who get to know him really well.


Hair type: Blond
Ethinicity: Eastern European
Cock Type: Uncut

I hadn’t thought about Snowy for years.
But then I saw the first picture in HMBoy Calvin’s set.
And suddenly thoughts of Snowy came flooding back.
Because Snowy, you see, was the pet white rabbit I had when I was a young kid.
And Calvin, at least in his first few pictures, looked nothing like so much as the proverbial scared bunny caught in the headlights – or, in this case, our photographer’s spotlights.
It’s understandable enough, I guess.
That day, Calvin was a modelling virgin.  And posing in front of the camera for the first time, knowing you’re soon gonna be stripping off, getting real hot’n’bothered and then shooting your load – all recorded on film – isn’t the easiest thing in the world when you’re only just 18 years old.
But, after the first shot or two, Calvin, as you can see, soon got into the swing of things and began to look as if he might actually be enjoying himself in his new profession.
In fact, as you can see, a little way into the sequence he even got out his phone to call up his boyfriend and let him know that he thought that things were going really well!
So, if that’s all I’d ever found out about Calvin, I guess I’d have soon forgotten any resemblance to my old pet rabbit Snowy.
But there’s a second reason why, whenever I think of Calvin, I’m reminded of rabbits.
And that’s because, according to our photographer – and I didn’t enquire too closely as to how he came to know this! -  Calvin darned well fucks like the proverbial rabbit too!


Hair type: Brown
Ethinicity: Latin American
Cock Type: Uncut

Not many people these days know, I guess, what a stakhanovite might be.
In fact, the word comes from the name of Alexey Grigorievich Stakhanov.
But he’s not, as you might be thinking,one of our beautiful Russian HMBoys.
In fact, Alexey Stakhanov was a coal miner in Russia and in the 1930s he became famous for his feats of hard work.  In 1937 he set a new record by personally mining 227 tons of coal in a single shift – no less than 31 times his official target.
A stakhanovite is therefore someone who works really hard at his job.
And that’s exactly what today’s HMBoy Adrian happens to be (though, thankfully, he’s a lot better looking than the original Comrade Stakhanov, as you can see if you check out the latter’s Wikipedia entry.
From the minute he entered our photographer’s studio (well, his back bedroom to tell you the truth…), Adrian kept his attention absolutely glued to the job in hand, so to speak.
While many other HMBoys, in search of fame and internet stardom, are all too prone to preen and primp themselves, that’s definitely not the case with our boy Adrian.
In fact, if you look closely at his set of pictures – as I’m sure you will! – you’ll note that he virtually never looks at the camera at all.
All he’s interested in is what”s in his hand and in getting on with all the necessary rubbing and stroking and rolling and shaking and rubbing again.
And, just like us, he simply can’t tear his eyes away from that generous slab of prime meat between his legs that takes up so much of his attention.
Fortunately, within very little time at all, all that effort pays off with a nice little explosion of hot white splooge all over his stomach.
And – unlike the real Comrade Stakhanov whose “achievements” have now been shown to have been faked in the interests of Soviet propaganda – our own little stakhanovite Adrian’s production is, as you can see, 100% genuine.

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