Vait Buddies Presents

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We`re turning south Florida into little Italy with all of our Italian stallions stopping by for some fun!
Paolo (the bait) was very impressive. Dark eyes and hair, smooth, tan, and ripped from head to toe, what more could you expect though from those perfect Italian genes. When we had him strip down for some photos, our mouths dropped at the site of his huge piece of meat. That was once nice cock, rock solid with a big plump head. Hopefully this wouldn`t scare away or intimidate our straight boy.
Michael Foxx (the lucky straight victim), wasn`t too bad himself. He had a sexy Hollywood face and a tall sexy torso to match. He was one hot man, no wonder all the ladies wanted him. He was very excited to be here. Just thinking about tearing some pussy up had him semi-hard before he even stripped down. We saw our baitboys mouth watering as he watched Michael`s cock throbbing in his tight jeans. When he took his clothes off his jeans off his heavy, thick, dick flopped over on his big muscular thigh.
Well we broke the terrible news to the boys, no girls and no pussy this time. Paolo went along with everything and acted pretty upset. On the other hand Michael was really upset. We apologized and told him we`ll make it up to him, but Paolo already had plans in mind to ease his pain.

baitbuddies-david-donatello-and-paolo-1 baitbuddies-david-donatello-and-paolo-2

Well I hope everyone is ready for this wild and crazy video. This one was just too much for words. It`s jammed packed with nothing but Italian stallion hunks. What else can I say?
We had Paolo come in again to do his favorite thing. What`s that you ask? It`s getting straight men to try new things. Most of them come here knowing its porn but they don`t know if guy on guy action. Paolo is great to use. His sexy looks help of but it’s the ripped muscles that help even more. We know if the straight guy doesn’t handle the news well then Paolo will be able to handle the situation.
David Donatello answered our classified ad for straight porn and of course once again we plan to burst the straight mans bubble. When he came in for the shoot we knew this was going to be good. He had this adorable boyish face, baby blue eyes, and a nice body to complete the package. Well the package actually completed itself.
Paolo was having a hard time keeping his eyes off it while making plans of what he was going to do this poor innocent straight man. Watch the hot action in the video of the Italian stallions.

baitbuddies-chad-leigh-and-paolo-1 baitbuddies-chad-leigh-and-paolo-2

Paolo (our bait) is back again trying to get in on the action. He loves fresh, new, straight-meat and will stop at nothing to get it!
He can back himself up against almost any jock-bod we bring in. When Paolo isn`t working he`s working out and keeping his fierce rock-hard body in shape. Today he really scores big and we mean BIG with out latest straight victim.
We brought in Chad for an interview doing straight porn. This young, hot-stud from Philly came here to get laid and make some cash. He just couldn`t wait to fuck some bitches and from the looks of him, we know he could throw and good fuck. Paolo was drooling over this blond-hair, hazel-eyed boy with a nice, smooth and toned swimmers build. When we had him drop his pants we almost fainted at the sight of his enormous, thick, uncut, prick.
We knew after seeing these two, something crazy was going to happen here today. Come take a peak inside and see the action between these two breath taking hunks.

baitbuddies-lucas-vire-and-mark-angel-1 baitbuddies-lucas-vire-and-mark-angel-2

Our newest straight victim (Lucas)came in dying to make some fast cash. He was in need and so were we. When he took his shirt off we knew he was what we were looking for. Lucas had a sexy, toned up body himself and when he whipped out that huge cock the show was on!!!
We brought back Mark Angel as our bait. He is one hot stud with one of the hottest bodies we have ever seen. He is ripped from head to toe, smooth, tan, and just down right sexy.
And of course we pulled it off again and pulled it off good! Well I must say now that we`ve added Renee James tricking these guys is easier than it`s ever been.
Renee got Lucas all worked up playing with her tits. Then she told him how much it turns her on to see two men mess around. If they didn`t do it then nobody would make money. Would our shy straight boy go for it or will he just chicken out?

baitbuddies-chino-and-cody-juels-1 baitbuddies-chino-and-cody-juels-2

Chino is our lastest straight boy victim and might we add he is DROP-DEAD-GORGEOUS!
He has one sexy, thugged-out, boyish look. Tall, smooth, ripped, Latin-boy, one a HUGE, fat, cock. He was totally freaked out that another guy was in the room and that they may be hitting the same pussy. Chino did not like the idea whatsoever. Poor guy, if only he knew what we had in store for him.
Our very own Mason Storm and Cody Juels were up to no good again and lovin` it. When they found out what was coming into the studio looking to make some fast cash, both their mouths dropped. They knew turning this straight boy was a must but could they do it?
Come and see the action as it unfolds right before your eyes!

baitbuddies-robeeb-and-angel-price-1 baitbuddies-robeeb-and-angel-price-2

We start with Robeeb (the victim). Tall, tan, toned, and hot. What more could we ask for? Well nothing more but a huge dick to finish off the package and Robeeb has just the cock we had in mind!
Angel is the sexy bait that`s going to lure this hot boy in. With the help of Mason of course. Angel has that all American innocent boyish look. We knew that he could handle this straight boy himself. Both were shy and would just go with the flow. Well we hope.
At lease we will have fun watching these shy guys getting ordered around by the beautiful Mason Storm and doing things they would never normally do and especially in front of a girl! Watch and see what happens next in this new hot video.

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