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Jason Fox told us in his interview that he would consider doing something with another guy. He’s pretty shy anyway, but has a huge fantasy about doing porn. He pointed out Levi and said, “I’d do a video with him for sure!” It just so happened that Levi was in San Diego and was staying with me! OK, so I wanted them to meet first on camera, so I put Levi in the shower and started chatting with Jason. He was so nervous to meet Levi, and I wanted to capture their first meeting. Jason didn’t realize that he would meet Levi just out of the shower, which really racked his nerves, so I had to prompt him a bit to get them going, but WAIT till you see what happened then! Levi’s such a ham, and NOT shy about being naked. In fact, it’s hard to keep Levi in his clothes when he’s around, which is why I have him stay with me when he’s in town! HOT!




Gage is a straight 18 year old Military guy from the Midwest. He tells me that he’s never done anything with a guy which was no surprise, but then he told me that he hasn’t had sex in 3 or 4 months, and hasn’t jerked off either! I couldn’t believe it until he started to show off. All of a sudden he shoots a HUGE load just a few minutes into it! He just kept going, and I asked how many he could do. He went for another and sure enough, he got another one off! Two cum shots in a row! He said he probably had a few more in him, but thought his arm might fall off’I almost offered him a hand, but didn’t want to scare him off.




When I ran into Troy Michaels he told me that he was a huge fan, and was very excited about sharing his special talents with me! When he said he could blow himself, I had no idea just HOW BIG, and HOW FLEXIBLE he was. He bent right over and SUCKED his own dick…standing up! He blows himself laying on the bed, standing, sitting, every way I could think of. When he bent down and touched his dick on his forehead, I was beside myself. Troy spent years in Sweden, and I am very excited to introduce him back into the porn industry! Troy is looking better than ever, and I hope you enjoy him as much as I did! Get ready for this one gentlemen, this is an amazing performance!



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See also:




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