Dakota & Levi: 2

The day after Dakota and Levi did their shoot, Dakota called me up and said Levi would be willing to get fucked.  I had to think about it, as Levi was kind of nervous the first time, and I wasn’t sure if the audience would be willing to see the same two guys together, but with their roles reversed.
I’m happy to say though, that this video is ten times better. It’s still a condom free video and I will be danged if Levi didn’t totally get in to being fucked.
The two have the strangest relationship. They work and live together, and both have girlfriends, but they don”t seem to mind fucking each other and it’s cool to see them be patient and support each other during the shoot. It’s like they are a couple but not really.
It makes me wonder if they will come to their senses and realize one day that they got “a thing” goin on between them.



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