Monthly Archives: January 2008

Blowing Julian Striker

It wasn’t too long ago that Julian Stiker came through our door, a bright-eyed newbie who wanted to get into the porn biz. His enthusiasm was overwhelming and his nice, tight body was undeniable. Mike was so impressed that he didn’t wait to assemble the video crew. He just took Julian to the studio immediately and shot audition footage himself. Julian was proud of his hot body, and had no problems showing it off. But what surprised all of us was how comfortable he was playing with his ass. We definitely saw promise. Like most straight guys, Julian said he was open-minded sexually, as long as it’s with a woman. Having been down this road many times before, Mike invited Julian back to do a massage video to ease him into having another man touch him. It was no surprise to us that Julian was able to relax so much under Mike’s massage that his dick got hard just from being grazed. Now if that’s not a sign of comfort, I don’t know what is.

When Julian arrived for his “blowing” scene, he was nervous at first. He wanted to make sure that he could watch a straight porn video to keep him “excited.” Yeah Julian, anything you say!! Once Mike took him to the “pleasure zone,” with a warm mouth wrapped around his cock and a hard tongue teasing his ass, Julian was able to let go and just enjoy the sensation. Go figure! Who knows what doors have been opened for Julian Striker. Only time will tell…

Nathan B

When Lucas stopped by to collect some cash to pay this lovely, fit-as-fuck fella I was all a fluster. Nathan B just had something about him (even clothed) that got my blood pumping and I needed to see why I was feeling so hot under the collar! So, as soon as they left for the train station I started logging in the tapes from the shoot… and I don’t think I left my PC for quite a few days 😉
Quite simply, Nathan B has just the perfect mix of manly, horny attributes. He’s sexy in an indescribable way, has a body you just want to hold and caress, a personality to keep you interested for all eternity, a stunning face with cute puppy eyes along with a wicked smile… and then he’s got the most deliciously gorgeous uncut cock I’ve seen in ages!
OK, so I’m going to propose next time he visits, but this shoot is also as enticing as the guy in front of the camera. You see, Lucas took him out on to a public stairway to film him jerking off… and man, how that element of risk adds to the excitement. With his perfect uncut cock standing to attention, Nathan B beats away and slowly strips down until he splatters the stairs with his mighty load… fuck is this guy HOT 🙂

nathanbiog.jpg About Nathan B.Age: 25

Job: Heart Breaker!

Height: 5’8

Waist: 30

Size: 8 inches

Cut/Uncut: Uncut

Build: Toned

Well, I guess you won’t be surprised to learn that I was completely blown away by this true hottie from Sheffield. That slight but gentle northern accent just adds that extra degree of manliness to the guy in front of the camera, not that he needed it of course!
I mean, come on, just look at him and open your imagination to the thought of seeing him and his really cool personality totally exposed! Yes, get past the fact that he’s gorgeous, has a great attitude, fab body and luscious 8 inch uncut cock (of which I’ve not seen a finer, more perfect example). Then, and only then will you understand what it means to avoid the January blues… go on, get out your credit card and join now 😉