Gay Passwords (Updated on 04.04.09)

Dear friends, if you want we to update passwords sector more often then please do not be so lazy and VOTE for us HERE, just 2 clicks, please! (enter to the site also).
Username: ronnie
Password: vierja
Username: gator
Password: ZooZilla
Username: xfae4H9D
Password: 898s3Cw
Username: salwaed
Password: kuwait
Username: plattro
Password: chivalee
(back door)
Username: rashadlax
Password: burbank
Username: lulleo
Password: agatha
Username: bell88
Password: stell88
Username: payvision
Password: letmein
Username: abraham
Password: dugie
Username: Gage1519
Password: 1519Gage
Username: jpatpt
Password: wildflex
Username: bastu
Password: sowna
Username: back
Password: door12

Not satisfied and wanna get more passwords? Try checking here.

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