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CodyCummings free porn – pictures and videos


Cody loves getting a massage, but even though he loves the gentle touch of a hot young woman, sometimes those tense muscles need the strength of a man, and that’s where Phenix Saint comes in.
After laying down on the massage table, Phenix shows up and gets to work, kneading and rubbing his hunky buddies muscles. Once Cody rolls over, Phenix goes from the muscles to the cock, slowly rubbing and tugging on it before Cody’s rock hard and Phenix decides to work the cock with his mouth instead of his hands, easily making Cody bust his nut.


Who’s hungry for another action packed, cock sucking, cum gargling, ass slapping three way? Cody Cummings, Rod Daily, Crissy Moon and hopefully you too!
This time, Crissy sucks Rod. Rod sucks Cody. Cody fucks Crissy. Rod fucks Crissy. Crissy gets drenched in cum! What more could you ask for?


Cody Cummings and Christian Wilde are enjoying some alone time with each other. As Christian is slobbering up and down Cody’s cock Coco Velvet walks in on the action and decides to watch the boys play before she joins in on the fun.
Coco and Christian playfully share Cody’s massive cock. He is rock hard and ready to dive deep into Coco. While Cody gives Coco a nice pounding Christian is underneath the action licking and sucking on Cody’s dangling balls.
The threesome action is hot, hard, soft and heated with lots of intense sexual fun, come see for yourself.


Cody Cummings doesn’t like to waste time and when he and Parker London get together they both pound every hole on Kandi Milan.
These two defined men are giving Kandi just what the doctor ordered but when Kandi tries to hog Cody’s cock Parker steps in and swallows it up. What a good friend Parker is to help out Kandi with suck a big piece of meat.
This scene has so much heat that you can feel that sexy hotness pour out. You better grab a rag and get your dicks out.


This is a moment many Cody Cummings fans have been long awaiting. Cody is taking a plunge and jumping into some intense action with not one, but two of his good friends. Christian Wilde and Taylor Aims are here to help ease the Stallion into the warm water of an all-male threesome.
Christian and Taylor are already warmed up and ready when Cody meets them. Taylor has had Cody’s monster cock on his mind for some time and doesn’t waste any time getting his mouth around it. And when Cody gets his ass eaten and dick sucked at the same time, something about his reaction tells me this won’t be his last three-man adventure! This one’s a special gift from Cody to his loyal fans.


Coco Velvett is very excited. She’s getting dolled up for two hot studs she knows will treat her right. Cody Cummings and Christian Wilde finally arrive and have also been anticipating some wild fun.
The guys start out slow, getting Coco’s motor running and ready for some double dick action. Christian is turned on by the way Coco passionately sucks Cody’s huge cock. He can’t help but jump in and get a little taste for himself! Get ready for some serious pounding as these guys give Coco a double dose of that sweet dick she was craving.


Kandi Milan wants to spice up her and Parker London’s sex life. That’s why she’s invited over the strong, well-endowed Cody Cummings. And while Kandi sucks Cody’s rock hard cock, Parker becomes very turned on.
Parker just can’t sit on the sidelines. He wants a taste of that fat dick too. And Kandi can’t wait to get fucked at both ends by these studs. But can she handle it?? These dudes aren’t holding back the passion!


Noah River was a little nervous about his shoot with the big guy, Cody Cummings. ‘How does my hair look? Do these jeans seem wrinkly? Can you see my nose hairs right now? Does my breath smell like onions?’ But after much reassuring, Noah finally loosened up enough to relax with Cody and watch a little tv. In fact, Noah got so comfortable he decided to stick his hand up Cody shorts!
The two really hit it off well. Eventually Noah realized Cody is just a regular guy…with a huge cock. And when a dick like that gets within sucking range, well it usually ends up in his mouth.


Sneaky ass Andrew Blue is at it again. When Cody Cummings unleashes his cock down by the pool, Andrew is peering down on him, cock in hand. Now Cody has warned him before not to peek on him, but Andrew can’t resist. Cody’s lean physique and tanned body are too mouthwatering for him.
This time, Andrew gets caught and takes advantage of the situation by apologizing and promptly offering to suck Cody’s giant dick. When a seasoned cocksucker like Andrew blows a mighty beast dong like the one on Cody, get ready for an epic eruption!


Cody Cummings is all set to relax and watch some porn. He’s got a comfy bed and an air-conditioned room. Little does he know, Justin Jameson is waiting in the wings, ready to pounce at the right moment. When he sees Cody’s throbbing member in plain view, he knows it’s time.
Cody can tell Justin knows how to handle a large cock. And Justin won’t be done until Cody’s ass is licked clean.

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Straight, gay and bi guys from Germany

There’re many males in Germany. Some of them gay, some of them straight and some of them bi. The men of Germany are young as well older. Some like bottom and some like top. Somre were born in Germany but some come from other countries. Here we collected many of them: from twinks to hunks, from tops to bottoms and from straights to gays. Enjoy.


Dominik & Erik
Erik – Role: versatile; bi; 22 Years; 6’1″; 161lbs; from Dortmund
Interests: sports, music, sex
Dominik – Role: versatile; bi; 21 Years; 5’9″; 132lbs; from Brno
Interests: sports, videogames, dvd, chatting

23 years from Berlin
Role: versatile, gay
5’12”, 176 lbs
Cock: 7″
Hobbies: sports, music, politics
Frequents: Berghain, GMF

24 years from Berlin Role: versatile, gay 6’2″, 165 lbs Cock: 7″ Hobbies: music, meeting friends, concerts Frequents: Gym, private parties, Berghain

Role: versatile; bi; 24 Years; 5’10”; 158lbs; from Dresden
Interests: Dancing, Clubs

18 years from Berlin
Role: versatile, gay
6’4″, 154 lbs
Cock: 7″
Hobbies: waveboard, drawing, clubs
Frequents: Flax, GMF

Michal is 24 years of age and hails from Praha

Role: versatile; gay; 19 Years; 5’11”; 158lbs; from Antwerpen
Interests: fitness, swimming, going out, clubs

We don`t know if Toffiks wank in this photoset is in exange for some fancy clothes, but we don`t care, as we get to see this polish young lad wanking his fat uncut boymeat…

19 years from Berlin
Role: versatile, bi
5’9″, 123 lbs
Cock: 7″
Hobbies: biken, skying, football
Frequents: Busche, Ackerkeller

enrico_and_ric_berlin_male_hunk_muscular_stud_action_video_fuck_blow_rim_sperm_cumEnrico Bellagio + Ric Bauer
Enrico Bellagio – Role: versatile, bi
5’9″, 194 lbs
Cock: 8″
Hobbies: fishing, going out, sports
Frequents: Berghain, GMF

Ric Bauer – Role: versatile, bi
5’7″, 169 lbs
Cock: 7″
Hobbies: golf, sports, sex
Frequents: Berghain, GMF, Gym

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Mason Wyler, Next Door Buddies, Cody Cummings, Next Door Male, Next Door Hook Ups

mason_wyler-aryx_quinn (1)

Mason Wyler is just chillin, taking an afternoon nap.  But when muscle-bound Aryx Quinn steps out of the shower, he realizes his glistening cock needs Mason’s attention, so he wakes him up for a little afternoon delight.
It’s no surprise Mason is eager to suck Aryx’s meaty dick and get fucked hard.  Aryx gets himself going by starting out with a little ass licking.  As a mixed martial arts enthusiast and participant Aryx works up a lot of sexual tension during practice while he grapples with many firm, well-toned men.  Now he unleashes this energy on young Mason.

nextdoorbuddies_Christian Wilde - Andrew Blue (4)

Andrew Blue was just hangin’ around the house when Christian Wilde showed up with a gigantic boner bulging from underneath his pants.  Since Christian didn’t mention it, Andrew tried to act like he didn’t notice.  But when they finally sat down on the couch and looked each other in the eyes, they both knew Andrew would soon have Christian’s luscious dick in his mouth, sucking like a champ.
And Christian hungered for cock as well.  He had a hunch Andrew’s asshole would be tight.  But he knew making assumptions would get him nowhere.  Luckily, Andrew doesn’t shy away from an opportunity to have a nice dong slide in the backdoor.  This was an afternoon these buddies won’t soon forget!

codycummings-Cody, Coco Velvett, Brec Boyd (1)

That Coco Velvett sure is a sweetheart.  She brought Cody Cummings a surprise.  Can you guess what it is?  It’s bigger than a breadbox, hung like a donkey, it sucks a mean cock, and loves hot, double-team action.  Give up?  It’s Brec Boyd, of course!
Coco has convinced him to drop by and have some fun with her and Cody.  Brec knows how passionate these two can get, and he’s ready to help her suck Cody’s hard dick.  And everyone knows how gracious Brec is: as a ‘thank you’ Brec fucks the daylights out of Coco.  With friends like these, what more could Cody ask for??

nextdoorbuddies-Justin Jameson - Andrew Blue (3)

While at the pool earlier, Andrew Blue saw the lifeguard’s dick from up his shorts.  It was MUCH bigger than average, which made Andrew quite horny.  He raced over to meet up with Justin Jameson who Andrew knows is always ready for action.
Sure enough, Justin was just as horny as Andrew and ready to deepthroat some cock.  And Andrew couldn’t wait to taste Justin’s ass before shoving his meat in there.  Now if only Andrew could get his hands on that lifeguard!

tommydxxx-Tommy - Mason (1)

Mason Wyler is a little absent minded sometimes.  He totally missed his flight the last time he was supposed to go see TommyD.  Fortunately he made it this time and Tommy has definitely been waiting eagerly.  Tommy knows Mason loves to be treated like a dirty slut and the fact is Mason’s mouth has been watering for Tommy’s cock since he missed that flight weeks ago!
Watch Tommy shove his dick in Mason’s tight asshole like a horny madman on the loose.  And check out the distance on that cumshot to Mason’s face – WOW!

masonwyler-Mason - Christian Wilde (2)

It’s a steamy, horny afternoon for Mason Wyler.  He just returned home after watching a few rough looking neighborhood guys play a very physical game of basketball down at the schoolyard.  He can’t wait to get some balls in his face and cock in his mouth.  Now Christian Wilde is off work and has had a stressful day.  Looks like Mason is just the guy to help Christian relieve some tension!
Watch these two studs catch some sexy afternoon delight.  There are at least 69 reasons you’ll have fun.

nextdoormale-Caleb Black (5)

Caleb Black is a simple, country boy who enjoys the little things in life. It looks like he’s stumbled onto a real fancy like swimmin’ pool this time. Oh boy, what a treat on such a hot day. And since there ain’t nobody in sight, Caleb figures he’ll strip down and jump in hillbilly style- totally naked!

masonwyler-Mason - Andrew Blue (1)

When Mason Wyler meets up with Andrew Blue, it’s gonna get very hot and very wild.  These guys are hungry for action, but will Andrew’s tight hole accommodate a beast cock like Mason’s?  What will happen when the infamous Mason uses his super, dick gobbling power on Andrew’s rock hard boner?
Will this duo combine forces for a creamy finish?  Grab your cock and stay tuned!

nextdoorhookups-Brec Boyd - Rani Fairis (1)

This newly found couple is taking a lovely stroll on a spring afternoon. The sexy Rani Fairis is a young just turned 18 Libra who is exploring her sexual encounters with Brec Boyd.
After a bit of wine Rani starts to feel horny and wants Brec’s huge 8.5 inch thick cock inside her mouth. She doesn’t care if someone’s looking while she slobbers all over his cock outside.
Brec sure is a damn good handy man when it comes to pounding her mouth and positioning her the way he wants it.

nextdoormale-Tristan Bull (1)

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