Charlie & Sheng

This one’s a bit of a complicated story.
Charlie’s an Australian boy who’s always liked the idea of appearing in porn.  But his boyfriend, Russell, has got a job in TV and his face is quite well known – so he’s never wanted to put his career in danger by joining in.
But when the two boys decided that they’d like to go to Thailand for their summer vacation – which fortunately falls just after Thailand’s “rainy season” – they decided, as all tourists do, to take their camera along with them.
Russell, with his background in the media, acted as chief snapper and they got some really good shots at all the usual tourist sights in Bangkok – the Grand Palace, Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Po, Jim Thompson’s House, Chatuchak market and all the rest.
They’d also hoped to take a few shots when they went to one or two of the city’s raunchy go-go bars, too, but the security guys made it plain that that just wasn’t going to happen.
That, however, gave Charlie an idea.
“Why don’t we take one of the go-go boys back to the hotel?”, he suggested.
“We can finally take those shots that I’ve always wanted to do.”
The boys asked the bar’s mama-san whether any of the boys would be up for it.  Unexpectedly, most said no – they were too shy (which did seem just a little odd to Charlie and Russell, seeing as the boys are quite happy to strut the satage in next to nothing as they try to attract customers to “off” them).
But one of them – a very cute Thai-Chinese boy named Sheng made it plain that he was up for anything if the price was right.  And, given that the going rate wasn’t exactly on a par with Brad Pitt or George Clooney’s pay demands, Charlie and Russell quickly signed him up.
The boys were very pleased with the eventual results.
“Sheng was not only very cute, he was a complete natural”, says Russell.
“In fact, he was so good that we think he must have done porn before.
“But, because he didn’t speak much English beyond “You very handsome man!” and “How much you pay me?” we never actually found out…”

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